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What do you think about them?
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ultimate 'if it cost $50 no one would like it' core
Absolute trash

How /fa/ is a hooked nose?
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It it fits your face, it is /fa/. Personally I like them, but most people seem to disagree. They look very solid in profile given your chin is strong and rest of your features well fitting.

My favourite is a Grecian nose, but they are the rarest type of them. Haven't actually seen perfectly Grecian nose in person, but I've seen some pictures that with people being pretty close to that.
this man is correct

myself, I have a crooked nose, which I imagine could look good if I didn't have a fucking deformed retracted jaw and high hairline
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is selling rare pieces on grailed as a side job /fa/
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Very much so. I sell bum tier stuff (mostly jackets) I find at my local thrift shop, makes an easy couple hundred bucks a month for my fresh memes.
Where can I buy your closes from?
what kind of a question is that even, jesus christ /fa/ sometimes

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What do you think about Elliot's hairstyle in the show Mr Robot ?
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it's ok. people here will say it sucks because it's "basic" but whatever

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Post butt inspo
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Does this count ?
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not gay but i can appreciate this

Is being white and not fat enough to get a girl like this? Or do i need a certain style
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look like her dad
what kind of stupid question is this.

It depends on each girl, a "certain style" will maybe increase your chances. But it's not like "look like this and you get them, do not look like this and you won't"
>girl like this
Girls are different, talk to them and find out what they like. I feel like you're autistic if you have to ask.

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what is a 10/10 female hairstyle?
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>tfw yellow fever

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but you did well
Lol those are fucking terrible fakes my man.
You have heavier balls than me if you wear those in public

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so, seriously, what are some good plain, black, maybe canvas backpacks that are not meme tier? somewhat like pic related, but again not completely memes.
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if i were to buy a backpack, it would be this one probably. shit is dope yo.

Kånken was already played out to death in Europe around 2011.
When I was living more south in Europe when these where becoming a meme it confused me to end. I thought I was still back in Scandinavia and that everyone where Swedes

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Can't wait till you retard diehard fanboys make a concious descion to wear justins clothes and then claim it to be high fashion lmaao.
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kid can look good when he tries
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>when he tries
>he tries
do you realize he has a team of stylists that pick everything for him to wear?

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W2c this sweater or something like it
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Also Interested
Our legacy has similar textures, see terry shirts
not really, the OL shirts are like bathroom towels mang

Is BPD /fa/?

What's the most /fa/ mental health problem?
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>What's the most /fa/ mental health problem?
my ex has BPD

she dresses well, likes techno, all her friends dress well, they all like techno, they all do speed, she's constantly miserable and dissosciated and self destructive so


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is there an equally versatile shoe?

I don't care about the price, these have lasted me 2 years and I've worn them everyday.
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alot of shoes can last 2 years lol
common projects arent some godsend miracle shoe
baka delusional normies
specifics please m8
I've had mine for 4 now and they're still going strong

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bakery lane.jpg
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It's time.
Meet at BAKERY LANE, across the road from BEAT MEGACLUB.
August 6th @ 3:00pm.
Drinking, chilling, shopping, partying as per the last one.
E V E R Y O N E I S W E L C O M E, so come along and become 4chan memes.
CONTACT EMAIL: [email protected]
SNAPCHAT: connornich92
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I hope you come with good fits and dont embarass the board again.
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rick owens duel wielding.jpg
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as long as you're dual wielding a person senpai

was ivanka trump /fa/?
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was? she still is mate
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