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Why did women stop wearing dresses and switch to pants?
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(citation needed)
This is wrong but I'd like to point out some pants are comfy and women can wear what they want. Its almost like you never leave the house.
because of muh comfy yoga pants cancer

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So my current backpack is completely ruined and I need a new one, post any cool backpack designs. Bonus points for ironic/shitty memes and "aesthetic" ones, help a bro out
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STUSSY x Herschel duffle bag
I have it. It's nice.
PB 0110
Small Price of $800usd
here you go anon

So, uh, this is my first time posting on /fa/. Nice place you got here.

So, when I was a kid, I loved window shopping in Hot Topic. Of course, I could never afford anything there. Now, I'm an adult with disposable income, and Suicide Squad is reminding me that they still exist. But am I too old to shop there? Is 17 the cut-off point, or is it okay as long as I still fit into their stuff?

I'm 20, by the way, but I'm thinking I won't be able buy clothes just for the heck of it for another few years.
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rick owens, raf simons
what you should usually dress in
full rick
all rick or kill yourself

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Don't really care for them and not really opposed to them. Just like anything as long as they are styled properly and not complete memecore trash they can be stylish.
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very hard to pull off for girls without looking like op pic. impossible for men.
>very hard to pull off for girls without looking like op pic
is that a bad thing?
looking like nothing more than a cock sleeve that moves and makes noise is a bad thing.

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This might be a bit weird but I seriously need your help. I've been NEETing it up for the past 5 years and I didn't pay attention to my wardrobe.

I have a minor existantial crisis right now and I've just went through my closet and sorted out everything that's not fitting right or is just plain ugly. Everything what I might want to keep is on the left, the shitty stuff is on the right.
You can see that I have not much left and it's even debatable that the stuff I want to keep is even good.

Can you help me build a new wardrobe? I don't know what to buy(Basics + stuff to make my Outfits more interesting) and I don't know what to look out for when buying clothes.

The City I live in has only Shops like h&m / C&a / Zara /Jack & Jones but I can travel to Berlin where there are more Shops.

>Inb4 Full Rick
My Budget is at most 400 Euro bucks
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This is my body, I'm 5'7 and Weight about 140 lbs.
read the sticky.
doing it right now. I've completely missed it.

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I thought gays were supposed to dress well.
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Jacket, hair, and shoes are bad
Get me that black parade look senpai

How would a black man such as myself get his hair like this?
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you want hair referenced from some stupid anime game?
Get a keratin treatment.
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>anime game
>anime game...

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Cop or not
Are these alright?
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Teenager drags his mom to the mall to Zumiez tier
I like them

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i fucking hate toronto
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Only poor people dress this way. If you see this regularly then you are also poor.
if you hate people by the way they dress and not how they act then you have way too much time and money
wtf, I hate Toronto now.

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gucci lol.png
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literally what the fuck is wrong with gucci
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Those are cool desu
there is literally a gucci thread on the front page post there and fuck your whining
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says effay, literally the most tasteless cunt on this board
seriously fuck off back to ktt you tasteless hypebeast wigger

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daliy reminder that adidas is the epitome of /fa/ and will dominate the world in 2-3 years. daily reminder that nike doesn't even know what hit them

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>adidas breaks sales records
translation: they are nowhere near Nike's market share and never will be
these futuristic tech ninja autists shoes are probably the least fashionable thing this board has latched onto in the past 5 years
translation : they are doing great in 2 years and nike is slowly becoming the coolest sneaker brand

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>buying any shoe from adidas that isn't the yeezy boost
>buying any Adidas shoeeeeeeeee

Why is it considered unacceptable to wear sneakers with suits?
Dress shoes are the worst invention in fashion history.
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nice b8
Show me one pair of dress shoes that look better than black 750s
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Facts b

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Cop or not
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Get loose ligh blue jeans and tuck the bottoms in those, that'd be a really great fit
That song black and yellow literally ruined this color pairing for me. I'll never touch orange/black, black/yellow, or green/red. Too many memes. If you like it go ahead though, I guess.

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are trucker hat's effay?

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i want this hat so fucking much
Places to buy baseball caps? Literally the only thing worth wearing. Stores usually don't have shit only online store have nice hats.
Not a big fan of 5 panels, they just look off to me.

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