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I think these may become my new signature jackets.
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you have no taste
please post somewhere else

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I'm not a neo-nazi, but fuck were they /fa/

How is this possible?
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there's like two of these threads up already

stay in one of them
I don't see any
Fascism was largely about style and striving for perfection, not to mention Hitler was also an artist (although failed one) and lover of architecture, so he clearly had some taste in terms of design

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"Working out is modern couture. No outfit is going to make you look or feel as good as having a fit body. Buy less clothing and go to the gym instead." - rick owens

Fashinable clothes are designed to fit an aesthetic physique.
You literally cannot be "too big" for fashionable clothes unless you
A. Take steroids. Pic related is accused of being too big to be natural, and he still looks small in clothes, without perfect lighting, and a pump
B. Get above 15% bodyfat... Which i doubt is a concern with you anorexics.

If you get your maximum level of steroid free musculature, at a lean bodyfat%... All of your favorite clothes will fit better.
Your shirts will hug your body better, showing off your slim waistline and V-taper. Your pants will show off your ass (did i mention lifting gives you a great ass? It totally does), as well as your defined leg (i.e. Not a toothpick)

These clothes are LITERALLY designed around a model's physique (i.e. As big as you get without roids, essentially - just check the ffmi or any physique prior to the invention of steroids)

Radu antonio has one of the best channels for the layman to get a good physique.
3dmj is best if you are more scientifically-oriented.
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kill yourself
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>is mad that precisely zero humans find him attractive when he takes his designer top off

Did you know this guy (eric helms) is literally as big as you get without roids and looks ""small"" in normal clothes?

He would look better in your favorite clothes than you would
>Fashinable clothes are designed to fit an aesthetic physique.
Have you seen a runway show?

Keep it fashion related.

>you should adjust the way you dress accordingly to your surroundings
>v neck t shirts are acceptable under certain circumstances
>rick gets too much attention on this board
>menswear in the reddit sense of the word is necessary
>you can combine brown and black pieces tastefully
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>/fa/ has garbage taste in cars
>New Balance is putrid
>Justin Bieber dresses well
>older Rick Owens pieces are better than his modern stuff. quality, design, everything.
>rick owens sucks
>yeezys are disgusting
>r/mfa and r/streetwear are not that bad
>i dont see a point to paying for expensive designer clothing that just looks outlandish

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Where can I buy a replica of this gem?
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I wish, I could too OP,

Maybe this would work?
Nah, the cut/oversizeness of the Raf one is what appeals to me. :(
Could someone post the picture of the Asian girl with the face mask wearing this please

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Is Google keyboard the most effay keyboard?
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the off center subtitle is triggering me
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desu yes
File: BlackBerry_Classic_Hands_On-18.jpg (2MB, 3456x2304px)Image search: [Google]
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Hawaiian Shirts.jpg
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How does /fa/ feel about Hawaiian shirts or other dad apparel.

do you think it's "hip to be a square?"
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>do you think it's "hip to be a square?"
If you look at all similar to pic related, no. If you look like a pale basement wizard with dorky glasses and don't know how to wear them you'll just look like a joke. Here's the rules of the aloha/floral shirt:

1. NEVER wear anything underneath it
2. True aloha shirts are worn loose with the first couple buttons undone. Authentic ones have the print on the inside so the outside is less vibrant. Inside out, basically.
3. Don't get anything too obnoxiously bright or with too ridiculous of pattern. Palm trees, flowers, waves are dope. All of those plus a Woodie, surfboards, and hulas in bikinis is not. Minimal in the sense of what's going on is the best.
4. Everything else you wear with it should be low key. Solid color shorts/slacks, shoes/flip flops, hat, etc. I think they look great under a solid color cardigan or a jacket.

If the shirt's just floral and not necessarily Hawaiian or aloha related it's more acceptable to wear a more tapered shirt. Still, NEVER fucking button that top button under any circumstances.
what is you opinion on tucking loose shirts?
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wear them like this

I need to start dressing like more of a man and not those little bitches you see walking around everywhere.

Give me your best masculine inspiration, /fa/
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/fa/ does it better

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you go over to your girlfriends house for the first time and her parents greet you at the door looking like this. what do?
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strip and start doing pushups
thank god as aunt michelle will bless me with new suede geos for christmas
What's uncle Ricky going to give you?

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>not realizing that being chubby (above 11% bodyfat) makes you ugly
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This only if you are HEALTHY at sub 10%

The anorexics fucks on this board would look like shit if they cut down to that level of bodyfat without adding lean body mass.

But you obviously arent wrong.

Just do some anaerobic activity as you cut fat
This is a joke right? You look a lot better before. Girls don't find skinny guys attractive at all. Also your after has a gross inverted neck thing going on. Makes you look stupid.
>he thinks op is antionio radu
OP fucking wishes.

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File: 71mJKk0r+SL._SL1400_.jpg (213KB, 1400x1400px)Image search: [Google]
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Skramz is /fa/ af

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"Eliza" just posted this on her Instagram, makes sense, thought it was her tripwhoring but they don't act or type like her at all looking back.
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PSA: A lot of the "women" posting with a trip are just men or transsexuals using 4chan as an outlet to pretend to be women. They like the attention they get from desperate fucks
>Wanting to have anything related to Ciara.

Good god 4chan is pathetic

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Is this a good look?
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i say it would be 10/10 if shirt was longsleeved
Negatory ghostrider
What games are thoose?

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>he thinks he's /fa/
>he doesn't read

mother of mary, people.

This is a thread for the most effay books. YA and genre shit need not apply
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Yo homie, there's a forum here called /lit/ where this thread belongs.

Listen, effay is something that spans more than just this board. It stands for something more aural. It stands for contemporary culture, as well as its connections to the past, as a whole, and the act being in tune with the world around oneself. Thus, in an attempt to apply some sort of understanding to this "thing" which is too large for the human imagination alone, we created 4chan and the forum system. Go explore. Don't limit yourself to /fa/ for discussion of books.

Lmao jk. I'm reading slaughterhouse five right now, it's p good.
Ovid's Metamorphoses and Sophocles's Theban Plays
On a lesser level Homer's Odyssey and Iliad
Classics is as effay as it gets tbqh
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anyway reading is becoming outdated

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How do i into /CHAD/?

Is lifting required?
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Looks like a monkey

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