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Can you be bald and still be effay? I got a bad roll for genetics (started balding at 17) so i shave my head completely to hide from the shame. What can I do so people aren't repulsed by me
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get fuckin jacked or skinny as fuck and be effay
Yeah, just make sure you're /fit/ so as not to be mistaken for a cancer patient. Nail that and full bald can be top tier desu

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Was there ever anyone more /fa/ than the French nobles?
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Prussian nobles
shit nigas second half 18th century revival when

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Are AF1S still made from real leather? Also I guess discuss the only good Nike shoes.
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>forgetting jordan 1's are objectively better than af1's in every way

Jordans don't appeal to me at all tho. AF1s are way cleaner.
Also does anyone know if they're still real leather? They feel a lot more plastic than my CPs and Stan's

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Hey /fa/, no buy/sell thread in the catalogue so... here it is.

buy my things pls
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you're probably skinnyfat with a weak hairline

I toasted my macbook after spilling ayran on it, please buy some of me shitty stuff.
lmao, i actually thrifted both of the tops. i'm 6 foot 3 and 147 lbs

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>no coffee
>no soda
>no sweets
>only tea from time to time
>brushing teeth at least 2 times a day
>still yellow teeth
/fa/ help me
what should I use to make them whiterer
I'm tired of covering my face everytime I laugh
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stop doing meth
>Smoke a pack a day
i dont do drugs

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Looking for online stores that sell stupid or interesting pieces. Remember those bigcartel/spreadshirt looking stores from a while ago selling vaporwave shit and hentai tshirts? Any stores you like would be much appreciated though.
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why the fuck would you want that
For reasons ok
here you are anon

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bow down /fa/
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No picture from the back?
what is happening on the legs of that third kid
this is fucked

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What's /fa/'s ideal girl? Do you live up to those standards?
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she has to be real
>are you living up to those standards?

I'm trying to

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What jeans are you rocking right now?
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badly worn out and stretched cheap monday him spray black

they were actually skin tight when i bought them
how old are they? mine are tight rn and i thought they would have stretched out by now
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these ones

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What should i do? My legs are too hairy, should i shave?
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also curious about a middle ground between hairy forest and michael phelps
Iktf bro
fuck no, donĀ“t shave

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Let's be real, do you guys like this watch (Timex Weekender)? Some hate it and others love it. It seems to easily border on le Reddit core or frat bro core depending on the strap but I really dig the Olive strap with the white face.

Also, any recommendations on a cheap simple watch that is similar?
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Seiko 5 maybe ?

I have that exact watch, family. If you don't dress like a reddit memer, you won't look like one.
It's a cheap, plain, and unoffensive watch. Don't worry so much about it.

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>tfw attractive

Is there a better feel?
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being smart, being successful
good looks can only take you so far

>tfw attractive but no future
Why are you not successful? Interviews are childs play when you're handsome. People just eat out of your hand
>tfw attractive but painfully shy
what a waste

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What are your favorite haircuts/styles on men?
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Why don't you have a pair of 501 STF levis yet?

>higher waist
>button fly
>amazing price ($70s)
>great slim fit (fucking tailor em if u don't like the fit)

Stop tucking in your shirts into low waisted pants you look awful
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I have some, great choice for the price. Gotta be careful with the shrink/wear process, though - mine progressively stretched over time.
I bet they unshrink after extended wear. It would make sense somewhat
Seems about right. I periodically re-shrunk them and they lasted me about 2-3 years of pretty intense wear (I'd wear them as beater jeans when, for example, off camping). Only now seeing crotch blowout. Can't complain.

ITT : 10/10 sneakers
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