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Some friends and I are going backpacking across Europe soon. Is there a way to dress aesthetically while doing this? Looking for practical but fashionable stuff for hot days and cold nights
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Bring weapons :)
just wear comfy boots thats it
everything else needs to be old rags and shit. so nobody robs you dumbass.
also bring weapons

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why would a nigga wear these? shit looks like polystyrene. they aint even cheap shoes. your paying to make your shoes look like you found some polystyrene in a dumpster and stitched some cloth around it?
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because theyre comfy
but yeah, keep wearing jordans breh
you obviously don't understand technology stupid nigger
calm down adi fanboy

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what kind of brand of shoes are fit for normiecore?

I list what I could come up with.

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You forgot Normie Balance.
Raf Velcro's, Ann D High tops, Geo's, New balance, Allen Edmund. Pick and choose honestly, these are all lowest of the low on the normcore spectrum.
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Sneakers edition
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RIP Harambe
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Yeh cop them. I know it's not /fa/ related but I have most pieces I want. Should I invest the time and money for something like pic rel?

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Why do most older women cut their hair short?

In my experience you very very rarely see an older women with longer hair than shoulder-length, and a big percentage even have pixie cuts or similar. Is there a reason for this?
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Shorter cuts are seen as more mature and long hair is seen as youthful. Dunno why though.
But seeing how older people do their best to appear youthful that doesn't make sense though, does it?
Or is long hair considered inappropriate on an older woman? I've never heard it myself, but maybe I'm just not hanging out with old people enough.
>Or is long hair considered inappropriate on an older woman?
It kinda is, I'm a girl and I've heard it from other women. It's seen the same way as older women wearing skimpy clothes or wearing lots of make-up.

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Why is 'high fashion' so fucking horrible?
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Musicians can wear shit like this and get away with it. Often they don't dress to be fashionable, but to convey a mood and image. Pretty obvious what this guy is going for.
Are u retarded this isn't high fashion
that's not high fashion dumbass

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within few weeks im going to start with my own tiny, edgy brand. prints in minimalistic drugs, anime, sex etc themes. beginning with 3 tshirts, 2 hoodies and 1 cap projects. i already have name, webpage and small promo plan. maybe u have some protips for me?????
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Do a lot of viral marketing on /fa/.
literally everyone's done this before you. don't shill here

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/famu/ thread

1.) post a song you enjoy
>artist - title
2.) listen to others songs posted
3.) guess their fashion aesthetic based on their music taste
4.) reply with image of guessed aesthetic

Let's play

>Toro Y Moi - New Beat
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MI0000584932 (1).jpg
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>The Lounge Lizards - Voice of Chunk
>Brand New- Mene
>Kgreen and Baked Loius - Artillery

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>this is what /fa/ thinks is stylish

lol k
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It allows millennials to retreat into the uterine confines of vicarious childhoods spent in greenfield suburban neighborhoods, the decades slipping and melting past behind them as they pretend to rot in front of hulking cathode ray televisions or pretend to delve into buzzing refrigerators in search of sweating coke or pretend to smell the dusty sweetness of steamed carpets and family recipes at their best friend's house as they delve ever deeper into Nintendo games or pretend to ride colourful BMXs across clean planes of concrete in the harshness of endless afternoon suns.

They root themselves in the past because they are afraid to confront the future. Never do they realise that the past too is a temporary thing, like the wake of a ship: swirling and bubbling and full of life when it is recent, then blurring back into the baseline noise of the ocean when it has settled. They frolic in the wake, always keeping close to it so as not to be swept out into the still water, yet they never think to climb aboard the ship that creates the wake. It would be too much responsibility for them. They are too afraid to invest their identities in the creation of newness, and so they invest their identities in the celebration of the past that sulks at the edge of memory, hoping to find a relative newness in the amnesia.

It is a laziness of identity and individual purpose that is characteristic of this generation. So easily they ascribe themselves to fleeting movements and superficial labels in the hopes of overcoming the illusion of noise that immerses them, amplified as it is by the channels of social media, and yet never do they consider the notion that the best and most noble identity is founded and maintained away from the noise, in quiet and solitude.


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My sfb's are getting torn up from use you guys know if they still have them at marshalls still, nearest one is a 45 minute drive from me. Also sfb appreciation thread
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stop dragging your feet
Does that happen on the top.or sides of the shoe? Cause that's where it's getting messed up

What's your opinion on Huaraches and what colorways do you like?
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I don't care if I sound like a hipster faggot, I can't wear huraches knowing that every basic bitch and nigga owns a pair. I was thinking about copping but they're far too common. Can't do it.
Can't stand people like you m8
they fresh but mad played out

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How tall is he? Thought he was like 5'9.
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File: disgust.png (21KB, 85x86px)Image search: [Google]
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he is a manlet. he just wears lifts and is measured while wearing said lifts and to the top of his dingleberry hair

ian connor is 5'5 for reference
ian and lukka dress better than most people hear lol

File: S16-Backpacks-Banner_2048x2048.jpg (231KB, 2048x680px)Image search: [Google]
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What are some effay backpacks?
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What's with all the backpack threads? You kiddos getting ready for 9th grade?
[spoiler] I'm really feeling this summer [/spoiler]
largest demographic is uni students on /fa/ lol

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oh ye.jpg
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I need the fashion masters of this board to help me with a not so fashionable question. I need a big, comfy pullover for those lazy days. What are the best fluffy big pullovers (similar to the one in the pic) that I can cop for 50$ or under?
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just thrift it
someone on /fa/ gave this advice one time and the quality ended up being horrendous.
get champion reverse weave
Champion is the dankest. Makes a nigga feel so crispy in the fall

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hair help.jpg
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/fa/m I need hair advice
My hair is getting really long and I am finding it kind of messy and hard to maintain and just kind of ugly; and lots of people are telling me I should think about cutting it. The problem is I have curly hair but it's in pretty tight jewfro-like ringlets (you can see them in the back of the first pic) unless I brush it out and make my hair massive. The other problem is my really far back hairline. I've been considering a buzz but I don't want to regret it. What should I do?
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How about getting some fucking bangs and taking better care of your hair, go get that fucking mess styled or something, you look "no go greaseo"
I know a lot of people will hate on my opinion, but wear it in a ponytail.
But that's what's on the right

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