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AA or Uniqlo?
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AA doesnt have cool collabs like Uniqlo x Undercover or Lemaire

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Is this effay?
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i don't know
can you repeat the question?

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Critiques or suggestions
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I would wear a more fitting t-shirt
i like the big t
needs a buttplug

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Current pair are beat af need to get some new ones, was thinking of getting the ZX flux adv but looking for some other ideas.
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don't come back until you buy these
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This is not the place to be /fa/ dude.

When running, especially on concrete asphalt you can do long term damage to your shins and legs.

I suggest the Brooks DNA series, they've gotten me through my Army career, they last, and we run a fuck-ton here.

The GTS Adrenaline 11 is a nice one for a decent price. You can even find them or similar quality Asics Forte at places like Burlington for cheap if you're by one.

'git check these 'mones

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Thoughts on this watch? I think it's pretty /fa/ desu senpai

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I would already have it if it wasn't because I don't like chromed resin.
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Get the F-91W it'll make you look like a terrorist which is cool! You could also get the less popular A19W for the same reason if you prefer a metal (silver) one!

im middle eastern, so uh...fuck it i might get it for fun.

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site redesign looking spiffy http://slainbabyny.com/clothes
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this nigga lol
No ones buying your shitty clothes and your forced meme style is atrocious

Get a trip so i can filter you

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Let's make a paramilitary uniform lads, don't worry about the logo. Let's choose the best colors, let's assume the movement is multiracial, so no choosing palettes for specific skin colours or hair colours.

So, /fa/ and /edgy/ approved.


Balaclava (behind both)
Body Armor (dark blue)
Black Undershirt (black)
Jeans with dark military camo
Leather Black Combat Boots
Cheap edition:

Black shirt
Black gloves
Black jeans
Black boots
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Loose oversized bloused pants for muh ypg silhouette
let me know what you think by replying
A nice black trim suit, red skinny tie and black driving gloves.
Its not very practical but whatever

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Just a reminder /fa/:

Your clothes should be: minimal techno/chillwave

Your technology should be:

Your room should be:
smooth jazz/modern classical

And your attitude should be:
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Fuck you telling me I should do this and should do that.

Smell my muff.
I agree with this guy.
Smell my nonexistant muff OP
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Post more minimal/chillwave inspo

Is it possible to be fat and effay?
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post your reply below to let me know what you think

Fat people will say so, but they'd be wrong because they're disgusting blobs of wasted flesh

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I want big framed glasses like my wayfarers but I'm tired of wearing wayfarers, any alternatives?

also general glasses thread
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i would like input from anyone on this
looks nice, if they were in black these would be a solid option.

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Are AllSaints Clothes worth the money ?
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On sale, sure.
plays too much into current trends
basically expensive fast fashion
like kooples?

Is it okay to dress like a man from the 1940's in this current day and age?
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They will literally arrest you if you wear that in public.
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Whats the worst that could happen?
All fashion is cyclical, those high waist, pleated pants are pretty close to making a full comeback.

rate me /fa/
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You resemble the antagonist lizard on Monsters ink
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oh yeah.. Have an upvote m8. Thanks for the r8. 8/8.
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I like that you have mass to you, yunno? I have no idea why cheekbones and shit are so admired, I prefer a more full face. I also like the scruff, don't ever let people convince you that messy facial hair and eyebrows are unattractive. They'll only be jealous that they can't pull it off.

Anyway not to be a HAES supporter but you look great this way, not saying you are fat at all but people might tell you to hit the gym etc. But I honestly think you look really comforting in a relationship, yunno, physically. (On that note, don't get fat though)

Couldn't care less about what you're wearing and all that first world shit. Keep doing what you're doing.

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>sometimes fashion
Why not

most ['ɛfe] sport?
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File: Screenshot_2016-07-30-17-54-07.png (412KB, 540x960px)Image search: [Google]
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Of course it is.
[spoiler] especially saber. [/spoiler]
Most effay sport is tennis
>especially saber

my nigger

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