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How do I do laundry without having the fabric of my clothes become very rough and hard, and without fading a lot?

I've had this issue with doing laundry a lot, so I assume I just do it improperly. Do I use too much detergent? Do I run it on the wrong cycle? How do I fix this?
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Washing Machine Settings.jpg
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Here's a picture of the options on the washing machine I use.
File: White shirt black pocket.jpg (28KB, 1200x630px)Image search: [Google]
White shirt black pocket.jpg
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And the final question. I have a shirt like this. White shirt with a black pocket. How would I wash this? I can't put it in with other white shirts to bleach because the black pocket will be affected right?
Ask stupid questions in fuccboi general

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I got it at a second-hand shop and I literally can't find it anywhere on the internet.
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dont buy bape products lol
also its probably fake or something
if it is in a second hand shop it is probably fake. Someone probably bought it off grailed or something thinking it was real, and then when they got it realised it was a fake and just donated it to your local thrift store

how to achieve this hair
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Be a cannibal
Be a faggot

File: 4L_g3YjUAGU.jpg (80KB, 640x1136px)Image search: [Google]
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how do we fix Grailed
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Holy fucking kek this had me laughing for a good while.
What the fuck
Ban non-whites

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purple pigeon.jpg
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What does /fa/ think about Nike SB Dunks?
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alright silhouette, but that cw and picture are autistic
Simple, cool and classic sneaker
you know how jordan 1s are just worse af1s

dunks are just worse jordan 1s

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Should I cop? Only 96$ but I feel like everyone has NMDs now and I don't want to follow trends. Are they really comfy? I stand on my feet for a long time and I need shoes that take away the pain.
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for only $96? and its a simple colorway? YES
re-sale value in it as well
Why are you asking /fa/ about knife trends? Go to /k/
> I don't want to follow trends
>Browses /fa/
Pick one

where the hell can i find vegan boots for men that are decent quality and don't look like shit
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Ask stupid questions in fuccboi general
Baby doesn't want to hurt the poor wittle aminals ::((( we'd better give baby what he wants
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>falling for the "cruelty free" meme

what's next faux fur?

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Anyone have more examples? Is this called anything specific? I want to dress 90s smart casual the rest of my life -- almost 30, so...
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File: 27-reservoir-dogs.w710.h473.jpg (130KB, 710x473px)Image search: [Google]
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Where do I find some decent Ron Swanson fits?
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File: S2E10(4).jpg (66KB, 1000x500px)Image search: [Google]
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File: S2E12(2).jpg (89KB, 1000x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Young Stalin is down, where else can I get some hair inspo?
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File: pencil-eraser.jpg (101KB, 720x900px)Image search: [Google]
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He's a legend in the painting community
they simply call him "Brush"
he has mastered the art of painting with a roller in each hand, as well as his head.
gerald johanssen very nice

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im going to visit my plastic surgeon tomorrow. i want to look like pic related but i dont want to pull out a picture of tarentino. how do i go about describing this look?
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>Gimme that "'Young Benjamin Franklin with autism' look"
why would you want to look like a balding creep
This thread sounded funnier in ur head didn't it OP?

File: IMG_1182_large.jpg (26KB, 480x480px)Image search: [Google]
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Any effay artists selling cool clothes?
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File: Yellow_XX_LS_large.png (222KB, 480x480px)Image search: [Google]
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File: Ethika_3_large.jpg (39KB, 480x480px)Image search: [Google]
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These look retarded yet cool

what are your thoughts on wearing unbuttoned shirts? do they seem a bit too sloppy and perhaps "childish"?
i like the idea of layering my clothes but i live in california so its kinda hard to layer with shirts and jackets and such. i just usually wear a tshirt and a unbuttoned shirt to keep things lightweight.

so is this style acceptable? or should i just button up my shirt and wear something like plaid if I want more colors?
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Athletic Body/Slightly-Middle Muscle = Good appearrance
Skinny = Beta
Fat/Too much Muscle = Hill Billy or Threatening appearrance
File: 1482052824997.jpg (234KB, 850x850px)Image search: [Google]
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certain styles will only look good if you have the right body type. That's why you must know yourself before you can know /fa/
Can't you try it out for yourself?
This is simple to a point where you can make your experience by actual trial, rather than being told what to think.

File: 6940023-3.jpg (40KB, 513x655px)Image search: [Google]
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what are these kind of bags called and what are some good ones?
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File: manbag.jpg (267KB, 1018x679px)Image search: [Google]
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Zyzz bag.
You are a man, you do not need a bag of this size.
Not only are you given pockets as a default, the general design of your clothes makes it so utilizing them won't mess up the lines of your outfit.
This bag is pocket level-shit. It's useless.

Get an actual bag if you need to carry things.
If you MUST have one because you're autistic, go to a Goodwill outlet where you can buy 500,00 old camera bags for a nickle and they'll be this size and likely black.
These are hideous. Please don't wear these atrocities. In London or pretty much anywhere in the UK, anyone who has one of these bags are normally drug dealers. For some reason it would seem that they are the only people who own these. Even if you ignore this, it still doesn't take away from how ugly they are.

File: thelegend.jpg (131KB, 900x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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hey7 guys theres this girl in my math class who im genuinelyu in love with but im too scared to talk to her if i dont know if i hvaegood fashin sense? do i look good? i really love her

pic related its me (do i look good?)
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Bruh don't post kids on 4chan wth man
Regardless of what a lot of trolls are going to say you actually have A1 facial aesthetics just lose the suit and get some NMDs and youre set :)
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ur mum.jpg
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