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Is this really a good way to get a clean shave every time?

If not what would you recommend?

I have grown to hate multi-blade disposable razors and the like and was wondering if this was a good alternative.
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I'm about a year into it now, and I'm still using my first shavette (pic).
A discount pack of 24 Derby trays, each with 10 double edged razors, which cost me €15 or so, will last you over 2 years.

The shavette gives a very lightweight shave. I'd like my first real cutthrout to be a bit more robust and firm.

Multi-blade disposable razors leave my face very dry, with rash all over and full with ingrown hairs. The moment I actually started paying attention to this, and switched to wet shaving (shaving with e.g. a shavette), literally ALL these problems vanished.

The shave itself quite depends on which blade you use. How sharp, or dull, do you like your razors?

>Ofcourse the sharpest!
..you would probably say. I found it not to be completely true. The sharpest razors (e.g. Feather blades) are indeed razor sharp. They give a sharp - and I mean SHARP - shave. They still leave my face butchered and dry, that's why I avoid them. Instead, I use more "rounded", less sharp razors by Derby. I found them to be very soft, gently, almost like it massages your skin. They last about 2 - 3 shaves, compared to the 3, maybe 4 shaves from the Feather blades.

My recommendation would be that you'd purchase a cheap ass shavette for $20, buy a mix of blades (most shaving oriented online shops will sell a sort of try-out package, a sort of starter set), and see which blades you like best. Buy some shaving oil for a smooth shave, and finish it off with some post-shave lotion, or balm. Apply, if needed, your other face care crèmes after a while to prevent dry skin.

Decide for yourself what you'll do with this.


I've gotten shaves at barber but never done myself. Nothing compares. I looked into getting the kit I needed to learn at home, but I never devoted time and effort. Seems like one of those things, like learning to cook for yourself or work on your car, that takes a bit of investment but pays off.

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Is he effay?
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Did you get yours yet?
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on a scale from 1-10 how comfy are they?
These, and their regular, white athletic socks, are serious good shit. Higher quality than Hanes, fruit of the loom, or cheap crap from wal-mart or target. Highly recommended.
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>tfw size 10

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please tell me how to dress anons
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Looks horrible
Looks great
If it's cheap and you like it, sure.

It's a plain ass hoodie. Wear it with generic jeans/pants and generic sneakers

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Where do you minimal/techno interests me-core, sleaze-core, and other /f/ags like to chill in this place?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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>look up shoes on youtube before purchase
>look at comments

>nice shoes!
>you're welcome. how do they smell?
>haha i am not even going to try to get a wiff of them, no socks + leather = stinky!
>I still wouldn't mind smelling them.
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What do you call this aesthetic? Oxbridgecore? Bitter Academia?
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This would be the interior equivalent of whatever you would call this aesthetic, I think. I just cannot figure out what to call it, but I really love it.

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is gazelle the most /fa/ sneaker for poorfags
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Shoes Like Pottery
yeah try again
/fa/ is reeddit now so its poorfag general

/fa/ where do you cop your clothes online ?
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adidas, nike, ebay, endclothing, grailed, just about anywhere I find what I like

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lol saved
a real new york nigga like me would love these haha new york!

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>tfw I inherited my mom's greasy face genetics
>finally becoming apparent after 21
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um... sorry?
This is not fashion related.

Skincare isn't fashion related huh?

Really makes methinks

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post fits 4 ms. ricky
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Please reccomend good stores (and other places) to visit in Lisbon

Think of gosha, common projects, commes des garcons etc
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W2c shoes
They look like Ann D

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Is the full tracksuit look /fa/?
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I swear if somebody posts a picture of the girl
>>12668788 Depends what kind of track suit

Socks look comfy desu

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who's got the worst fits
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Every school has bad fits besides urban art schools

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