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Guys , first post ever.

I'm looking into buying a pair of casual / going out jeans on ebay.

Some brands i am considering are : Hugo boss , 7 for all man kind , true religion or diesel.

Any suggestions?? ( Not skinny jeans or ripped or weird color please )
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7s are ok. You sound like you're new to fashion or live in a flyover. Look up Acne, APC and Nudie. Wait for a sale season and pick up something along those lines. Avoid distressing and stupid shit like biker paneling.
True Religion is complete shit don't bring them up here unless you're making fun of 40 year old moms who get the ones with shiny plastic beads on the ass pockets or ghetto "homies" who sag them past their ass.
>Look up Acne, APC and Nudie.
trash, stop recommending these

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how to not be effay.
we have inspo threads, now lets have something in reverse
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Generally don't care about clothes

Just buy clothes that are cheap, only buy clothes because you need to cover your body/be warmer/cooler
you try not being fashionable but once you are in, you cant be out: if you try wearing wrong size clothing then you are going for an 'oversized' aesthetic. If you buy cheap and common clothes its' normcore'. If you try and mix things that shouln't go together, then you are pushing new boundaries.
i wish i could do this but it feels like i look for basic clothes and shit but there's nothing normal. everything has a tassle or an unncessary pocket. it gets annoying.

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I need to get new jeans today. What are the greatest, 10/10, God-tier, most effay brand of jeans there is?
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The GOAT is " Jacob Cohen ", most of /fa haven't even heard of this yet...because the new kids are to broke and underage to even afford them...
They look nice, but I'm not gonna spend that much on jeans

I'm just going out to buy some jeans today, what are good places to look?

Got a pair of Levis 501 today. Feels so good to be rid of the slimfit meme.

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Just want to let all of you 16-18 year olds that you will look back at the day you spent all your spare time/money time looking/buying clothes and beating off to tumblr inspo pics and you will cringe. You could be out bettering yourself.

Back when I was heavy into this board someone told me the same thing and I wish I would have listened but I denied it all.
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Yeah yeah, /fa/ is for faggots, duh
We make mistakes as we are young, and we learn from them. Young people often repeat the mistakes of past generations. This is nothing new. If you consider yourself to be "old and wise" now, then you should know this because it's basic shit
I'm not wise. Just trying to let a few of them know. I know I would want someone to tell me if I was being retarded.

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Why do virgins hate streetwear so much?
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I'm cool with streetware, it's great. But when its down with those crappy hypebeast brands like BAPE, Supreme, etc. It just needs to stop.
the way /fa/ discusses 'streetwear' is the most retarded shit ever, it's such a broad term that isn't strictly defined
you can be decked out in all designer shit or casual menswear and it can be considered 'streetwear'
not to mention 'hating' on some fashion trend is just silly as hell, it might not be for you but it only tells how clueless you are if you 'hate' a trend whatever the fuck that means
I like many C.E pieces. Gosha is pretty nice from time to time too. Not sure if Undercover and Neighborhood/Luker counts as "typical" streetwear, but it' GOAT too.

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>wearing sneakers but you don't sneak
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>wearing bomber but you arent tupolev white svan
>wearing pants but you don't pant
>wearing jumper but you dont jump around

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Strong or weak Jawline.jpg
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so his jawline is pretty near to his ear - which is female. but his jaw is also broad - which is masculine.

so is this is what we call a weak jaw or..? idgi lol.
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too high
too narrow
Gay jawline
Just call it well defined and you're good.

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What do you guys think of this hoodie?

I really like it
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I really like
w2c exactly
Thought I'd find you here, I replied to it in the Nardwuar thread
look at the image sherlock

general advice and appreciation thread for american rock'n'roll fashion.
where do these guys get their clothes?
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I imagine most of it is custom made and styled by top tier creators, but there must be some brands that sell similar affordable stuff
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File: Mac_DeMarco_2014.jpg (880KB, 1798x1938px)Image search: [Google]
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Technically Canadian but still Rock

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trump fashionable.jpg
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Trump looks pretty fashionable here.
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He's got the normcore down.
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>Jacket: Northface x Supreme
>Shirt: Saint Laurent Fall 1997
>Jeans: Balmain 334 husky fit
>Belt: Givenchy
>Sidepiece: Daughter

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women in tuxes.jpg
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Why does Lena Dunham look like shit in a tux and when it looks so sharp on Emily Blunt and Cate Blanchett?
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you can't figure this one out on your own?
she's chubby and not model face and the top half of the tux is uggo
I have my own idea, but I'd like /fa/'s analysis.

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You know the drill.
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File: blog_151110_TKMN_SHOES_ON_0290.jpg (459KB, 940x1316px)Image search: [Google]
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Acne Studios Adrian white in the need of a repair for 35 bucks.

wtb undercover/raf/helmut goodies in xs/s 28
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April 77
Acne Studios
Stephan Schneider
Rag & Bone
Robert Geller
Todd Snyder
Lounge Lizard
Billy Reid
T by Alexander Wang

pls buy senpai

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What's the point of being >effay when you twinks look like holocaust survivors?
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Looking like a holocaust survivor is just as important as the clothes, friend.

I'm guessing you're a fat unfit fuck.

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chance 5.jpg
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Is Chance The Rapper effay? I want his style man.
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so yes
Go back to pol. Seriously I'm not even one of those "lives matter" movements or any social movements. But you faggots got to understand that your poltard propaganda is fucking annoying.
kill yourself

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Can we get a general femboy inspo thread going? Andro wear, femme male clothing, etc.
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fuck andrej holy shit
File: 1473817456060.jpg (68KB, 592x888px)Image search: [Google]
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why's that babe?
File: 2011_02_AndrejPejic.jpg (50KB, 528x579px)Image search: [Google]
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because I won't ever look as good as that nigga

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