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where is the golden side of /fa/???
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>pic on far right

nice elephant legs lol. god damn stump
yasssss slay

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Are these the latest and greatest soon to be trend? OPPA BLUNDSTONE STYLE!
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i think they were popular a few years ago but died out once the bean boots trend started.

i bought a pair 2 months ago and i really like them. heard since they switched production to china quality has been shit

so ill see if they fall apart in 6 months
>heard since they switched production to china quality has been shit
canĀ“t confirm

my blundstones are top notch regarding the quality

these are ugly as fuck

like the chelsea boot's ugly inbred cousin

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>order uniqlo supima t-shirt
>it shows off my tits

What do?
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Donate them. The fit is incredibly retarded, it somewhat tapers to the bottom and I think that's the biggest reason it does this.
order a larger size you fucking idiot why would you post this
Lose the tits, fatty.

Guys, I want to cut some jeans, but I'm a bit reluctant to do it, cause the people I've seen doing it are mostly females. What's your take on this fashion style?
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looks cool
Don't care about it, just cut them, I did it and they feel pretty comfy

Just get them hemmed, it's only like, 10 bucks, but not looking like a faggot retard, is priceless

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Is this a good outfit? How can I improve?
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burn it
read the sticky

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Is matthew davidson facial aestheticaly effay ?
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Good genes will always be effay
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i'm thinkin about making this same haircut but i'm not black, will it be as good as him ?

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Explain why these boots are not gay.
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I can't, they're pretty gay. Only gay thing about it is that tall ass heel
just sage and hide every igor thread, man
I assume you've never walked on any surface besides concrete and carpet.

>stay fahh

has being /fa/ helped you become more attractive whether it be through confidence etc
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>before effay
Fat awkward nerdy kid, 5ever Virgin
>after effay
Lost weight, hair is not fucked, still a nerd, sleeping with 2 grills (might be three but this girl is super religious and a Virgin so if I uncork that I gotta commit) and gay friend wants a casual thing as well.
It's not like it's even that much more expensive to be effay,I dropped my nerdy hobbies and that freed up a lot of cash
>If you're a chill dude and put in a decent effort to how you dress, people will like you.

>When it comes to dressing, you really gotta find a style that suits you. Something you genuinely like; use /fa/ to point yourself in the right direction, but branch off as soon as you get a grasp of the basics.

>Put more effort into overcoming anxieties and becoming a likeable person. Full Rick can't cure your autism.
Now I look forward to going outside rather than fearing it

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Guys can someone help me get rid of an acne beneath the skin, I dont know how its called in english. I have a party in a couple of days.. Any tips on getting rid of it? My skincare is on point, I dont know how it appeared..
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if its in a couple of days then your fucked desu it wont completely disappear within a few days but you can make it slightly smaller by combining honey and a small amount of vinegar and applying to it to the spot for about an 1 1/2 hours twice everyday
protip: dont overdo the vinegar or it will cause more harm than good
Thanks man, I'll try it. Hope it goes away 'till tuesday. :(

Time for a nose thread.

Post nose.

Is your nose fah enough for this board?
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worst nose in the game.jpg
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my name is horrific

how did I fuck that up
File: le nose.jpg (16KB, 517x689px)Image search: [Google]
le nose.jpg
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is it bad?

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I need to stop wearing pinaud clubman. Apparently it makes me smell like a "geriatric pedophile".

What scents (edp, 21st, cologne, as splash) does /fa/ recommend?
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etat libre d'orange:
-je suis un homme
-fat electrician
-jasmin et cigarette

yves saint laurent:
These are all very good
comme des garcons parfums

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So I started going bald around 17 (Stress / Bad genetics)

>Now 27
I've been electric trimmer / shaving my head for the past six years or so.

But I got basically no fashion sense and was wondering what kind of options I have for outfits.

Facial hair kind of like old dutch just really short and my mustache doesn't connect under the bridge of my nose.

Basically fucked on both beard genetics and bald.

Do I have any real options?
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Definitely the Hulihee
Yeah.... No.
Either commit suicide or wear a hat at all times

Be warned that you will most likely never find a fulfilling relationship looking as you do (you don't deserve to find one either btw, that's what your poor genetics are telling you)

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Where can I find some trousers similar to these? These are from Lentrian, made from premium wool in Morocco; I think I've seen some similar work by "Army of Me" brand, I really like the silhouette on these.
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Also, Waif was wearing something like these in her Arya chase scene ;)

On a side note, I guess they can be just regular knee-length trousers (cropped) with high socks covering the calves... just need to be properly fitted, not those balloon-type wider ones.
Aren't these the "jodhpurs", the horse-riding trousers?
Lol even Evie has them in the dlc haha
anyone senpai?

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He's like a more stylish Kanye West in my opinion.
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amateur bait attempt my guy
File: image.jpg (269KB, 1200x1800px)Image search: [Google]
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im poor.png
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Is it /fa/ to shop at goodwill?
Have you ever found something really good at a goodwill?
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I tend to like salvation army a bit more, but i've found some good stuff at goodwill. usually either records or paisley shirts, though i have found a couple neat leather jackets as well

goodwills in urban areas suck. they're already leeched of good pieces by people like you. but hit a goodwill in fargo or boise...you'll find some good shit
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korean shirt.jpg
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All the good stuff is found at thrift shops.Trust me.

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