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Good links of plans for DIY furniture.

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Hello /diy/
I'm currently staying at a dormitory and next month we're moving to an apartment with my roommate. We rented the apartment and the papers we signed implied that there was a wardrobe near the entrance. However there wasn't. Instead of removing that line, the landlady (nice woman) gave us an allowance of $250 (approx.) to buy or build a wardrobe. She's gonna check the bills and pay us accordingly.

I've made an authistic drawing of the space that we're gonna place or assemble the wardrobe. The brown area is the space for the wardrobe, black spraypainted area represents the walls.

Moreover, for the remaining furniture of our apartment, we want to do it ourselves. Do you have any links of good plans?
Build your furniture with mini ties. They are pressure treated, strong, easy to work with, and they look nice.

Youre welcome.
Will you be able to make a built in wardrobe? That should be much easier, your first step should be to attach a frame around the alcove (2x2 should be enough). Next depends on whether you want to split it or keep it as one large wardrobe.

If you can supply pictures I could give you a simple sketch (how you want to do it will depend a little on details)
Moreover I'd say you need a saw (what kind depends on choice of material (I wouldn't cut sheets of plywood with a hand saw and expect it to be straight but I suck at sawing)). A level is a bit of a must. A hammer or screwdriver (protip, screwdrivers require less skill (don't laugh, it's true) but some might prefer the flat head of a nail for aesthetics (there's also nailguns and jointing but for a simple and cheap solution I think those are out.
Wow thanks for all the input. We haven't really moved in yet but we have the key. I have the basic electric tools.
The screwdriver/drill - the nailgun the electric saw with the thin strip thingy as the saw. i even have a sanding machine and paint sprayer!
Not sure if i'm going to be able to get my hands on all of those.

I'll be able to take photos in three days but i'm new to posting on 4chan so i dont really have an idea on how to reach you again.. will the thread 404 by then?
You know what's easy to build? Tables. You know what's not easy to build? A couch.
I mean you could build a choice, keep it simple, and make it functional, but I highly doubt it would be comfortable. Construction grade wood is cheap and easy to work with. It can also look really bad if one haphazardly, and it's soft wood so it'll get dinged up. If you want a natural wood look construction grade(mostly pine, or sometimes spruce depending on your area) does not accept stain well. It is stainable, but a lot of times will turn out blotchy and ugly. You can paint it all day though.

This all depends on how much time, money, and effort you're both willing to put into it. I can tell you quickly how to make a basic set of tables for a living room on the cheap with minimal tools, and then add some ideas to make it nicer with the need for more tools, supplies. I use US standard, I noticed you used metric. If interested you can convert it.

Drill/bit or hammer/nail
You can use nails, I like screws because they don't pull out(just like me) but nails are easier to hide in finish work and sit better in end grain, which we'll encounter here
Back saw/mitre box combo(circular saw makes it easier, but adds cost and danger)
Some type of square, I'd use a rafter/speed square for this
Measuring tape
Marking tool
Sand paper and block(can use scrap common board)
Wood glue(titebond) and a wet rag

1x6 planks/common board for top
1x4(or even 1x3) planks for edge, brace, and legs
Amount changes based off how big your tables are going to be
Say you want the top to be 3 board widths by 3 feet, you cut 3 of the 1x6s to 36in. What I'd do at this point is glue the 3 pieces together as they'll be when finished, you have to use a clamp for them to bond properly. There's your top. Cut 2 pieces of 1x4 to 36. Now you need to cut the 2 outside edges and a brace or 2, they'll be 1x4, the lazy way to do this is take the width of the 3 boards(16 1/2), subtract the the thickness of 2 1x4s (so 3/4 x 2 = 1 1/2) which will give you 15in. That'll be your length for the 1x4s.

You're free to frame out the bottom portion of the table top. Glue and finish nails work well here. Make a box, the smaller pieces go between the bigger pieces. Start with the out side edges. Put glue on the ends of the smaller pieces, start nails on the bigger pieces so you're not trying to line them up later while you're squaring the box. Square the first corner and plant the nails. Repeat for the next 3 checking the square on each corner. There will still be some play.

Square it to the best or your abilities and place the top pieces(or piece if you glued them) on top of the frame. I'd glue here too, but it's not really necessary. Plant nails at the edges of the top into the frame below. If everything went well it'll all be symmetrical. Your frame will no longer have play.

Now attach the brace(s) space evenly. I really wouldn't glue here, but you can for over kill. Tack them in from the edge of the table. You can use a neat trick here. Measure from the parallel edge board to the center of a brace, now flip the table over, measure from that edge the distance you got from the other side, and tack a nail in. If you did it right you just hit the center of the brace.
For legs you can use your remaining 1x4, you can either use it single, or double the thickness by gluing and clamping it. Cut 4 pieces to the same length. If the pieces are a little off, take the 2 closest pieces and attach them to one end of the table, glue and nails. Having a couple clamps helps the next step.

Take the table to a flat, level surface. You're going to need to clamp the two remaining legs in place while you adjust them to make the table level. Apply glue first, and work quick. You'll need a level, check from a couple angles. It doesn't have to be perfect, just not wobbly, but you should always strive for perfection. Knock the last couple of nails in. After all the glue cures, sand and paint.

For matching end tables just add a couple inches to the the height, and take some away from the length.

Measure twice, cut once
Clamps make life easier but aren't necessary outside of gluing
Nails/screws can work as clamps for gluing, but clamping yields a better result, for this nails work fine
Use a wet rag to wipe up glue that gets squeezed out of the joints, it's much easier to clean up when wet.

Really though, you don't need plans. Read a little about work working, learn a few joints and how to make them, then take a trip to the store and find stuff you like that you think you can replicate. I saw a desk the other night I think I might build, it's basically the design I just gave you, but the ends of the top pieces use rabbets to join it to the edge pieces.

The next easiest thing to this table to make would probably be a bed frame using 2x6. Check out Jay Bates on YouTube, he has a ton of videos using construction grade lumber to make furniture.
Also, if you want to get away without using nails or screws, you can use a drill bit and wooden dowels. There's less room for error, but it'll look nicer, and if done right can work better than screws or nails in some situations.
Electric saw with thin strip, me things you mean jigsaw. Can be useful, but also easily inaccurate and won't handle large jobs. You could mean sawzall, which I only use for demolition.works great for taking up hardwood floors at taking down cast iron pipes, not so Mich for making a cabinet.
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Step 1.png
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I'm >>915617

You should be able to find the thread again in the catalogue, /diy/ isn't a very fast subforum.

Step 1 for a built in wardrobe would be something like this, attach 2x2s (marked green) with appropriate fasteners (depending on thickness and material of the wall)
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Step 2.png
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Cont. The two dividing could easily be attached with angle irons.

Next attach plywood sheets to finish the dividers (red). These should be possible to cut with a jigsaw using an appropriate blade and a scrap piece of 2x2 as a guide (clamp the 2x2 to make sure it stays in place and don't forget to take the size of the jigsaws pad into consideration). This wont be perfect but it's not like anyone will look at this!
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Step 3.png
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There are two more things to consider here:
1. The plywood will need cutouts in the corners for the 2x2s, this is basically what a jigsaw was made for.
2. You have 2.3 m to work with, it's possibly a good idea to have a wardrobe with an extra cupboard on top. If so, Attach more 2x2 before dividers.
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Step 4.png
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Doors will depend a bit on how you want the siding of this thing to look. My father used panelling on the two wardrobes of this style he built, mine is painted plywood. Your choice really. For doors you'd probably want to add another frame solution (marked blue here and only drawn on one of the compartments).

Good luck and hope this has been useful.
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Thread images: 5

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