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Hello /diy/. Not sure if this is against the rules or not, but

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Hello /diy/. Not sure if this is against the rules or not, but this post is not about making stuff.

Lately, I started to feel really lonely, and realised that all my ex-gfs bored me because they were not interested in doing shit. Just buying stuff, watching tv and stuff. Not that I want a woodworker girl or something, but someone that can see value in creating something, you know.

So, what do you think on the subject? Do you have a nice girl that do stuff too? You think I'm being too stupid?

If this should be deleted, I will, no problem.
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You are being too stupid.

Women are not creators by nature, they are consumers. "Ayy gurl, wanna weld with me" will never work.

Just pick the generic vapid whore and be done with it, "the perfect girl" does not exist in the real world.

It's not about a perfect girl. It's just one that I will not get bored in some months.
Well then you either lack sufficent funds or a large enough dick to keep her interested past the phase where just smooth talking works.

Your quest is hopeless. Just keep changing women.
My current girlfriend is the creative type. Arts and crafts sewing and engraving. Bit of metalwork.I'm more satisfied with this relationship than I have been In any other. And she understands the value of tools and won't kick about my work stations. Honestly got wet over a new chop saw. Feels good man
I like girls who are not afraid to pick up a power tool and use it. They're a rare species, but they do exist.
My wife's suggestion for you OP, find a nice lesbian.
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>"you'll find a girl someday"
>"there's someone for everyone"
>tfw no creative gf ever

Happy for you though, lad.
Unfortunately this is the story of my life. Every girl I have ever had sex with has been a lesbian but eventually leave because they hate dick.
>tfw my only chance at happiness is to cut off my dick
They exist, OP. I suspect you're just looking in the wrong places. Go somewhere that would attract the kind of girl you're after. Be it out in the sticks or a welding course, you'll find someone if you look in the right places.
If you go after women who have been given everything on a plate that is what they will expect.
It's the ones who have learned to be more independent of themselves because they were forced to when growing up - that's what you need.
And no, they don't have to be lesbians.
my sister is a carpenter

but she's transgender so i dont think that counts
Does that make her your brother then?
Yeah look in the right places. Musician or artist meetups are great, tons of talented chicks, though artists are usually crazy.
I've had exes just like that.

My current long term partner has no problem if I want to come home from work and spend all night in the workshop.

I try and make her things as gifts now and then. Real decorative or useful things and she gets really excited by that.

She really finds what I do interesting but wouldn't have a clue or interest in say how a table saw is used or angle grinder.

That's the sort of woman you want, that understands a man's need to make.

Men that don't make are shit tier anyway.
Damn... Didn't mean to bring castration into the picture, man. I think people tend to put too much emphasis on things in common with their bf/gf. My wife doesn't into woodworking, and I'm fine with that, we do other things together. If it weren't for her, I'd spend ALL my time in the shop, and that's not good; and I keep her from just buying everything she wants, so it's a balance.
I kind of get the feeling, OP. All the girls I see around me tend to be kind of... I dunno, empty? They're only really interested in watching TV or movies or some such. There are a few in the engineering department (emphasis on "few") which I'm sort of into, but I just can't seem to get things moving with them. I guess it's mostly hesitation and fear of "well what if..." from when I was bullied as a kid.

My advice? Keep looking, you're bound to find someone eventually. Mechanical engineering tends to be the most hands-on, and there's a few girls in my classes which seem interesting enough to talk to and can hold a conversation without gossiping. Civil and environmental engineering aren't my department, but there's a lot more of them there. Since it's still engineering, I don't doubt they'll be more technically inclined and more interesting to talk to, as well.

Not that I've found anyone at all yet, but that's beside the point.
girls these days are mostly shallow. if their hobbies are shopping and netflix, look away. I'm starting to find the best way to meet interesting girls are through special interest groups. check out meetup.com and look for meetups that include things you like. i doubt youre going to find many females who like to tinker with arduinos and woodworking (i tried dating one, shes crazy as fuck) but i'd take a chick who was into knitting over one into shopping

you're not being stupid

>tfw ma is into woodcrafting
>tfw gf is into woodcrafting
>tfw both are better than me


man you seem pretty fucking miserable. sorry it didn't work out with women for you. maybe get a dog or something.


I don't think this is about females, it's about people. "most people" are "boring", because "most people" spend their day watching tv, "most people" enjoy McDonalds, "most people" shop at IKEA exclusively and "most people" consider Apple the epitome of design.

I had a few girlfriends that I just couldn't stand because they weren't challenging me, they wouldn't disagree with me, they wouldn't surprise me and they didn't have a real passion.

It's not like all girls are like that though. there's plenty of ambitious women. don't let the /r9k/ mindset get to you.
What OP needs is a theatre girl. I've encountered more woman in this profession that are willing to learn carpentry and welding. Looks better on the resume if you can build sets and act and sing. These aren't your usual mongoloid art school girl stereotypes.
>theatre girl

Both of these are right in my experience. I once dated a computer engineer who also worked part time building sets for the university's theatre department. She was better than me at most DIY things, except (ironically) things that had to do with computers.

I also dated an actress for a while, and she knew her way around power tools pretty damn well because apparently all the actors in her high school theatre had to help build the sets/props if they wanted to be in the plays.

I think the key is to get a combination of an artist's creative drive and engineer's practical drive to solve problems. They don't necessarily have to be engineers or artists to have those traits either, but it's a lot easy to notice it when they work in a profession where they get to exercise it on a daily basis.

But do be careful about theatre girls. I did theatre all through highschool and a bit in college and learned very quickly to avoid dating theatre girls whenever possible. The odds might be good, but the goods are usually odd.
>What OP needs is a theatre girl..
- mans got enough problems as it is dude, dont be setting him off on the road to ruin now ;)

While we're on the subject tho, wtf theaters let actresses build sets? In my personal experience, this remains indeed an entirely inadvisable idea, not to mention, Elf-n-Safety would have you hung from the rafters and flogged. In this case, probably justifiably.

Really want a /diy/ girl tho? - try wardrobe. A theater wardrobe dept, that is, not your own. Either that, or put your preconceptions in a hat and smoke em, then go to a bar and get drunk, see what you wake up with - she demands breakfast? - best opportunity to ascertain her capacitity for /diy/. Works for everyone else.
>wtf theaters let actresses build sets?
It's absolutely against the rules in union theatre, unless the actress is a member of both Equity (actor union) and IATSE (technician/designer/craftsman union). Of course, basically no one is a member of both because it's hard enough to get into one of those unions, and there's not much point in doing both unless you're a stage manager, and even then.

For non-professional theatre though, especially high school and university theatres, it's not uncommon for companies to encourage their actors to help build the sets.
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>get home
>head into the shop
>work in silence until I get hungry
>make myself a grilled cheese or something
>eat in silence and think about no gf

I want off this ride
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>go to classes
>sit in silence
>see couples walk down hallways and concrete paths on my way back from classes
>do engineering homework until my head hurts from lack of food
>eat in silence
>repeat daily

wish I wasn't as hesitant and could approach that one girl whose class is after mine
>that one girl wearing gloves
DO IT bruh!
I want to see you succeed, maybe even post here after you do.
But I've been there, in those days of silence with no one to talk to, and it sucks.
Listen to Shia Labeouf, and one day just pack all your concerns away, know that you have nothing to lose and Just Do It.
I've already decided I'll try something after break. Something unexpected was that she was interested in the same club I was (bioengineering), but there was only one meeting since the leader of it made excuses to the professors and just didn't answer the students. The idea is that I'll see if she + other students want to form a splinter bioengineering club and work on our own projects while the guy gets his shit together, and that'll at least get my foot in the door.

If it works.
that's great man,
a mutual interest helps beyond all belief
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>I'll see if she + other students want to form a splinter bioengineering club and work on our own projects

Sounds like a great idea, good job taking the initiative and trying to change your situation.

I'll think of you when I'm [spoiler]drinking alone[/spoiler]
>If it works.

It'll work bro. If she's really interested in bioengineering she'll be excited to get some projects going. She'll also see that you have your shit together and the other guy doesn't.
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Thread images: 7

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