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How difficult would it be to /diy/ a small house similar to an

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How difficult would it be to /diy/ a small house similar to an apartment floor plan?

I bought some land that I plan to build my dream home on in 5-10 years. Should I build a smaller house for now or just set up a manufactured home on it? I considered a tiny house or shipping container home but it just wouldn't be enough space, considering I work at home. It would be miserable.
>how to /diy/ a house
>literally no info

it may be problematic, getting planning permission for a standalone with one entry/exit, and basically no windows (fire reg, etc.) - depends, 3-world country (murica, etc.) - maybe not give a fuck tho.

meanwhile irl, go dig up a floorplan suitbable for a standlone, be a better idea. But, you have to go thro a few minor inconveniences, even for tiny houses, like, planning, roof, heating, etc. - building a dwarve standalone aint really gonna save you much, desu, be as well building something to a scale actually usable. And resellable, if needed, etc.
Here are plenty of free plans for cabin designs.
From one room, to four bed room.


Would it be possible to build something pic related for ~$50K or should I just buy a manufactured home? Could do most of it myself, besides laying the foundation, setting the roof, plumbing, and electrical.
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Should be possible, if you know what you're doing.

This cabin is £35k, thats roughly the same price and floor plan.

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Is it out in the country? Zoning?

If out of zoning limits put up a pole shed with square posts, the pour heated concrete slab inside.

Finish the interior to your liking, much cheaper than building a house and bonus it looks like a farm building so cheaper taxes.

or buy/build a kekshed from one of the dealers

>buying a shed

What about those cabin "kits"

Could I buy one and then /diy/ the interior? The other guy mentioned cabins and that made me think it would be better than building a house. I could use a wood burning stove to heat the house (the land I bought is nothing but 20 acres of trees). Only thing I would need to hire somebody for is the electric and water. And contractors to set the foundation.

Not many building laws in my country. Just anything over 10x10 needs a slab foundation (can't build a pole barn).
If it were me starting out with 50k, I would buy a $15k RV, and then plot out where you want the house.
I would then build a nice garage with your dream house in mind.

From there I would live in the RV for the next 5-10 years. Having the RV and garage for living space is more than enough.
Dont poo poo the idea of an RV until you go shopping for a decent one.

Youll still be able to sell the RV for a nice chunk of change instead of having a small house, or a modular house you dont want on your land 10 years from now.

It also gives you the liberty to go on random road trips.

I wouldn't mind having a small cabin off on my land. And like I said, I work from home. A RV and garage isn't possible.
>15k on RV
>25k on tools, materials and cement

- leaves 10k for beer, and 10 years to get the job done - tis a plan, indeed.
You don't need a foundation as long as your minicipality allows for post and beam construction.
Go to log home builders association workshop, costs like $1k. After that you won't be acting like a such an idiot. Don't even think about wasting your money on a fucking log cabin kit.

What if I bought logs already cut for log homes? Googled how to prepare lumber for log homes and I don't have the time to do all of that.
If you're saying you don't have time now... Hoo boy.

Just haul in a modular home and be done with it. You don't have time for this shit.
>how hard would it be to build a house?
aka it's useless.

Not hard at all:
A building constructed to these standards will be compliant to the other standards out there. Check your locality if they have any applicable adendums to their chosen standards that may revise the codes here.

The ICC's manuals progress in the general order of construction. So starting at the front of the book and reading through it will guide your construction schedule.

Sure you could watch some guy's yourube channel, or some random website that describes how to design a concrete footing for post and beam... but why not go to the source?

Thought about doing this myself - buying a chunk of land and having a tiny home

I looked at 40 ft. shipping containers to start off and then lego build more containers into a larger home as time goes on.

But shipping containers only need the 4 corners of the container to be held on concrete bricks for it to be legit - you can guy one for a nice price included with shipping and for 50k you can use 10k to get a shipping container - use the rest to paint / insulate / floors blah blah blah

look them up, they are a reliable option that is becoming more popular
Is there actually water and power on your land?
Legit issue.. trenching is CRAZY expensive if you don't have hookups already
Source: dealing with that now :p
How about tossing a mobile home on it while you work on a new place?
Can get them cheap and moving them is pretty reasonable.
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