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So I'm trying to make a plague doctor mask and in the picture

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plague draft.png
2MB, 1220x1508px
So I'm trying to make a plague doctor mask and in the picture I made a draft version made of EVA foam and stitched it with waxed string; But I plan on making it with leather at the final step.

I just wanted to get an opinion on it's design and colour (either black or brown). The design isn't entirely my creation but I adapted it from a couple of sources.

Looks okay? Any improvements? Even any tips for leathercrafting?
holy shit it looks nice
well thank you pleb,

you think the eye sockets are too round? or should I maybe narrow them down a bit into a sharp oval/eye shape?
nope i think it looks good like this but maybe make the eye sockets a little bigger considerd that youre going to wrap it again
Wrap it again? What do you mean?
nevermind i got it wrong but it stil looks cool tho
well alright then, thanks anyway.
In the final product, it being leather and all, what is your plan to prevent it from either deforming or being too heavy?
Your mock up looks great, but the entire concept of foam is to create something deceptively strong and supportive for its weight.
Leather that will hold its shape on its own will be pretty hefty and very difficult to sew. Leather that is more manageable in weight and sewability will not likely hold its shape.

You will need some internal support or expect it to just be a decorative piece. What have you got in mind?
I'll probably be using about 2 or 2.4mm (5-6oz) thick leather, which should be sturdy enough not to collapse onto itself. I think sewing the leather would hard but I can could still sew it by pre-drilling holes.

I'm not too concerned about it's weight, it'll weigh mostly about 2kg I'm guessing. If it collapses or gets too floppy, I'll reinforce the insides with steel wires or some meshwork.

It'll mostly be a decorative piece, but I'd like to wear it a couple of times. That's all I have planned for now. Thanks.
Personally, I think the beak could have more of a curve or hook. But overall it's looking good.
The foam is soft so it just straightens out, but I can bend the beak into a more curved shape, thanks anyway.
File: 20151201_234436.jpg (2MB, 4160x2340px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 4160x2340px
I made something similar. I don't have experience with leather, so i used faux leather sheets, cut and glued around each foam "section" of the mask. I made small slits in the clothe along the edge to wrap it around. After every piece was finished, i stitched it all together with a thin black boot lace. I bought a couple 3 inch pvc couplings and cut them down to fit into the eyes. I made small cuts into the back for an elastic band with hooks in the ends to strap it on tight. I also made a kind of foam block on the inside, against my brow, so it was snug and wouldn't shift around.
Cool, looks neat. Similar design as well.

I don't have much experience with leather either and I was going to put glass lenses in the eye sockets.
Roughly how heavy was your mask? Did its structure collapse? Was it breathable in it?
Super light. Maybe half a pound? The structure held up just fine. It bowed a little over time, but i made it 2 years ago. It won't matter if you're wearing it or have it on mannequin head or something. It was pretty breathable. I wore it while playing a set during a Halloween show. I had to take it off after maybe 20-25 minutes, but i was also wearing a thin balaclava (ninja hood) under the mask. Had i been wearing it more casually, i could have gone longer I'm sure.
Alright good to know, thanks.
For your apparent skill level, I would suggest 2.5oz at the heaviest and having an internal foam structure like >>909311 says he did.

You've mentioned you don't have much experience with leather, so I'm assuming you don't know the different types and their different properties.
Also assuming the other guy's faux leather was vinyl (or however it's spelt), that stuff generally has comparable qualities to soft chrome tanned leather (I'd go with a 1.5oz).

If you want to go balls to the wall all leather construction, you will need a pretty heavy weight tooling leather and will need to research shaping it with water. Easy concept to learn, but trickier to actually pull off well. It will be a bitch to sew and likely uncomfortably heavy.
Without proper tools, it will be difficult to get a clean overall finish and has a high potential to look like a rough piece of shit.
Also, it will probably quickly start to smell like a wet dog on the inside after wearing it a few times and absorbing the moisture from your breath.
True I don't know much of leather types, this is just a one-off hobby or so, but I know veg, oil and chrome tanned leathers, although not too much about their different properties.

I'm fine with the sewing, I've sewn far bitchier stuff. Heaviness won't really be a problem, I have a big head, I can manage.

I don't think I'll need to shape it with water, the design of it is pretty much the final shape. I looked up this technique and it seems to be useful for pouches and sheathes etc.
It may shape the mask a bit around my head but for now I think it's an unnecessary step.

I have some tools but I'll see if I need something important, if not I can improvise. Drilling the holes and cutting it are the main things to focus I'd say.

If I stained the insides/outsides with a sealer, wouldn't that prevent any moisture absorption? If there is a smell I could always put some desiccants and maybe perfumed items.

What do you think?
nice work
yeah great work
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