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Can somebody help me identify these lamps?

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Can somebody help me identify these lamps?
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length is in centimeter btw
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It's from an old light used in disco's. Eurolite Z-20 it says on the device.

It is an very old disco effect light, I bought it maybe 12 years ago and I wanna re-use it. It seems to work fine however this thing gets insanely fucking hot. And with hto I mean really really fucking hot.

I looked closely and it says OSRAM 120v 300watt.

Does this mean they are wired in series?

This thing must be over 600watt, it also has a motor that rotates and a fan so this light effect is maybe close to 700watt. Something which is a really fucking lot for todays standards. So i'm worried about power consumption and also heat.

My question is, can I buy some sort of led lights for this and replace them?

Do they even exist? These lamps must be 10 to 15 years old and my god this thing gets hotter than my stove.

Thanks alot
>OSRAM 64514 120V/300W GX-6.35

- u can type, but not read (?) - srsly, you get them everyhwere, for a few bucks.

problem, assuming you are 240v? - a lot of that right cheap disco crap (hello, Eurolite!) will take out both when one blows.

yes i know but i wanna know is it possible to have these in led and what kind of fitting is it?

any idea where i can buy them?

like i can find some leds with the GX-6.35 fitting but mostly are 12volt or have very low luman, i wanna know if there is anything like a 120v led that is also bright but just uses less power and emits less heat?
- if I new of any 120v leds in 6.35 fittings, Id be the first to tell you, I dont though.

Youd need to rebuild entirely with new fittings and trafo for the leds, etc. - the effect depends on having two sources - also, the end output is not going to look as good either, they use small dichro/psuedo dichro glass filters, leds dont filter so good.

You can probably straight swap for 150W 120v 6.35 bulbs (Osram 64501 - for example, half the life (25hr compared to 70h) and more expensive, usually). May not fit (length) either, but, would gets you from 650w to around 350W, less heat, etc.

Someone else maybe has a quick n easy led solution, I dont but, sorry.
How about this: http://www.alibaba.com/product-detail/New-design-led-silicon-Led-GY_60151158471.html?spm=a2700.7724838.30.1.cjvkdA

I dont trust these chinese sites but it says its the same fitting on 120volt but only 2watts instead of 300watts

is that enough light since its led?

also dont i blow something up if I suddenly do a very low-wattage light inside?

apart from the fact its a different pin thickness (GY, not GX) - I see no reason why it wouldnt work, but China, etc. - just, plugin both before testing..

>Color Temperature(CCT): - Warm WhiteA

- dunno if you want "Warm White" either, prob a bit yello-ish - see if theres a JustFuckingWhiteActually" version. And preferably GX as well. But like I said, LEDs not gonna filter (or look) as good as original, srsly. Would cut down the power use no end, tho..
hmm then i guess i just have to keep doing with it, 700watt for a simple effect light, and it doesnt even emit so much light cause of the color lenses, fuck man, how did people live with this shit? you can pretty much cook an egg on that thing

..tbf, tis 300W and change total (2 x 300W @ 120v = 300W @ 240v ) - forgot it was 120v meself.
It's halogen. That's why it gets hot as hellfire. I don't normally tell people to forget a project, but halogen lights are weird. If you don't have a safe, heat-resistant mount for it, it can do some damage in short order.

If you really want to use halogen lighting, you can get reading lamps that take those bulbs, or look for a proper can light kit to build a custom fixture.

I think, OP's original point (albeit confusingly titled) was the opposite, he wanted to swap high energy usage, hot-running halogens for 0-energy, low heat emitting leds.

The reason why halogens are/were used for this, they provide a good even light spectrum and filter well, lo-power leds, IMO, wont.

But, be interested if anyone has tried similar, or can recommend any good high voltage leds - was looking quantity of 240v leds (pair two 120s?) for project also - as said, would still doubt leds output be much/any use in this setup (multifiltered disco lamp) tho.
so in english what should I do?
If I'm reading this correctly, then I'll assume the lamp uses filters to only let light of a specific color through.
LED's won't filter as well as they emit the majority of light on the lower wavelengths.
If you want something to flash all sorts of colors you can do away with the filters, get a 100W RGB LED, a driver, and a uC to control it.
Or just buy a chinese disco RGB spotlight.
Is that an abbreviation for microcontroller?
So, to restate what I have said, it's economically unreasonable to modify the existing lamp to be LED when there's options available for around $50.
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