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What the cheapest way to get fleas out of my house and off of

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What the cheapest way to get fleas out of my house and off of my dog?? I'm a poor fag and can't really afford the expensive exterminator
Torch it. That's always a cheap option.
to start with, get either a flea collar or other flea treatment for your dog.

then, treat anywhere the fleas could be with borax, then vacuum.
Vacuum really well, and tie off in a bag so that any eggs don't hatch. keep vacuuming daily for the next week, and possibly reapply borax, and you should eventually kill them all. Obviously, you'll need to wash the bedsheets etc. if they're in there too.

Option two, is wait for winter cold, drain the water in the house pipes and flush toilets empty, then shut off the heat, 10 days at 35 degrees or below and fleas die. make sure you kill all the ones on you/your dog or they'll stay warm.
I will give this a try, will borax hurt my dog?
Live in so cal and the fleas here are super strong. Flea baths and the liquid shit you put on their neck just doesn't work. You need to get the pill from your vet. As for the fleas in your house, only adult fleas can live without its host. So they will just die out. And if you are going to give me poorfag argument, don't fucking own a pet. That is animal abuse if you can't take care of it.
I've heard about the pet pill thing, I was just trying to not spend a bunch on money on something that didn't work
The best way if you're concerned about pesticides and such is to first get a package of frontline for your dog.

Buy the next size up and apply half of it, seal it in a ziplock baggie with the air squeezed out until next month. Good way to save money.

Next buy one of those containers of diatomacous earth. All this anounts to is ground up shells of sea animals. Its very pet friendly.

When you buy it, open up the cap and dump half of it out into tupperware. You need the airspace in the container to properly apply it.

Vacuum everything in the house. Throw the bag out. Or if you're a penny pincher like me, wrap it up in a trash bag and toss it in the freezer.

Take your squeezy bottle of DE and gently shake it to get the stuff shook up inside. Hold it 2-3 feet over the area to apply more or less pointing up and squeeze the bottle. This will puff out a fine powder into the air that settles down to cover carpets, floors, and pet beds.

Its perfectly safe to let your pet lay on treated surfaces and will even speed up clearing their coat as it works into the fur.

After three days vacuum up the surfaces to get the dead fleas, larvae and eggs. Once vacuumed up repeat the application/vacuum cycle every three days until two weeks has passed since the last flea sighting.

DE can be harsh on some vacuum designs depending on how their motor bearings are designed, if you have it, use a shop vac.

Also be sure to treat any areas outside too. If you have a fog house give it a treatment every week regardless of flea problem. If they have a favorite spot to lay under the porch or tree, then treat that area every 3 days with a heavy application.

DE and borax both work the same way, but DE is much safer for pets.
I'm also in so cal and the stuff you put on their neck works fine. Your neighborhood is too nasty. You need to poison your yard and house too because you got too many damn fleas. must be nasty, my childhood was like that though.
My dog doesn't have fleas. My vet recommend the pill, cause liquid doesn't work here at the beach.
also socal
liquid works.
Fleas get spread by neighborhood cats. Cat infestation is crazy strong.
Dog's got no fleas.
For your dog, dawn dish soap works well to kill fleas and is non toxic. Washing your dog once a week can keep it manageable.
Also, comfortis is the only thing I've tried that ever worked long term.
Had these same issues when I rescued a pup. It was real bad.

First thing I did was clean everything. I threw his bed away. I sprinkled salt and borax powder all over the carpet for a day then vacuumed it and ran my carpet cleaner everywhere. I dusted everything off, changed bed sheets, etc. Fleas lay their eggs in the carpet, bed, dirty laundry, etc. You got to clean it all.

Then I put a bowl of soapy water with a light directed at it on the floor at nights. Fleas will jump towards the light and land in the water. Seemed to catch 4-10 every night.

Now you want to give your dog a good bath and some medicine. Flea collars are shit and never work. Frontline Plus is expensive but it's god tier.

Lastly, you got to keep the place clean. I sprinkled salt and vacuumed and dusted every day and eventually I stopped catching fleas in the soap water after 2 weeks.
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I had a terrible flea problem at my place and managed to fix it.

First off, Frontline and other topical flea killers didn't work worth crap. Buy some generic nitenpyram and lufenuron capsules online. The nitenpyram will kill start killing fleas in 20-30 minutes. You will see your pet go crazy scratching themselves and you will see the fleas literally crawling off and dying. It is not a long term solution - it only kills the living fleas for a short period. The lufenuron will keep new flea eggs from hatching for 30 days.

Buy some Talstar P and a backpack pump sprayer. Harbor Freight has a cheap one. Follow the directions on the Talstar P jug and spray your yard, carpets, couches, rugs, everything. Make sure you keep your pets away from where you sprayed until it's dry. I sprayed my carpets a few times, waiting a week between sprays and vacuuming daily. I also sprayed the yard twice (sorry environment, I don't want fleas).

It was a ton of work vacuuming every day and spraying, but it got rid of the fleas. So in summary, get some:
-nitenpyram capsules
-lufenuron capsules
-Talstar P

Best of luck, anon. Sorry you're going through this.
Borax will cause respiratory issues if they sniff at it too much, or hurt if they walk on a layer of it and lick it off paws, so put the dog outside while you apply and then vacuum. only an issue with a relatively big dose, so once you've vacuumed, you're fine.

also, pretty good article on options. Forgot about suggesting a flea comb to cut down on the population on the dog.
also, one it doesn't mention: if it was the warm part of the year or it's an inside dog, i'd suggest considering shaving the dog so the fleas can't hide.

Fucking fleas, I only only got rid of them after a year and a half after calling an exterminator to fumigate the house and spray the yard, and hosing my dog down with enough crap she'll probably get cancer in a couple years, then about 4 months ago I took her to the vet to have a sore looked at, and started noticing fleas again about a week after that. Now I can't afford to hire an exterminator to fumigate the house again.
Eucalyptus essential oil works like a charm. Put it on the neck where it can't be liked off for pets. Make into a spray with alcohol for carpets and furniture.
Buy some neem juice from your local herbal products store, its dirt cheap and basically the go-to treatment for a majority of insects, its poisonous to them, but totally safe for us and dogs.
I used that stuff to kill fleas on my dog. Also i use 1 part neem juice, 3-5 parts water mix to get rid of aphids in the garden.
Did you clearly. Your house daily?
How do you apply it to your dog?
just spray on your canine bro, then rub with a cloth
This stuff is like cyanide for insects
wash dog with dawn. fleas drown easily in soapy water.

clear floor of items and vaccum everyday. don't just set up a soap trap and expect them to jump in. if you're catching some with platters of soap water you probably have a bunch more in your carpet just waiting to hop on and suck some blood.

if you walk your dog you'll pick up fleas no matter what you do since the outside world is infested with them. racoons, strays all have them. and just because you don't see them doesn't mean they're not there.
Target sells these two sprays next to each other in the pet section. One is for dogs, you spray it on and it kills/prevents ticks and fleas. The other spray is for your home, fabrics and whatnot . The sprays are about $8 each.

I used them when my dog got fleas last summer. Worked extremely well.
If you can't afford to properly take care of a pet, you should not have one.
Stick your dog in the bathroom.

Put down powder ( borax or DE ).

Clean and vacuum everywhere, was all your clothes and linens ( you don't even have to use soap).

Now wash your dog with very soapy water.

Clean Bathroom.

Do this over and over again until fleas are gone. This is the CHEAPEST way to get rid of. fleas. As it is nearly free. If you can add frontline, advantage, flea collar, or anything like that it will speed things up but if you don't do the cleaning it will be pointless.
I know this is pretty old, but I used equal parts baking soda and table salt, sprinkled around the floor and furniture. I went pretty damn heavy on it, cause the stuff's cheap. Leave it on for a little while then vacuum it up. Dump vacuum out immediately, tie it up tightly. We did this every other day for (a couple weeks?) and then once a week for a month to be sure. Fleas are tenacious bastards. They can lie dormant for months and then pop out of their fucking eggs. Good luck.
How big is your dog ?

I used to have a smallish dog (17 lbs). It took a while, but I was able to break the flea cycle.

1. Bath the dog about every 7-8 days. I used a mild human shampoo.

2. Every few weeks, take the dog out of the house, for at least 4-5 hours, and bomb the house with a flea spray bomb.

3. Wash the dogs bedding weekly. If the dog has no bedding, get some, and teach the dog to lie on it.

4. Get a large bottle of 70% IPA. Put about 1/2 inch in a small custard cup. Under a bright light, roll the dog over. Pick the fleas off and toss them into the IPA. That will sterilize them, and kill them. The eggs will be ruined.

Repeat the above for as many weeks as it takes to break the cycle. But note, if the dog is associating with other animals that carry fleas, the above won't solve the problem.
It doesn't take a lot of money to control fleas. To relieve a dog (or cat) of a flea infestation on their coat, Capstar kicks ass. Within 24 hours the fleas are dead. Capstar should only be used once, and it's around $10 a pill from any vet. You don't have to make an appointment to buy some.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) will be your best friend. You can purchase it at feeder supply stores for farmers. Like the others have mentioned, just dust everything in it and let it sit like that for a few days. DE doesn't kill fleas right away so leave the DE down as long as you can stand it. I'd do this weekly for about 6 weeks to kill the entire cycle.

To prevent further flea infestations, talk to your vet about topical flea treatments or pills for your dog. Sacrifice something in your budget and make sure you're taking care of your dog the best you can. There are websites that will sell you name brand topical treatments at a fraction of what the vet will sell you, but this only works if you have a small or medium dog.

Please note that if you use DE that your dog gets lots of water because it WILL dehydrate them. DE should be used very, very carefully around cats because cats are desert animals that don't drink enough water in the first place and are often chronically dehydrated. DE can cause urinary tract blockages in male cats which can kill them quickly if not treated right away.
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Thread images: 2

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