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glass pipes

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Sup /diy/

I'm a glass artist specializing in pipes. I'm coming off of a 5 year hiatus, I was legally growing weed in Colorado but that market went to shit and I moved. I have a good foundation in making normal pipes and rigs, but I'm looking for some new inspiration, something awesome that can get me back on top of the game again. Any ideas for cool concepts, shapes colors or anything? Have an idea for a pipe you have always wanted to see exist but lacked the equipment and expertise? If I make the piece you suggest I will post it in this thread.

Image related, its not one I made but is typical of what I do. I have a lot of pieces made like this right now but I need to do the photography and image processing, which will hopefully be happening tomorrow. Taking pictures is not my favorite part of this business.
That's a mighty fine piece of work anon, but you said the magic word which may result in this getting deleted per the sticky.

Meanwhile, I have always preferred darker, less transparent pipes. I clean out the tobacco residue regularly, but its often hard to scrub the inner walls, meaning I can still see the filth through the glass. I'm sure i'm not the only one bothered by this, something to consider I guess.
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Learn into scientific glassblowing
How is it shit now?
meh, some form of marijuana use is now legal is now legal in a majority of states. If this thread gets deleted because of that reference, so be it.

@scientific glass guy: yeah, ok I think sci glass is cool too and I do stuff like that. Clear glass kinda bores me but its fast and simple and sells ok. Supposing I already had a firm foundation in sciglass stuff (I sorta not really do but I can usually make whatever I set my mind to in a few tries) what sort of shapes would you like to see? Looking for some good ideas and others perspective so I can take that and hopefully come up with something originalish. Hand drawn pictures of a good idea is what I'm after.
huh its not shit, that was maybe not the right expression, the market got kinda bottomed out and I only had 4 lights and room for 4 so my room was small. Basically I stopped caring about competing with 20+ light rooms and got sick of the whole scene. California outdoor buds pour into Colorado and set a price thats hard to compete with and a bunch of other reasons. Growing is like having a kid, no days off or it goes to shit quick.
Ah, I see. I can see that being the case; a 4 light room produces enough to actually live on? I would've thought a grow op would have to be larger than that to survive.
Is opening a store front just as competitive/hard to stay afloat? I heard some friends mention that a lot of dispensaries would not have enough demand and close, but I found it hard to believe.
@ cleans glass guy: the old school fumed color changing pipes are makig a comback and thats good because I know how to make the shit out of those. The one in the picture is one of those. The thing is you don't want to clean them often, the residue is what makes them change colors. The one in the pic that looks pinkish will turn green blue and white.
its not what you know its who you know. A average is 1 lb per light is a normal good result and its def possible to get more. I had my time with it all and it was fun but I'm over it, my choice really. Back to glass because being a artist is more fulfilling IMO.
get a lathe and produce

what kiln do you use?
im thinking about building one because the prices are ludicrous when you can weld and have a sheetmetal brake
yeah lathe's are around 20k used and I think that market is saturated really. Tons of imports are rolling in from China and are being rebranded and passed off as USA work and a bunch of other fuckery, when clear tubes that are starting to get nice are coming in for $15 each well that market is fucked.

I've built my own kilns before and I agree its way cheaper. I don't even use a sheet metal brake, I just built the frame out of old angle iron. Not that hard once you learn the few tricks. There is definitely money in making kilns and other glassblowing tools, they usually have a huge markup bc they are specialized.
Thread posts: 11
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