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diy apartment

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bought an apartment, it's pic related

current wall partitioning is shit because oldfags lived here in 1900 then split the space (~160mt square) into 2 small apartments to rent so I'm going to remove everything and start over

obviously there's enough space to do what I want but those columns (which obviously can't be removed) are placed in a way I can't get my head around

I'd like to have at least an open space (kitchen+living room) 2 baths, storage room and 3 bedrooms (one with walk in closet)

shit you are rich anon. where is this, what is north, is it to scale, how tall, what building is it concrete etc

managed to get a huge deal, I live in southItaly and house market here is shit, houses takes forever to be sold and people are going down with prices to cash in

drawing is not in scale though pillars are 30cm wide, it's a 4 story concrete building and north is the upper left corner while south is lower right one
Need some kind of scale to be any help. Are those crosshatched areas doors?

Also, need to know where utility hookups are (water lines, sewer), unless you are skilled enough to install new ones wherever you like.
How is it currently split in two?

Any photos or plans?
Also where is the current bathrooms, kitchens and front doors?
File: plani.jpg (197KB, 1600x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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those are balconies, there's 3 of them.
the big X is the elevator shaft, both arrows below it represent current doors

pic related is the actual, with measures configuration
bagno = bathroom, on its left there's also a kitchen now
wc = bathroom
cucina = kitchen

there's a wall attached to the pillar in the center of the current layout

tell me if this pic can be of help, otherwise I'll re-print an in scale version of the clean layout
File: Untitled-1.jpg (186KB, 1600x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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general idea #1

bedrooms at the back via a private corridor, also toilets and shit

kitchen+dining+living at the front

also a shoe/bike/garden/storage threshold in the front door for extra luxury feel (your place is big enough so you need to exploit the advantage for maximum grandness/design because it will be useless space anyway)

you get the idea
also bedrooms to the east is ideal for morning sun

living room is south for max sunlight

you have got a pretty ideal flat if you ask me

op here
fucking brilliant idea
i've had a similar idea in mind but coulnd't bring to the drawing, you pretty much nailed it
File: area.png (301KB, 417x334px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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didn't specify it's the top floor in this 4story building
above me there's some space reserved for storage

>pic related
you dont need storage you cannot get to or has to juggle everything else to get to

put all storage space where you can reach aka on the same floor, you have got the square meter you can afford the space, and instead you have have a very tall ceiling for extra feel points, and even something fancy, like skylights or mezzanine or even a fucking observatory platform

tldr: if it is a bitch to work with/use, better just destroy it
I'd skip the middle corridor. It's going to be dark and corridors are a waste of squaremeterage.


also, I'm conflicted about that blind wc in the middle. no window isn't exactly ideal considering 11 openings on the perimeter

I'd also like a wc for night side and one for day one
how do you skip a corridor?
You call the room with all the doors in it a 'grand room' and make all the rooms a smidge bigger so the supporting wall is still where it needs to be.
so you go through a toilet to get to a bedroom?
... What? Not unless you want to. You can have a toilet with two doors if you want.
There's no hallway leading to a bunch of bedrooms. You might have one toilet off the grand room, but the master suite will still have a toilet off it. The other bedrooms will be directly accessible from the grand room without having to walk through a hallway. I didn't think this sounded that complicated. Are you a troll?
More specifically, now that I've looked at your picture. You'd have to do some work to change the look to get rid of the hallway, and you'd have to move your plumbing stack so it might not be worth while, but an open kitchen/room is nice and modern.
no, what is a grand room? and how do you even get to a room without a hallway? like literally how do you get to it because it is at the back?
File: kiwi.gif (47KB, 576x502px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>How do you get to a room without a hallway
By walking?

I was being facetious by calling it a grand room. A grand room is more like mixing your living/dining/family room together, and often keeping an open design to the kitchen. It's a modern style and frankly I like it because it feels like less wasted space.
And sorry, I didn't pay attention to the first post. You'd have to move your plumbing stack anyway to accomplish anon's design, which is almost definitely not worth and might not even be possible for the actual toilets themselves
sounds like a poor man's mentality to me because you sacrifice organisation and transitions and progression and privacy and hierarchy and levels of exposure when you invite guests and all that kind of stuff you have to sacrifice

no point doing that in a place that is big enough i.e. op's place

also plumbing can always accommodate what is needed you dont have to worry about that i am sure, you dont design around the plumbing, you plumb around the design
>4 story building
>Moving toilets
You can tell your customers you'll move their shitters, but are you going to put a pump in to move that shit horizontally over to the stack? He'll always be getting it backed up. Or are you going to cut across all of his floor joists to run a pipe at not even enough drop to move shit downhill?
>~100 sq m
>A big place

Okay europoor.
you dont need a pump

what is big and what is big enough
you sound characteristically like an american
File: dfngfnfnf.jpg (81KB, 1200x960px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>walks into flat
>greeted by bathroom
>guests walk pass bedroom to get to living room
>where is your kitchen anon?

File: 1281292597909.jpg (93KB, 494x358px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>door into flat opens directly into bathroom?
Guests walk into flat
see a door
omfg a door
Guests walk by wall on way to living room
omfg a wall
Kitchen is where the guy building it wants it
File: hp2.jpg (239KB, 1600x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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op here

pic related is hp2 built on >>903505 assuming I can move the plumbing to obtain the wc on the right side, I believe there should be enough drop and I'm re-doing the screed anyway

I'd rather not have a corridor but something like a small access area.
you have simply too much square meter to play with for a 3 bed and unless you put in a corridor it is gonna be awkward as fuck because you are trying to reinvent a wheel that has been established for years for millions of people

there will always be a hallway or corridor, even if you have it open into the living room it is still a corridor the first few feet away from the door

you cannot not have corridors that is just an immature thought

and now you are not having an unused space problem, you are having an oversized corridor because that is what it is, it isnt going to magically turn into not-corridor because you make it bigger or whatever, it is just a corridor that is too big

essentially you have too much square meter, somehow resisting the idea of a proper corridor and tries to put in two living rooms, one for living, one for walking through, hat is not design, that is just wishful thinking that has no basis whatsoever

the question is, do you want to make use of your square meterage to have either a) a proper plan with a big living room so you can impress a guest or whatever, or b) split up the living room and make a secondary sitting-around-while-people-walking-through-room with no sunlight and no windows because you are trying to reinvent the fucking corridor because "muh wasted sqaure meter"

you are not gonna magically invent something that will replace a corridor

you can put in shelves and a chair so you can call it a study-corridor but it is gonna be still a corridor because corridor is a functional unavoidable thing unless you make it like the layout of a jail with all the rooms lining a central space

wait, even jails have corridors
anyone with new ideas?
Thread posts: 32
Thread images: 8

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