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CNC Creation

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Hi /diy/ looking to get into CNC. Routing at first and maybe printing later

Could anyone recommend some software to begin this journey, particularly since 3D design would have to go to CAM I would assume. I have experience with vector art and .svg with lasers, but not much in the world of 3D.

Would be nice if it has the option to create shapes by entering numbers, like number of vertices, length, width, etc.
Aside from the obvious "google it you kek", I've been liking Fusion 360 so far.
Well the obvious would be a very stupid thing indeed. Google's bubble searches are designed around common searches, most people aren't trying to host milling equipment in their house and those that run a full scale business are likely buying whatever a high end manufacture recommends. So 3 days of hunting articles off a search for hobbyist levels results in fuck all of a definitive answer for beginners.

So I've been trying Autodesk Design, FreeCAD, and Sketchup, but without the backing of someone already in the know, its hard to know if you'll be balls deep invested in a program that turns out to be useless because it lacks a decent way to go between formats, or gcode, or just plain isn't a good one to use or learn with no basis of comparison.

I'll take a look at Fusion 360 though.
are you building or buying a CNC router?
bump for interest
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Not OP.

Here is my design of my first cnc machine. The goal is to be able to cut 6061 alum accurately. Suggestions welcome.
I assume the frame is made from 80/20 or similar, extruded aluminum?
When cutting aluminum, you will be restricted to very light cuts, less than 1mm deep or you will experience some flex that screws you your accuracy.

Also, define what you mean by 'accurately'. +/-.005?

The 3 vertical posts on either side are what give you clearance for Z travel?
I'd shorten your motor mount brackets and strap the left and right side together as high as practical.
not that guy, but I just ordered my t-slot framing for my first build. I'm building a budget CNC router.
what I'm seeing from his design is that it's all leadscrew driven. is this the only way to build a cnc router that will cut aluminum?
will the typical belt system work at reduced speed? this is my plan, as I'm building a CNC router that will have only one program/purpose. if it takes 10 hours, its fine.
I drew the model to get my head wrapped around what I was doing.

With similar to this design, I should be able to build with a drill press, cutoff saw, and some hand tools.

>Z travel
Yes, legs were to give some z axis but now I'm thinking of removing or using for leveling. This machine will be affixed to a table. Should end up with 30"x30"x6" working volume.

I was hoping for better than +/-.005. Since the x axis is to be fixed/ridgid, I'm thinking of a beefier design for the y axis but don't have the model drawn yet.

>better than +/-.005

Maybe in plastics...
(And wood, but who cares about tolerances smaller than that in wood)

Because of the speed of the spindle (Dremel type equivalent tool), You will be running at a very fast RPM, this will force you to use smaller cutting tools. Maybe 1/4" max.

Because of your small cutting tool, attached to the small dremel style tool's shaft, held in place by a lightweight aluminum gantry, you are looking at either a good amount of flex or very light cuts.

Light cuts aren't that bad if you can get large enough steppers to Rapid the gantry back after each cut.

Also, it would be well worth the investment in an air compressor to help clear chips when cutting aluminum. And a vacuum set up to clear them when cutting wood. But both of those can be added after the fact.
1/4" HSS 4Flute End Mill
in AL6061
full width cut @ 0.050 DoC

Can be run at 150in/min @ 12000RPM
assuming coolant.
Not exactly. Was thinking about getting an X-Carve or some such device.

From my understanding their default program is mostly 2D but can accept g-code.

Thought I could learn a little 3D design, but wanted to make sure I went with a program that won't hurt my brain too much to learn and won't require jumping through 10 addon programs to get to a result.
This is for a proper milling machine. A cobbled up machine out of skimpy aluminum extrusions with sloppy linear rails and a spindle motor with no guts will not be able to do that.
Thread posts: 13
Thread images: 2

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