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I bought and old suitcase but i dont know the lock combination.

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I bought and old suitcase but i dont know the lock combination. How does one go about lockpicking/unlocking these things?

If everything else fails ill build a robot to do that.

Im sorry if you feel /diy/ is not the correct board but i feld this thread suited /g/ and /sci/ even less.
op, it will take you about 5 minutes to crack the combo, just go through it from 000 to 999. its only 9x9x9!!
set all the wheels to 111..... see if it opens... if yes the YAY! if not then try 112.... and so on...

how lucky are you feeling op?... on the plus side you have all the time in the world to waste on this.. and with some luck the combination should be the same for both sides... it'd have to be an evil paranoid bastard that set his locks to different numbers..
Even if you're so slow that it takes you a full second to try a number,
999 seconds = 16.65 minutes
Get a magnifying glass, and while rotating one wheel, keep your eye on the gap between the wheel and the surrounding plate (you may have to push the wheel slightly to one side in order to see).
One click at a time, until you see a horizontal line on the spindle that the wheels rotate on. Repeat this for all three wheels, making sure the horizontal line is in the centre. You either just got the combo, or more likely, the combo is exactly 180 degrees from what you see (so move the wheels so the horizontal line is facing away from you).

Come on guys, who's interested in trying 729 different combinations, potentially twice in a row?
The two sides aren't always the same, and all you have to do is fail to align 1 wheel out of 1 of those 729 possible combos and you'll never know which until you try again and again.

Source: smithin' locks.

1000 possible combinations actually, done goofed.
you're lucky I watched this today


you can either buy one, or better yet, by the looks of it, can be easily made with some feeler gauges. I tried to make one out of a tin soup can bottom - was slightly too large. needed to be about half the size.

I would say, either buy it for 10 bucks. or find a set of old feeler gauges. and cut one up.

should work - good luck.

That video is in no way relevant here, he's not dealing with a padlock, the mechanisms are different. Besides, a bypass just gets it open. If OP takes a minute and does it right, he gets the combo as well and gets to use a sweet briefcase.

OP, here's what I described, video forwarded to what you need.

BIG THANK YOU - I will test this out when i get home and post results. Maybe there is a treasure inside (likely old papers) :D

>it'd have to be a complete mental retard

Fixed that for ya, evil paranoid bastard would have keys for it and have it chained to his body in some fasion.
If you can't see the dots next to the number then look for more combination lock feeker gauge video.

If the lock is better made you can't see the mark and need to poke it to feel it.

If you get all the marks lined up and it doesn't open, then rotate all kf them at the same time. The gates are lined up to open it, but they might be in the wrong position.
That isn't how math works. It's more like there are 9 possibilities for each number so its 9*9*9 which is actually 729 seconds or about 12 minutes
Dang it man, coint the fucking zeros you retard
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OP here
This thing was tighly build. Had trouble peeking inside but was eventually able to do it. All the marks were not visible on all the wheels.
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The code on both sides was 821
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no treasure inside but i got pretty sweet suitcase for 4euro.

About the wheels - i could not even fit resistor leg in to feel the marks.
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Found a treasure after all
I farted in a briefcase, locked it, and sold it for 4 euros. AMA
I'd say that's a mechanical pencil; not a pen. But hey, a useful bonus is a useful bonus. I just hope that >>763971 didn't stick it in his pooper before tossing it in the case.
thats a mechanical pencil... use it to write down the damn combo before you forget it.
I hope people historically demonstrated otherwise, but I always figured that people just used the same code on both sides.

Not that it really introduces much more time complexity to run 2x1000 combos, but in the comfort of your own home fucking around with your own property I would go for the brute force method.

Though, if the build tolerances are in any way similar to a dial padlock I once had, I'd have tried putting pressure on the button while twisting the number dials, trying to get a feel for how much resistance is occurring in the dials.
op here. I tried pressure trick. Did not work. The lock was very well build
Well at least the briefcase isn't a total shit in construction, I guess.

Now you can feel like a total oldfag lugging stuff around in it.

Has nothing to do with the quality of construction, the pressure trick doesn't work because the mechanism is totally different than the padlocks in which it does sometimes work.
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> its only 9x9x9
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Thread images: 7

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