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Why can't I find a decent general contractor? They're all nice on the first visit then they don't return calls or texts and don't give me updates on estimates.

I didn't want to deal with booking tradesmen but these GCs really make me want to build my own house
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Talk to us anon. Describe an interaction with one of these difficult guys. I bet we will quickly ascertain that you are a problem client who either cannot be pleased or cannot understand simple concepts.

There are plenty of unscrupulous GCs out there, but if numerous ones drop you after one interaction, you might be the problem
> don't give me updates on estimates.

Perhaps focus on this. They come by, get the details, and send you an estimate. What happens next? Do you respond "that's nice and all but what do I need to do to reduce it by 30% and still basically get everything I originally wanted?"
contractors want to work . you must be something if they dont want to work for you

Hey DIY i am looking to build up my collection of diy infographics, be it gardening, homesteading or whatever. Throw me what ya got
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Hope that helps, kid.
Fuck pinterest shouldn't just be a banable offence it should be a capitol offence to post
yea if i wanted clickbait i would have gone there originally


'Feed based' how to get rid of?
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cardinals like to attack the fuckers at the feeder

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I got a question for you guys. Why cnc machines aren't popular in woodworking ? It's helpfull for guys like me who can't cut straight or got "two left hands". As a hobbyst I can say it's the best tool in my garage.

Pic: my homemade cnc. Aluminium frame, kress spindle (bought used one), nema 17 (0.5 Nm), arduino uno with cnc shield. Everything for less than 425$
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computers are a pain in the ass
if you can't cut straight, use a jig
I built a 5' x 10' machine.

Not a substitute for wood shop tools but sure helps on alot of jobs.
Most people in the woodworking hobby are middle aged and know nothing about computers
Also its expensive

Yes you can a cool little CNC you cobbled together, but it also is very small. A typical woodworker who wants to work with half or full sheets of plywood isnt necessarily the same type of person who wants to tinker and build a CNC.
You buy a large one, its not cheap

Though I agree with you.
Ever since I built my 3d printer and I realized just how precise things can be and how easy it is to set up and build your own files for a plotter ive been drooling over building a CNC router.

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Army just found out about my Asthma and rejected my application, so im starting a pre-apprenticeship building course, and im going to be a framer or some shit for the next 50 years.

Did I fuck up my life? What am I in for?
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Unless you're trying to support a family or something you're not stuck in one profession forever.
Switch to carpentry. Woodworking is dope, and you'll get paid more per hour of work done.
I already woodwork (basic shit, workshop drawers and such) dont want to ruin my hobby by doing it often.

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Does anyone know about fancy wine?
Do I have to be raised by generations of wine makers or can I make my own good wine with enough money?
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>can I make my own good wine with enough money?

yes if you have the right climate and soil and knowledge and grape varieties.
Check the catalogue before making a new thread.
I've just started my own wine. I first brought a kit off amazon, demijohn, bubbler, fermenting bucket, sanitizer, Camden tablets, yeast etc then went and foraged my fruit for the wine (first batch blackberry, 2nd batch rhubarb) videos or instructions are readily available online. I remember my parents doing it years back they got good results. Currently got 5L at secondary fermentation and 5L at primary fermentation. Just sanitize EVERYTHING!

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Rcg died so I just make a thread. I want to fly some micros but I dont have a dsmx/dsm2 transmitter. I only have fs i6. What cheapo dsmx transmitter should I buy? Someone told my to just save up for taranis but its way out of my price range. Thanks.
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why buy another transmitter? just get a receiver.
Most of the single board fcs for micros only do dsmx/dsm2

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Hey guys, I'm thinking about getting a desktop CNC machine, and this one caught my eye. Wondering if anyone has any experience with it, or this website in general. Also looking for recommendations for good desktop CNC machines, and tips. Thanks guys. Oh, and my budget is no more than two and a half thousand NZD. Though that could be stretched a bit. But I will have to do a lot of saving.
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what are you gonna be using it for op

I just noticed it's just a router on a moving bar. couldn't you make your own and program it with arduino or raspberry meme. I'm sure there's programs somewhere on github that can do it for you.
Im only gonna be using it for small things, but I don't do arduino or programming. This is just one I've spotted, so other recommendations would be nice.
Get the Ox instead

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Can anybody tell me material or basic the process into making a quibit?

Not looking for the physics\politition answer to drown me out with garbage talk.

Basic question

How do you make this? (pic related)
Or where to buy i guess
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depends op, do you want a working one or just a black hole for research grants?
put all your hopes of as yet unproven quantum superposition being a real phenomenon in one hand and take a shit in the other. see which one fills up first.
get a normal computer and write the word 'quantum' on it. congratulations, you have equivalent technology to the most advanced quantum computers in existence currently and for the foreseeable future.
To buy?
D-wave makes them.
I'm sure shit's patented to hell and up

The hard part comes with the purity of the materials, and the cooling system.
Shit needs to be at like 0.05°K
So you saying that quibit chips are not real right?

So about a week ago my brother and I were fighting and my brother decided to go full tard rage and threw a tub of premixed refractory cement on my floor which broke at the bottom and left a blob on the floor, it has dried and I need to clean it up.

How do I get this shit off?

Also cleaning general I guess
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doesn't it set with 500+F?

what do the cleanup instructions say?
Holy fuck that is ugly carpet.

I suggest gasoline and a lit match
Didn't have instructions for cleaning, it air dries the cures via heat, will take boiling water and soap and see if that helps

Pic related

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how do you make the red glarey eye thing and the heavily contrasted picture that a lot of memes have? can you use gimp or do u have to use something else
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>the red glarey eye thing and the heavily contrasted picture

post an example instead of that 9gag retard shit you fucking idiot
nvm i got it

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Hi how can i repair / rewire the cable . It is from an old pair of speakers and i really want to know the purpose of the cooper cable .
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It was twisted around the white and red cables .

if cooper means copper and it was not attached to anything then it was a ground wire or shield that was not used.

explain what you mean by repair/rewire, and if you need to show a picture it does not help to be ginormous if it is fuzzy as hell.

no offense to you personally but one thing I hate about the internet is that we don't get to see what you look like.

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I'm currently in the process of trying to make a sugar wash (fermentation of sugar water). I've killed the yeast twice now, even though I have been precisely following the instructions on the yeast packet, and from a YouTube video outlining the entire process.

I'm using K1-V1116 yeast from Lalvin. What should I do?
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>What should I do?

I have this same issue. I hope someone replies to this thread. If not we can make more.
Sanitize all containers and utensils
Follow the directions exactly
Get the yeast started in warm water
Get an airlock
Done, done, done, and done. It still won't work

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So I'm trying to get a CNC Laser for small projects and a little craft business. I placed on order a Glowforge a couple years ago, but as it has not materialized I'm considering going the Chinese route, i.e. the ever rebranded black/red or blue/white models.

Glowforge if it ever ships has the benefit of auto-focus and being idiot friendly and made with enough quality I'm not going to worry a grounding wire my go off and killing me. Its also easy enough to keep in a house so heat/humidity won't shorten tube life.

Upside of chinese one being quicker to arrive and standard generic parts that are easy to replace, even if it means the stock tube likely won't last long. However, they are easy to find online, while Glowforge tubes can only come from one place being custom designed.

Glowforge is somewhat a hobby machine and couldn't really run all day, but if business did that well I could likely afford another machine so I'm not sure its an issue. Also since its order I got into 3D printing and have some CNC knowledge now so I may not need its idiot friendly nature any longer.

Glowforge Laser vs Chinese Laser of similar cost for hopefully a small business what do?
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Make your own there are kits and great instructions online. If you know basic electronics and how to read/write g-code you can follow steps on youtube.

If you can't Glowforge
I've got some vslot rails as I had planned to also make an engraver, but I really never found good instructions for that. And definitely not so much for a good CNC.

I've built 3D printers, but I'm no electrician I can follow simple directions. Seems like it would be easier to modify a Chinese one. I'm already working on a CNC Mill machine so I was hoping for something a bit more out of the box since I'm not looking for DIY with the machine like the 3D Printer and the Mill, but rather the things I can build with it would be the DIY part. Already have a software workflow for all the vector art.

If you know a good tutorial I'll give a shot though. Free time is limited due to a current miserable job, part of why I want to start my own thing with a few different machines. Turn something I like into work if I can manage it.
1) buy chink shit
2)rip out controls
3)put in your own controllers and drivers

Unless you can make a 1 thou accurate setup this is the easiest route. For diy, I reccomend kmotion controllers.

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What can I do with this pound of cornstarch?
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Bump, curious.
you can make a lot of berry pies
Boil with water to make gel?

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