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Hey diy first time posting here. I'm trying to nab some wifi from a neighbor and up close I get 4mbs no antenna. Over here I get maybe point 5 mbs. This antenna is advertised to go 500m indoors and 2000 outdoors depending on surrounding environment. Any tips for getting a better signal? I'm thinking of getting a USB extension and plopping it higher up.
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>This antenna is advertised to go 500m indoors and 2000 outdoors depending on surrounding environment.
That is not how it works my friend. You are more dependant on your neighbors broadcast power then you are your ability to receive. If his system is shit there is very little you can do from your end. Those ratings are almost certainly its broadcast ratings.
So no matter how much power I have to receive with it won't help?
Its about getting the most of the signal you want plus the least of those you don't. Omni directional like you have there is not ideal.

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Has anyone ever attempted a DIY home theatre? I've been watching a ton of professional installation videos like
And none of it looks particularly difficult. I feel confident that a skilled DIYer could do it for a tenth of the price, depending on the equipment that they use. I'd quite like to try it since I have a storage loft that's basically empty right now that could probably fit a decent sized screen and a long throw projector. Is it as easy as it looks or am I just being rash?
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The work is straightforward but there's probably a little bit of expensive expertise that goes into designing the layout of the theater room and use of materials to dampen sound reverberation or reduce light reflection.
Mass and Velvet.

Double thick cement board walls with sound-blocking insulation.

Covered with a nice dark velvet covering.
I'd guess that the room size and speaker positions would contribute to acoustic performance, but I'm not sure if it would be a big difference unless you're an audiophile autist.

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What is your favorite tool /diy/ ?
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Leatherman wave has saved me way to many times.

Other than that lathe or band saw.
My benis

silly question. useless thread. man's forever favorite tool is tucked in his shorts.

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I desperately need your advice on a house repair I need to get done ASAP.

The details:
I have a hole in my drywall ceiling roughly the size of the pic I put up. Its caused by water damage via rain. The roof hole has been plugged so there is no fear of more damage happening.

What I need?:
Your opinions on what tools I would need and what material. I've seen 2-3 videos on how to repair this myself and it looks doable. Can I really do this by myself? Quick replies would be very appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
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>in my drywall ceiling

go to the store and get a patch big enough. it's usually made of mesh and is sticky so you just stick it over the hole. skim with joint compound. let it dry. maybe sand it down if it's really high or not smooth. repeat until it looks half decent. ceilings do not require perfection if you use flat paint.

you do not need to prime no matter what anyone says, unless there is a water stain in which case buy a can of spray Kilz and spray all the water stains. then paint with one or two coats of ceiling white. It will cover much better if you tell the paint store guy "and add a shot of black", plus he will see that you are a pro and he will respect you.
expanding foam. spray it in. let it dry. cut it, sand it.
Thanks a lot for taking the time to reply. It seems super simple never would of thought its this easy. This I presume would also only be a temporary fix right? Would I need to fit in actual plasterboard later on or is this a long term fix too?

hey fags, i'm poor and i rarely have this much disposable income. what hobby should it go into? i'm interested in:
-welding and its complementary metalworking equipment (e.g. angle grinder)

/diy/ isn't the perfect place to discuss putting money into purchases which are largely not /diy/ but the hobbies themselves are and i feel like /tech/ and /sci/ would reject this thread moreso. and i'm not asking /b/, no fucking way
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Invest in dangerous chemicals
Buying tools is DIY because making your own everything is provably stupid. Anyone not a serious /diy/er with professional background in trades STFUKYSthanxby.

Welding is the most empowering hobby you listed because it makes tools, equipment and useful things. Welding serves you for a lifetime. Modern quality welders are often small, light and portable. (If need gas, get small cylinder for portable and larger for shop use.)

OP should goto real welding forums and never go to this place for a welding question again. Why? For his own benefit. Weldingweb and Miller forums are best. If Euro, migwelding.uk covers EU equipment but the others are vastly superior for everything else. Weldingweb has many specific equipment forums. I have over 4,000 posts there as I'm an equipment guy.

Post questions with details, and if need critique post clear pics. Forget all 4chan posting customs including lack of detail because that's teentard shit.

Welding requires practice and the "empty mind" spoken of in Zen. It's relaxing, interesting and requires patience as you train your muscles to produce the desired result. There are endless interesting things to learn. When you get gud you can barter welding (make the client buy the metal and consumables) for stuff.


Make sure you can see at welding working ranges. You'll play with different lens tints and sometimes magnifying "cheaters". Some people use cheap reading magnifying glasses with good results. I ran a welding school toolroom and we stocked cheaters and lenses and clear cover lenses because it payed for itself in reduced waste. You can find school/training threads to make your own training area.

You can teach yourself to weld. If your local CC has a class I recommend them if practical for you to attend.

Do not get frustrated when you make a mistake. They teach you too.

LISTEN to experienced advice. You'll find experienced welders usually agree.

Have fun!

Also check Youtube for training videos.

Chemistry won't make you anything useful at a home level nor will it help furnish a shop.

You can barter welding for food better than bartering food for welding.

Decent quality offshore welders exist. Take welding forum advice from the pros. Ignore all advice from noobs. The nature of welding makes their inputs inferior and if you take inferior advice you'll be frustrated.

Hey guys, I'm moving to a new house soon and some plastering needs to be done. Do any of you have experience with lime plaster?
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That shit will burn the eyes out of your head


I have some scrap leather & want to make a leather card holder with a chain (not a wallet!!).

It's not the most cleanest of designs but I think I covered it.
Can any-one see any issues with my general design?
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Yup, it's a wallet with a chain on it.
No coming back from that. Just toss it.

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harley davidson.jpg
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can you get all screws at bunnings. I lost a screw on my scientific calculator replacing the AA battery.
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No. Your best bet would be looking online.
Cannibalise some other small electronics for a similar sized screw
Harley cucks cant even change a baterry from a calculator

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So i unmounted these speakers from an old tv in hopes to convert them into wall mounted rca cable speaker system.
I cut speaker wire and stripped the rca wires to make the adapter but no sound comes out when i connect it to my turntable.
Looking at the back panel i assumed the "Power(RMS):10W" meant it needs that amount of power to function.
Unfortunately theres no indication of any sort of power in.
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File: 20170829_125735.jpg (4MB, 4032x2268px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Youre gonna have to give a lot more details. Im not an expert on speakers, so I cant help much with what little you have to go off of.
RCA cables use mono/stereo wires, where as >>1235474 seems to only take in two wires for power indicating mono. There are speaker wire so maybe its actually stereo. Actually on second look it seems that the red and black cable split but the image quality of that area is bad. Makes sense because stereo for tvs are weird.
Usually the black wire is ground. I dont know the standards for rca cables and the voltages they supply, but you are probably looking at making some sort of signal converter or adapter. Since rca cables to aux cords exist theres probably no converter needed. Again I dont really know about audio standards so youd have to check that out. I dont know if the white port on an rca cable supplies enough power so youd need a signal amplifier. Maybe theres info on using the red port for that. But I my educated guess is that its not going to be enough.
Id probably just buy an rca to aux adapter because itd make me feel better. Might not be needed. Then id make a circuit that would attach to the head phone jack, and some power adapter that fits the voltage rating of the speakers. Use some opamps to amplify the signal.
That being said Id probably mess up and blow the speakers trying this and would look up info about the topic for days ahead of time to prevent this.

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So when I was in high school I visited this diy course thing, they had these small dremel like sort of things but the power supply was in a box outside of the tool body on the outside so it fit comfortably into one hand, also it had a pedal to control the speed. We used it to cut metal. I don't remember what they were called or the brand, it seems very useful now. I tried googling stuff like "small rotary tool" (I'm not that familiar with power tool terminology) but I couldn't find anything. So what I'm asking is please tell me what these things are called if you recognize it.
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A Flex Shaft maybe? Some have pedal switches.
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>but the power supply was in a box outside of the tool body on the outside so it fit comfortably into one hand
sounds like an air-powered tool
Generally they call them a die-grinder or hand grinder, depends on the brand.
They're basically an industrial use dremel for the lack of a better description, with a flex-shaft

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I want to turn this room into a bathroom and don't know the first thing about plumbing. My uncle plumbed this room a while ago but he has since passed away. I am wondering if this is the necessary piping for a toilet, or if I would need to add a new drain for a toilet, thank you
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Btw the picture is sideways, the white drain is on the floor
needs 3 or 4 inch. see what that drain connects to. If it connects to 4 inch, you just have to change a few things and replace that 2 inch with 4 inch
So I'd have to uproot the floors and follow the drain and then install a 3-4 inch piping system that leads to the larger pipe size?

Help me guys, today I managed to break my door lock, so now the door dont have a lock, I'm a little bit afraid about security but i dont want to waste money, any tips how to create a good door lock that I can set up myself?
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wood stick.jpg
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Is this a troll thread?
The only thing that'll be cheaper than a 10 dollar deadbolt is pic related, and that's assuming you already have a piece of wood.
Thats a good idea, thank you dude, I have some pallets in my house that I could use to make this
Reinforce it with some imitation crab meat for added support.

Got asked at work to make a handle for a shipping container door. I've used MIG once before with ugly results. Anyway this is what happened.
Tl;dr long time lurker, first time welder
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I'm a sparky but they get me to do all sorts of crap
Grinder forgives all sins

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What permits did you need?

The cost of everything, and size?

Biggest hassle?

My house is about to be payed off, and I was thinking of investing in one for extra income.
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In my area (USA) this is called an 'auxillarly dwelling unit' and only permitted for new construction on lots larger than 1 acre (or renovations to an existing structure)

I also stay in the USA, California. The property isn't an acre. Has a good amount of land to build something smallish tho, like a one bedroom unit with kitchen and bath. Building and safety department would be a good start of finding out right if possible?
The whole "tiny-house" idea is usually based on putting them on wheels of a big trailer so you can avoid these minimum living space rules by calling it an RV.

It's pretty overrated, IMO, because you could just buy a used travel trailer for much less money and no effort.

But sure, all you need to do is email your local building inspector office, and ask. These rules are often town-ship based so who knows?

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Hey /diy/, since you guys never failed me I will ask your help once again. So I have this old desktop computer that I have no monitor to it and that doesn't work with my lcd tv, what's the best way to recover the photos and music in its hard disk? Is buying one IDE-usb adapter the easiest way? Thanks a lot.
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>that doesn't work with my lcd tv,
how can it not? don't most lcdtvs have at least vga?
>Is buying one IDE-usb adapter
i bought one of these for recovering old shit from a long forgotten hard drive
had reservations but it was pretty solid.
took an image then worked from that.
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It used to but somehow it doesn't anymore. My desktop was in storage for like 4 years and I took it apart before retiring it, maybe I fucked up.
Last week I was talking with some buddies about a camping trip we had like 12 ago and I remembered I had all the photos in pc's hard drive, hence why I'm trying to figure out some way, otherwise I would have sent it to the junk already.

got a link to the one you bought?

>took an image then worked from that
what do you mean by this?

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