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This is my Vietnam war era machete and it's handle is loose!

Being that I use machetes as intended for my work as a landscaper this is unacceptable.

I need to make a custom hand-fitted handled for my favorite tool but I have no fucking clue what I'm doing....
>maybe paracorde?
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in what way

The last rivet(?} is missing in the handle which makes the whole thing wobble in my grip.

This if the finest blade I've ever owned but the plastic grip is shot.
>wanting your hands blistered to shit and your paracord worn out and useless
>paracord handles
not even once

Make a proper handle for it. Google knife handle tutorial.

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Anyone here makes their own moonshine and/or wine?
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I make mead
>atf plz go
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unless your producing way more than could be reasonably consumed by the household, the ATF dosent care, just don't sell it to people and you'll be fine.

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hey /diy/ so 6 months from now we need to submit a prototype of an automatic lawnmower. The point of the project is to make the AI reasonable and able to navigate relatively well.
Problem is that out of our group of 4 people none of us have a lot of experience with with hardware or circuitry and what we have comes from house related labor.
That's why i'm here, /r/ing any useful literature, contacts with people who've done or documented similar projects as well as general do and don'ts.
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you can try to make it into a remote control toy car sort of thing, and then navigate with gps and or camera i dont know
yeah that doesn't quite do, the lawnmower needs to be autonomous. Also wouldn't gps be very imprecise, something like that shouldn't cross into the sidewalks or accidentaly drive off to the road.
we contemplated on using some sort of light sensor system to figure out what's grass and what isn't, but we don't quite have the technical know how.
What we do have is some funding from the university aswel as any tools they might have including a 3d printer
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By the way, what you want to do has already been done. Guess you could just copy them.

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Do we have humor threads on diy? On /g/ there's one every day.

>Pic related, it's from /g/.

Also video related, for those who say it's stupid to blink LED's with a micro controller.

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Lol. Mid video i was thinking, "why is the red wire connected to the negative end of the capacitor?" Still made me laugh.
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pic from one guy who wanted to build a shack in the woods

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Hello peeps

So my laptop charger and battery got f'd up and I bought new cheap chinese ones, but due to some shitty Dell proprietary charger bullshit I can't charge the new battery.

So now I wonder, is it possible to charge the battery somehow directly from the charger?
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If its nicd, kind of
Though this would charge them too quickly unless you throw a resister on the circuit

If its Li-ion or li-po No and I mean fucking no
A laptop battery is made up of "cells" which is a fancy way of saying multiple batteries, in a li-ion/li-po battery each of these cells has to be balanced (charged to the same voltage) as eachother and must not go over 4.2v per cell or you risk fire or explosion

Best bet would be to tear open the old and the new battery and swap the good new cells into the old battery to bypass this proprietary bullshit
> is it possible to charge the battery somehow directly from the charger?
no (you'll need to pull the charging circuit out of the laptop to make it work)
File: iMax b6 Charger.jpg (41KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
iMax b6 Charger.jpg
41KB, 500x500px

Under $20 delivered
Add a 12V source and charge lipo batteries of up to 24v (6cells)

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Look at this retarded electrical fuck.

I was disassembling the wood panels in my basement and behind one of them was pic related.The guy who built those panels in the 80s had made a socket for the junction box in the concrete wall so that it would fit behind the panel. But seems he had enough with hammering the wall off and decided to leave the box's lid off to make it fit there.

That is, in my opinion, so retarded that I had to take a picture of it for you guys.

Also, look at where the cable goes at the top left.
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What are you going to do to fix it?
I especially way the way a 4 way junction has that fifth wire sticking out the front...

As for fixing it, OP's got it easy. Tear it out, put a modern proper junction box in, and have a hole with a plate cover. And presto, you're up to code.
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Something like >>650308 said.

Anyway, first I was sure that the cable comes from the left, since the switchboard is located there. But..

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Just started a hydroponics experiment in my porch, i'll be updating weekly with its progress.

My setup consists of 4 deep water culture 5 gallon buckets housing 1 pepper plant and 3 tomatoes,
for those of you that dont know, deep water culture is a way to grow plants with the roots submerged in a nutrient solution with an air stone aerating the water.

the pepper is a red bell pepper variety, the tomato on the left is a full size tomato and the two on the right are cherry tomatoes.

i'm using a 4-18-38 nutrient solution plus calcium nitrate (16-0-0) which bumps my solution to 20-18-38 plus epsom salt for best results,
i chose this specific hydroponic fertilizer after watching a few videos on youtube from a guy called bobby, the man is your go to guy when it comes to hydro, he tested this fertilizer extensively with pretty crazy results:

the fertilizer was purchased on ebay premixed to the correct ratio:

since this fertilizer comes in a powder form it lasts for a LOT longer then the liquid nutrient solutions that come in a bottle, this 2 pound bag lasts for around 160 gallons of water.

the pic related was taken today after the plants have been in the solutions for 24 hours, as you can see, the tomato plant on the right is having a tough time, this is my fault, since its bucket was bigger then the others i decided to add more fertilizer but instead of measuring it out i just eye balled it and ended up with a solution that is too strong, i've since diluted it, we'll see if the plant bounces back.

(only had one air pump when taking this picture, i've since added another one so all 4 plants are getting aeration)
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this is the second setup, 3 heads of romain lettuce in a long garden pot with no holes at the button and with a foam cover with holes for the plants on top.

the lettuce is sitting in the same nutrient solution but this time i'm going with the kratky method of growing hydroponics, this method requires no air stone, you just let the roots sit in the nutrient solution and forget about them, the plants drink up the water so the level drops and exposes some of the roots to air, since the roots are also getting longer they are always in the water but also getting air.

this method works better for growing leafy greens then tomatoes but should work for both.

although these heads of lettuce might look big in the picture they are actually quite small and young, just a little bigger then my fist.

i will be updating on my progress in a few days, i hope this thread doesn't die by then.
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>kratky method

sounds simple enough, if this works i might try it.
You have my interest. See you in a couple days. Sometime this summer I plan to build myself a nutrient film setup for strawberries and maybe some mint.

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Anyone else build Quadcopters or other multirotors?
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heres another
File: 20140103_211406.jpg (2MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i do a lot of rc stuff.
>university is throwing a bunch of shit out from an old storeroom
>professor asks me if I want the frame of an old quadcopter, with motors but no controller
>fuck yes
>get to the storage place
>maintenance workers had thrown the copter across the room and smashed it apart
Oh well, at least I got four strong motors out of it, each about the size of my fist. What's a good inexpensive and easy-to-work-with material to make a frame out of?

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