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Dumping my favorite futa artist
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And the best futa artist
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makes the softest most huggable futas and the most lovable milfs.
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My dick
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Fucking soft pregnant mom
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Let the loli / shota begin
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Mama Paradise when?
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This needs to be crowd funded.
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Feel free to post the few bits of his collection I missed out, but sadly that's all anons.
All of my shekels. If only some moonrune wizard among us could communicate this incentive to him. I believe he has a twitter which is moderately active.
Found it, although he doesn't seem to post any of his artwork on there.
What's that, an artbook, vn...?
this man got me to start drawing.
why isn't this stickied dammit
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Uno Makoto is hit or miss for me. If he keeps proportions under a decent check, I can like him. Massively long dicks with too little or too much girth is horrifying
Appeal for a sticky naow
>Massively long dicks with too little or too much girth is horrifying

Good thing it isn't only me
Quoting this from the Gelbooru page for that image:

"This graphic comes from an anime in production apparently since 2008. The anime is called Mama Paradise and it's about a 14 year old boy named Satoshi carrying a huge concern for the thirteen mothers living together with different unique characteristics: mother kunoichi,space pirate mother, mother mad scientist etc. The genre of the anime is going to be "maternal erotic comedy" that is primarily designed for fans who love big breasts. Apparently from what i've dug up, the goal of the project is to create the biggest "oppai anime" ever. Designed by Uno Makoto, who previously worked on such titles as Love Hina and Witchblade"
Fug, an anime where women aren't sticks with tits, this surely can't be
i need to get the lead out if i want to get to Uno's level of soft and plush milfs.
The project was either canceled or frozen from what I last heard. Whether that was due to politics or lack of funding, I don't know. If it was the latter, I really hope it will still happen some day. The idea that a previous anon proposed about crowdfunding the project sounds great, but someone would need to contact Uno and the studio/team that was working on said project for this to become a reality. It would seriously be the best thing ever if it could go straight to bluray as an OVA without having to worry about the politics involved with airing it on a network.
Isn't he actually a she? and that would be wonderful apply to every /d/ on the other chans.
Can you show us your progress?
heh, no.
i wouldn't want to waste your time.

maybe once i make notable progress and it isn't shit tier art. i have a ton of stuff to learn still and my anatomy and proportion are terrible. I just look up to the man, his shit is god tier to me.
Aye I have time till i board another drilling rig. It's good to get constructive criticism.
Didn't see this posted yet.
i'd have to draw something, i guess i could give it a shot.
That's the spirit mate.
you can post if you post it and i don't respond don't worry I'm probably napping.
you can post it you post it and* scratch part out what i meant to say is "If I don't respond to the posted picture, don't worry I'm napping."
>kunoichi milf

...I need this.
File: Sketch30122321[1].png (305KB, 800x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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i tried. i can't draw hair for shit, i tried over and over and nothing looked right, so i just left it kinda black. you can kinda see my process on how i doodle.
File: 1373518477583.png (285KB, 548x398px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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/ic/ here, get ready for some tough love.

1:Chicken scratch. Don't do that shit. If you're going to lay down a line, lay it down. Don't pet it. Don't make it hairy. If you don't like the line, ctrl+z and do it over.

2:Anatomy. Learn it. Pick up a medical reference book if it helps. Understand how the skeleton works. Understand how muscles interact, and where fat rests(this is important for porn).

And finally,

i'm working on a small space, i don't have much room.

also, i've gotten that advice like years ago from /ic/, i just can't seem to understand anatomy. i don't get how to practice it, unless i break EVERYTHING down and take it brick by brick.

i got shit tons of refs, its just I don't seem to be getting what makes everything work together i guess.
not really, never happy with my finished works and that is why i need to get better. much much better
Bumping with best girl
File: 1426531035679.jpg (259KB, 850x1194px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259KB, 850x1194px

It also kind of looks like you might be using a mouse. If you're using a tablet, then it might be configured as a mouse -- some of those line artefacts are rather typical of the 'round to exact # of pixels' that mouse motion is based on.

If you are using a mouse, having a tool to do the connect-the-dots thing is pretty important. MyPaint has a nice one and from what I've heard, so does SAI.

Also IME,

> break EVERYTHING down and take it brick by brick.

is exactly right. Getting involved in how stuff looks superficially basically never helps learning. Breaking stuff down over and over, in every permutation, is how you get to being able to just 'draw the stuff that I want to draw'.

Am not >>6079507 or >>6079332 FYI
i'm using a galaxy note actually.
i have a nice pen for it, so it feels like im drawing, just on something small. i've gotten way better at using it from when i started, using an app called sketchbook pro.

i used to use a mouse, made some pretty terrible art. i only think someone who is a master at art could master using a mouse to draw something amazing. that thing was not meant to be used to doodle.
nice appreciation thread folks, lets have one again soon
What even happened to Uno Makoto? I havn't seen anything new from him in ages. Is he still active at all?
Another good way to learn anatomy is to observe cape-shit heroes. Best example I can name is Mark Bagley. The guy does it in a style that's just exaggerated enough that you can see the reality it's based on, without it seeming like the characters are made out of rubber.
Eh, breaking down -drawings- is rather hit-and-miss in terms of picking up good fundamentals. I've tried doing several hundred deconstructions of drawings, and I mainly got better at accurate measuring and picked up a few minor drawing conventions. Not a bad result, but not the kind of thing >>6079282 is looking for AFAICS.

If you're going to use drawings as ref, it's better to use drawings that are *intended* to be broken down. Bridgeman's "Complete guide to drawing from life" has a lot of clear, easy to understand and adapt deconstructions.
Hogarth ('Dynamic Figure Drawing', etc) is also well regarded -- I find his stuff a little over-exaggerated, but it is very clear. Less easy to get into than Bridgeman IME.

Vilppu ('The Vilppu Drawing Manual') is good at conveying concepts and clearly showing how an overall finished picture is gradually built. Isn't specifically about figure drawing, is more oriented to levelling up **all** your skills systematically so you're better at everything.

I wanted to suggest that >>6079282 should do plenty of drawings in other media, probably pencil+paper -- a Galaxy Note is friggin tiny as a drawing surface, and won't really let you practice many kinds of lines as well as a larger surface. But my 'being too pushy' mental alarm is going off, so eh.
Thread posts: 84
Thread images: 54

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