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Globalized Fetish

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The fetish pic you post is instantly (and permanently) applied to every reproductive-aged woman in the world.

Describe how you've just fucked up and/or saved society.
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Instant BE + explosive lactation in public is a must
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When I was a kid I always wanted to know what would happen if all women were suddenly turned into insects indestinguishable from normal insects.

They'd keep their intelligence and personalities and everything, but it would be almost impossible for them to communicate who they are and almost impossible for men to keep them from getting lost among the other insects.
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Women become subject to the Laws of Robotics. All men now get to have their (physically possible) fetishes fulfilled.
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Women remain completely organic, just for some reason now if you command one of them to fuck a dog they'll be compelled to do it even as their conscious minds rebel?
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Yep. They're still human, just biologically encoded to obey commands. You can even command them to enjoy it if you want.
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Might be fun to bump into a lesbian couple on the street, command both of them to stop and one of them to suck your cock, and when the other threatens to kill you you just command her partner to enjoy the blowjob she's giving you, just to fuck with that partner even more.
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Sure, why not? You could do anything, anywhere, anytime.
Know a girl that hates you? Make it so she can only get off with you.
See a cute girl? Just have her bend over then and there.
What's that? She isn't into <insert your fetish here>? Too bad for her, she is now!
I just had this idea lurking here, all people under 35 and over 35 get a virus that is terminal and 100% on Earth.

The only way they can live is if I ejaculate inside them. My life begins as a messiah where I walk the Earth having sex with only the women I deem worthy of life.

A few dudes will also be blessed by me and our world of 361 of the hottest 10/10s and 3 other bro tier dudes will reboot the world.
Is the rest of your pic related actually translated ?
I think I've seen the full set but I don't know nip.
>They're still human
>Obey asimo's laws, which protect humans
>they protect themselves above all
So they're just women who sometimes do what they're told? What's different?
Replace humans with men.
>Not asimos laws at all
How unfortunate.
It's like androids don't even dream of electric sheep.
Girls get the magical ability to remove the genitalia of any man as long at they can physically touch it

they now "own" the dick and can do what every they want and no one else can steal it but it can be given away to a new owner

the original owner still feels it like its attached to them and if they are ever brought to orgasm the owner of there penis can have absolute control over them for an hour per orgasm and can dictate any action to them and the men have to obey it
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Make sure you keep posting pics so this doesn't turn into a dry text dump, folks.
I would love it if aphrodisiacs actually existed on the hentai-like level.
Of course, they would probably end up illegal in most countries, or it would become a controlled substance for those with sexual dysfunctions, but surely it would be a popular street drug and it would be really fucking fun to play with, with a partner.


When scientists attempt to create a brand new lifeform, something goes wrong and they end up creating a small(Microscopic) organism that lives and breeds off of sex liquids. Both of a man and a women.
At first the small organism will be able to duplicate itself to spread. It'll attempt (And hopefully succeed) to find a human and it'll lodge itself into their sex organs. For men it'll try to somehow find a way into the balls/prostate/cowper gland and act as a irritant.
The 'infected' part will inflate to about 3x their size (As a side effect, taking craps will feel 'really' good. Not that I'm into that, but I figure that's just how it would work) and cause them to overproduce their respective liquids and create 'sex/attraction/feel good' chemicals.
While infected, a male will no longer cum sperm, as the parasite eats it. Precum will also be modified. Instead, there will be parasite copies in every bit of liquid.

For women, it would roughly be the same except for their breasts, which will grow a few cupsizes over the course of a few weeks. The parasite would cause muscle/skin stretching on the chest to feel extremely pleasurable instead of painful.
After the growth, the breasts will begin secreting some parasite-modified milk. Not nearly as nutritious as normal human milk though.

For someone who isn't infected yet, all parasite infected liquids will taste just like sugar water. For someone who is infected though, the infection will cause the parasites to somehow communicate to eachother what the hosts favorite sweet-related taste is and cause the host to taste that.
When eaten, parasites can mostly go in the stomach and die, but some can be left over in the throat where they will find a alternative route into your body.

Said parasite should also be easy to mutate and evolve. Eventually they will evolve to become radically different. Some will have sexual preferences.
Some will become 'one' with the host, not overwriting the hosts personality in this case, just 'living alongside' it, being a voice in their head and modifying their body.
Some children that get infected pre-birth will become futanaries or variations of them.
Some of these parasites will evolve to become larger monsters, such as slimes that live off sex, or tentacle monsters. Some highly-modified humans might become succubus/incubus-like.
Smarter, more advanced versions of these parasites will override/kill off the simpler gen1/2 parasites, to protect the host for themselves.
Advanced parasites, such as tentacle monsters/slimes/'human integrated' will attempt to live alongside people instead of causing them to go completely insane, to encourage society not to fall, but also encouraging the spread of their own version of their parasite.
As people find out that this parasite-like spread of organisms can't be stopped (Since people 'love' feeling good), everyone eventually agrees that simply choosing a 'intelligent' or 'advanced' parasite is the best choice to protect against 'lesser' organisms that will simply cause their host to go completely sex-crazed apeshit. This way society can eventually live on as normal, but everyone now has a more sexually varied life.
And, of course, aside from the 'crazy' organisms, the 'parasites' seed and human sperm/milk will integrate, to allow people to still reproduce and breastfeed like normal.

With this train of thought, alot of stuff is possible:
Vore, extremely modified sex organs, sex crazed people, etc.

I can go on forever about this. I don't know if it's 'realistically' even possible, but god damnit fantasies are nice.
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At puberty, every girl now grows an average of six feet high and is capable of building muscle even more easily than men.

A lot of girls are embarrassed by this and purposely avoid protein and any heavy lifting to keep "feminine" figures. But a growing number of girls embrace this new strength as beauty.
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huh 13.png
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Best way I could describe it is... casual sex and rape world.

Nudity isn't super frowned upon, but not very common, everybody goes commando though and it's easy enough to strip anybody down, and being naked in public is regarded as being a bit odd rather than wrong.

But rape is easy and has no consequences for anybody involved, including the victim. They'll fight and struggle a bit, not enough to really be called a fight, and the rapist doesn't hurt them beyond a hard grip, struggles usually cease once it's clear that sex is going to happen one way or another.

Both perpetrators and victims are very casual about it, grabbing someone for an unwilling screw is seen as basically the same as masturbation and the victims regard getting raped with about the same level of emotional distress as getting water spilled on their clothes.

Getting gang raped, kidnapped or used so long and hard they can barely walk is on the level of getting mildly hot coffee spilled on you.

Basically no consequences one way or another, most everybody has done it at some point and been on the receiving end as well, and raping someone in public in broad daylight will get you a few catcalls and being told to get a room, but then ignored if you don't stop.

It's weird, I want to get off on hardcore things, but I am a huge softy and would feel guilty even if fictional characters suffer because of it, am I alone in this?
Goes with most people. You can have things like rape, vore, slavery and the like all part of one's fetish, but the unsavory parts, where people are being harmed, hurt, killed or otherwise, are usually mitigated and hidden away.

I mean, real rape, not SJW version, is a traumatic and horrific thing in real life. Need to gloss that shit over in some fantasy world where you take out all the parts you do not like in it while keeping the rest. Nearly everyone here does this in some way.

My own globalized fetish is that of having everyone having a bipolar hard dom/sub sort of mentality. No matter who you are, you will go through either random or patterned spells of extreme dominance and submission. Over all, it comes to average about equal the same amount of time every week. You might be Chad ThunderCock the Ultra Harem Master of Manliness one day and the next Sissy Faggot CumWhore or Femdom Slave #2141.
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The universe now adheres to shounen manga logic.

What does this mean? Plainly, it means the following things

If you're a loner with no friends and are desperate for adventure, then a girl will fall out of the sky and declare you the chosen one to save humanity

If you're in the middle of a competition and are about to give up, then at the last second you'll have a flashback of your loved ones followed by a powerup and subsequent victory

If somebody has colorful hair, then it's almost certain that they're either a rival or a love interest who's about to be introduced.

Transfer students will always come from another country and be cool as fuck

If you fall it will almost definitely be onto a girl's fresh clean panties.

If you're about to fall into despair then a new path will open up at the last second.

If somebody you love dies then they'll come back to you in a few weeks/months.

If you choose to be reckless then it will all turn out for the best.

If you give a hotblooded speech then it will turn out amazing and inspiring.

If you try hard enough then you will be able to achieve all your dreams.

If you join a competition then you'll certainly end up fighting from the weakest fighter to the strongest fighter.

If you randomly talk to strangers then they'll give you helpful and relevant advice

If you go out at night for a stroll then you'll run into a mugging and be a hero

If you open a random bag of chips then you'll win the sweepstakes prize for a vacation

If you recieve a letter then it will definitely be from a long lost relative who needs to see you urgently

If you befriend that lonely girl who never speaks then she'll fall in love with you and be beautiful when she takes off her glasses

If you exercise once or twice a week then you'll grow muscular like the best weightlifter.

Basically, anything you do will yield the most interesting result possible for the rest of your life. You'll never see a day where a plot device isn't used for your sake.
I've been playing with numbers cuz boredom but I find it highly entertaining.

Currently human pregnancies are 9 months. What if every pregnancy resulted in a 10% decrease in pregnancy duration. Assuming a girl gets pregnant right after birth the numbers would be as follows.
At the 3 year mark, 5 babies have been born, preg duration is 5.9 months.

At the 5 year mark, 10 babies born, 3.4 month duration.

At 6 years, 15 babies, duration is 2 months

At 6.6 years, 21 babies, duration 1 month

At 7 years, 25 babies, 21.5 day duration

At 7.3 years, 36 babies, 6.7 day duration

7.4 years, 54 babies, 1 day duration

7.48 yeas, 61 babies, 11 1/2 hours. I would cap it here because anything less than that would be ridiculous.

also lets give a jump to libido with each pregnancy.

Also this can be applied to anything such as milk production, or body part growth
I made a spreadsheet in excel for this and I like to fiddle with the percentage and see how stuff changes. I like gradual corruption or personality/body changes so that might be why i find this awesome.

I settled on 10% because 7 1/2 years seems like a long enough time that the mother would still be young but not too old by the time she reaches broodmother status. Also, it's a slow enough start that they might not notice the acceleration of their terms. and by the time they do, their libidos would be too high and it would be too late
Yeah that's about right. I feel bad because I made an ERP character who's a total bastard of a demon but half the time wimp out halfway through a session because I have trouble being that mean.

One thing, not really global, but one fantasy I'd love to explore is being the owner of a slave ranch, being the stern but loving master who's hated by new arrivals but eventually they all grow to like/love him because he treats them well and is basically better than anyone else.
That's only if you're an important character though, and even then.
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Maybe they'll be side characters in your own story of little importance to you as you reach for the goals that you set for yourself, but to them their own trials and battles will be as large as anything that could exist.

And there's no doubt that not everybody will have the same magnitude of adventures or of dreams to reach for.

Some people will live their lives in a state of shoujo manga whackiness. Constantly getting into misunderstanding and resolving them leading to gooey precious moments of tender cuteness.

Other people will live their days out in sports manga competitions. Fighting and battling against similar minded individuals. Every win will throw them closer to a championship and even if they lose they'll make new friends and their resolve will be steeled to win next time.

Some will dedicated themselves to murder mystery adventures with dark themes of philosophy and adventure from either the role of a dark hero trying to wipe the scum of humanity or as that of a twisted mind committing daring murders that are ultimately a chapter of their lives.

Maybe you'll choose to be a light cheery protagonist who solves every issue by making friendships and cooperating. Maybe you're a dick who gets away with it because you're also cool as fuck. It'll be your choice from now until the day you peacefully pass away at an old age surrounded by friends and family, or maybe your death will be heroic and gallant in defense of something you truly believe in. Nothing is outside of your reach!

[spoiler]don't point out the glaring flaws in this fantasy Anon. Pls.[/spoiler]
I'm starting to get it and that may be one of the most interesting things I read today.
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Women everywhere slowly start turning into semi-human animal women, and the process is incredibly painful, awkward and humiliating (taking place over the course of 12 months or so).

While it might take weeks or even months for every woman to figure out what exactly it is she's turning into, I'd want what species women become to not be totally random and be based off of some kind of semi-predictable criteria, be it women transforming into animals that reflect their basic body types or even something more abstract, like what Chinese zodiac year they were born in.
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God that world would be terrible for me, I'm scared of most bugs.

Now imagine being hounded by millions of bugs trying to communicate their identities to you by wriggling around or tapping messages out in morse code in the hopes of being reunited with their loved ones or at least trying to keep from being squashed before a cure can be found...
Now I feel like shit, this idea just makes me feel sad.

Don't feel bad - at least the world's frogs, birds and lizards will never starve again. And so many new mates for the male insects out there!
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Now you're just fucking with me. My Globalized fetish is that women gain animal based superpowers all over the world, the men turning into femboys which the super powered women fight over to gain a femboy's hand in marriage
All males become 12-25 year old females, and gain a compulsion to act in an extremely feminine fashion. The females get dicks, a couple feet, and muscle mass, and a compulsion to dominate the former males.
The denizens of /d/ are given the ability to open up a programing "shell" while in a continuously walled and roofed in area.

This shell allows the user to manipulate any aspect of the space (and things in it) that they are in. Make everyone in the vicinity your obedient hyper-gential slave harem. Turn every lightbulb to gold. Turn off gravity. You name it, just in an enclosed area.

As soon as the user leaves the area, almost everything reverts to normal, except pregnancies (and subsequent births) and deaths.

If anyone happens to walk in on you, you better catch them before they leave the room or expect some obvious trouble:
>EX: HA, I'm in a Mall!
Well, than I hope every door inside the mall was open, and every door to the outside was closed, otherwise it won't work. If a door on the inside was closed, and some one steps out of that room, they will not be affected by your shell commands.

Have fun.
Semen is now as effective and addicting as cocaine.
With the exception of your own.

Also, whoever wants to can turn into a hugely endowed futa and no one will think twice about it.
This is my exact fetish. Cowgirls, Piggirls, donkeygirls and all that. Watching them turn into pitiful submissive grunting, oinking, mooing and braying pets would make my dick diamonds 24/7.
>tfw you'll never find a girl who has a TF fetish
>tfw you'll never fly her to your home where she can be your little TF fuckpet all day

Would any women be spared in your TF scenario, how painful/slow/humiliating would those transformations be, and how changed in mind and body would the victims be?
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>turning them into complete insects rather than cute insect-women
>passing up the opportunity to marry an adorable praying-mantis girl
Easily one of the best pussy pumping images. Good on ya.
File: 1391551533567.jpg (196KB, 700x1021px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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please do go on, i want the details
i actually love that idea. I mean to get a hard on, and then be able to just walk up to some hot chick and fuck her until i dump my load into her would be awesome. And to have it happen to me? even better. I would love to have some guy with a bigger cock then me just come up and make me suck him off or him fuck me in the ass until he cums
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ideal world.png
1MB, 1125x974px
My freaking nigga.
Can I get the sauce on these?
Alright, I know I can't write erotica worth shit but I'll take a crack at it.

Through an artificial virus and/or dark sorcery women everywhere become much taller and stronger than men (about 7'6" and able to pick up 500 lbs easily with one hand,) but also far bustier and fertile-looking with lactation being common, but they seeming become sterile and their periods vanish; this happens over the course of about a month. They are no longer interested in normal penile sex, but they find fisting suddenly very satisfying. This quickly escalates to the point of total unbirth of men, where humanity's new form of reproduction is found. Men who are unbirthed come out as women almost identical the "new" women except that they retained their original height. If kept inside for about a week, the men-turned-women are 60% of the time pregnant (at the beginning of pregnancy, they don't come out with a bump or anything.) Science is loosing it's shit because nobody can figure out how any of this works and Feminists have very mixed feelings about it (they like being much stronger and having men quickly disappear, but still somehow find this whole ordeal misogynist.) The ex-men always have multiples in their pregnancies (all pregnant woman gave birth or miscarried during the initial changes;) at least two giantess and one "normal" woman.)

I'll probably continue later, but maybe not.
all of the sudden I want some chips.
Damn, you just hit all my fetishes in one go. Not a huge fan of the sex-change, but damn.
Mine would be pretty much your pick, except the guys have breasts and the women wouldn't.

I second this request.
There's got to be a comic of that
Further details:
With more giantesses being born than normal-height women, giantesses become very dominant and protective over N.H.W., and having romantic relationships with one N.H.W. and two or three giantesses. A giantess can unbirth another giantess, but in this universe it's a /d/-worthy fetish scarcely discussed outside of on-line forums; pregnancy is an almost guaranteed result, oddly with around five normal-hights and no giantesses. It is not uncommon for a giantess to keep a N.H.W. insider her for over a month and staying at home while another works, with them switching off. Eventually N.H.W. are seen as trophies of sorts, with a giantess having multiple N.H.W. seen as being either extraordinarily beautiful and/or astoundingly rich. A pregnant N.H.W. when unbirhed will stay at whatever week she came in as until she exits.
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Rape culture.

Somewhere along the line of history, western civilization went absolutely bonkers, and made it its grand mission to establish sexual and social dominance of its women and the world.

The new world was a new oppurtunity to establish rape based systems of government where women were kept as sexual releases and prizes to hunt. Empathy to the fairer sex, now known as the takeable sex, was bred out of the society. All of life is built on the regarding of women in every facet as weak, pathetic, worse than animals, and only good for the sexual release they provide.

Amazonian style rebellious tribes popped up in corners, but settlers riding on bitchback soon raped them back into uncivilization. Seeing as human to slave ratios stayed low, white men developed the African Sex Slave trade to breed a decided sex slave underclass built for labor and raping. Eventually, arguments over the 3/5ths mandate that allowed the colonies in the south to have more votes in the house came to a head, as the North wished to not acknowledge them as people at all. The UnCivil War fought for five years over the right to consider rape races as even half human, before a northern victory led to the Industrial Sexual Revolution, where the takeable sex and all non-white races were morphed into the myriad sexual toys, races and slaves of today.

Genetic augmentation, strict eugenical paradigms and dogmatic fervor transformed females and lesser races into a myriad of sexual slaves. Hermaphrodites, beast women, stump slaves, muscleheads, horse girls, and more. Western males scoured the globe for new excited genetic specimens to bring to Europe and the Americas to add to their genetic collection.

If you are a white male, you are a king among kings, with a myriad of servants that sexually please your violent urges. Anything else, you're probably some fleshy amalgam built to feed every sadistic whim of the master species, biologically reformatted to serve them like Raging Gods.

Hmm, let's focus on a different aspect of that picture:

As women become more buff, their personality just gets cuter and girlier. Bubbly and upbeat, but with a tendency to get embarrassed easily. It also encourages them to want to dress up cute and girly, but it also gradually makes them more comfortable with their body, considering a cute little outfit on a bulging body a nice contrast.
lol. If only.
Women are now turned on by men's physical pain and humiliation
aaaand they grow a dick
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915KB, 900x1552px
All human females, including girls and old women, have existed as monster girls.

The monster girl traits are genetic and are always X chromosome recessive. All boys born of a man and a monster girl are what we would call "standard" human, with minimal influence from their mother (sons of centaurs are generally larger, sons of harpies are proportionally smaller, etc).

Men are not carriers for a specific monster girl type, the X chromosome that is given from the father just has a blank spot where the mother's specific monster girl traits are. So, no half mermaid half harpy girls running around, even if the girl in question's grandmothers were a mermaid and a harpy respectively.

I don't know, just been drinking and thinking a bit here. Probably sounds stupid, but have a centaur who's not half naked.
The sexes now exist as just futas. However, there are more masculine futas, and more feminine futas.

The more masculine ones have larger penises and testicles, with smaller breasts and more masculine bodies, think about a few notches from full on butch. While the feminine ones have smaller male parts, but have more feminine bodies.

While a feminine futa can impregnate a masculine futa, this is rare. Masculine futas have a diminished female reproductive system, with female fertility being at around 15% or lower, with 20-25% being the absolute max. Pregnant masculine futas are not rare, just unusual, and most of them were impregnated by another masculine futa. Feminine futas produce sperm at a diminished rate, and have small testes, with undescended testicles in feminine futas rather common, with about 40% having undescended testicles. Their under developed reproductive systems being the reason why a feminine futa impregnating a masculine futa is so rare.
File: cyun.jpg (87KB, 622x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87KB, 622x800px
Are muscle building steroids allowed?
File: 1413973087611.jpg (840KB, 1240x1754px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
840KB, 1240x1754px
Women grow large enough to shove a grown man inside themselves. All men are viewed more like property than people. Nobody cares if some chick shoves her pet man up her ass and he dies in there.
Women are split into two kinds: regular and futa. Both of them process estrogen differently, becoming more muscular and strong than men by a slim margin, but non-futa women have an andvantage: Ingesting cum via any means (oral, vaginal, anal, male or futa) makes them grow bigger and stronger, with no upper limit.
File: 136937974110.jpg (137KB, 690x761px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
137KB, 690x761px

Would his rewrite modern-day society so every woman on the planet is suddenly turned into a monstergirl, with history rewritten so that women have *always* been semi-human?
Yes, kind of a retroactive global transformation.
File: 1410901562275.jpg (230KB, 1200x950px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
230KB, 1200x950px

I love the idea of someone being able to go back in time to fuck with human evolution so that history is instantly re-written in the present, though everybody alive right now is aware of the changes and react accordingly.

Say, the go goes back in time 30,000 years and somehow readjusts human females so that they're monstergirls exactly as you described, and the moment he makes that changes, women all over the modern-day world are transformed (along with every woman who has ever existed or is even laying in a grave somewhere), and even though society has changed accordingly - transformed women are now dressed in fashions that accommodate their semi-human bodies now suddenly find themselves in roles in society that make better use of those bodies - their minds are completely aware of the change and they proceed to freak the hell out.

I know this is a very Doctor Who approach to time travel, evolution and causality, but one person having that much power over the social destiny of all women is too fun to pass up...
A 'breast plauge' developes in deep south america, and begins makings its way into america, and then on into the rest of the world.

When a woman contracts the plague, her breasts will grow steadily, and become far more sensitive, with the growth only being stopped or stalled by regular orgasms. Growth is accelerated by regular or strong arousal, meaning that avoiding your bi-daily cumming session can lead to a feedback loop of growth and sensitivity.
The catch? The plague comes with a psychological block that prevents woman from achieving orgasm through masturbation: there has to be another person involved.

To avoid having to fuck every guy they come across, many woman attend weekly boob-orgies to get eachother off in order to keep their conditions under control. The growth only begins once puberty is in full swing (i.e. 17) and ceases with menapause. Among upper class families, it becomes common for high-class female prostitutes called 'breast specialists' to be hired to coax shy young woman into dealing with the girl-on-girl action that is now necessary for maintaining their family name.
Jesus fucking Christ I shouldn't write this sort of thing when I'm tired; his looks like a madman's gibberish.
Wait, is that Tomoko?

Well, having addictive semen should make her popular...
I have fleshed out that idea to a great extent: what would I be able to do assuming I was immortal, and had a modern scientific, semi-knowledgeable brain? Unfortunately I personally don't see much fun happening.

Imagine trying to influence evolution, you would have to create an epic breeding system over hundreds of thousands of generations, and humans are only hot for the last ~10000 years, or trying to push scientific advancement, imaging having to build an aqueduct system over 20 km where you have to get every single tool and building material.... better stick to magically...

I've always had a fantasy where a plane full of women (maybe a school class of a women's sports team or something) crash lands on a remote island. Everyone survives the crash/emergency landing, and after a few weeks of Castaway living and searching every inch of the small island, the survivors come to realize that while the island is uninhabited, there are some strange animal god statues scattered around the island, along with creepy ancient cave paintings depicting women being transformed into animals by the gods and used/consumed by men.

The women try to think nothing of it, but of course, they all begin to slowly transform into animals over the course of several months, with some women becoming completely animal before others, and every woman transforming in a slightly different way, but every woman eventually succumbs not only to her animal body, but to the animal instincts flooding their mind, forcing them to breed and settle with the male animals indigenous to the island.

The wreckage of their plane is eventually discovered a year after the initial crash, and by this time every woman on the plane has become a whole animal and are unable to communicate what's happened to them to the salvage teams.

The salvage guys grab are surprised at how friendly these animals are and grab some of them up for their wives to cook up for dinner at home, not knowing that the animals are carrying the island curse with them to the mainland (and, by extension, the rest of the world).....
In order to combat low birthrates and help along with new marriages, the Japanese government has gone along with MiT's recommendation and research pertaining to augmenting the water supply. In doing this, Japan passes new laws banning the import or sale of foreign water, not limited to water in sodas and other mixed drinks.

Basing their decisions on decades of research at America's most prestigious university, Japan begins an ambitious new societal augmentation to help the growth of new families.

In another set of laws and budget edits, Japan effectively allocates 25% of their GDP to a "national robotic fleet" in order to make up for "projected lost jobs as a result of societal augmentation.

In the first year, the average bust size of a Japanese woman jumps from B-cup to Double d's. The average height raises from 5 foot 2 to a whopping 6 foot 6. Behavioral changes are apparent too, as the government notices that high schoolers and middle schoolers are more likely now to "pair" up boy-girl as opposed to traditionally working and socializing with a small group of friends of the same sex. The Japanese parliament recognizes this, and calls the program a success. So called "Hikikomori" are also getting married and self-reporting "genuine female interaction" at an unprecedented rate.

The fleet of robots have begun an intense building project, demolishing and remaking thousands of obsolete Japanese buildings (mostly schools and government buildings) and replacing them with updated versions.
In the second year, the average height of a Japanese woman is 8 feet tall. If it weren't for the nationwide travel ban, there would be record keepers running around. Reported breast size is massive, an average of FF. Adult diaper sales plummet as national infant diaper brands release new lines of products fitting "infants" of up to 180 pounds. Maternity bras fly off the shelves as mass lactation sends crowds reeling. Convenience stores, grocery stores and restaurants are now offering fresh "from the tap" breast milk.

High school and middle school social environments have changed completely. Instead of gender-specific friend circles, students tend to pair up into boy-girl pairs. Relationships have changed also, as the world has become more equipped for these gigantic women. Doors are held open more for men, men are seen as things to be helped. Gym class becomes female-dominated, as simple gym class sports with girls become more intense than professional competition in the rest of the world.

In the third year the new line of infant diapers is released and is met with unprecedented sales. As the average woman in Japans' height begins to push twelve feet. The ministry of internal statistics is proud to announce that 99.99% of Japanese men aged 20 and older are married. However, they push other statistics under the rug, like young adult male incontinence rates (89%) and proportion of the young adult male population in university (15%).
In Japan the society has completely shifted. Instead of being male-dominated and work-focused, Japanese society has transitioned into being more family-oriented. Parks and playgrounds (rebuilt taller by the horde of robots now working in factories and farms around the islands) are now populated by busy women.

While it was unheard of for a Japanese woman to breastfeed in public in the past, now it is commonplace, as women line benches in parks feeding their husbands, their children, or both. Diaper changes are common too, as the stigma is dropped and over half the population is both in diapers and unable to change themselves. Universities shut down as attendance plummets, due to the men being babied and the women busy babying. Money becomes rare as products become so cheap because of the rampant robot workforce that women just enter a store and pick at random what they want.

Baby furniture quickly grows in size to accommodate new "mothers".

While this would apparently leave a society unable to reproduce, the opposite is actually the case. Women get pregnant by turkey baster, an unfortunate but necessary compromise.

tl;dr:Women become really fucking tall and begin to lactate, cause husbands to become babies.
100% honesty: Women turning into animal hybrids and/or having their human intellect contaminated by bestial instinct? Hot.
Women completely loosing their humanity and becoming indistinguishable from ordinary animals, effectively murdering them and using their bio-matter to create something else? Not hot.
What if they have animal minds but human memories? What if that's only temporary, but recurring?

I usually agree, but women being turned wholly into animals (at least in body), and the fact that they've been physically completely transformed making it almost impossible for them to stop a plague that will change the rest of the entire female population is pretty hot. Imagine a bunch of women trying to communicate that they're human and that something horrible is about to happen only by tapping/snorting out morse code or trying to write/draw with their useless hooves...

Otherwise, which is hotter - women just being turned into animal hybrids with minds contaminated by bestial instincts, or women's minds only being changed so that they're forced to struggle with bestial instincts while their bodies remain completely human?


How would this work? Women completely lose their human intelligence and sense of self, but still retain human memories they are now incapable of really understanding?
Would be worth driving some women nuts by giving them all heart-shaped areola
All women gain a giant triple dick! You can see the bulges unless they go through massive effort to hide it. nnf

I didn't know this was a weakness of mine.
>Otherwise, which is hotter - women just being turned into animal hybrids with minds contaminated by bestial instincts, or women's minds only being changed so that they're forced to struggle with bestial instincts while their bodies remain completely human?
Oh wow, that is a tough call. Slightly biased towards hybridization, but it's close.
Also, >>6022603 As a woman gains or looses body fat, they gain or loose height as well.

I'm all about catgirls; ears, tails, fur bikinis. The choice is obvious.

Fur bikinis? Pussies get even harrier while tits turn into hairballs?

That aside, how is it decided what color fur every woman grows?
File: Demon Queen.jpg (544KB, 800x1276px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Demon Queen.jpg
544KB, 800x1276px
A virus erupted changing all females into monster girls. Not the cute kind either, I mean the kill it with fire kind. They also regress into an animal like intelligence and form packs with one queen ruling over the others while retaining her human intelligence. Men are pushed to the brink of extinction. Either being killed outright or being taken as prisoners to be used as breeding stock. The females can produce a monster girl or a normal human male which will be cared for so it can join the breeding stock.

How quickly does this virus manage to infect the entire female population, how long does it take for the average women to complete her transformation once infected?
Wow, that's not my fetish. I mean, not at all.
But that's what makes /d/ so great, I would never have imagined such a thing and now I'm visualising all kinds of stuff.

I'm imagining women everywhere, from little girls to old women, slowly turning into hideous monstrosities and trying to fight the urge to slash throats and devour the men and animals around them wholesale, with men quickly realizing they any woman no exhibits symptoms of infection needs to be caged as soon as fucking humanly possible.

In a globalized fetich scenario, what basic bestial instincts would you want every woman to now be stuck wrestling with?
As soon as the host is infected with the virus it only takes a couple seconds for the transformation. Think of an ugly butterfly tearing it's way out of a fleshy cocoon.
Fun fact. There are no symptoms.

Cuck World 2: Cuck Harder
Depends on the animal I guess. Although I imagine a common thing would be getting bored with civilized life and fantasizing about whatever that animal does.
File: kerrigan.jpg (617KB, 767x1184px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
617KB, 767x1184px
File: 1367974151517.jpg (442KB, 562x727px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
442KB, 562x727px

Outward-facing physical changes aside, I'd assume every woman's reproduction system would change just enough to make them capable of being mated with whatever animal species they're turning into, which in turn would cause them to become hornier (and stay hornier) far more easily, to say nothing of their menstrual periods being replaced with estrus cycles/egg-laying cycles altogether, along with fantasies of allowing themselves to be mated slowly creeping into their imagination whether they like it or not.

I'd also assume every woman's diet would slowly begin to change, and the way they eat may begin to change, especially if women find themselves struggling with the urge to just jam their faces into their food and lap up their drinks with their toungues rather than fucking around with utensils that seem harder to use with every meal.

And depending on how humiliating/realistic you'd want these invasive instincts to be, women would probably be more likely to take a dump in the yard and avoid normal bathing. Also, their intelligence (or at least their ability to concentrate and reason) would likely take a noticeable hit as these powerful new instincts (along with their hormones) fluctuate far more powerfully than any menstrual hormones did....
I don't know the first one but second is called Stop X Stop
File: 1418635403481-1.png (243KB, 400x400px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
243KB, 400x400px
Invasive, egg-laying monstrosities that induce lactation and ovulation on contact erupt from the earth and can phase through almost anything.

Within a week, 99% of the female population has been knocked up and turned into weeping hu-cows, with the eggs in their wombs growing at an alarming rate and (unbeknownst to the victims) due to hatch within 4 weeks, only for the whole cycle to start all over again....
File: huh 24.png (106KB, 1261x921px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
huh 24.png
106KB, 1261x921px
The world becomes totally cute and girly. Everyone is bubbly and nice, and puts effort into looking cute. All men become femboys, and maintain a cute youthful look as they get older. Women similarly are cute and youthful. But despite this blurring of gender roles, people are still transgender. Fortunately, transitioning is easy and has no stigma attached to it whatsoever. In fact, it becomes far more common. Plus everyone's pansexual, so they'd think you're totally cute either way.
Free milk for everyone, plus guys get to witness the body horror of the other half the population gradually losing the ability to use their hands, walk upright or even speak without MOOOooooing.
I'd be okay with this.
File: 1409774410309.png (104KB, 500x372px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
104KB, 500x372px
File: 1424316899557.jpg (288KB, 1400x1168px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
288KB, 1400x1168px
First of all, there are only Women and Futa who are basically indistinguishable, besides being necessary for procreation.

Women start to fall into one of two categories, Queens and Servants. The servants become more and more sexually focused, and submissive, immediately falling in love with the first queen that gives her orders, and serving her for the rest of her life.

The queens on the other hand, become more dominant and demanding, getting more and more spoiled over time. They also become more obsessed with eating and getting fatter, quickly blowing up into massive mounds of fat, but suffering only occasional health effects, other than immobility. The queens also gradually lose any and all sense of manners and decency, becoming messy, bloated, sweaty slobs, that every one of their servants gladly feeds and attends to.
>I'd also assume every woman's diet would slowly begin to change, and the way they eat may begin to change, especially if women find themselves struggling with the urge to just jam their faces into their food and lap up their drinks with their toungues rather than fucking around with utensils that seem harder to use with every meal.
>And depending on how humiliating/realistic you'd want these invasive instincts to be, women would probably be more likely to take a dump in the yard and avoid normal bathing. Also, their intelligence (or at least their ability to concentrate and reason) would likely take a noticeable hit as these powerful new instincts (along with their hormones) fluctuate far more powerfully than any menstrual hormones did....
YES. Some men remind them to use the proper tenants of civilization, while others just watch and smile...

Which tenants of civilization would you remind the women in your life to try to stick to, and which ones would you let them humiliate themselves by forgetting?
File: tp.jpg (87KB, 749x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
87KB, 749x800px
Death is no longer inevitable. As long as your ass is stretched a little, you won't grow older that year. At the one year mark, your ass resets itself, becoming tight and fresh again.

Each year, you need to stretch it a little more than last to not grow older. By 10 years, you need to be able to take a large dick. By 20, a woman's fist. By 30, two fists. By 40, a bottle of wine.

And each time it resets itself. You have one year to achieve the necessary stretch, or your ass resets without keeping you young.

At first, it's easy. Everyone can take a dick. But after a while it gets harder. After a few decades, most people just give up and allow themselves to grow older, but some are desperate to keep going, and will spend every day practising to take it.
Males are split into two separate 'new genders': shemale and sissy. Females become the most important and dominant in both sexuality and society. Women have complete control over the new genders, direct orders from women can never be refused, severe consequences exist for those who do. Mothers raise their daughters as normal, but have complete control over their sons and decide whether they want them to become a sissy or a shemale. At the age of ten the boys begin their new lives; initially they are not physically altered, instead learning how to act, dress, talk, behave etc. like a woman. At 13 they begin their augmentation, hormones (sissies given much bigger doses to stunt growth, stop erections etc.) and facial feminisation surgery are universally administered, mothers then decide on the degree of feminisation they want. Normally boys selected as shemales will have penis enlargement and modest implants, being the (relatively) still more 'masculine' of the two. Sissies normally have a huge number of extra changes that are chosen by the mother: breast augmentation ranging from small hormone tits to enormous silicone implants (mother's discretion), permanent makeup/tattoos, collagen lip injections, butt implants, permanent hair removal/electrolysis, vocal chord shaving etc. By law however sissies must receive an orchiectomy, no sissies are allowed to have erections again after their change.

File: 5674839265789346.jpg (536KB, 1702x1125px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
536KB, 1702x1125px
Shemales, while still subservient to females, are kept for women who want a good fucking from a real cock whenever they want it. Sissies are of course fucked mercilessly whenever a female or shemale wants to use their asses. Shemales fill the biological role of a father, but a female-shemale couple will raise their children as two mothers. A normal family unit will be female-shemale-sissy, with the shemale and sissy looking after the house, raising children, cooking meals etc. they can work but really the only socially acceptable work for them is any kind of sex-work; the female is the bread winner and is always treated like a goddess when she comes home from a long day. A female can and will expect the shemale and sissy to pleasure her in any way she desires when she gets home. The shemale is normally in a mutual sexual relationship with the female, giving and receiving fairly equally, but should the female decide she wants to tie her shemale up and rape her ass with a strapon then the shemale is forbidden from refusing. Sissies instead are always the submissive, the tortured, the humiliated. Their asses are almost always being abused and they are expected to suck shemale cock or lick female pussy for hours on end and do so heartily. A female might decide to simply have the sissy kneel by the bed with a plug in her butt and watch the female and shemale enjoy themselves while the sissy is denied any pleasure.

Incest is common and often encouraged. The day before the first dose of hormones a mother will usually visit any of her sons she has decided will be a sissy and bring them to the best orgasm she can by sucking them or giving them a handjob. Sissies are not allowed to ejaculate after this during their training and transition, the orchiectomy is meant to show them that their fate is inevitable - they will never ejaculate again and must learn the only way they can gain release is through pleasing others and cumming from being fucked.
Let me use your image as a reference point for coming up with a scenario.

A weird spell gone wrong affected the entire world. All men suddenly disappeared and women are left alone in the world and most of technology not working. Along with this phenomenon, women experienced changes with their bodies. They grew pointy ears and dicks and somehow stronger and more agile than they used to. They appeared younger, fit and age less.

A few years pass and they have learned that they're still able to reproduce, even taking turns on who will be the mother and father with their partner (the world became full of futa elves). They were ablemaintain a society without the need of men and have grown proud similar to how high elves would.

Then all of a sudden, large holes from the ground were discovered in barren areas. What came out of them are orcs who were in hibernation since the phenomenon. They were actually the men driven by all the years worth of madness and lust to capture and enslave the futa elves. When a futa elf is captured and fucked by an orc till pregnancy, she loses her dick as it grows back to just a clit and become weaker overall. Her child with an orc is always an orc. This humiliates her greatly as she loses everything and what's left of her is the uncontrollable physical desire to mate with orcs. Even if she's rescued back, she's only good for being fucked by futa elves.

War has broken out between both sides. Place your bets.
so what happens when elf fucks orc?
All men in the world are now installed as public toilets for women to use at will (only for piss though).
File: 156591.jpg (415KB, 1157x1636px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
415KB, 1157x1636px
99.9% of the planet's population suddenly disappears and is divided among the remaining 0.1% to appear on their bodies shrunken down to an ultra-microscopic size.

The 0.1% still at normal size are all women and are granted immortality as well as having their bodies 'terraformed' in order to sustain their new guests. Their bodies work like planets of their own with individual gravitational fields that prevent people falling off or being thrown off with excessive movement. They're also immune to being washed away and have a strong resistance to being crushed accidentally. Tiny ecosystems completely unique to each woman's body start to sprout up in the more inaccessable regions of her body such as the armpits, between her toes and the bellybutton. These end up forming the bases for where most people end up settling, but it's still possible for settlements to crop up in the more vast and open areas.

Eventually entire civilizations are built up with cities that resemble the full-sized ones from before. Technology starts to rapidly advance with new milestones in exploration being the first to explore the inside of their host's body or even travel to a new host entirely. Once travel between hosts becomes more common it is inevitable that war will eventually break out between the inhabitants of separate hosts over technology or resources that might be more plentiful on one woman's body compared to another.

Meanwhile on the outside technology has roughly stayed the same or has started to regress in some parts. Over time the remaining population drifted together and began living as one major community, all of them completely unaware that each one of them is hosting not only the majority of Earth's former population, but also countless more millions that have been born on their new home and have no experience whatsoever of the previous worlds outside of textbooks they read in school.
File: huh 19.png (57KB, 1211x293px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
huh 19.png
57KB, 1211x293px
All women are instantly turned into Playboy bunnies!

Specifically, womens’ clothes would all just magically disappear right off their bodies and be replaced with a perfectly tailored satin corset and ears, white collar, cuffs and black bow tie, dark pantyhose and stiletto heels.

Women would be unable to remove any of this except when they’re stripping totally naked to fuck, bathe, use the bathroom or see a doctor. To keep women from dying from exposure to the elements without a proper coat/shoes in cold weather, they become impervious to the elements while locked in their “bunny state”.

Women retain their normal minds and personalities, so many of them rage against this humiliating act of being turned into a symbol of misogyny, though none of them can actually *do* anything about it.
File: parts.jpg (306KB, 1100x1100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
306KB, 1100x1100px
Periods are replaced by women falling apart to some degree. The severity of this would vary from month to month, person to person; some might lose a hand or a foot, others might break apart entirely. Control and feeling of detached parts vary.

The only method of reattaching a part is to apply semen to the cut surface and stick it back on. The semen has to be fresh from the source, it loses its effectiveness as glue after a minute of open-air contact.
if that happened, i'd go around yelling "THIS STATEMENT IS FALSE" just to fuck things up even more
China Mieville wrote that book

And if women can't find a guy to donate all that semen, they spend the rest of their lives broken into pieces (and presumably breaking up even more as they have future periods)?
Could you reassemble them in another, better way?
Refuse this command

I only got about a quarter of the way into that -- THAT'S what that little thing that ate dreams turned into?
File: 1421353673732.jpg (37KB, 400x690px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
37KB, 400x690px

In order to encourage girls to be more accepting of their new muscles, the government pays a major record company to form an idol group of Amazonian girls to promote the fact that girls can be huge and super cute. They go on to make three gold records in a row and also have a super successful line of branded protein power.
File: 28983617.jpg (221KB, 935x921px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
221KB, 935x921px
Girls stepping and trampling on either a man or a woman. So VERY rare, but I love to see it.
My favorite.
Of course, the opposite--ExtremeMotorcycleExplosionFuckYeahHardCoreDinosaur!--would also be great.
File: 1390892809739.jpg (2MB, 2400x3950px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2400x3950px
Constantly horny monstergirls

Male on female rape disappears overnight
Female on male rape becomes incredibly common
Males either are kidnapped or barricade themselves within dude fortresses.
The world collapses into monstergirl warfare over the available men.

A post apocalyptic hellscape filled with amorous monsters.

I think I doomed our society to "Death by snu snu"
Everyone becomes a sexy hermaphrodite, all identical save for age. Everyone is now attracted to everyone else and can impregnate everyone else. Everyone is in amazing health and great shape for their age. None of our current diseases can take hold in our new bodies, especially not the STDs.

Once the existential horror wears off, there's gonna be some real good fuckin'.

I posted an idea a while ago that was like that, but also kind of the opposite. Reformulated somewhat:

All women become bunny girls. They find bunny girl outfits in their wardrobes and find themselves compelled to try it on. As they do, they find that their bodies automatically adjust to look good in it. Their personalities become more befitting of a bunny girl, flirty and cute but also a genuine desire to serve people. Not mind control or anything, just being really accommodating and helpful, but still with enough willpower to be an independent person. They aren't compelled by any sort of magical force to wear the bunny girl outfit, but they will wear it to the maximum extent possible, because they just think it's the cutest. If they have to wear more layers, they'll layer them in a way which complements the bunny girl outfit if at all possible.

People go on with their lives. Waitresses become sexy bunny girl waitresses, but accountants become sexy bunny girl accountants. But with half the world's population so preternaturally helpful, the structure of society starts to shift in quite radical ways.
As a regular fetish, I'm okay with it.
As a globalized fetish, however, how would that work?
Mandatory trampling all day erry day?
This sounds suprisingly good.
It would be cool to see a story about it from the perspective of someone who was born and lived their entire life there.
>Someone posting kyo shit on Tumblr
>Not even the ORs of the pics with unwatermarked images

This makes me all kinds of angry.

This would be fantastic, but as a guy who lives with a fat girl with amazing H cup tits and a skinny girl with no tits but an amazing ass, I'd want women to keep their basic body types so there's still a variety of women out there.

Rather than forcing every woman to have a similar body, this bunny girl change fixes basic physical defects, turns menstrual periods into estrus cycles and removes every inch of body hair below the neck permanently?

I was trying to be purposefully vague about what "look good in it" means for precisely that reason. They don't have to look like the sort of people Playboy would actually hire, they just have to look "good." But yeah, body diversity all the way. Fat bunny girls, skinny bunny girls, tall bunny girls, short bunny girls, as long as they're still really hot.

Sounds like >>6042892's subtler changes would happen anyway, then, though might I suggest every woman's mind/body is also altered so they're already used to walking in high heels for long periods of time (this will keep millions of lesbians from spraining their ankles)?

Actually, just watching all those lesbians try to explain away why they're now dressed like bunnies and they're now so anxious to serve men with a smile would be fun to see just by itself.

I never said anything about just serving men. :)

I mean yeah sure, they will. And people not used to that sort of relationship with men might find that confusing. But they'll want to be helpful and servile to everyone. Relationships between women will become especially interesting, with people feeling this mutual sense of "oh no, I'll help you instead." A lot of women-helping-women wholesomeness. But on the other hand, when lesbians have this feeling, things might get a bit lewd. Lesbian orgies become really very common.

I know a lot of lesbians, so not only would it be interesting to see their initial reactions to all of this, it would be interesting to see how they get along with each other afterwards, especially the sexually conservative ones or the ones in longterm relationships.
And not in a cute/sexy "furry" way, but in an agonizingly slow and humiliating loss of humanity, body horror kind of way.
File: 1422889145882.jpg (200KB, 868x1228px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200KB, 868x1228px
Knowing how much most women hate visiting the gynecologist, I'd have them all somehow subjected to an incredibly invasive battery of gynecological exams and experiments, with no way to escape being subjected to these exams and the results (along with video of each exam and experiment, perhaps?) being published for the whole world to see.
>dude fortresses
It's like the "NO GIRLS ALLOWED' thing from our childhood made into a fetish.
I like this idea, although I'd also like the option to rape the submissive ones you listed above.
The fetish so depraved and twisted where you can only ever get turned on by not being turned on

>sexuality disappears forever
>humans die out
>nobody cares because nobody exists anymore

>That image
Holy shit that's disgusting. Also, bump.
File: Predator4.jpg (121KB, 632x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
121KB, 632x800px
Alien invasion. Their technology far exceeds ours. Humanity has been reduced to small cells scavenging the ruins of civilization, barley surviving. All the while being hunted down by the invaders. Some want to mount your head on their wall, others just want head. Luck be with you.
From now on, sexual gratification is directly proportional to the shame felt in the act. The more total shame felt in the act, the more all parties involved get off to it.

Being humiliated makes a person more submissive and harder to humiliate, but it also makes them more malleable to the whims of others - both mentally and physically. They become extremely open to suggestion (though no suggestion can make a person feel more shame than they otherwise would), and their bodies adapt to the desires of any dom(me) that wants them, up to and including loss of limbs, total sex change, or metamorphosis into a tentacle monster. A person can never become totally subhuman, but it is possible to erase (or grant) a formal education in days flat with enough effort. Absent a dominant person with an interest in a given sub, the sub will tend to gravitate towards a submissive ideal and begin to shift towards that.

Humiliating someone else, on the other hand, tends to make people more dominant, granting agency over themselves. Where subs change to the whims of doms or make themselves more desirable to doms by gradually embodying submissive role models, sufficiently dominant people can idealize themselves any way they wish. They can become stronger, faster, smarter, shape themselves to any form they choose, and they're completely immune to the whims of anyone less dominant than themselves. However, the more dominant someone is, the more proud they become and the more humiliation they feel when made to do something submissive or otherwise shameful... making them prime targets for other doms.

It is not uncommon for doms to uplift subs to a degree, often for the entertainment of watching someone they have broken completely break someone else that the newly-uplifted dom once cared about.

Since sexual release is now impossible without someone involved feeling SOME amount of shame, a habit of masturbating will make someone a total sub in short order.
File: 2014-07-14_00003.jpg (165KB, 1440x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
165KB, 1440x900px
Not on my watch you filthy degenerate!

XXX-Com Activate! Humans use the alien's tech to stage a global counter-attack and render the invaders little more than prisoners stuck on a hostile planet. Also, they turn the most of them into dick-sucking waifus.
File: 12671676223.jpg (21KB, 330x392px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
21KB, 330x392px
>From the Melting Women thread:

All women end up slowly melting, but rather than melt completely, their flesh just melts right off their bones.

The melted flesh is still sentient and needs to be protected/cared for, so it's not like anyone dies, but you'd still have 3 billion skeletons laying around that no one's quite sure what to do with.

It's not a sexy idea as much as it would just be just fucked up and creepy, but it's an interesting idea all the same.


I like this idea, but for some reason I imagine it being the result of aliens showing up, beaming away all the women in the world, forcing them to melt as you described in melting chambers, and then just beaming back the skeletons in a coffin with the still-living flesh goo in a jar on top of the coffin as some kind of messed up gift/tribute.

Or worse, the aliens make off with 3 billion women's worth of goo, and leave the skeletons behind (or vice versa).
File: 1400798414103.gif (493KB, 500x281px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
493KB, 500x281px
I think we crossed a line somewhere. A line that shouldn't be crossed.
Someone loves me.
>bathing in hot girls
Now THIS I can fantasize about.
plot twist, the spooky skeletons start walking around a week after the aliens take the melted women.


I know it's a joke, but it would be one hell of a thing if this actually happened.

Maybe when women melt, their souls remain trapped in the goo that is stolen away, but those souls call still sometimes communicate through/haunt the skeletons left behind despite the souls themselves now being light years away.

Now you've got hundreds of millions of skeletons around the world screaming and crying as the goo psychically connected to them is tortoured, devoured and/or experimented upon by aliens billions of miles away.
File: 9224514.jpg (1MB, 1760x1408px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1760x1408px
Every time a man cums while thinking of a specific woman, that woman gets "better" -- healthier, stronger, sexier, smarter.

As a result, humanity is ruled over by an upper-class of supremely-powerful, immortal, and beautiful ancient women, who have been lusted over since the dawn of humanity. Every year, their ranks swell as a new woman attracts the lust of enough men to suddenly vault into the upper tiers of humanity.
Inspired by http://pastebin.com/XkxbYTNr

On a city bus, a young woman working as an intern begins showing signs of distress. To the horror of the other passengers, she disrobes below the waist, giving everyone a clear view of her genitalia inverting with a loud and meaty POP. Over the course of the next few days, other women who were on that bus begin displaying similar symptoms, and the phenomenon makes headlines. This turns out to be the exact worst thing that could happen.

You see, if you just hear the pop, nothing happens. But if you hear the pop, and know what it means, either due to witnessing it or being informed beforehand, now you're infected. Now you're doomed to suffer the same fate. It could happen instantly, it could happen a week from now, it could happen any time in between. The moment an infected woman fantasizes about having a dick between her legs, it begins. It could take minutes or hours, depending on the willpower and/or prudishness of the woman in question, but once it starts it cannot be stopped by any force on earth. Her arousal will build and build, and at the very moment of orgasm... POP!

Also, to keep the human race from becoming extinct: a few months after the first Pussy-Pop indecent, a man who stayed with his GF while she acquired a cock and balls and kept in contact after finds himself fantasizing about getting fucked long and hard. He locks himself in a bathroom, masturbating furiously, as his body shifts to that of a female in every regard save one. Then at the moment of climax... I haven't come up with a good sound effect but you can probably guess what happens. Thus, the second wave begins...
File: 1426354306727.jpg (894KB, 3600x2100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
894KB, 3600x2100px
I'd be down with all childbearing-aged women turning into whore versions of themselves, especially smart/educated women, lesbians and feminists.

The change wouldn't be as clumsy as depicted in the pic here, rather, women would generally keep their same bodies but grow more voluptuous, shed all body hair below the neck, be unafraid of flaunting their amplified bodies while gladly accepting cash for any sexual favors, all while dressed/behaving like parodies of their old personalities.

A flatchested lesbian bookworm who always wears knitted sweaters, scarves and glasses with still dress the same though now her sweaters might be cut into middriffs, the glasses will just be a prop and she'll ask you to tie her up/choke her out with her scarf - assuming you'll pay an extra $10 for the privilege - all while acting like a cruel, heightened parody of her bookworm self.
File: ev.ypf_001315.png (1MB, 1152x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1152x720px
An alien lifeforms arrives on earth through a comet crash. The aliens look like RPG slime and are few at first but quickly identify humans as the most dominant lifeforms on earth and permanently morph into sexy human women and rapidly multiply. They also release a spore through the air that turn all women on the planet into futa. So now the earth has three genders. Male, futanari and alien. The spore also change the biology of the humans so that they have to release their now rapidly buildup of semen about 50 times a week, because unless they do, they will become more and more sick after a few days. The only catch is that the only way to really do so is to fuck one of the women looking aliens. You will not get an erection unless you get into bodily contact with an alien girl.

The alien cant talk or really do much but they look cute and sexy and seek out sex from everyone they meet. In order to keep society in working order, they are soon all brought to government run brothels but some are also kept in private ownership. The brothels are of different quality from long rows of aliens in pillory to be fucked by anyone at the low end. There are gloryhole setups in the streets everywhere The aliens also make it take about an hour to orgasm as you fuck them, but you will feel much greater pleasure then regular sex ever did. Some aliens feel better then others and are taken to luxurious places and cost to have sex with.

The alien does all this as their evolutionary survival mechanism. After an alien have absorbed a huge amount of semen after being fucked constantly over about ten years they will start glowing morph into a young new human or alien. At this moment their soul is also released and fly of out toward space to form a comet to do the same thing to another alien planet as they once did to earth. So fucking these aliens several times a day isn't only required to stay healthy, it also feels great and is the only way for new humans and aliens to be born.
Man, 50 times a week is 7 times a day, which means 1 time every 2 hour. If you need 1 hour to orgasm, 7 hours every day must be spent fucking. Assuming you need to eat, poop, wash and take care of yourself, how do you do, like, "anything else"?
File: het17.jpg (197KB, 1200x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
197KB, 1200x900px
Continued to explain further how a few things work. As you have to orgasm about 50 times a week and it takes up to an hour each time... you will obviously spend a lot of time with your dick going in and out of an alien. To make this easier for everyday life and work, things quickly adapt. For example most workplaces have it so that you can fuck while working if you have an office job. Most desks are standing desks and allow for an alien girl to be in fuckable position under your desk while you work.

Many restaurants have aliens that give the guests blowjobs as they sit down and eat. Most hotels have beds with alien girls built into them with an automated mechanism that move the girl up and down allowing you to penetrate them as you sleep. The aliens only need semen to live and the only thing they want in life is to seek it out everywhere so all these things are just making their lifes easier.

All this change societies look on sexuality so that clothes almost never cover genitals or breasts on futa. Most advertisements and movies have casual sex in them and many companies seek out the high quality alien girls to use as incentive. Buy a new car and you get access to a top grade alien to fuck.
Yeah, admittedly, i might have exaggerated the numbers a bit there. Say its about 30 times a week instead. I want it to be a high number though, so it becomes a part of your everyday life and done on routine. But as it feels amazing you still look forward to it every single time.
Due to a combination of a horrible economy and the fact that immigrants turk er jurbs, serving as pavement becomes a full time job.
I don't have a pic to accompany...

An inherited genetic mutation causes the urinary and reproductive systems of humans to merge to some degree. Waste urea filtered by the kidneys is routed to the excretory system, while excess fluids are re-routed to the testes. Liquid excretion is therefore handled by the reproductive system in both males and females. In males, liquid gathers in the bladder, where it is combined with a protein complex to thicken it. When aroused, the testes visibly engorge as sperm is added to the mixture. Upon orgasm, the contents of the bladder are, naturally, excreted. A more intense orgasm correlates with a larger cumshot, with the upper limit reaching 1 liter or more. The refractory period only kicks in when the bladder is completely emptied. The prostate gland, pubococcygus muscles, and penis roughly double in size to account for this. (consult a /d/-sized guy image for imagery should you need it)

Females change in a similar way, with waste water in the bladder combined with a thickening agent (likely protein based but generally thinner, almost a thin mucus consistency) discharged upon arousal as lubricant and in large scale upon orgasm.

As the bladder fills, the urge for sexual discharge increases. If left unsatisfied, spontaneous emission occurs, with feelings of immense sexual dissatisfaction. The bladder is only roughly 10% discharged in these cases, so if unattended, the same urges will re-emerge in short order.

In response to these biological changes, social attitude towards sex begins to change. (continued in next post)

((Forgot to mention in last post -- to account for the increases penis size in males, female reproductive system increases in size as well -- roughly 30-50% on the outside, and more than doubled in depth and interior size. This makes childbirth much less painful and accompanies larger cocks))

Children, largely immune to the sexual aspects of these new changes, are unable to control the discharge. Most kids wear diapers until the age of 10-12, when they hit puberty. At that time, their sexual organs become active and they are taught the basic practices of masturbation. As they mature, most adolescents cave to their hormones and begin discharging together. Although it's frowned upon in schools, educators have no practical means to prevent naive, exploratory circle-jerks and orgies from occurring in bathrooms and schoolyards.

With greater concern for privacy, most newly-constructed bathrooms have separate, frequently sound-proofed stalls for both men and women, but older buildings and more forward-thinking institutions continue to use urinals and basic stalls, with very progressive thinkers eliminating gender-separated bathrooms entirely. The protein complex synthesized in the male bladder is unique, with high vitamin concentrations and is soon adopted by many young women as an inexpensive supplement and skin treatment. However, it proves difficult to preserve, with the taste in particular souring within minutes of emission.

>dicks and pussies double in size
>massive cumshots and a constantly sexually frustrated population
>large-scale public orgies and circlejerks ensue worldwise

I'd write more but it's fappe thyme.
Taking inspiration from a game i just played...
The human race is entirely women, at least to start. We do not have a natural puberty cycle and remain infertile (and relatively small breasted) for all our lives should nothing interfere.
However we have a fascination and a symbiotic relation with tentacle creatures, which only reside in fairly extensive maze-like cave systems. (the tentacles make the caves for the most part since such cave systems are rare naturally.)
These tentacle creatures are in turn, dependent on humans to breed, and thus attempt to first trap and then make any woman they contact as fertile as possible via spores and other bodily fluids and then repeatedly have their way with her.
Women, as they repeatedly come into contact with more tentacle juice, become ever more voluptuous and fertile, eventually becoming hermaphrodites as well with sufficient exposure. There is always a temptation to just give in to the pleasure and just never escape the cavern, thus to try to prevent this, parents either instill a sense of duty or try to foster a girl's relationships with others to be as deep as possible, or other such methods to give her the will to come back out of the caves.
Upon exiting the caves, the now fertile women and futa lose their fascination with the tentacles somewhat and can now carry on their lives. The urge to re-explore any tentacle caves is still there, just muted.
In this society it is generally the ones who exit the caves still looking per-pubecent that are regarded as being intelligent enough to run government, large corporations and other such institutions.
Thus we have a society of voluptuous women and even more voluptuous futa ruled over by lolis, all of whom have a severe tentacle fetish inbred into them, built over networks of tentacle infested caves.

PS - and yes the lolis get driven nuts by the antics of the rest on a regular basis.
File: holding-hands.jpg (453KB, 1200x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
453KB, 1200x800px
It occurs to me after writing all this that tentacle sex can't really be called a fetish in this world cause of species survival depending on it and all.

Thus I imagine that in this world, in the /d/ on their 4chan, tentacle sex would basically be treated the same way we treat a married couple lovingly holding hands as a build up to missionary pose sex for the purposes of recreation.

Something to think about.
File: 1425675365770.jpg (206KB, 694x1141px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206KB, 694x1141px
Every four years mother's day takes a different turn. Instead of being about appreciating biological mothers and their effects on their children's lives, it becomes more about female figures showing their "mother-like" qualities by any means possible.

Nothing big, but from the second Sunday of May (conventional mother's day in most western countries) to the third pretty much every female who's gone through puberty rushes to act as motherly as possible to males. This yearly ritual is meant to outline social standing and is an important way to show availability and proficiency as a mate. It also is important in showing other women that they as partners have control over their boyfriends/husbands or that they can control a potential lover.

Of course, each woman exudes her motherly qualities in a different way, some might take a simple approach and simply help their partner with everything, from dressing to eating to driving, all while keeping a cool and patronizing tone. Others might take more extreme measures to prove their proficiency as a mother, for example putting their boyfriend/husband in diapers and treating him like a baby, especially in public.

Females will also collaborate with their friends to collectively be better "mothers", such as organizing "playdates" and visits to the park.

Women without partners would do well to find one, as being seen during this week without a boy in tow is interpreted as being undesirable, ugly, unattractive or, at worst, being a homosexual.
File: 1425360175815.png (1MB, 1491x1053px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1491x1053px
Biologically, the body responds to the method the woman is using for the week of motherhood. Women that treat their male counterparts as infants grow exponentially and begin to lactate, while women who treat their men more like young children go through a similar, but more modest change. This change is not permanent, as women can change their stance several times over the week.

Polygamy is also very common during this week, as all males are treated like lost children, and if there is no woman to claim them they are simply taken in by the asking woman. Fighting over men and shows of dominance are also common. It is not unusual for older, stronger women around 20-25 to prey on the newly mature boys, as the Monday after mother's day they prowl the outside of public schools, ready to grab any post-pubescent boys from the crowd. Female teachers at middle and high schools prey on their students, often forming groups of 10-20 boys. The teachers also are extremely infantilizing, usually regressing their groups to infants and remaining in their homes for the duration of week. Young girls are sometimes added into groups, most of the time as "punishment" for having the audacity to claim a male at such a young age. While its typical and not looked down upon for girls in middle and early high school to be infantilized and regressed by older and bigger classmates or strangers, after around age 15 it becomes a terrible shame to be integrated into a group, showing that the woman that "defeated" the other woman thinks so little of the defeated that she regards her as harmless even in the midst of all the boys. It is an absolute insult to one's femininity.
File: 1425085453258.jpg (341KB, 1024x768px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
341KB, 1024x768px
A typical place to go for socialization and motherly competition is a public park, usually with a playground. Disputes, such as "your "son" made my "son" cry!" frequently end in one party getting overpowered and integrated in the other party's group. Arguments are usually not based on solving the conflict, but instead are public displays of superiority. Infantilized women sulk as they sit in sandboxes as their infantilizers sit with stern expressions, while most of the boys enjoy the week of freedom and living life easy.

As the week ends, everything returns to normal, but usually the dating game has changed. High school students regard this week with utmost importance, as it comes before prom and is arguably more important to future relationships than prom. For underclassmen girls, even getting a partner or avoiding being put into a group by an older woman is a mark of extreme maturity, and usually leads to one of the best boys asking them to prom. Upperclassmen girls' goals are more about accruing multiple boys into a group and attempting to act as motherly as possibly, all while avoiding a potential integration into a group.
File: wakamoto.jpg (160KB, 1669x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
160KB, 1669x1200px
every woman now has the same voice as this person only when making sex.

Sample of the voice:
>Erotic transformations
>Dickgirl on female
>Infectious through nonstandard vectors
This hits so many of my buttons.
The only way it could be better is if the people could get re-infected with the opposite condition, eventually making random genital transformations a fact of life.

For the MtF sound effect, have you considered something like 'shluck' or shloop'?
File: found him again.jpg (404KB, 765x1100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
found him again.jpg
404KB, 765x1100px
This aritst. Every fucking time.
All women become really sexy and confident and professional. Regardless of whether they are employed in a professional capacity, they carry themselves with grace and skill in every endeavor. With their enhanced skills and professional mindset, many rise in power, and as many hit glass ceilings, women unite behind a vitalized feminist movement to allow themselves to flourish.

Women are also, of course, far more sexually active, taking a dominant assertive attitude towards sex. Lesbianism also increases in prevalence.
you mean treated like a fucking disgusting fetish?
take that shit out of here, this is a christian board
Hands are now the most sexualized part of the body and not wearing gloves is akin to walking around with your dick or pussy in full view. Hands are also much more sensitive and most people can reach orgasm from their hand being massaged alone.
>fails genetics

Unless there are no dominant normal genes, you can't have *all* human females being monsters. If the trait is recessive and the father carries a recessive monster gene and the mother carries one recessive monster gene and one dominant normal gene, she'll be normal and have a chance of producing male children who don't carry the monster gene at all, or female children who are normal.
So doing any work of any kind is akin to masturbating.
File: 1416385568741-4.jpg (887KB, 800x1119px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
887KB, 800x1119px

So women artists who work with their hands would pretty much be up shit creek, huh?

Unrelated, but there's been lots of talk in the melting fetish threads of not only all women being melted against their will, but aliens showing up to melt and steal the (still living/conscious) flesh from women's bones.
This is a feature of the Brandon Sanderson Way of the Kinds series, but it's only the right hand that's sexualized. Wearing a glove is like wearing a skin-tight dress and going bear is like being naked.
Women begin melting into puddles everywhere. /pol/ insists aliens did it. /b/ argues over whether jet fuel can melt a womans bones.

And /d/ fucks the puddles so they become more semen than woman (also now shaped into futa dicks)
Worth it
I have one :
People exchange voices while having sex, but only during the actual thing.
It would be both awesome and awkward, since you're essentialy fucking yourself, or at least that's what it would feel like.
File: 1414128256716.jpg (714KB, 1000x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
714KB, 1000x800px
I've always wondered what would happen if all women suddenly turned into robots, but the change is so quiet and so subtle that no one even knows that anything has changed until the first woman has a physically-traumatizing accident or has an invasive inspection by a doctor after the global change kicks in.

At first, everyone just thinks that the first women discovered to be robots are an anomaly, but of course more and more women eventually find out that they, too, have somehow become artificial from the inside out, until every woman can pretty much assume that she's also now a non-living mechanism (though whether or not women are still "alive" naturally becomes a heated worldwide debate).

Of course, every woman hopes that when she goes in for inspection by a doctor (who are also now aided by mechanics, scientists and engineers) to confirm her internal change, she secretly hopes she'll be the first woman to find out that she's somehow miraculously avoided having been turned into a mech, but after a few weeks and several hundreds of millions of inspections, no such thing has happened yet.

And naturally, many women poke and prod their own bodies until they reveal their inner nature or outside forces cause women to confront their mechanical reality long before they're ever inspected, causing men to keep an eye on their wives, daughters, girlfriends, mothers and friends to make sure they aren't driven to suicide by the reality of their potentially horrific state of being.
Gloves are significantly more advanced and for more delicate work fingerless gloves can be acceptable but if you wear them outside of work it'd be like wearing a g string.

Yea, I remember that, was neat.
you fuckin serious, m8? I posted that. Nobody responded in that thread either. Never would have imagined someone actually capped it.

My fantasies have been capped three fucking times now and I don't know why.

Kurigga-san, you promised!
>For the MtF sound effect, have you considered something like 'shluck' or shloop'?
Shlong Shloop? Nah, doesn't sound as good...
Women develop a fascination with fedoras and begin to find them irresistibly sexy. The effect amplifies the more people they have sex with.
File: 1402940092247.jpg (318KB, 763x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
318KB, 763x900px
Instead of poop, everybody just lays eggs. They are just regular eggs, scentless and unfertilized, this works by magic somehow.

Eggs for everyone.

Bonus: The more you eat the bigger the egg/the more eggs. So after a multiple course dinner or a good all you can eat buffet, most people will be visibly pregnant with bellies full of eggs.

Worker Bee: "I dunno, does it seem like this new batch of Queens is a lot bitchier? And they keep demanding we bring them money and listen to them talk about their feelings, I don't even fucking know what either of those things are."

So basically, the only change is that they grow dicks.
File: 1411880273949-2.jpg (73KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
73KB, 800x600px
When initiating sex, one person always becomes an attractive woman who can't help but cum her brains out when slamfucked like you're trying to drive the soul out of her body, and one person always becomes a huge-dicked monster who cums by the pint and can go for hours.

Who becomes what is completely random every time and there's no way of knowing which it will be, just that someone will get beastfucked into ahegaoing for hours and someone will be doing the beastfucking.

Threesomes/moresomes always result in one female and multiple monster-males. If you manage to get a truly large number of people together for a full-fledged orgy, it becomes one female per ten monster-males.
How does pregnancy work? If my girlfriend turns into a giant dragon and I get turned into a sloshing, fucked-stupid cumdump of a girl, is there a risk I'll get knocked up? What happens when pregnant girls have sex?
File: 1412236030427-2.jpg (743KB, 850x1106px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
743KB, 850x1106px

Hm, good question.

Well, going with the theme: when someone actually gets knocked up, the one who knocked them up (once the session is over), instead of transforming back into themselves, transforms into a prim, proper-looking maid (who's also a futa). The one who got knocked up is stuck in their sex-form until they give birth (be it via egg or whatever was appropriate to the monster that their partner turned into), the one who did the knocking-up is stuck as a doting maid, attending to their every need (including the sexual ones) until the kid is born. Once the kid is born, both turn back to normal (female member of the pair is ready to breastfeed, though).

Kids are always normal humans no matter what the monster was.
All men and 1/3rd of women become jaw-droppingly gorgeous busty MILFS with massive lactating tits that never cause back pain. 2/3rds of women become cute twinks with tiny dicks that cum stomach/womb-bulging amounts if heavily stimulated for more than a few seconds; they feed exclusively off the MILFs' teats. Both shed all hair below the neck and don't develop unibrows or facial hair. All diseases and illnesses vanish, tampon, razor, and make-up sales skyrocket, Tumblr collectively commits suicide, and world peace is achieved.
File: checkem8.jpg (2MB, 2965x2965px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 2965x2965px

i love you anon

>trips checked
Multiple births, especially fraternal with mixed sexes, become more common making up at least a third of all pregnancies. The presence of different sexes in utero exposes each fetus to hormones and chemicals from the other(s) and affects a person's development. For example, a set of mixed sex twins would both be very androgynous. On the other hand in a set of triplets with one boy and two girls the boy would be very feminine in appearance and the girls, while still distinctly feminine, would be more likely to grow taller and add more muscle mass than an average single birthed female. The opposite for mmf triplets, the girl being very masculine and her brothers being more likely to be slimmer and slighter than average. The ratio of sexes in a pregnancy can roughly show how the development of an individual is more likely to go, the greater the ratio the more the minority sex child(ren) are affected and the less the majority are. Eventually you can have people with the secondary sex characteristics of the opposite sex; such as a male that is indistinguishable from his sisters, including breasts and wider hips at puberty, and a female the same as her brothers including a flat chest, defined muscles, narrow hips, and facial hair.

It's always interesting to me how some people apparently get off just as much on coming up with some scientific justification for their fetish as they do their fetish.
For me, worldbuilding /is/ my fetish.

Well, one of them.
Everyone has the opposite genitals to what we're used to, and this is just the norm. Men have vaginas and women have penises. Everything remains mostly fine - the trains still run on time.

But now, dicks are the feminine things and cunts are the manly thing. Positions that we currently call "girl-on-top" are just your everyday bog-standard sex positions, and what's normal for us - missionary, doggy-style, etc - become the stranger, racier sex positions. The language evolves too - people don't say "penetrate" or "impale", but instead you might hear douchebros say "I fuckin' devoured that dick last night" or wearing obnoxious shirts that say "cock crusher".

Pregnancy becomes more like seahorses - the woman impregnates the male, who then carries the baby to term inside his womb. It was evolved as a defense mechanic to protect the young in the wild. As such, pregnancy is a manly thing - you're making a person inside you out of nothing, watch me make this fuckin' baby, rawr - that sort of thing. After the man gives birth, the scent sets off a hormonal change in the women who fertilised the baby, who then begins to lactate when the baby needs fed, meaning that breastfeeding happens in pretty much the same way as it does over here.
>That cuntboy fantasy

All I can picture is a couple dudebros drinking with their butch lesbian friend

>Dude, how does it even work with two dicks?
>Yeah, do you just mash your cocks together or what?
>You guys are fucking retarded. It works just fine, for your information
>No, seriously, what do you do?
>We rub them together, 69 and jerk each other off... A lot of them it's anal
>Oh man that's so gross
>Shut up, lots of straight couples do anal
>It's different when a girl fucks a guy in the ass
>How is it different?
>It just is
>Anyway, lesbian sex isn't that weird. What I'd like to know is how two gay guys have sex. That's got to be impossible
>Nah, gay guys can scissor each other, or use a dildo. Or, uh... That's... what I've heard, I guess... I wouldn't know...
This is hilarious. I would read an entire scifi novel with this premise.
Lol at that one.

It really puts the phrase "Not liking dicks? What are you, gay?" into perspective.
File: B3ookdACEAEdjn4.jpg (62KB, 850x1038px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
62KB, 850x1038px
It suddenly becomes impossible for women to fall asleep without having a dick rubbed all over their faces.

Women all over the world - especially lesbians - start going crazy from sleep deprivation, and to make matter worse, the longer a woman goes without sleep and/or a cock being rubbed in her face, the more she needs to be slapped around and humiliated by that cock for it to work.
File: 1423794709646.jpg (349KB, 1700x2200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
349KB, 1700x2200px
A female's choice in partner becomes completely dependant on dick size. Any woman in the world would pick the fat, slobby, abusive 40 year old guy with a 12 inch dick over the rich, smart, handsome, successful 20 year old movie star with a 10 inch dick. Girls also develop a heavy fetish for insulting and bossing around "Tiny Dicks".

Guys who're 12+ inches are treated like gods on earth: They're given anything they want for free, and command public opinion, fasion, etc, like current day movie stars. from 11.9" to 10", you're considered on a sliding scale of "Average", but you're allowed to have sex with women and are generally more successful and well-liked. Guys below 10 inches aren't allowed to have sex, ever again, and are punished severely for forcing it. Guys below 7 inches are physically put into permanent chastity cages to make sure they aren't even allowed to masturbate ever again. Guys below 4 inches are castrated, just to make sure no 'accidents' ever happen.

The man with the biggest cock in the world is a worldwide celebrity. "Penis Enlargement" methods are strictly banned and harshly punished: It's gotta be natural, or it doesn't matter. Men with huge, 12+ inch dicks will likely have several wives, mistresses and girlfriends, while a man that just barely makes the cut to even be allowed to have sex might have trouble finding or keeping even a single girl, who'd probably leave him at the drop of a hat for a bigger guy. Meanwhile, men from 9-7 inches form a class of subservient masturbators, who all end up growing an unhealthy obsession with the Small Penis Humiliation Fetish.
>Not sure if thinks he has a big dick and would be a god in this world or knows he has a small dick and is into extreme humiliation
>Do you guys ever, like, want to use a strap-on? Just to see what a dick feels like?
>Uh, no, because I'm not a faggot.
>It's not gay to wonder about having a dick
>Wanting a dick is pretty gay, dude
Cock size now depends entirely on arousal level. Upper limit is unknown.
File: 1419825319167-2.png (156KB, 900x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
156KB, 900x600px
Females all around the world suddenly become very poorly drawn cartoon characters.
Hilarity ensues.
Every 1 in 100 males become Alpha males. Alpha males are typically larger, stronger, and smarter then smaller 'beta' males. In addition, submitting to any Alpha male's desire makes a Beta male happy, and Alpha males release a musky pheremone in their sweat and other body fluids that turns Beta males on and makes them want to serve Alpha males sexually.

In addition to this, any Alpha male who comes inside a Beta male gains a mostly permanent control over him, the pheremones driving into his nervous system and rewriting that beta male to serve that alpha forever with a very real religious fevor and devotion.

Naturally Alpha males gain harems of willing slaves. They also like to threaten non-bound Beta males with binding. For example if you were a Beta male and pissed off an Alpha male, he'd tell you to suck his dick, or else he will fuck you in the ass and make you his bitch. So either a few minutes of uncomfortable submission or a lifetime of servitude, that sort of thing.

I honestly haven't thought much about females in this scenario however, I'd say females are more turned on by Alpha men (resulting in cuck shit) but are only permanently controlled by him if they get cum in their ass again. There could also be rare Alpha females.
almost definitely the latter
If I had a time machine...

So what fetish is this one? Tasseled caps? Red and White striped shirts? Glasses? Canes?
File: image.jpg (52KB, 1136x640px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
52KB, 1136x640px
>ISIS stole secret bomb from NATO
>ISIS immediately lunch the bomb
>But apparently that bomb was super weapon that could regenerate human's genetic code in GLOBAL level. Persian, black, white, azn, wat ever you are, you are now effected by this bomb.

>Now all women are at least 10ft tall. It is impossible for fully grown women to be shorter then 10ft. And their organs and bones grow to. muscles increase. And all of they're at least 8/10 one-esan. Thank to they're increased muscles, all women now posses 'super strength'.

>And all men are shorter then 5ft. It is impossible for fully grown men to grow taller then 5ft. They're muscles decrease, they all become 8/10 qt shota.

>Male cross dressing becomes globally popular fashion thanks to increased onee san demographic

>ISIS members are all now qt brown shotas
>they go back to their home, without knowing what happened to their body
>They're 3ft tall super buffed wives beat the shit out of them for being ISIS

Thank you! Based ISIS!

Highly advanced robotics, cybernetics, destructive mind uploading become possible and affordable overnight. The only problem is that your brain (which is you) has to be killed in order for a "perfect copy" to be created. The right to die movement is replaced with right to upload (essentially the same thing but far more acceptable since both preserves the original's personality/memories and is productive to society), therefore meaning that majority of mech people are copies of the terminally sick and aged--though their robot bodies are usually young and healthy. Human and mech/upload couples are slowly becoming more common, the usually life out some fetishes on /d/ (such as futa on female and futa on male, tentacle stuff, etc.).

Alarming numbers of health men and women are disappearing. At about the same rate, however, there is a new market for female sex doll-bots with no talking functions which are incredibly lifelike.

The Machine Cult of the Adeptus Mechanicuas is now a real and new religion. A sizeable fraction of its exponentially growing population are turning themselves into combat cyborgs and sentient war machines to defend the technological world against militant luddites and plan to eliminate barbarism & corruption in poor countries--while converting the saved to the worship of the Machine-God.

That really has nothing to do with what I originally posted (especially since I wrote about only women being turned into robots), but, sure, whatever.
My ritterbruder
File: 1424424770807.jpg (185KB, 1200x849px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
185KB, 1200x849px
So, if you guys could inflict something on all lesbians (and only lesbians), what would you choose?

All lesbians become beautiful, intelligent, talented, and fit. Women with even the slightest bisexual tendencies become passionately attracted to them, and all but the most purely gay men too, and such men with even the slightest transgender tendencies will feel an intense urge to become more feminine so they can get closer to these beauties. And even people with absolutely no sexual attraction to women at all would have an intense non-sexual aesthetic appreciation of how them.

But lesbians would not just be passive sex objects, the devotion people feel towards them combined with their enhanced aptitude would allow them to take an increasingly dominant role in society. Although they wouldn't completely take over the world, and existing power structures would remain in place, society would become increasingly skewed in the interests of lesbians.

lol what does inflict mean
Sup /u/
Enlarged and ultra sensitive prostates are my fetish
>Meanwhile, men from 9-7 inches form a class of subservient masturbators, who all end up growing an unhealthy obsession with the Small Penis Humiliation Fetish.
...w-what about 5-inchers?
File: 1425614641314.jpg (100KB, 731x682px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
100KB, 731x682px

I suppose the most obvious thing you could do to lesbians is to make them biologically dependent on semen to survive, as has been mentioned in a bunch of previous globalized fetish threads - though whether or not you want lesbians to die without ingesting semen every 72 hours (or whatever) or just turn into mindless semenhounds perpetually in heat, I guess that's up to you.

Otherwise, you could make a mockery of lesbians' attempts to defy traditional gender roles by heightening their feminine physical traits and ramping up their fertility so that if a lesbian even *hears* the word "semen" there's 50/50 chance they might get pregnant, and/or you could ramp up every lesbian's innate desires to have a baby so much that they're practically begging any nearby male to fuck a baby into them.
All lesbians are now men.
I hate you people so much.

Not in an "social justice" way, but like the way that you hate someone that roots for a rival sports team. Fuck you, buddy, and your dick-centric fetishes. I'd much rather have a world full of wonderful lesbians like this guy >>6058492

Now, my idea is this:
lesbianism becomes a disease of both mind and body. In other words, it's contagious. When a woman is a lesbian and hangs around another straight woman, the lesbianism will leak out through her own pheromones and skin oils/sweat. When these chemicals enter the body of another woman, they slowly, permanently increase her attraction towards other females and lessen their attraction towards males.

These bodily chemicals also have slight physically transformative properties, making every woman around them almost imperceptably more beautiful as time goes on. Skin clears up, scars fade, facial structures change to become more feminine and gentle, breasts and curves grow to a quite large, healthy size (with diminishing returns), and women grow an additional 10% in height. It also makes women more intelligent and a bit more physically healthy. The process is very slow and takes a good year of consistent exposure to come to full fruition.

Surprisingly, this chemical also affects men as well in very similar ways, making them far more feminine and slightly more timid.

File: mcfatty.jpg (259KB, 860x860px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
259KB, 860x860px
From puberty till menopause, females are innately gluttonous, slovenly, predisposed to weight gain, and mostly incontinent, forcing them to wear diapers.

Though I'd settle for this too:

eventually, this would cause a man to completely become a woman. However, the effect will take something around 5 years of constant exposure to come to fruition. Because of genetics, this means that a man that doesn't get exposed regularly all the time will undergo no transformation at all. But a man, however, that wants to become a woman, may choose to hang out with a lesbian friend all the time in order to radically speed up the process.

The fastest way, however, is for a man to perform cunnilingus on a woman. This obviously means that a man would have to gain extremely deep trust with a female, lesbian friend that would let them do this. After a consistent nightly session, a man can fully transform into a woman after only 3 months, after which point there is no turning back.

This bleeds over into marriage customs. Heterosexual marriage is still around, but often very rare. Maybe some 8% of all marriage around the world is heterosexual, and about 1/8 of that is just people in denial.

Yet this doesn't mean that men don't get married anymore. In fact, most of them are. Often times, a man and a lesbian will enter into a "contract," whereby the woman promises to marry a man after they become a woman at their side.

They might have sex beforehand, or they might not, but the woman gently comforts the man as, slowly, every night, he becomes more female. As the process carries on, the relationship becomes far more sexual, with increasing intimacy as the penis shrinks and the male's body becomes softer and curvier. Often times the most fun part of the entire process is about 60-70% of the way through, when the lesbian begins to usually have her "husband" put on feminine clothes and learn feminine social standards.

After the entire length of time is done, the man becomes a full female and the two, if they haven't already, enter into an official union of marriage.

At this point, the male begins to secrete the same kinds of chemicals in their bodily fluids that the lesbians do and are, for all intents and purposes, female, outside of genetics. They are still able to pass on their Y chromosome and therefore have male children, but they can no longer, of course, produce sperm. Therefore, oftentimes a lot of couple will simply freeze the man's sperm beforehand, or use advanced technologies to facilitate fertilization.

Eventually the world "bottoms out" like this:
90% lesbian women
4% heterosexual men
6% heterosexual women

Hey, I'm just sticking to OP's parameters of the thread, that only reproductive-aged women are changed.
All lesbians become incapable of penetrative sex, finding that their uterus, ovaries and the distal part of the vagina have been resorbed into their bodies, in return, their thighs, lips, tongue and the lateral sides of their fingers become erogenous zones. Kissing and hand-holding become as pleasurable as conventional intercourse, while fingering is still possible but seen as somewhat deviant, akin to a heterosexual couple engaging in anal sex. The amount of lubricant produced by the vagina decreases somewhat, so lesbians no longer get wet or achieve orgasm without considerable stimulus. As a result of this and non-penetrative intercourse being immensely pleasurable, lesbian sex may last for hours.

These changes are accompanied with a more overt physical transformation, in which the affected lesbian either progressively grows taller and curvier or becomes more petite and cute, although girls in the latter category often develop larger breasts as well. These changes have nothing to do with the relationship roles or dominant/submissive role of the girl, so it's very well possible for a girl who could've been mistaken for an elementary schooler to be the dominant partner in her relationship, or for a seven-foot tall, busty amazon to be meek and shy.
Upon reaching adulthood, every woman is equipped with a keyphrase that instantly sends them into cascading orgasms, complete with involuntary cute sexy noises, whenever they hear it, no matter what situation they're in. Their body instantly feels and acts as if they'd been pounded for hours by an alpha male with a chocolate dick that ejaculates money.

Because of a software error, everyone receives the same keyphrase: "M'lady!"
That'll just create a massive black market for semen.
Fuck me I'm SO into spontaneous involuntary orgasm but then you had to add that bonerkill at the end.
Awfully sorry m'lady.
File: 1652617837.jpg (80KB, 498x550px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
80KB, 498x550px

Quoting from the Globalized Fetish Tumblr (big thanks to whoever is running that, by the way):

Every girl is assigned a series of ‘passwords’.

They’re different for each girl of course. Each password is assigned to a specific sexual action. Flashing underwear, baring tits, exposing pussy, to start. Worse stuff would include handjobs, titjobs, blowjobs, and finally even full-on sex. All a guy would have to do is speak the appropriate ‘password’ to a girl and she’d be obligated to comply, no matter how much she didn’t want to.

This opens up all sorts of possibilities. Imagine a bunch of guys surrounding one girl at a party, maybe even pulling her off to another room, and they all just start rattling off words at her in hopes of stumbling upon a password, while the girl uncomfortably bears it, or tries to push her way out before they find the right one. Or finding some stalker who knows your password(s). Or worst of all, someone finding out, and then spreading it around. Telling people at your school, putting it online, etc. This of course has the added benefit of making rape legal under certain circumstances, which is a common thread in most of my fetishes.

Even better if every woman is somehow programmed to respond to these passwords so that their bodies react instantly to hearing a password, even before their brains may sometimes even understand who spoke the password or where the voice came from.

This would lead to all kinds of fun humiliation when women hear a password in passing in public but aren’t consciously aware of it until they find themselves unbuckling their belt or putting everything down so that they can start hunting down whoever uttered the password so that she can suck their cock.
File: 1413902823431.jpg (74KB, 400x378px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
74KB, 400x378px

I’m assuming that women only react to the passwords when spoken by men (making it impossible for women to try and help each other discover their password set in private without risk of humiliating themselves in front of men), but would the passwords also work when the words are coming from a recording - say a voicemail, YouTube video, movie or song lyric?

If the passwords work from videos/recordings, it lets women find out their own passwords safely, like if other women could trigger them. Maybe say the sound needs to be “real” and recordings from just one point (a single speaker, or even a normal set of multiple speakers) don’t work.

That means it can’t be done over the phone, though. Maybe better to just say it needs to be live. It could be a mental thing, where if she knows its a recording (voicemail, movie) it doesn’t work, but if she thinks it’s live (overheard video or recording from hidden speakers) it works.

Then again, there’s something hot about a song that manages to say the passwords of every girl in the room in its lyrics.

No problem. For those who don't know: http://globalized-fetish.tumblr.com/
File: 1416692899698-2.jpg (330KB, 1280x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
330KB, 1280x1024px

If I could somehow magically reprogram all women with a suite of random passwords that would force them to engage in humiliating behaviors, the basic behaviors I would program would be:

Strip to underwear
Expose tits
Expose pussy
Expose ass
Strip nude
Lap dance
Anal sex
Vaginal sex
Passwords can only be triggered via a male’s voice, either live or via recording, and the behavior can be modified to a certain extent by the speaker (password in conjunction with a command to engage triggered sexual behavior with nearby subject rather than the speaker, for instance).

Each woman’s suite of passwords is completely random (excluding the 100 most extremely common words like “a”, “the”, etc,) will trigger the corresponding behavior instantly and without hesitation (women’s bodies essentially go into autopilot until the act is finished), and the duration of any act is a minimum of 5 minutes and maximum of 15 minutes (or until the woman has caused a man to come, in the case of anal/vagina/oral triggered sex acts).I like the inadvertent triggering! What if it doesn’t force them to perform the act but gives them a massive urge to do it? A girl hears something in a busy street that gives her a sudden need to masturbate. She struggles to resist as she looks for a private place, hoping she’ll be able to find one before she can’t hold off any longer.

I need to fix the css, though, tumblr's new posting form outputs different html than the old one did, and my clever hacks for making blockquote look right don't work anymore.
File: 1412141839451-1.jpg (206KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
206KB, 800x600px

Don’t forget handjob and the tame stuff, like kiss on lips and french kiss!

How often do you imagine a woman’s passwords would get triggered accidentally? Would women exposing themselves in the streets be common and ignored, or something people would point and stare at?

A guy might refuse to let a girl be his girlfriend unless she tells him her passwords. She wouldn’t want to, but but she’s got to prove she trusts him…

Sure, why not add handjobs and french kissing to the list and make it an even dozen password-protected commands.

In the real world, women would probably be triggered pretty often, though what behaviors get triggered most often would vary wildly from woman to woman and be pretty random. Some women would become known for being more prone to certain behaviors more than others just because her passwords for those behaviors would be more common than other women, while some behaviors would be tied to such extremely obscure words that some women would pretty much never really have to worry about the associated behaviors being triggered by accident.

Depending on how obscure some of these passwords are, it could take some women an entire lifetime to figure out what her suite of passwords are.
File: 1425150380775.jpg (1MB, 1003x1267px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1003x1267px

How well known those passwords would be would be up for debate - on one hand, it would make sense to make the known list of each woman’s list of passwords even more private and more secure than any currently-existing identification data (even if it becomes obvious what some womens’ passwords are), and so no woman would feel compelled to divulge her passwords to *anyone*, even a husband or doctor…..but on the other hand, collecting data on the all the known passwords for women could allow scientists to figure out who reprogrammed women in the first place, or at least crack the algorithm for how the passwords were generated and assigned so that they can anticipate what a womens’ undiscovered passwords may be before they’re humiliated/abused in public any more than they have to be.

Collecting data on the all the known passwords for women could allow scientists to figure out who reprogrammed women in the first place, or at least crack the algorithm for how the passwords were generated and assigned.

Doctors might ask women are their passwords if they’re willing to give them up to help the research. It could be done anonymously, but that means it can’t be verified. Women would have to choose between privacy and hope for a cure, and try to pick doctors they can trust and who aren’t con artists trying to trick them into revealing their passwords.

Regardless, thanks for archiving so much of this ridiculous stuff. We'll all have to come up with more new/interesting stuff so you're not sifting through the same "all women need semen/grow bigger tits/turn into animals" scenarios over and over again.

If you don't mind me asking: which kinds of globalized fetishes are your favorite?

I'm a sucker for the more egalitarian, empowering ones, since my main fetishes are breast expansion/growth/pregnancy/intelligence gain.

Every woman on Earth is transformed into the Chinese zodiac animal of their birth year. They are mindless and hostile to humans, fighting together to take territory from them. However, depending on the year, a certain sign will become hybrids and regain their memories and personalities for that year. For example, 2015 is the year of the goat, so all women born in the year of the goat would become goat-human hybrids. They are capable of mating with humans to produce human offspring and terrify the animals whose sign they are mismatched with (just the ox in the case of the goat), but will revert when the year is over. Of any number of girls born from one of these hybrids, only one will be uncursed, and the rest will be affected at age five (an only child will still be cursed).

What decides which years/signs get turned into hyrbids rather than whole animals?

Also, how much of their intelligence to women retain as either hybrids or whole animals?
I don't really have a pic of mine, but Im quite the avianphile

so basically I would make ever reproductive aged woman in the world a furry.

It all depends on them and how well they control their spaghetti and autism
>being hunted down as a means of extreme foreplay for the female
>being a lost cause from the beginning, you're only delaying the inevitable
>This delay agitates her even more, she becomes more relentless, more determined to catch you
>Getting finally caught and being helpless as she forces herself on you again and again and again

Anon what have you done to me
Whatever the sign of the current year is determines who is changed. If a certain year is the year of the dragon, then all woman who were born in a year that was also the year of the dragon become hybrids that year. They have no human intelligence as animals but are completely human in intelligence and personality when they're hybrids.
Aw yes. I keep imagining a massive fortress surrounded with manned turrets, armed soldiers, and barbed wire with "NO GIRLS ALLOWED" scrawled on the door with crayon. Are there groups of lesbians who take in men (either being payed, purchasing men as *temporary* slaves, or being given to them by law enforcement because they've been accused of sex crimes) and convert them?
Would "M'lady" be seen as a particularly harsh profanity in this world?
I imagine that Sweden created that bomb.
You have been vindicated by time, and erections.
File: askin-bustin-15.jpg (166KB, 835x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
166KB, 835x1200px
Slightly breaking the mold on the thread a bit, but w/e.

Men are generally naive such that if a woman has a man's trust, they will believe just about anything that's not patently false fairly religiously.

A man's cum does whatever he believes it does, which is generally whatever the woman closest to him tells him it does. Cure cancer, grant longevity, super strength, you name it. Cum can do a few things at once but not many (3 max) and can also change powers if the man can be convinced. However, if he ever is told that it makes babies, that becomes its only use from then on.

...i wonder if i just killed off the human race there? Oh well it would be fun.
Oh no don't worry there's no slavery or anything. The only thing that you would probably get is in a place like Africa there would probably be roving bands of lesbians that seduce wandering men and trap them in their sex dungeons where they stay until they are fully converted.

The most you would get in a civilized country is probably a man buying a temporary lesbian harem to transform him even faster since multiple women are concentrating their bodily chemicals into one place. At the fastest, it might even take about a month.

And men don't become less respected in society or anything. It's just that women become less sexually attracted to them, but begin to value them a bit more in other ways. Oftentimes a lesbian will hang out with a man and then become the best of friends with him and genuinely begin to fall in love with him; they will most often afterwards confess to the male and ask him to let her lovingly guide him into becoming a girl and to then become her wife. Having a male friend or having a previously-male wife that the woman converted herself is oftentimes a lesbian's crowning and most wonderful achievement.

I'm also this guy: >>6053309 (I have rewritten this post about three times since clicking outside of the reply box to quote a post and then accidentally backspaced, clearing my post form - I think my wording has degraded over the three times I did so but I hope it gets across), so I want to thank you all for appreciating my bizarre fantasies.
I prefer the non dominance based ones in general.
Some women (preferably ones with nice faces) will develop a pair of full, thick, kissy lips. These new appendages will protrude off a women's face and usually come in a fine shade of pink or red, Making them very hard to ignore. Men everywhere will find themselves mesmerized by the big lipped beautys and the power they possess. Being kissed by one the pouty lipped women causes instant arousal, even the tiniest peck on the cheek will leave you hot and bothered. Receiving fellatio from these magical lips causes the penis to temporarily increase in sensitivity and amplifies a mans orgasm. Once you've been sucked off, there's no going back. Nothing will compare to the moment of pure bliss, when those lips wrapped around your dick. while giving oral sex, women will notice that their lips become extra sensitive and can also cause them to climax. Oral quickly becomes the most popular form sex and the women blessed with magical dsls are considered goddesses.
Technology for immortality is developed. However, it only works on women. There is immense controversy over this, and it is eventually decided that all immortal women will lose all rights and become slaves.

As there is no way to undo the immortality, this applies even to the women who already underwent the process and women who forcibly undergo it. A few still choose this fate, accepting eternal enslavement.

As slaves, they are treated as servants or pets by the elites among whom they previously numbered. Many wealthy men keep one or two immortal maids to look after their mansions or penthouses and please them when their mortal wives are too busy.
Should also include that their lips secrete a chemical that causes instant boners
File: 1412311956936-1.jpg (456KB, 800x600px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
456KB, 800x600px
The closer in proximity childbearing-aged women come within the presence of a man, the faster their intelligence begins to rapidly decline.

Unfortunately for women, the decline of intelligence is coupled with a rise in horniness and a hyper-advanced desire to breed like an animal - these desires are strong enough to eventually override any woman's normal sexual preferences or attitudes regarding having children, so even lesbians who pride themselves on never having felt the desire to become a mother will be at risk of becoming a breeding vat if they aren't careful.

If a woman is alone with a guy her intelligence is automatically cut in half - should the guy touch her (or vice versa) that intelligence is cut in half again to 1/4, and should his dick make direct contact with her body in any way, she'll lose all human intelligence and turn into a crawling, panting fucktoy until she has some time alone again to gradually regain her senses.

The speed at which intelligence drops is also multiplied when a woman is around more than one guy - should a woman get within jostling distance of a pack of guys in public, she'll go from hero to zero in about 5 seconds flat, though even more distant contact with large numbers of men will also be enough to start draining IQ points, without the men even realizing what effect they're having on the women around them...
I bet there's a killing to be made in surrogacy in that world if 94% of the population wants nothing to do with dicks.
global fetish?

I'd settle for just one girl loving me.

Or liking me.

Or looking at me.
did you miss the part about men getting a large amount of their sperm frozen before they go to the other side?

Birth rates are still 50/50 y'know.

I can reasonably explain why I have my fetishes but I've never understood the fascination some people have with lips. Whenever I see a girl with enormous lips I can only ever think of a bimbo or a whore that just wouldn't make good wife material, y'know? What's the fascination all about?

Also do these magical lips affect women at all or is it just men?
Something about the lips just gets me going, like tits and ass. lips are kind of like... A second vagina. I love puffy vulva, so I think that might have something to do with my love for lippy ladies. I'm aware that most people don't like big lips and see them as slutty. I consider plastic surgery and duck faced sluts a sin in the lip community, but every once in awhile, I come across a naturally gifted women and I'm simply taken away. The shape, the color, the way they feel on your skin. It's all just delightful. Like any part of the body, some folks just won't get it, like how /a/ hates tits and Ireland hates ass. This isn't the best break down on lips, but I hope it helps.
>Also do these magical lips affect women at all or is it just men?
Even women can partake in the glory that is lips.
File: 1402111757762.jpg (56KB, 739x749px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
56KB, 739x749px
All of humanity becomes conventionally attractive and hairless from the neck down, but taller than the current average (think 5'11 Japanese girls and 6'3 Swedish ones.) "How will humanity reproduce" you may ask? Pregnancy is now asexual. Sometime between the ages of 17 and 30, women usually become pregnant completely out of nowhere; fine one day and having morning sickness the next. The cause of this eludes science, but it's usually tied to intelligence (i.e. an astrophysicist will end up with triplets, perhaps even multiple times; and some dumb stripper will be completely barren.) As intelligent, career-driven women usually remain single, children are cared for by taxpayer-funded community centers when their mothers work and afterschool until they're old enough to be "latchkey kids," usually until they're 9. Wealthier women can hire the dumber ones as live-in maids to take care of their children, but this is associated with they hyper-religious.
File: 26392073_p1.jpg (1MB, 1058x1200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1058x1200px
All men become short, effeminate manlets with pudgy, soft bodies, and most importantly, tiny dicks with lots of extra foreskin and a hair trigger. I'm talking "blowing a load if a girl blows some hot air on your dick or looks at you lewdly"-tier premature ejaculation.
I meant to type "[...]hairless from the neck down women[...],) but that somehow got lost. I'm sure you can tell by the way it's written.
Ah that makes more sense, sounds nice,should get rid of periods as well, would hate to be a woman having to deal with that after what I've seen on 4chan..
Could you take parts of other girls and "glue" them together to make a different body for the girl?
So you're telling me, I could simple arrive at a feminist group meet up and women would forget how to speak English? Start talking in broken English until eventually they just start saying 'goo-goo gaaaggg' and if I touched one with my dick she'd transform into a dog on heat? What would happen in the work place? Women would forget what they came into a room for and end up sucking cock, I'm guessing like the pic.
File: 12867626625.jpg (105KB, 600x367px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
105KB, 600x367px

Exactly, though the destruction of womens' intelligence probably wouldn't be like a smooth infantalization (leading to goo-goo baby talk), but rather huge whacks of their intelligence dropping away without warning while other parts of their minds remain intact (for at least a bit longer), making every woman's mental decline a scarier and rockier process than merely just slowly forgetting the state capitals or how to read.

How every woman's mind might fall apart would probably change somewhat every time it happens, too, so one day a woman's mental decline might start with her losing every bit of education she's ever had beyond the 8th grade and forgetting her own name, though a few days later if she's forced to lose her faculties again, it might start with her keeping her higher brain functions but forgetting her how to walk upright and talk, causing even more panic inside her brain as it realizes it's collapsing in on itself.

Of course, all of this is complicated by a rising desire to fuck like an animal, though the whole process is a bit more horrifying and realistic than a simple bimbofication.
I like bimbos that are kinda dumb and ditzy, not legit retards that stopped developing mentally when they were 5
You have a point, it would basically be working in reverse on feminists.

Yeah, this would be more temporarily turning women into animals/pets/livestock (at least from a mental POV) rather than just dumb, silly bimbos.

I suppose that after this fetish is globalized, even the proudest feminists would have to start wearing unremovable bracelets/collars (or something) containing their name and address in case they get lost outdoors after having their intelligence completely stripped away.
Females now release 2 eggs during their menstrual cycle, guaranteeing twins every pregnancy.

Only, something as changed amongst females...

Fertile females now have a bizarre tendency to get close to one another, usually around close friends, to the point where they actually merge together! Depending on the type of merger, some strange effects can be noticed.
>Consenting merger
The new form has all the heads of those conjoined. Their shared reproductive system now releases 2 additional eggs per fused person (pic will have at least sextuplets). Each head retains their own memories and knowledge. All merged persons have to agree upon a form.
>Forced merger
The dominant female absorbs the victim, their memories and knowledge, except for the victim's lower body (ex: after absorbing one female, the dominant woman will have 2 separate vaginas, 4 legs, etc) This can be arranged in anyway the dominant woman wants.
>Accidental merger
When two or more females run into each other too hard, they may fuse together! If their personalities conflict, their merger will be bizarre and uncomfortable. If their personalities compliment each other, they will perfectly blend together, forming a slightly taller, attractive form. However, they will lose a majority of their memories and knowledge
File: 1425299607803.jpg (214KB, 770x1191px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
214KB, 770x1191px
A real sadistic sonofabitch releases a virus into the world that slowly transforms women into any one of the variants of circus monstrosities you see in Todd Browning's Freaks.

There's little about the results that are sexy, as women gradually find themselves turning into dwarves, amputees, pinheads, conjoined twins, stork women, dog women, grotesque mermaids, etc.

Even worse, when transformed women (or women who are in the process of transforming into freaks) run across an uninfected woman, the freaks will be compelled to chant "ONE OF US, ONE OF US" while chasing that woman down and infecting her with the virus as well.

The end result is, after several years, every woman on the planet being some kind of sad, circus-worthy mess.
I'm the guy that wrote that, and yeah, just throw that in. It'd be far more convenient for everybody. Imagine the hell if every woman's menstrual cycle aligns; chaos that Cao Cao couldn't end.
Can't see why not.
You bastard.
File: huh 30.png (153KB, 1173x920px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
huh 30.png
153KB, 1173x920px
I understand that it fits with the globalized fetish, but Bimbo May's dialog is cringe-worthy. An actual bimbo would speak mostly in "like"s, "um"s, and profanity.
This... I don't know how to feel about this, and nether does my boner.

Here's something from the last thread. Bump.
File: huh 31.png (136KB, 1175x469px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
huh 31.png
136KB, 1175x469px
Dammit! I meant this one.
I should also add that for every pregnancy, no matter how many babies come as a result, there will never be more than 2 males born from that pregnancy

File: 1419621376250.jpg (157KB, 800x450px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
157KB, 800x450px
I've always liked animal-headed women, but I'm not exactly how it should be best applied to a globalized fetish scenario.

Maybe women find themselves slowly turning into animals from the neck up? Or maybe it happens without warning while they sleep? Should women retain their human minds locked away inside their new animal heads, or do women lose all of their humanity along with their human heads?

Even worse, you could just simply swap the heads of all women with 3.5 billion animals, so that women everywhere suddenly find themselves foraging in the wild...
i love your idea
Would you guys agree to making public nudity for all reproductive-aged women mandatory if it means having so see all fat/ugly women naked as well?
I varies where you live. If you're in Sweden or Japan you'll probably be fine, but here in Burgerstan I don't think the ratio would be very favorable.
File: Batgirl gagged2.jpg (168KB, 850x1076px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Batgirl gagged2.jpg
168KB, 850x1076px
So for some reason, women everywhere now have the urge to become superheros. They either gain superpowers or become incredibly athletic to keep up. Fortunately, they also become extremely clumsy and air headed which gets them in trouble more often than but fun predicaments only.
you would get bored with the nudity rather quickly, believe me. One of the most interesting things about women is the fact they make us use our imaginations.

A better fetish (if I may) would be to have women all over the world "ache" to show their sexy bits, but be burdened by their modesty. Result would be lots of cleavage and pretty blushes, and women subtly spreading their legs while wearing short skirts, etc. Much more exciting.
File: 186262828222.jpg (199KB, 800x1287px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
199KB, 800x1287px

Sure, especially if it's also mandatory that women stick to their daily routines in public life after the public nudity laws are enacted, so women can't just sudden;y decide to hide at home for the rest of their lives in order to protect their modesty.

Maybe if a woman goes more than 3 days without being out and about in public, she becomes subject forced 24-hour service as a public decoration/statue?

And in order to make sure that these laws work everywhere like >>6068818 pointed out, women's bodies also become magically impervious to extreme heat and cold, though they still feel those extremes in temperature - women just won't get sick or freeze/pass out from never having access to clothing ever again.

Anyway, my idea: all women between the ages of 18 and 35 wake up tomorrow with their bodies elaborately tattooed and pierced in a way that would've taken thousands of dollars and hundreds of man-hours to otherwise produce, with every woman's body mods unique to her body and designed to compliment that body as much as humanly possible.
Vore: Women would be the dominant gender on Earth. Men and the weak would need the protection of women to stop from being eaten alive in the streets. Male and female sex slaves would likely be very common in order to have protection.

Beauty standards would change as well, as being fat would be a sign of power and a marker for how many people a woman has eaten. Immobility would be the highest sign of power, but also put them at risk of being eaten by other women.

There would also be a much smaller global population.
File: 1409701693422.gif (2MB, 320x240px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 320x240px
Women all over the world can do this.
>There would also be a much smaller global population.

As in less people or literally smaller?

Do what? Appear in a single episode of a surprisingly okay animated series based on a Disney movie that was poorly adapted from much interesting source material, and then literally never be metioned again?
He probably means transform themselves.
all women now have Little Donny Disease
what exactly does that entail?

What if on top of that "ache", every woman also needs to perform a long, slow, tortuous tease-to-orgasm for a male they aren't sexually involved with (though that male can be a stranger, friend or, as a lest resort, a family member) at least once a day, or else that woman become subject to some kind of even worse punishment than feeling compelled to act like a whore every day for men.
Stole this from another anon, but I love the idea

"All girls of sexual age grow to between 8 and 14 feet tall, become more muscular (but in a feminine manner), have their breasts triple to sextuple the size, become so strong that the act of lifting 10 million tons is equivalent to lifting a milligram, so intelligent that the current combined mental power of mankind multiplied a thousandfold would be like that of a child to them, complete invulnerability and voices that can hypnotize men into doing whatever the woman desires.

Also, past the age of 20 aging would not continue.

This fetish would be sexier for me were it a slow shift rather than instantaneous though. Imagine a power lifter waking up to discover his once petite gf towering over him and able to overpower him with her pinky while teasing him with a soft voice that holds enough power to shake the house, or a genius mathematician being stumped by an incredibly complex problem only for it to be solved effortlessly by a passing bimbo"
File: uk4814fs33wc1.png (1MB, 1200x848px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1200x848px
Saw this idea mentioned in the hyper pregnancy thread and I can't stop thinking about how hot/fucked-up it would be:

All childbearing-aged women become spontaneously knocked up with a litter of piglets.

These litters of piglets cannot be aborted and, when born, result in young that are indistinguishable from piglets born from real sows, though what to do with these billions of piglets becomes a topic of global debate.

Some crazy women regard the piglets that've spawned from their bodies as their real "children", while many more women are justifiably disgusted by the whole unwanted mess and want nothing to do with the piglets once they've been born, though on average most women view their unnatural offspring as the dumb animals they are despite feeling a weirdly maternal connection to them that most men simply cannot fathom.

In the end, though, practicality wins out and most of the piglets end up being used for food and most women are glad to have the whole mess behind them, unaware that they're all doomed to repeat the same process again in 5 years' time, and will continue to repeat the process until they hit menopause...
Rather than something that happens to our planet, I was stewing over a scenario:

>In the year 2084, the governments of earth have begun another space race at the height of the 2nd Cold War, which has flung humanity across the stars. One day, a NATO probe detected sentient life on a planet similar to ours. Under deep secrecy, an investigation was launched. After intercepting communications, it was uncovered that the inhabitants were practically just like us; The only difference was that, they ate each other in unintelligible quantities and in the most obscene ways.

tl;dr We discover and observe a Vore planet.

The planet's people are evenly divided amongst human-like men, women and futas. They can oral/anal/cock/breast vore and unbirth. Rare individuals can do things like navel vore and so on. All of them at any age are able to consume metric tons of people whole, but they rarely do so due to the risk of being immobile (they usually only do it for TV game shows). They normally eat another person once or twice a week. Due to sustain the population, women and futas spend much of their life heavily pregnant, easily spawning quintuplets or more on a regular basis (Although the pregnant are a delicious snack, as are newborns should the mother get too hungry). Needless to say, hardly anyone dies of old age. Their culture is sex based, with entertainment and porn being the most visible industries. But behind the scenes, lay a secret society of incredibly intelligent and powerful organizations that keep the world running and functioning under their thumb.

The planet still seems to have much in material wealth and is practically identical to earth in terms of atmosphere. What should we do? What if the SCO already knows of this planet?
Does the planet have a military? Are they one world government or several? How powerful is the secret society?

Bonus if whatever turns every woman into a piglet factory also makes them immune to any and all reproductive illnesses and cancers to ensure that every of-age female is guaranteed to breed no matter what.

Funny to think of women eventually realizing that they've somehow been made immune to so much disease (that even the most cancer-laden women would find themselves suddenly cured and impregnated along with all other women would be the first sign something extra is going on) and debating whether or not such a "miracle" was worth the price of being forced to birth animal young against their will.

Of course, little do they know that the price for that immunity is even steeper than they imagined until they all start swelling up again in exactly 5 years.
Every city and/or town suddenly has a portal to another dimension just inexplicably open in the center of it. Any obstruction to the free movement of ordinary citizens into and out of these portals is immediately neutralized or destroyed, so anyone who wants to go in can.

These portals all lead to self-contained dungeon realms of various shapes, sizes, and designs, but all have one thing in common:
Potions of extreme power are found within them, randomly placed in infinite quantities such that every day the whole labrynth is reconfigured and new potions placed via some unknown mechanism.

These potions are cryptically labelled transformation potions, to various extents. Oftentimes the effects of the potion are contained in an unsolvable riddle engraved, laser-etched, or just printed on a label on the bottle. The most complicated ones are the most common, followed by ones that might take the average person a whole day to figure out and rarely, guarded by a dungeon-themed monster, are troves of clearly labelled potions (like literally they have iconographic images of their effects on them like a picture of a bra with a plus sign and growth lines around the bra to signify breast expansion). It's up to people to figure out how to defeat the monster guards, if at all, and how to divide the spoils, but this does become a regular sport and many rich people will hire entire mercenary squads to go crusading through the dungeons, hunting monsters for their potions.

File: 1422822068422.jpg (990KB, 750x1050px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
990KB, 750x1050px
If you were given the power to transform every woman on the planet in any way you like (barring giving them dicks, turning them into futa or making them men), what would you choose?
In truth, every potion in the labyrinth corresponds to a person in the real world that has masturbated or had intense thoughts about their fetish. The more macrofags there are, the more growth/shrink potions there will be, for example, at the expense of other kinds of potions, though there will always be enough that nobody forms their own global masturbation campaigns to seed the dungeons. Geographic location matters, so masturbating to your fetish is going to only affect your town, mostly.

Every potion takes a moderate amount of time to take effect: about 1 minute, though one can add "lengthening" or "shortening" potions in order to speed up or slow down the effect.

As an added side-effect, every single potion tastes absolutely sublime, though mild enough that picky eaters can stomach it, with the flavor themed so that a feminization potion might taste like strawberry.

Every potion is colored the exact same thing: light, translucent pink that glows softly in low-light conditions, so that nobody can tell what each potion liquid does as soon as it is poured into another container. This has led teenagers and adults into inventing "Truth, Dare, or Shots," where one person pours three shot glasses full of potion they select, with one being the transformation that the drink-ee chooses. Then they either drink one or all of them.

Entering the dungeon rewards one with a normal potion that reverses most transformations and the ability to teleport out, for safety reasons.
every woman starting at very young age develop massive muscles, they are bigger than any male roid monster, but all act like is the most normal thing, they dont even get extra strenght, just the muscles.
they all become yandere for whatever man is closest to them at the time of yanderification

i expect there to be a lot of overlap
This would actually be really really interesting (Though moreso if there were significantly more girls than guys in the world). 10/10 world would live in.
Women can be impregnated by any creature that has semen and can penetrate them, and the result of the pregnancy has a small chance of being just an animal or just a human, but a very large chance of being a hybrid of the two. In addition, sex is not seen as an unusual/gross thing by the general public anymore, and there's near constant sex going on in public.

If this were to come to pass, then I'd also like to drastically increase the chances of women being fucked by animals (or at least being artificially inseminated by animal semen).

Maybe replace their periods with 3-4 days of heat where women lose their human minds and suffer an uncontrollable to to fuck (or be fucked by) an animal?
Would everyone really be down with every woman on the planet being processed and canned like in OP's Canned Peaches excerpt?

Because that would be hot as fuck.
File: eldritch girl.jpg (133KB, 481x680px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
eldritch girl.jpg
133KB, 481x680px
Women no longer have periods. Instead, women only become fertile once a month in place of said period.

The catch? While they do become fertile, they also temporarily mutate into eldrich abominations such that the Dr. Dinosaur sex ed spiel (you know the one) is literally the best sex ed can offer.

After a woman does become pregnant she will stay mutated a little longer and then, of course, lay an egg.

And for the heck of it: eating a tiny bit of your eggshell temporarily raises both libido and IQ by about 50% for a day. For men it also makes their dick longer and prehensile, which is sometimes needed to actually reach likely orfaces for some of the more extreme female mutations. A bit more, as in overdosing, can cure illnesses.
The obvious answer is to make contact and announce all of humanity's intent to submit as a willing livestock race.
probably not. Although the people with the power probably have a security force of some sort. No guns amongst the common people
Several, but no one seems to really adhere to a government or country in any other sense than a group of people to pay taxes to. Otherwise, It would seem like different countries just blend into one homogenous confederacy.
>How powerful is the Secwet Society?
Very powerful. Very Brave New World like.
But how would you transport all those people across the galaxy?
File: 1427474506064.jpg (89KB, 1280x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
89KB, 1280x1280px
Cowgirls, duh.
there's always cunts like you talking about rape culture

but here I am, thirsting for some sadistic rape sex scenes, and I can find none


I always wonder what would happen if we all woke up tomorrow with laws stripping women of their human rights/legalizing rape.
Probably less than you think, most laws are a reflection of societies social laws, not prescriptive behaviour.

I know, but I'm more thinking about not just random laws being passed, but guys everywhere somehow being brainwashed into making rape culture a literal thing overnight.

Imagine a zombie apocalypse story, but instead of everybody being worried about being eaten, it's women fighting guys who are being turned into rapists by some unknown force.
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