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Futa anal/ejaculation

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I'm in the mood tonight /d/. How do you prostate orgasm?

I want to know this as well. Been trying for a long time but never got it.
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I've gotten close. damn close. I'm gonna do it tonight.
Great thread guys
There's no best method, there are so many factors intervening into the way to the big-O, it would be easier to teach people individually
So I only have a few advice:

It seems that some guys have a less sensitive prostate than others. In any case, masturbating numbs your prostate, so you have to stop all sexual activity for a few days before your anal session, it is ESSENTIAL

Using your fingers is the best way to find your prostate, to find the right spot. Everyone has a different "right spot"

Find the best position for you, the most comfortable and the most effective pleasure-wise. Everyone has a different best position
Same thing for the toy you use

The idea is not to fuck your anus (even if this feels good) but to fuck your prostate. Angle your toy so you firmly rub and massage it. Don't hurt yourself though

Haste and impatience will ALWAYS cause failure
Having something on your mind, a bad day, grief, stress, exams, nervousness, will most likely cause failure

You have to completely rewire your brain: you don't cum with your dick anymore, you cum with your ass. Literally. You don't even need to have an erection to cum anally. To use a gross comparison, just see your ass as a vagina, you have to fuck it til it cums and spasms. This is probably the most difficult part. Because of all the psychological barriers. You have to accept the idea (with its share of guilt, shame, fear) that you're going to cum extremely hard, with a different part of your body. You have to let go physically AND mentally. The amount of concentration it demands is pretty high

Just because your first anal orgasm was disappointing, it doesn't mean the next one will be

And finally: Practice makes perfect. It took me 5 years between my first finger and my first anal orgasm. And 7 years later I still have times where it just "doesn't happen" and I have to finish myself jerking off

also >>5749982 tell me how it went
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Just curious, anal newbie here, but what should you do to prepare for a prostate massage? Would it be a good idea to lay down some towels or something in my "anal play area"? Also, what does an anal orgasm feel like in comparison to a normal male orgasm?

Thank you for your time /d/
I've tried with a sharpie, but I have only pre-cummed.

Sometimes the sharpie hurts and I kind of have to begin from zero.
Of course you better put some towels around, it's gonna get messy believe me. There's gonna be precum, semen, lube and... maybe even some strange fluids from your ass you don't wanna know about...

Preparation: take a big dump, take a shower, relax, know that you'll have to devote a few hours to it, no disturbance, no interruption, stop thinking about the rest of the world

The normal male orgasm feels like this: a rush of pleasure in your dick, then it spasms a few times while pumping semen.
The anal orgasm feels like this: the rush of pleasure is in your prostate and your ass, it's so strong and overwhelming you kinda blackout, then the pleasure radiates in your whole body as it loses its intensity. Your ass starts spasming a few times, making your dick (which at this point should be in a semi erection) gush semen hands-free.

how does it hurt? does it hurt your anus, or inside of your ass?
You guys are trying too hard. I can ride a dildo and cum hands free in less than 10 minutes if im not careful.
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Done it once, but it was a combination of situation and stimulation. Wife and I were in Japan and had always wanted to do the love hotel thing. She was in a school girl costume with a strap on and the set up was so hot that I came just from her fucking me.
FUUUUCK! I just came for THE REAL first time!
I had cum from anal estimulation before but this... im still cumming from the past 20 minutes. Even i already got dry, im still having involuntary and strong spasm. I think i had an attack at the beautifull moment but im still like a tremor jelly.
So, now my bed is full of pee, cum and my sweat, now how do i stop this?
ok, it last long 30 mins. I had to jerk off myself to try to release again. Nothing came off untill a long 10 minutes. so, moral of the history:
Do this while been alone or youre gonna mess up something. Well, now i cant move
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wait... you're telling me you've HAD an anal orgasm without an erection? do you ejaculate? does your ass actually spasm? entirely free from your cock?

I always figured an "anal" orgasm was due to the indirect pressure to your cock. and I've had some pretty amazing orgasms from indirect pressure (most of which didn't involve my anus). if what you're saying is true, I can't even imagine how amazing it must feel.
Yes, technically (and from what I feel) an anal orgasm is my prostate orgasming from direct stimulation. I don't need to be in erection since all the pleasure is inside my ass.
What happens is when my prostate starts orgasming and spasming, my cock gets in a semi erection really fast just before gushing semen. This ejaculation is caused by the anal spasms, not my cock.

And yes it feels amazing...
for me, I actually piss myself when getting fucked in the prostate.
After a while, the pee is replaced by cum
have you tried taking a piss before starting
Prostate orgasm is only achievable by ddgrading your mindset to that of bitch.

Do this by jerking off to sissy porn vids featuring males dominating women

Warning: may cause side effects like depression, anxiety, antisocial behaviour, loss of self esteem and sometimes suicide.
Also it really helps to use toys and liquid aromas.

Heat type loquid aromas at adult stores are crazy aphrodisiacs. Anythinf taboo becomes super hot. You think weed is goos? This stuff is off the chain.

I only just managed to break the habit. I would use strong heat aromas or isopropyl nitrite, tight cock rings and toys.

threw out all my toys maybe a month or two ago. Havent synthesised any isopropyl nitrite in a while now.

It made me anhedonic.nothing was as good as nitrites and shemale, trap and sissy porn. I lost my sense of humour. I became very socially awkward. Now i have stopped..

everyrhing is awesome again.
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I'm at my cabin right now making wooden spheres from oak trees which will later be strung together to make a chain of anal beads. Cant get enough of it, even though i have a girlfriend and socially capable in every way. Havent got the guts to tell her yet, dunno if i ever will. Anyone had any experience in making their own toys?
It's all too possible.
Warning 3dpd: http://www.xvideos.com/video747608/xx_sio_xx_crossdresser_sio45
if you don't have a toy intended for anal use there is better choices than sharpies.
I used candles before I brought my first toy
oh god you cannot imagine how many times I searched for a video like that, and how many times I thought of making one myself
I want to show my little slutass having an orgasm so people can jerk off to me, I want to moan and beg like a sissy thinking about all these loads being shot just for me

Pay attention how at first there's a big leak, that's when his prostate start orgasming and stiffening and a lot of semen just leaks because of mere total relaxation of the body. Then the orgasm turns into anal spasms and more cum is shot out of the prostate in 2 or 3 spurts.

When I see him cumming like that I see myself, it's just so fucking hot, I need a cock in my ass so bad right now...
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I couldn't do it 'til I got a cage put on my dick and got trained how
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I feel like I could do it if I really tried, I've come close a few times. The thing is, from reading other people's experiences and seeing >>5760551
It might sound retarded, but I'm kinda scared of getting erectile dysfunction. The idea of being aroused and having a limp dick is sending off alarms in my head.
Believe it or not but I have bigger erections since I started anal stimulation (7 years and counting)

You know this special erection you get only once or twice a year? you're so hard you can actually see that your dick is bigger than usual? well I have those regularly now, and much more often than when I was an anal virgin teenager.
It's like the prostate orgasm makes you more relaxed in the crotch area, more receptive to pleasure and sensations. Less anal if you will (pun not intended).
I guess your approach was very different
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I had my first prostate orgasm today, and I didn't even intend on masturbating in the first place. I just thought about playing around a bit and got really fucking horny out of nowhere.

Last week I had discovered that sitting on a chair with my dildo in and just riding it worked really damn well to stimulate my prostate. So far that was the closest I had gotten to an anal orgasm. I have this glass dildo with an angled head on one end that I had inserted, since I figured the angle would work my prostate better. The problem was it kept flipping so it wasn't even pointed at my prostate. I was grinding the thing for at least an hour experiencing all sorts of different sensations I hadn't felt before until I grew tired and just jacked off to finish. I knew I was so fucking close though.

So back to today, I went and washed myself, then put on these long johns that are practically yoga pants. I put them on backwards though so I could just slide my dildo in through the hole. Makes less of a mess that way, no lube all over the place, plus wearing tight stuff makes me feel hornier during. I did the same technique as last week except I used the opposite end of my dildo, which is just a normal head, almost a ball.
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I was riding it and it felt great. I was feeling the same sensations as before, these waves of pleasure deep in my groin, my thighs and ass were involuntarily twitching from time to time. My dick was oozing precum. A wave of pleasure similar to when you're about to climax washed over me and went away, same thing I have felt before. I think about 10 minutes passed when I started to grind the dildo. I would kinda press my ass down onto the chair and into the back of it, which really pressed on my prostate. I was grinding it like this for only a few minutes before I could feel the pressure start to build. I tried to keep my rhythm steady as best as I could before I got that "holy shit" moment I bet everyone who was about to have a prostate orgasm felt. I came real quick and tried to keep stimulating it but everything was so fucking sensitive I had to stop. There was less cum that I was expecting, and I wasn't reduced to a heaving mess that could barely move, but I definitely had to take a minute or 2 to gather myself. And it was no doubt the strongest orgasm I've ever had.

I took the dildo out and just chilled for a few minutes. I couldn't believe I actually had a prostate orgasm considering this was only my 3rd or 4th time trying to achieve one. I had fucked myself numerous times beforehand, but only tried to directly stimulate my prostate a few times. Makes me feel bad for the guys that take literally years to achieve one.

Now I'm excited as fuck to have another, since I got a whole technique down and whatnot. It's hard to keep a steady rhythm once your heart starts to beat harder and you have to breath deeper. Or at least that's what happens to me after direct stimulation after a few minutes.
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Could you describe how it felt in your ass when you came? it's what turns me on the most...

Also may I suggest next time you try on all fours. We all have a favorite position but I observed that when I fuck my ass on all fours (I don't grind on the dildo, I use my hand) my orgasm is the most intense and I ejaculate more semen.

The only time I ever got even remotely close to having an anal orgasm I was using the handle of a knife (obviously without the blade) to stimulate myself. I found it very effective due to the upwards turn it made towards the end. I'm surprised to see it's possible to come using even just the fingers. Do you think a beginner would be able to do so as well or do you think using a toy of some sort is actually gonna make a big difference? If so, is there anything specific you feel like recomending?
it's easier with an object, your fingers will get tired too fast
My aneros (helix) is coming in the mail today, waiting is killing me
You must have an incredibly sensitive prostate and a lot of experience
I envy you and your ass
tell us what happened you little slut ;)
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