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Trap game

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I am going to make a new one of these. Last thread didn't last long. What do you think I should add?

I like the idea of more specific sex acts.
Okay. I'll bite.
Thinking about adding a jobs category. Going from somthing like secretary to prostitute?
here we go
are these even allowed here? I thought this type of post is only allowed on /b/
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what this guy said. I wish it didn't involve post numbers since then it be allowed.
>1 credit
>every hat ever made
>millions upon millions of pounds of material
>only 1 credit
dear god yes
I read the rules and I thought it didn't really breach them.
It's not really a thread for playing it though. It's just a what would people want in it.

It's been here for a bit now so I guess it's up to the moderators now.
Well, let's give it a shot
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It's something I've been tempbanned for. I actually emailed in saying that it should be added to the rules, but got no response or change to the rules in response.
Rollan it up.
I'll roll.
posting the pic itself isn't against the rules..
Spammy roll posts are
Posting the pic is, in my experience, considered "Encouraging shitposting"

at least that's what the mod was screaming at me
So is everyone just going to roll or is anyone going to suggest anything? Here i'll start.
One of the owners could be a pet lover that puts you in a bitch suit and makes you act like an animal.
Rollin bumb
Maybe choose who you are going to be like a body swap
Maybe add a way to get multiple owners that isn't "Sex Slave"?
I was under the impression that you could choose as many as you like, but if you took sex slave, you need to choose at least three.
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New owner could be a muscled trap.

He would make you work out while sissyfying you.
Maybe add a Gym or a pool you can buy?
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-Remove: Curse, Tentacles, VR, Succubus
-Add: STD's, Regulations/Rules of the house

I know this is /d/ but I want this "TV-Program" in real life!

How is this?
"Choose at least one owner. Each owner would get 3 hours to do whatever they like with you. Choose wisely, stricter owners mean more points"


Great. On the list.


I see where you are coming from, but part of the fantasy is the slightly unrealistic elements that are in it. I may do two: an unrealistic one and a more realistic one.

Also. I really want this to be real aswell. It would be good to go on it.
This is supposed to be a TV show, right?
Maybe add weekly games you can do for prizes?
Buying the games should still cost some points, though.
I thought that aswell. I didn't want to overcrowd it so i might make it once a month and list all of them. You pay 10 points to get all of them. Each one you complete earns you say $10,000. You could opt out of some you just wouldn't get the prize.
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learn the difference between affect and effect
2/10 killed my boner
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Roll using random.org you cancerous shits.
This seems fun, rawl.
File: sl2.jpg (1MB, 1280x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>for an water enema
>an water
>an board/card game
also, hooray for strip pathfinder. it's actually rather fitting for the part of the wrath of the righteous adventure path where you're in nocticula's realm
horribly unbalanced

Having to wear a condom when having sex is 6 credits while permanent chastity is only 5?
Also you have horrible grammar, spelling mistakes and furry shit.
I didn't make it, I just filled it out.

I really only put that one up as an example. as this guy says >>5492242, I don't want to encourage shitposting.

Also I didn't create these i'm just a fan wanting to create their own.
sorry, meant to reply to >>5492454
that wasn't even remotely necessary, your poorly disguised roll fools no-one.
Bring it
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Did I do well?
File: 1366445466983.jpg (192KB, 590x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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rolling, also glad you posted the fixed version and not the version where half the punishments kill you, only one non-gay master option, and you had to pay 20+ point just to have a bathroom if you don't pick the cheapest option.
lets play
Y'all niggas gonna get bant.
Eh, why not. Roll.
Didn't roll on here but used random.org like the damned image says to. My results are as follows:

Start 25 25

Double Down 30 55
Hormones 05 60
Enema 02 62
GloryHole 05 67
Milking 05 72
Corset 07 79
Pet Play 04 83
Butt Plug 10 93
(Do pet play and butt plug collide? Just make the Tail plug bigger or more exotic?)

Futa Dom 15 108

Cook For Hire -10 98

Lux Bathroom -20 78
Cosmetics Kit -02 76
Essentials Kit -05 71

Lingere -03 68
Audience Favs -08 60
Footwear -02 58
Wedding Dress -01 57
Accessories -01 56
Hats -01 55

Clean Dungeon -15 40

This is where I have conflicts of interest and make sacrifices for bonuses.

IF PC ALLOWS FOR PC GAMES, MUSIC, MOVIES, EBOOKS, AND NON RUNNING TV SHOWS AS STATED (Pirated since I assume I have no money but the show protects me form legal reprecussions)

Curse 10 50
Bad Sissy 05 55
Milk Saucer 15 70

Drugs -25 45
Computer -35 10
Toy Chest -10 00

Curse 10 50
Bad Sissy 05 55
Milk Saucer 15 70
Gagged 10 80

Drugs -25 55
Ent System -30 25
Toy Chest -10 15
Creative Kit -15 00


Same as above but I'd be freaking pissed off that there is no way for me to read books.

There's also a couple of other things I'd like to be able to clarify before I finalised, such as: Can you use webcam/chatroom and such services on the Computer? How about Skype? Am I allowed to make money during my stay through things such as artistic creation or online striptease as a sort of allowance for online spending if piracy without punishment is not an option?
Is it worth swapping out my futa dom and Creative Kit for Public Casting Call and the 1 mil bonus?

I spent way too much time one this but it was so exciting thinking of all the results.
God damnit 4chan my formatting...

... Rolling...
>I am going to make a new one of these. Last thread didn't last long. What do you think I should add?

Remove the game show element, it adds nothing.

Add a jobs category.

Add points for acting, dressing in certain ways.
Sauce of that pic? for reasons.....
One of my favourite comics by one of my favourite artists. Hope you enjoy :3
Starting credits- 74

Succubus; +30

Corset; +7
Curse; +10
Hormones; +5
Sleep in Bondage; +10

Total Credits- 136

Home- Latex Lounge; -55

Clothes- Lingerie; -3
Audience Favorites; -8
Fetish Chest; -5
Footwear; -2
Wedding Dress; -1
Hats; -1

Entertainment- Entertainment System; -30
Food- Cook for Hire; -10

Cosmetics Cupboard; -20

92... shit thats a lot

I could go boring and make out like a bandit.

92 - Start
62 - Apartment (30)
52 - Cook (10)
27 - Computer (35)
2 - Closet (25)
2 - Fellow Contestant (0)

So me and some guy basically hang out watching youtube videos for a year.
>>5492088 Non-Dom options. Not everybody is into BDSM and some more odd choices might be interesting.
I'll roll
OK, lets do this.
Apartment: -30
Cook for Hire: -10

Toy Chest: -10
Entertainment System: -30

Hygiene Essentials Bag: -5

Lingerie: -3
Fetish Chest: -5

Engineer Dominatrix: +15

Daily Enema: +2
Bad Sissy: +5
Pet Play: +4
Butt Plug: +10
Curse: +10
Sleep in Bondage: +10
Tentacles: +20

Oh woo is me, suck a terrible year I will have.

I also find it funny that most of the punishments are things I do or have as a reward. XD
Here I go!
hurf durf
Sod it, may as well roll.
File: Roll_1.jpg (2MB, 2500x1978px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Average day:
>Wake up to an orgasm, due to a sex dream.
>Bound, I am forced to wait until someone come and untie me before I can clean the mess.
>As soon as I am free from the ropes, they remove the buttplug I had in all night to give me an enema.
>They put the plug back in and start spanking me because their crazy sex show didn't had enough viewer last night.
>They put back the cat ears on my head and screw back the cat tail on my buttplug
>They bring a cat bowl with a 12" sub I choose before going to bed last night.
>They strap a collar around my neck and leash it to the desk of clean dungeon.
>As I eat my subway I get the after taste of the hormones they give me in order that I become a trap.
>Once i'm trough eating, they remove the leash, but they let me collared and I finally can go clean myself in my whirlpool bath
>Once clean, I can dress up with in latex wear and a pair of shoes of my choosing
>Today I choose sneekers in order to give my feet a rest from the high heels I tried westerday
>I then start searching for good TV shows until I get bored
>Once bored, I find a game I wanna play some music to keep me in the mood and i play until 8PM
>At this time, they knock at my door and I have to be ready to leave; the real show is starting
>They bring me on stage where my dominatrix is already waiting for me
>For today's show I'll have to be standing up for the whole 4 hours; good thing I choose comfortable sneakers to wear
>She first tie my hand up in the air in order to keep me standing even if my legs can't support me anymore
>Leaving my legs free of any kind of bondage, she remove my buttplug with a big smile thinking about what she has planned for me

>She then bring vibrator stapped to a pole and proceed to put it in my ass
>Even though the vibrator is not on it is pushing on my prostate and giving a good sensation
>She then bring the pole a bit deeper pushing even harder on my prostate and making it hard to know if it is pleasent or painfull
>She screw to pole to the ground making sure it stay in place, turn the vibrator on and leave the stage in order to get more equippement
>Before she come back the intense stimulation on my prostate gives me an orgasm
>She then arrives with a onahole strapped on a fucking machine
>Giving me a disapointed look after seeing the cum on the floor she slaps me across the face leaving a burning red mark
>She then say: « Don't you ever dare cum while I'm offstage. I wanna see everything come out of you. Now if you excuse me we still have 3 hours and 53 minutes left before you can go. »
>She bring the onahole fuckmachine in front of me, screw it in the floor, put my penis in it and star it right away
>Leaving the stage again she repeat herself: « Don't you dare cum i'll be right back with a new toy. »
>Only 30 seconds after she got out of stage the pleasure is too much and I cum again
>This time the onahole sucking my penis keep giving me stimulation after I came and my body can't take it
>I start trying to get my penis out of the machine, but every time I move a little bit backward to pull it out, the vibrator pressing against my prostate prevent me from doing so

Agree. Jobs outside of play time would be a great idea.
File: 1396921958191.jpg (307KB, 1089x800px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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I really want to make a RAGs game out of this, but I'm not really sure how to translate it.
>My dominatrix then come back with another invention of her, but trying to get out of the situation I don't even look at what it is
>Before making me test her new machine, she come close with a loving look
>Out of nowhere she slaps me again on the same side of the face, but this time, even harder
>With tear starting to come out of my eyes due to the pain she says: « You don't learn very quickly do you? It doesn't really matter, I still have 10 months left to train you accordingly. »
>Looking at my small boobs she says: «Wow! Thoses hormones really act fast. By then end of the year you'll probably end up wearing DD bras. Do you think they can already be milked? »
>Her new invention is a female human milking machine
>She put my nipples in the suction tubes and screw the machine in the floor
>While doing so I cum again with tear starting to roll down my cheek from the burning pain of the two slaps I took
>Once the machine is secure in place she start it
>The suction in rythmic motion bring blood in my nipples making them more sensitive
>Even after an hour of cumming and crying no milk comes out
>My dominatrix, looking disapointed goes offstage and come back right away with nipple clamps
>She then tell me: « It's a shame they are not fully grown. I'll try milking them in another month, but in the meantime theses are gonna do the job even if it's not a machine. »
>Removing the machine sucking my nipple she clam then right away leaving a mix of pain an arousal due to the blood making my nipples more sensitive
>Not wasting a second, she then pull my head foward and tie the clamps to my collar in order to create a constant pulling motion
>If i dare move my head back up in a standing position the pulling motion becomes more intense giving nothing but pain
>I stay in this position for the 2 hours and a half left cumming over and over again slowly losing my mind in the confusion of pain and pleasure

Girly Room [50]
Private Maid [40]
Hygiene Essentials Bag [5]
Bath [8]
3*Sissy Slave [120]
Lingerie [3]
Footwear [2]
Fetish Chest [5]
Closet [25]
Computer [35]
Cosmetics Kit [2]
Hats [1]
Accessories [1]
Drugs [25]
Toy Chest [10]
Creative Kit [15]
Sweets [15]

Slave [-300] (3*Other Contestant)
Hormone Therapy [-5]
Surgery [-10]
Corsets [-7]

I shall be the lolidom. I shall be the Little Girl
>Finnaly midnight they release me, put the buttplug back in and bring me back to my clean prison cell
>I undress, leaving my dirty latex suit and my cat ears on the floor
>Then I go take a relaxing bath thinking about knee high latex boots I plan on wearing tomorow
>Exausted I fall on my bed almost falling asleep instantly but soemone comes in, remove my collar and tie me up before I can go to sleep
>Before they leave they ask me what I want to eat tomorrow and I think of pizza hut
>They then leave me alone, tied on my bed and I fall asleep thinking of the sexual nighmares to come and the possibility of getting spanked again tomorrow moring

I juste wrote this in an hour. I'm not english so don't be a grammar nazi, you're gonna die halfway through the text if you do. Hope you enyoyed!
So, I get turned into a cute girl, have someone instruct me on how to be a girl, have two dudes to fuck me all the time, and get all the cute clothes I like? Fucking sign me up.
starting credits - 77

owner: loli dom +17

curse: +10

girly room: -50
cook for hire: -10
audience favorites: -8
computer: -35
hats: -1
new punishment
>being used as breeding stock for monster or animal/human hybrid
>being human toilet
>being used as a taser tester
new homes
>dog house in prison yard
>dorm room in all boys school
>dorm room in all girls school with really mean girls
new food
>all semen diet
>tiny people
>live bugs
new entertainment
>spend your off time at space camp
new bonus
>become owner for next contestant
new owner
>whoever got the new bonus last
new hygiene
>lazer hair removal
>>being used as a taser tester
>being used as a taser tester


Apartment (19 credits remaining)
Private maid (-21)
Entertainment system (-51)
Essentials bag (-56)
Bath (-64)
Audience favorites (-72)

and now to get out of the deficit

Succubus (-42)
Curse (-32)
Milk saucer (-17)
Strip show (-7)
Gloryhole swallowing (0)

And they say math has no real-world applications.
lets see where this takes us
Rollin' for start credits.

- No roll system, give a fixed number.
- Some kind of free bath option, at some point no one wants to go near a horrible smelling sissy anymore, or watching her.
- More non-BDSM options regarding owners.
- Food cooked with cum, or with cum on/in it.
- Owner idea: muscle futa/shemale, after her daily training routine she will make you clean her sweaty body with your tongue before/after she reliefs herself dominating you clearly in bed. And it looks like she doesn't shave everything clearly.
- Chastity belts for different durations. Example: 2 Weeks -> belt will be removed after 2 weeks for one day. (Or maybe other devices to prevent you from cumming)
- Punishment: removal of all your teeth. A good sissy just have to pleasure with her mouth.
- >>5492675
Starting Credits: 80
Owner: Succubus +30
Daily Enemas +2
Gloryhole +5
Hormones +5
Surgery +10
Totals = 132

The Home: Girly Room -50
Food: Cook for Hire -10
Entertainment: Computer -35
Essentials Bag -5
Cosmetics kit -2
lingerie -3
Closet -25
Accessories -1
Hats -1

total = 132
File: 1394970174065.jpg (223KB, 600x650px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
223KB, 600x650px
-Pet options, or at least just letting sissy keep a dog
-Food option that makes you have to cook something voted on by the viewers/random if game show framing removed, ingredients and recipe provided.
-Yandere owner
>No roll system, give a fixed number.
>Some kind of free bath option
>More non-BDSM options regarding owners.
>Food cooked with cum, or with cum on/in it.
>Owner idea: muscle futa/shemale
Sounds like good ideas. I'll try to add them in.

>Punishment: removal of all your teeth
Not really a fan of this idea. It seems to specific, and only a very few people will want it.

>Chastity belts for different durations
Might be a bit difficult to put all the rules in without it looking overcrowded. Perhaps a compromise would be to have the audience vote for how long it stays on and you plead with them to take it off.

>Remove the game show element.
I personally like the game show element as I find it adds context to the game. It adds to the fantasy part of it. So I won't be removing it.
Blah blah blah
>Pet options, or at least just letting sissy keep a dog
>Food option
Good ideas. I'll try to add them in.

>Yandere owner
Not sure what you had in mind. i'll try to work out something.
I'm gonna head off soon, hopefully the thread is still here when I get back. Is there a way to get the post from the thread when it ends?
checking the archive
And where would that be?
/gd/ regular and learning game designer here.

I think I will give making one of these a chance, I'll save all this info a try to get one out in a month or so.

Thanks to all those who came before me for the motivation.
File: Sissy life 1.png (412KB, 2541x2041px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sissy life 1.png
412KB, 2541x2041px

Sweet, can't wait to play it.

A teaser of what i've got already. still not that far atm, just mining for images right now. If anyone wants to help out with that(including them with suggested ideas). that would be a great help. If there is anything that you think should change, let me know.

I'll create an update thread sometime later on.

These make me rock fucking hard but then I realize I'm a chubby guy with wide shoulders, a super masculine face and not a cute trap and then I lose it all.

If only ;_;
So I rolled on random.org and ended up with a 75. Not bad.

first off, right now, going for the special punishment. Sissy for the rest of my life, get three owners, and more time to be played with? Why yes, thank you very much.

that puts me at 375 credits. Not exactly sure what I am going to do with this, but whatever.

Owners: I'll go with rich gentleman (not a real sisy, I say, unless you have a real man taking advantage of you), futa dominatrix, and sissifying owner (I want to be the prettiest girl).

Punishments: I'll tkae the gloryhole, thank you very much, as well as hormones. Maybe tentacles too, I guess? Why not, that sounds nice.

I don't feel like adding the credits for those, so let's assume I have 380 credits.

Now, for clothes let's have closet and accesories, bringing me down to 354.

I'll live in the girly room, taking away 50 more credits, putting me down to 304.

I'll have the private maid, since she seems nice, and that sounds healthy. I want to stay fit for my masters. 264.

Entertainment. Computer, drugs, toy chest, entertainment system, creative kit, and sissy slave (I may want someone to cuddle). That should put me at 109?

For hygiene, I'll take cosmetics cupboard, luxury bathroom, and maid.

Sounds like a fun time.
File: 1376949662431.png (2MB, 1432x2020px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 1432x2020px
Never give up. You can if you are ready to.

I used to play football at 245 lbs and now I'm down 140 lbs. I'm still 6'0", but you can buy clothes and use make up that extenuate height and bone structure.

I used something like these to follow when I got started.
Laser hair removal sounds nice. Maybe the bimbofication too.

I'm not entirely sure I'm able to make the commitment. I'm pretty much entirely attracted to girls and just have a side attraction to traps, a little to dicks and literally none to regular manly men, but if I was a trap I would do this shit in a heartbeat.

May as well do my thing with 74.

>Base - 74
>Owner - Fellow Contestant
>Bonuses/Punishments - Daily Enema (76), Glory Hole (81) Double Down (111)
>The Home - Apartment (81)
>Food - Cook for Hire (71)
>Entertainment - Entertainment System (41)
>Hygiene - Essentials Bag (36)
>Clothes - Closet (11)

I guess I'll throw on the strip show and add the maid service as well. Unf.
I'm entirely attracted to girls myself; I've had one or two experiences with other guys but it's not quite my things.

Also, femdom's love femboys. Since most sub guys are unhealthy and overweight skinny femboys get picked up the moment they walk through the door.

>My mistress and I are coming up on 4 years. :)

I'm not really interested in a femdom either. It's probably just that I'm attracted to traps, I wish I was attractive, put the two together and bam, I wish I was a trap.

My situation is pretty weird I guess.
But not as uncommon as you might think.

So think on it, really only the first two week are challenging, after that it's just lots of fun and excitement.
Why not.
Starting Credits: 42
Sex Slave: +300
Owners: Futa Dom, Machine Dom, and Succubus (+65)
Punishments: Enema (+2), Milking (+5), Tentacles (+20)
Total: 432

Girly Room, Fast Food, Private Maid, Essentials Bag, Luxury Bathroom, Maid Service, Toy Chest, Entertainment System, Virtual Reality, Drugs, Computer, Sissy Slave, no clothes.

Who cares about the money, this is literally the perfect life. Bring it on.
Im a cd. does this diet really work? I am a chubby 220, I've picked up running and am up to about 2 miles as a base, with light weights after. I havent been able to lose the weight any more but i want so bad to get down to 160ish.
It does work, it just takes time. I hit a couple of walls every few weeks, but I just cut my calories for a few days and that put me back on track.
Double Down - 123
Hormones - 128
Tentacles - 153
Pet Play + Butt Plug (Tail is butt plug) - 169
Sissifying Owner - 179
Bad Sissy - 184
Luxury Apartment - 144
Private Maid - 104
Luxury Bathroom + Cosmetics Cupboard - 64
Closet - 39
Lingerie - 36
Accessories - 35
Computer - 0
Curse - 10
Surgery - 20
Creative Kit - 5
Footwear - 3
Hats - 2
Im currently doing carrots/celery in the morning. Salad in the afternoon, and usualy chicken and rice at night.

Got any recipes/food items to do?
>A taste of things to come

24 Hour Fantasy Porn Channel Actor Application:

Hi there, thank you for considering working with us here at the Fa.P. Channel family.

If you have always wanted a job you could love, and be loved for, you are looking in the right place. Here at Fa.P we have all the high tech luxuries and depraved fantasies you can imagine. Through advanced research and development, as well the latest in multi-dimensional technology, we have grown from a small upstart website with a client base of just a thousand subscribers to being the largest porn provider in existence, streaming live to an audience of over 12 billion dimension wide.

As a Fa.P. actor you will have a wide varieties of responsibilities to maintain; but thanks to the massive amount of demand we receive, most actors can be very specific in how they would like to please their audience. In this application you can choose from a list of fetishes and features you would like to partake in, however we do have a number of requirements that must be meet before an actor can be hired.

- Actors must sign a one year minimum contract for work.
- Actors must remain in a Fa.P. filming studio or controlled area 24 hours a day during their contract.
- Actors do not receive any days off for the duration of their contract.
- Actors who violate their contract will be fired and receive no compensation for their time spent working.

Please initial here to agree to the conditions of your employment. _____
Rice and beans with avocado and salsa is a personal favorite of mine.
>Your certain to end up screaming with pleasure!
File: Whore_Island_CYOA.jpg (2MB, 4100x3000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 4100x3000px
Fuckin finally one of these shows up. I decided to make a new once since there was only 3 I could ever find..... Hope ya like :D
Very nice. I would suggest renaming the "income" and "expense" boxes though, they sound like they're a recurring gain/loss. It took me a little while to figure they were just for how much you gain/spend. Maybe something like "earned" and "spent" instead?
Idea for this and all other random number based games: round to multiples of 5, have all items be in multiples of 5 (or cost 1)

easier headmath so no calculators are needed for fapping
>being used as a taser tester
So my fetish is shared by others.
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