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I'll start with a classic.
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Let's talk about clothes for crossdressing. (or just post your crossdressing pics)

When I crossdress I don't try and feel like a girl, I like to feel like a guy wearing girls clothes. So I don't use breastforms or underwear designed to hide the fact that I'm male.

Instead, I like thongs because they're tight and cover nothing up. Bras are great except often times they're too thick and I like to have my nipples played with, so that doesn't work, but swimwear does because it has less padding and is soft. Also fun are short skirts or things that are colorful/girly.

What are /d/'s favorite womens clothes/lingerie for crossdressing, and why?
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Previous thread >>6532557

Corrupted edition

Discuss lewd games, share your projects an have others critique them.
Post pictures (/d/ related preferably) to keep the thread alive.

Lose hope of making games here, and collaborate with others to not make games:

>/d/ Catalog:
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2nd for Defiler Wings being a fun game
To FC Dev:

can we get a difficulty harder than hard?

Only the beginning was any challenge. I eventually got to the point where i had more income growth than the rising costs.

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Can we get a monster thread going with more weird monsters?
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I must come clean /d/...
I love... hand holding
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That's not /d/.
you sick bastard
It is now.

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Futa Smegma, smelling and eating
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Because there's nothing hotter than something horrible worming its way into a girl's head, and either making her act like a slut against her will or simply taking over and using her body for its own lewd purposes.

Bonus points for sweet, innocent-faced or underage girls. Yes, there's something else behind little sis' eyes now, and it wants to play...
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if you want more you have to post more otherwise your thread will be deleted
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Possession is workable too.
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Post the good stuff
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trap thread!
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Can anyone explain the appeal of traps to me? Do you feel that liking traps implies that you're bisexual to some degree? Is it just one of those things with no explanation?
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if it's a proper trap its basicly a girl with a dick, but i don't know actually, it just appeals to me, don't know why or how but i like it
It is the effeminate feature, to me at least. And yes, I consider myself bi.

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Fat, inflated, pregnant, just male bellies of any kind
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Role-Reversal and Gentle Femdom General - Moar Pictures Edition

>related hentai
>monster girls
>general lewdness
>dojinshi recommendations
>anime/manga recommendations
>preferably recommendations that are on-topic
>friendly discussion

Previous Thread: >>6522928

>What is Role Reversal?

New Map:

Old Role Reversal Map:

FetLife Group

irc channel: irc.irchighway.net , #gfd

/rr/ and /gfd/ megapastebins:
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So what's being going on my friends
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Discuss and post related images:
What is the difference, in your opinion, between a Sub, a Pet, and Slave?
It's time for some more fun OP

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Warm Soft Melons Edition

Last thread: >>6528595

Remember to post all western content to >>>/aco/
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>best size in an anime in a long ass time
>animated growth
>shitty anime

what a world

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Based on DOT DOT DOTs Recent Things threads on /e/.
This is a thread for new content recently posted at the original source.

I personally will mostly post Futa, Trap, Monstergirls, Fat, and Giantess Images but everyone is welcome to post what they like, as long as it's recent, /d/ enough and the Image is from the original source (where the artist uploaded it).

Critique is welcome, since it's nice to know if it's even worth it to make these threads or not.
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So much mind control, but not enough body control.

Post all of your Body Control stuff here!
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found sauce if somebody wants :

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Does anyone know the name of this doujin?

It's a doujin where a trap finds some clothes in his house, it turns out they are all possessed and then force themselves on him, and then move him around against his will. He had an understanding childhood friend who helped removed the clothing from the main character.

It's vaguely like Material Girl, but was a one-shot manga. I need to find it, it is driving me nuts.
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specifically the catheter skin suit but anything related will do
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the futa element in this show is hot too
Im bunping out of interest

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