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Last Thread:

Thread for farts and burps, enjoy!

>Keep in variety, try not to post the same artist's work heaps of times in a row unless it's new stuff
>No furry (monster girls are allowed though) vomit or poop. Toilets are allowed if she's farting and we can't see any scat.
>Be kind.
>Try not to post art that isn't of decent quality
>Please don't post pictures with girls that have grotesque looking bodies.
>Having the images mix with a couple of separate fetishes is fine, as long as the main emphasis is on the gas itself.
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It's been a while since these have been posted. All by Octoboy.


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previous thread >>7365620

for humanly possible baby bulges. Hyper, futa and male pregnancy goes to their respective threads.
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Melting people, Merging people, Absorbing people, People losing form

Bring it all here, keep it /d/ and keep your deviantart sfw shit out.

Keep it lewd but not nessecarily nude. I wanna see those titters and penors merging as one
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Post any and all pictures of your favorite erotic voluptuous green girls.
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ITT: we look at cocks, possibly futa, that have been tied so much the subject cannot cum.

I don't have many examples.

Also, I do have a question.
Given for granted hentai art is unrealistic and has a fictional anatomy (e.g. magic drugs who reduce waiting time between male orgasms, etc.)...
...are there grounds behind the idea that you could tie and chastise a dick so that orgasm ensues but the person doesn't cum?

If that was the case, what would the damages be? I mean, aside from the obvious retrograde ejaculation... would there be troubles with blood vessels or something like that? How harmful would it be?

P.S.: I saw videos of cum stoppers IRL, but they are nowhere near what you see in the hentai. People cum... but the cum just leaks from the cum stopper.
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Post qt monster girls, especially qt spider girls. Especially especially qt jumping spider girls.

No futa or traps please

Previous Thread: >>7514837
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because I guess we can't have those anymore
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Post momdom.
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In what way is that momdom? That could be literally any woman.

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I want to discuss futanari and I'm afraid that if I do it on /a/ they will ban me.

A thread about the discussion of all things futa
to start off with the most important question

Sub or Dom futa?
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sub futa is weird

i want a dom futa wife who'll only ever pound me and tease me for being smaller. ;_;
This. Balls > no balls. I probably wouldn't even use the vagina so a dickgirl waifu seems more practical.
Yeah. Using her vagina would be weird.

I don't get the appeal of fucking futa.

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hairjob thread for all hairjob and hair fetish related things not related to pubic hair/hair cutting
last thread
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What do you think im doing, fag?

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Petplay Thread up in here.
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To try to keep socializing, drama and general faggotry off of /d/, we have created an external site, where many of /d/'s pets, subs, switches, doms and owners now reside! We also run and contribute to several other sites which you can get links to, from boorus to boards. Our site is:


It's built off of the /d/ community, and is an increasingly more open community, and was started by us as a way to help potential pets and owners on /d/ to meet, as well as a place to get advice about Petplay and BDSM or just get to know more about the kink! Whether you're just curious, well versed and experienced, or just beginning to explore BDSM and/or Petplay, all are welcome! Even if you have no real interest in Petplay and just want somewhere to discuss your favorite kink, come say hello.

We have a lot of lovely pets, and equally loving owners. Ever wanted to own a puppygirl IRL? What about a kittyboy? Ever dreamed of your owner cuddling you close and patting your head? Well we can't guarantee that'll happen but at least you're in the right place to meet someone!
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This thread is to post all kinds of weird vore from ANAL, DICK, ORAL to anything as crazy as NIPPLE, BREASTS(absorption), and even FEET(absorption).
Goo girls, monster girls, goo boys, monsters, tentacle vore, what have you. Post all weird vore and absorption you can find.
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Post futa/traps blowing themselves
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Girl whose breasts shrink or are stolen and given go the one who drained them
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Post all hyper-thick/curvy/big T&A that are too extreme to be real.
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