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Shrunken City Edition

Previous thread: >>6866646
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That's not where I left my glasses.
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Whens the sequel to Megadimension Neptunia VII. Gigadimension Neptunia X

Morning woods, unintentional autopaizuris, spontaneous erections, basically any pic of futanari being inconvenienced by their overwhelming needs and jazzed-up assets.

Captions are welcome.
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My little sister's thing can't be that huge and cum that much!

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Insects, sextoys and enemas are fair game.

I've never seen anyone with this fetish, but it sure is mine.
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Will dump.
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preferably a guy's dick
even better if there is a reaction or worship
english dirty talk is amazing too
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A normie insists that futa is gay
Give me your best arguments; Help me indoctrinate him, /d/!
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Why do you care? If it bothers you that much then you must really be a fag, m8m
futa is a girl with a dick
liking girls is gay
Sometimes, you don't want lesbian porn but still want twice the tits. The solution is futa

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I'll get the ball rolling with this.
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Old thread hit the bump limit
let's get this going again.
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I want a nursery full of adult babies, forced into infantilism. I want to see their faces filled with a mix of fear and over time increasing simplicity. I want to watch as they slowly learn to accept their new lives. Crawling on all fours, unable to achieve any kind of sexual satisfaction due to multiple layers of diapers, secured in a way they'll never be able to remove them by themselves. I'm not interested in changing dirty diapers, just the cosmetic appeal. A slave would be able to signal to me at any time that they need to go to the bathroom. That or perhaps i'd get a nanny dom to take care of that aspect if they regressed to a point where they couldn't control themselves anymore.

I would personally breastfeed them. I've measured myself able to produce up to 3.7L milk in total, but I'm pretty sure with a few babies driving my motherly nature through the roof, that would increase even more.

They would still be fed a regular diet, but I long to breastfeed my little babes. I want to see the mix of dread in their eyes as I lift them onto my lap for feeding, but over time see how they begin to mentally associate breastfeeding as a sexual interaction as I finger myself silly as they suckle, and how it will become a fantasy of theirs, like it or not. Maybe they'll only get sexual release, or sexual frustration depending on my mood, during their feeding. That would probably strengthen the association.

I want to see how they desperately try to pleasure themselves through the thick layers, how the girls will try to grope their own breasts with padded ball-gloves, incapable of any kind of manipulation, how the boys will hump away at any kind of pliable surface, clinging to the desperate minute amount of sensation they can feel through it.

I'd enjoy seeing how long it would take before that dull, tiny sensation is enough for them to cum. Whether it would just take a long time, or if after a week or so they'd be able to cum quite quickly from that small sensation.

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bondage/damsel in distress thread
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This is my fetish.
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Last Thread: >>6745653
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Love giantess futanari>>6738510
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Translate please>>6738510
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gimme all you got

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Haven't seen one of these in a while.
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This was posted less than a week ago, and that OP wasn't a faggot who only posted one image.
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If you could be any one /d/ related being (in a world where such a thing is normal), what would you want to be?

Ever wanted to be a girl with a horsecock? A giantess who lives off of cum? A slime girl who's slave to a tentacle monster? Share your deepest desires of what you truly want to be sexually in here.
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myself with no warm up period for urethral sounding or anal, super elastic as well, that way i can fist and finger my cock without having to buy anything and work up to it
I keep having a dream of being a shapeshifting succubus- and transforming into my target's biggest desire.

wouldn't have it any other way.
A petite succubus or demongrill any day. Would give my life to be a little girl succubus.

Bugs, worms, tentacles, anything, really.
If it enters through the skin and can be seen inside, its welcome.
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This is such a big fetish of mine, but I can't seem to find much content.
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crawling in my skin.jpg
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Am i doing it rite?

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Step 1: Link as many links of sources for any fetish mentioned prior that you have.

Step 2: Name up to 3 fetishes you can't seem to art of anywhere, or

I'll post a few of what I have of my hard-to-finds since I need to share a few images.

1. Girls with super strength

2. Small giantesses / Really-really tall girls (Anywhere from 5 to 30 meters at most)

3. Futas destroying things by fucking them
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A lot of what I post may not be related to anything I requested, by extension of them being stuff I have a hard time tracking down.
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