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Please follow instructions:

1. Post elastic girls that get ya goin

2. Don't be a dong

3. Those are the rules
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Old thread
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Armless girls thread
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what are these, pictures for ants?
Are ants into this kind of thing?

Let's have one. Share your experiences and post pics.
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Having device wont help you mate.
You need someone to keep you in check.
When the urge comes no device will help you.

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Post your best hentai quotes.
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Sure, why not?
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Post bitchsuits and other restrictive clothing, bonus points for latex, leather, leashes and gags.
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As subject says futa and dickgirls that aren't completely nude. Genitals and ass covered, preferably in panties, I'll start.
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Dont get me wrong i like the tg threads. But i prefer mtf body swap specifically ones where the guy plays with his breast.
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There is something hot about a guy being forced into the body of a woman he desires. Also becoming a cumslut. I think it's hot when other characters who are clueless of the situation believe the man in the girl's body is more attractive to them.
That's not from a bodyswap hentai game though.
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Im looking to expand my collection
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Hello nice

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ITT Futas with massive balls
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Now with EN TL!

JP to CN: 瑞树汉化组
CN to EN: I Want To _____ Marika!

CN TL: https://exhentai.org/g/1018752/a4ea4b2aa5/
JP Raw: https://exhentai.org/g/1018752/a4ea4b2aa5/
(I checked it against the JP raws for accuracy. The script does not follow the CN script exactly since they changed the lines slightly from the JP)

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SW: Ah

SW: Welcome, Sou-chan~
LP: Good evening, Koyuki.
(rustling from curtains)

LP: Speaking of which, why were you looking for me?
LP: Or did you just want me to come to your room...
SW: Ehehe~
(fidgeting sounds from SW, LP is stretching)

SW: How shall I put this... ah...
SW: I...
(dokidoki sounds from SW)

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there is a new doujin up on dlsite about a futanari-girl self-fucking herself and getting pregnant by her own semen.
she then births her daughter and they both get taken in by a certain organization who guarantees them financial support in exchange for help with their "research" (sex)

this is probably one of you guys very specific fetish so I thought I would mention it
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arists mentions that there are no loli scenes, only teenage/grownup
Is there a translation?
as far as I can tell noone has even uploaded the raw

I know there's very little of this stuff but I can't get enough. Post girls gaining muscle mass with fat bellies.
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You are killing this board.
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how would you introduce someone to the fonderful world of D?
So far, I'm thinking of bringing along a blindfold, soome oil, maybe hand bondage. What else would be a good first step?
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Last thread >>7219821
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