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Angel thread for anyone who''s into defiling the purest there is. No restrictions
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What was that doujin where two futa angels double-team a succubus?

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think of it this way, somewhere in >the multiverse it's a picture of you on that Daki >>7225216, so somewhere out there in the quantum foam of the multiverse, you're someone's Waifu/Husbando.

old thread >>7224086
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Lamia in bed.jpg
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Can we have a nice prolapse thread. Either hole is fine, either sex is fine.
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Trap Feet
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I'm a longstanding fan of his/her work, but ever since the site went down, I couldn't find this particular work. Feel free to post anything relevant to this artist as well.
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new site is https://sasoriharem.tumblr.com/
Yeah, I understand, but I'm looking specifically for a piece of work that hasn't been uploaded yet. It's one where a male cums in panties then places it over the female's face. The same thing is done with the rest of her clothes.
It's on Sad Panda.

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Cute imp edition

Previous: >>7241788

Discuss lewd games, share your projects, and have others critique them.

Post pictures (/d/ related, preferably) to keep the thread alive.

Check the archives before posting requests:

>/d/ Game Catalog:

Lose hope of making games here, and collaborate with others to not make games:

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Loli demons
Milf angels
No, it's not the Varmint Leash, it's an equippable accessory.

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Fill out and post your fetishes!
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Three things:
A) how do I fill it out (fill in boxes left to right?)
B) how do I submit, just post to the thread or what?
C) wouldn't an online survey work better for this kind of thing?
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like so, sorry for not having colors
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I feel like this would make more sense

Self-Fisting thread
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I've been looking at all of the futa threads, and I have not found a lot of this subject present.

For those of us who prefer our Futa with a little less.
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A thread for men getting violently abused and beaten by women.

I remember seeing a thread for this pop up around 6 months ago, but haven't seen another since then, so lets revive this fetish.
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Get transforming.
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Petplay time yo!
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To try to keep socializing, drama and general faggotry off of /d/, we have created an external site, where many of /d/'s pets, subs, switches, doms and owners now reside! We also run and contribute to several other sites which you can get links to, from boorus to boards. Our site is:


It's built off of the /d/ community, and is an increasingly more open community, and was started by us as a way to help potential pets and owners on /d/ to meet, as well as a place to get advice about Petplay and BDSM or just get to know more about the kink! Whether you're just curious, well versed and experienced, or just beginning to explore BDSM and/or Petplay, all are welcome! Even if you have no real interest in Petplay and just want somewhere to discuss your favorite kink, come say hello.

We have a lot of lovely pets, and equally loving owners. Ever wanted to own a puppygirl IRL? What about a kittyboy? Ever dreamed of your owner cuddling you close and patting your head? Well we can't guarantee that'll happen but at least you're in the right place to meet someone!
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Yeah, that website just redirects my phone to some fake ransomware.

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Figured I try and keep it goin (no male,furries)
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Feel free to share your futa figures!

Since I'd probably get nuked on /toy/, do you know where I could find some good futa action figures? No satisfying results from google.
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