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Entyにてアニメーション更新しました | むーちん [pixiv] http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=61680934 any news or the work itself, also anything you may wanna post that go the same way as this artist (NTR, Huge futa and excessive cum)
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also this one if possible
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and this one. Btw, i would appreciate if you could send links to the place where you cind them, cuz pixiv has so few and, well, enty is paid

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A little different this one is. Anything form of costume or clothing that turned you on. [spoiler]A person has to be wearing it[spoiler]

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Forgot to mention latex is allowed.

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Females getting raped
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Old Thread
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The other thread is dead >>7233940

so new thread

Since the other guy came up with it might as well use the same rules
(Giantess, Muscle, Expansion, Futanari, and all Growth related material).
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damn mods can you delete this thread, I fucked up the format
Thanks for making another growth thread.

Let me give it a boost

send MILF futanari pls
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Dumping gesundheit's Time Stripper Reika.
Time stop, delayed feedback, fast preg/growth, ahegaos and massive keks (it is gesundheit, after all).

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LAST BREAD: >>7268686

No rolling faggots, if you're a scrub and don't own a full set of dice for fapping reasons, use https://www.random.org/
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Dont just post one and expect the thread to go in. Post more.
>Ass Rape Edition
You cant just say a random edition without even having it be relevant to what you post. What a fucking amature.

This is the go-to place to discuss (and produce) erotic fiction of all types, from the fap-and-go fics to porn with a substantial plot. Drawfags are also welcome- illustrated stories are the best ones! For drawing requests also check out the /d/raw thread:

Writefags, consider pastebin/titanpad rather than dumping for your stories. You can also use 1d4chan for /tg/-related smut

You are advised to tag your stories so that people know what they're looking at. This will attract more feedback from people interested in the themes you're exploring. Consider quoting the OP when delivering. This will make it easier to find (and critique!) the new stories in a thread.

People appreciate it a lot when you give them constructive feedback and criticism, so make sure to do so. We thrive on it. Don't be afraid to speak your mind about a story that caught your attention. This will help everyone in the long run.

Requests are encouraged to promote a steady flow of new content.There's nothing like a good request to get the creative juices flowing. Try to expand your ideas - a bare-bones request doesn't give us much of a good idea as to what you want. Have fun with it! Keep in mind that it might take some time to get to yours, and each writefag is interested in different kinds of things.

Remember to post pictures when possible to keep the thread alive, but keep image dumps to a minimum so that more OC can be posted.

Requests welcome.


Master smut list:

Recent entries

Our discord channel:

Previous thread: >>7264296
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What's everybody working on lately?
Nothing. Because my work ethic suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuucks.
Sorta novelisation of this doujin I found the other day that's like a very dark deconstruction of the cowgirl idea.

Nobody I showed the doujin to has read beyond the cover, so I don't really think I'll post it here.

Post some breast/ass expansion gifs here. No cocks needed.

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You first.
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It's been a while. Let's have a lift and carry thread! Other feats of female strength are also appreciated.

>What is Lift and Carry?
Lift and Carry fetish is about when a guy gets sexual pleasure, when he sees a female lifting and carrying a male or another female in various ways like piggyback, shoulder ride, fireman's carry, etv.
There are many sub-categories of lift and carry as well like "younger lifting older","bigge lifting smaller", etc.
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The Great Outdoors Edition

Previous: >>7261368
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Which is more gay? Liking a girl with the mind of a man, or liking a man with the mind of a girl?

Does this fetish have a name?
Giant dick destroys girl would love any help
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i also would like to know
I guess it would be "large insertion" or "stomach bulge" or something to that effect.

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Hey /d/

Futa bread here
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Male and female.
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my favorite genre of woman is whore

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