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Pic below yours happens to you, last one hit limit
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Post /d/ related captions
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Repostan from the last thread:

>>7295132 (You)

That's a really good critique, so here's an alternate version with the initial setup trimmed just a tad and the shop girl as the victim.

Also the thread's in autosage, someone should probably make a new one.
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reposting this cause i only got it in the last thread as it was close to finishing: your shemale demon classmates want to paint eachother with cum and invite you to join in on the perverted fun. they want everyone involved to smell like cum and be covered in it as well

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last thread died, anything thats fart related works.
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>last thread died
you say that like its a bad thing

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For pregnancy content on the more enormous end of the scale.
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Lightning Dragonblood Armour 1.png
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Girls being transformed!
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Lightning Dragonblood Armour 4.png
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Inflation thread.
All kinds of inflation welcomed, including berries.
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Old thread died.

I'll start this thread off with a few of my favorite MC related manga/doujin. I'll try to describe what type of MC is involved, since I think the variety of the kink is what makes it so interesting.

Common sense manipulation.
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devil 13.png
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Sensory manipulation (erogenous hand), emotional manipulation (love).
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It occured to me I was intending to post links with these manga, I'll do that now.



And another one. Hypnotic tickling paired with fairly generic slavery.
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I forgot again.


This one isn't on exhentai, so maybe some people haven't seen it. It's more sensory manipulation, the girl's entire body is super sensitive and easily stimulated. That has to be my favorite type of MC.


Anyone know the artist for this pic? Also post any more like it
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post your 6 images first and I'll think about it, otherwise go to /r/
Next time check the catalogue

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Lets post pics of girls with fake breast, bonus points if they are getting destroyed
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Its time for some porn of "No game for life "
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Yeah? Go on then? Fucking post some?
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Paya appreciation plz
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isn't this more of a /h/ thing

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Role-Reversal and General Femdom General
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Oops I fucked up the masterpost. Mods can delete this thread.

Here's the actual new thread: >>7308721
LOL, mods, delete a 1 image post on /d/ ?

They're too lazy for that. In the future, just letting you know, you can delete the thread yourself by going to the bottom of the thread and clicking the delete box.

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So I wish I could get the ball rolling on this thread but I only have one image.
I'm looking for amputee piss fetishism, any lolicon amputee's peeing would be x10 bonus
amputee / lolicon amputee with scat would be x100 bonus.
Please help me, I'm too much of a degenerate faggot to fap to anything else.
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Go to /r/ if you want to beg because you've just pushed a board off /d/ with this shit, you parasite.

Post girls being wrapped up nice and ready to be gifted~
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Orgasm Thread?
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this is pretty /h/ tier.

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