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Last thread: >>7264822

A thread for the biggest butts you've got. Huge thighs, hips, and legs are also welcome.
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Also, if I could request some help.
I'm searching for arts related to the OP one - a girl formed of contour/silhouette, without any details except clothes and eyes, with colorful background.
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Sadly, looking for that specific category is a pain, I've spent last 2 hours searching and found only a few, so if somebody could help me with initial dump, I'd appreciate that.
If you don't have anything related to my request, just post some cute and creepy eldritch waifus.

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>oppai/breast expansion loli
>hyper pussy
>breast implants
Now it's your turn /d/
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>hyper preg
>drug use
>hyper pussy (my nigga)
>insect girls (moths)
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>hyper preg

Tiny men with huge dicks bone amazon sized women.
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Last Thread >>7329420
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Dick shrinking/theft/removal thread.
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Glue, Goo, and other Adhesives
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Kaga edition

last one ain't bumping
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Autocunnilingus seems to be so much rarer than autofellatio. And what little art there is, most of it is either headless girls, or girls with long tongues, or portals. There seems to be very little of a girl just plain old being flexible enough to lick herself. I don't know why, sure it's basically impossible in real life, but never stopped hentai before. You'd think we'd be swimming in pictures of catgirls licking themselves.

All forms of autocunnilingus welcome, but the pure flexibility kind is the most welcome. Trying hard, almost there but not quite is also welcome.
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Slaughter the Men!

Burn the Elderly alive!

Ravage the women and make off with them!

Rape and Pillage thread, but mass vore / mass rape also works.
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Last one died BAKA
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Havent seen any of these threads in a while, so /d/, if you could have any fetish or new world order/law of nature applied to every single person on the planet, what would it be?
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Probably for me it would be a complete reversal of gender roles, no longer we will have guys and girls but rather traps and tomboys. And ofcourse the tomboys should be dominant and lewd as fuck, willing to hit on any cute traps they meet without fearing social stigma.
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All girls become psychopath yanderes would be nice too <3

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Cause this shit is fucked up, and that's pretty alright
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Alright /d/, what fetish has been with you the longest and how did you get it?

>Discover anime
>Big titties everywhere
>Bible Black
>Dick-loving faggot

Although it's pretty vanilla for this board, I wish I could unsee it.

Pic related. First thing I saw.
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I can only speculate why, but probably has something to do with growing up with things like Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Street Sharks
Femdom is basically my "core" fetish. It's been with me since childhood. It grew into futa, yandere, hypno and whatever else. Mostly find it in hentai, everything live action goes for bdsm hardcore femdom, and that's just gross.
Breeding. Full stop.

It's been with me since I first hit puberty, and it's the foundation of pretty much all of my other kinks.

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