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same voice actors

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Dear Princess Celestia.
>What you need is to give the Game Slave to me or I will plunge you into a nightmare world from which there is no waking!
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>In your dead face, little girl! I'm not even gonna wait to dance on your grave, I'm gonna dance on your corpse right now!
Why does everything have to be a federal case with you?
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You know what we call that? MIND TAKING BABY: Accept no substitutes!
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I can't believe my last words are snotrocket!
I thought Frylock's VA couldn't find work and was broke.
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>I'm not a monkey
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>I can't believe I let her fuck me in the mouth!
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>My name sounds like a fetus
First post..... Was nearly the devil.
You think you've got problems? Look at me, I'm... pregnant!
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>That explosion came from inside theAthens. Same as theMalta. TheCovenantmust have brought something with them. Abomb.
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>Hey, Tin Woodsman! I'm sendin' you back to Oz -- in PIECES!
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You know. The pain. Of you. Day in, day out, being there. With that face. Not knowing what to say. Not caring anymore. Not even knowing that you'll probably only care about her when it's finally too late. Forgetting about all those desperate- those desperate years you spent alone, your barren years when no woman would even consider resting her tired head on your shaky little shoulder. Stinking of belly semen. Why even wipe? And when you finally get one of these coveted pieces of tail that have been built up as the grand trophy in your nothing life, you try desperately to keep it. Not to protect it! But to hoard it. To keep it away from the other wolves and jackals circling your territory! And you realize, all too soon, that you're not good enough! That maybe there was a jerk-off called Darwin after all. And that you never acknowledged his existence because you knew deep inside that you were really what you feared you were-- weak. And passive. And ultimately, broken by the ones who were made the fittest. And that through your weaknesses, you built up a poison that poisoned others around you. That you love. And the only true justice was to let those dominant jackals feed on you. Survive off you.
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>Oh my God, he's got a Puerto Rican credit card!
He getting work again? is his debts paid off
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>I've got 24 hours to get rid of this bozo or the entire scheme I've been setting up for 18 years goes up in smoke, and you. Are wearing. HIS! MERCHANDISE!
"Doesn't matter how far apart we are. The bonds we've made will remain strong. Everyone's hearts is connected to the people they know and trust. It's those bonds that let us all search for our purpose in life. As long it's a purpose that you believe in, there will always be someone who could help you fulfill it. You, me, and everyone else, there are no barriers. Our hearts are one. Right, Sensei?"
50 years have passed...
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>You left us to DIE!
>Of course...
Hey, uh, would one of you guys like to explain what happened to my frickin' car?
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_______ _____
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"Help me make a choice. Which one of these two varieties would best support my research? I have inadequate room for samples. Should you decline my appeal, I shall have to put the scalpel to both of then, and we'd be here all day! I will make matters simple: all you need to do is look to the one...you would have me dissect."
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>I'm gonna wreck it!
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Oh sure anything's possible in these 30 minute specials
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Unexplainably juicy
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Whip it out babe!
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>My favorite hobbies are reading and sports!

>I'll just stick with aliens if that's ok with everybody

>I've been bitten by ghosts and slapped by vampires

>Not as much as I love taffy
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>Looked like a talking penis


>Welcome to the Green Lantern Corps

>Buckle up duckies cuz we got a rocket van!

>Are u calling me a liar?

>It's hero time!

>Hang on to ur underwear!
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>Oh no! Not another tutorial!


>Dad was proud! He didn't care how!

>Mrs. Francis!
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>U dissapoint me, detective

>How utterly, utterly expected

>I love how ur little insect feet try to run!

>and that's how I lost my medical license!
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>Bite my shiny metal ass!

>Why's it so important for Roberta to remain a virgin?
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>Guilmon digivolve to...

We were playing the Powerpuff Girls and Buttercup was a monster and I played the Mayor and Blossom was Ms. Bellum. Then Buttercup wanted to pretend she was Blossom, but Blossom wanted to be Blossom, and I wanted to be Bubbles, but they told me I couldn't. And no one wants to be me!
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>Sonic speed!

>I say we beat the crud out of them!


>Kids next door! BATTLE STATIONS!!!
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>Wanna play Dungeons and Dinobanoids?

>This cat's about to get the cream


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>A lesson without pain is meaningless. That's because no one can gain without sacrificing something. But by enduring that pain and overcoming it, he shall obtain a powerful, unmatched heart. A fullmetal heart

Anything with him in it catches my interest immediately.
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>I don't think the court will accept gotta go fast as a medical condition

>I can make a million wands disappear

>I thought ur middle name was "the"

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I dare you to look it up.
>Raven comes to Injustice 2
>Raven emerges into battle while Harley pets her hyenas
>Raven: You're not strong enough to take me on
>Harley: What do you mean?! We're both Strong!
>Raven: Fair enough.
No fucking way.

One of the other VAs in the video is Satsuki Kiryuin/Mami Tomoe.
Holy shit.
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>"And this...is to go, even further BEYOND!"
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Thread images: 41

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