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Itt: favorite princess and why >can sing a song that cures

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Itt: favorite princess and why
>can sing a song that cures any ailment as well as keeps your dick hard for her forever
She is the hottest one and being from Boston I get off on fucking Redcoats.
Time to post my rankings again.

Ranking of best Disney girls I:
Official Disney Princesses:
>01. Elsa (She's still a Disney Princess to me, even if she's technically a queen and even if the Frozen characters aren't on the official Disney Princess roster)
>02. Rapunzel
>03. Mulan
>04. Anna (Same case as Elsa)
>05. Belle
>06. Aurora

Non-princesses from Disney Animated Canon:
>01. Judy Hopps (I am not a furry but I still like her)
>02. Amelia (Same case as Judy Hopps, but replace an anthromorphic bunny with a catgirl alien)
>03. Esmeralda (Yes, I know she was once considered a Disney Princess but she was later removed from the roster)
>04. Honey Lemon
>05. Anita
>06. Jane (Same case as Esmeralda)

>01. Riley Andersen
>02. Merida (She's officially a Disney Princess but she is from a Pixar film, which is why she's here instead)
>03. Violet
>04. Ellie (as an adult)
>05. Mrs. Andersen (the movie and official material give different names for Riley's mother)
>06. Elinor
Ranking of best Disney girls II:
Disney live-action films (non-Lucasfilm or Marvel):
>01. Tricia "Trillian" McMillan (Screw it, Disney made the H2G2 movie adaptation even if they released it under Touchstone, so it counts. Also, Zooey Deschanel is really hot in this movie. In fact, the H2G2 movie was what really convinced me to start my Blu-ray collection 10 years ago. Not just for the top-notch visual effects and because the movie was actually really good, but also because seeing Zooey Deschannel's fine skin and pretty face in 1080p was well worth the upgrade)
>02. Giselle (Yes, I know she started as an animated character before turning into live-action, but Enchanted is technically not part of the Disney Animated Canon and is considered a live-action movie)
>03. Quorra
>04. Elizabeth Swann
>05. Mary Poppins
>06. Live-Action!Belle (I can include the remake incarnations of animated characters)

>01. Jyn Erso
>02. Rey
>03. Elsa Schneider (not to be confused with the Elsa from Frozen, this Elsa is the Nazi lady from Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade)
>04. Leia Organa
>05. Padmé Amidala
>06. Willie Scott

Marvel Cinematic Universe:
>01. Ayesha
>02. Black Widow
>03. Virginia Potts
>04. Scarlet Witch
>05. Hope Van Dyne
>06. Agent Peggy Carter

I can't decide who is best Disney girl overall but I think it would be a tie between Jyn Erso and Trillian.
Ranking of best Disney girls III:
There are also some runner-ups which didn't quite make the mark because of some stiff competition or other reasons.
They are:
>Taylor Swift's character from the Hannah Montana movie (I don't know if her character's name was ever mentioned or if she was referred to her with her actual name, but I don't want to mention this trainwreck of a movie, even if Taylor Swift's character was more or less the only redeeming value of it all. If I included her, she would probably be the best overall girl, maybe even beating Jyn Erso and Tricia "Trillian" McMillan. I never watched the movie, to be honest, which was another reason why I didn't include her. But Taylor Swift's song from the Hannah Montana movie: Crazier, was great. Too bad it had to be associated with the Hannah Montana movie, it would've been great if it was included with her second album: Fearless.)
>Ms. Edmunds (Bridge to Terabithia) (It will be redundant to include her here since there is already another Zooey Deschanel character here: Tricia "Trillian" McMillan.)
>Mary (The Muppets (2011)) (It will be redundant to include her since there is already another Amy Adams character here: Giselle)
>The three female X-Wing pilots from the deleted scenes of Return of the Jedi (their names were never mentioned, as far as I know)
>Vanellope Von Schweetz
>Wendy Darling
>Snow White
>Live-Action!Cruella De Vil (Glenn Close) (They are making yet another remake of 101 Dalmatians, this time, it'll be titled Cruella, and it will focus on Cruella De Vil who will be played by Emma Stone, only time will tell if Emma Stone will live up to Glenn Close, both in terms of acting and looks)
>Jessie (Toy Story)
>Mon Mothma
>Marion Ravenwood
>Aayla Secura
>Young Beru Lars from Attack of the Clones and the ending of Revenge of the Sith
>Irina Spalko
Ranking of best Disney girls IV:
No Category:
>Mabel Pines
>Kairi (Screw it, I can include Kingdom Hearts characters because they are technically categorized as Disney characters, which is why they aren't on Dissidia)
>Aqua (Same case as Kairi)
Because a man can dream.
my favs are rapunzel and star butterfly
Thanks, tripfag. I would expect nothing less.
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They are the only good Disney couple.
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Good taste OP. I love her smile and laugh
>Itt: favorite princess and why
Thread posts: 16
Thread images: 7

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