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Hey /co/ I want to get into X-Men

I've heard that Chris Claremont's run is essential and I want to start reading it.
I understand there's some crossover between titles and was wondering what books I need to buy if I want to read the entire thing.

There are 3 omnibuses of Uncanny X-Men by him, but what else is there that I need? Including stuff like X-Factor and New Mutants.
Not asking for issue numbers or anything, just links to actual physical books I can get
Crossovers began with the named events. Mutant Massacre was the first one, IIRC. Before that, Uncanny was pretty much self-contained.
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Honestly OP the crossovers and minis get fucking insane to navigate in the 80's and not all of them are worth it. If you're reading it only in trades I don't think it would be possible but you're better off for it. Stick to Claremont's core series and check out some of the minis and the actually good series like New Mutants. The rest you can skip except for essential crossover issues. This guide is solid

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Chris Claremont's run is good if you know what porn fetishes he references.

Callisto is a carbon copy of the Black Queen from the French erotic comic Barbarella.

He also has a huge tentacle porn fetish.

Oh, and he loves Lollies.
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Marvel's also releasing Claremont's run as those awesome Epic Collections that are less cumbersome omnibuses. The only problem is they are releasing them out of order so there's stuff from 1975, 1985 and 1991 currently (or soon) available but nothing else for now.
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Marvel's choices in releases can be pretty baffling. Literally two trades of the Lee / Thomas era already but only two for Claremont with The Gift one essentially being an entire book of filler and fill-in stories.

You could get the GOAT X comics and Claremonts peak in two or three consecutive trades. Here's hoping they don't get released a decade apart.
So is the best way to read Claremont's run just to get the Uncanny X-Men omnibuses and New Mutant omnibuses?
Just worried that there's stuff that's not included in those volumes that would be worth reading, and if so, whether there's any books in which I can read it
They're good about including important side stories and tie-ins but if you're looking to get the whole run and not wait for future releases (since the omnibuses and epic collections are slow to come out), your best move is the cheap black-and-white "Essential" collections. That's the series that's collected the most of the Claremont run in print.
Just checked and yeah, the entire Claremont run is in Essential X-Men 1-11 (some might be out of print but they're stupid cheap on ebay). Essential Uncanny X-Men is the pre-Claremont stuff.
So annoying that they'll print the whole run in B&W but won't shell out and just make it in full colour

That's what Epic Collections are. It just takes a while.
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