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Moon Knight Origin

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Why the hell did Marvel disregard the Ellis origin retcon when that was the very reason they brought him on the tittle?! "Elder God has infested your brain and made a Cosmic Nest" is a thousand times better than "muh DiD". Did they do it just for Brownie Points? Even the original idea with him simply taking over different identities with no change in his mentality was better. This is just cliche and reinforces the "MK = Crazy Batman" Myth.

Also, Moon Knight thread I guess. Jake Gyllenhaal for Netflix MK.
no one cares about moon knight. some other writer is gonna retcon everything later anyway
everything done since can just as easily be folded into the ellis framework, but I agree they really need to get past this whole 'MK is crazy as the focus of all his stories' business. the problem is that brian wood immediately dropped the ball and reverted to long form stories about spector struggling with khonshu. instead of cool one-offs that assume MK is basically competent and badass.
Fuck Ellis.
Mk solo book seems cursed. my personal dream at this point is to have the ellis moon knight as leader of some new version fo the dark avengers, but it's composed of all the scary fucked up or crazy characters that couldn't function in the regular avengers books anymore. like, psycho mass murderer OG usagent, semi animal tigra, schizo stalker bitch sersi, demonically possessed moondragon, nextwave machine man, serial sex offender starfox, maybe throw in chronic fuckup antman for some mainstream appeal. play it more less like ellis's thunderbolts , except they somehow come out on top, most of the time.
Moon Knight: Paranormal investigator is a great pitch. But Marvel's interested in getting more Brownie Points, so it's not gonna happen.

I'd read that. I'd read the hell out of that...
yeah I think it'd be brilliant. starfox itrying to be good and not use his power on women and seris latches onto him so they can have wonderful eternal children and starts going psycho on his other girlfriends. tigra keeps backsliding into animal behavior and got her kid taken away, so moondragon has to try and retrieve her psyche, but no one realises MD is actually possessed and wanting to sow death and chaos under cover of being an avenger. USAGENT talks like conservative cap but then just snaps and breaks people's necks for no reason. machine man is drunk on robot brain beer most of the time but bails everyone else out when the stupid fleshies fuck everything up. MK and usagent both thing they're in charge but mostly they just beat the shit out of people, while antman is the actual 'leader' because he can think rationally for more than two seconds, but he never gets any credit, but he won't quit b/c tony stark told him this was his very last chance to stay out of jail.
icing on the cake would be psycho Dr. Druid, who's dead, but who cares.
Oh shit nigger, I want it. Make it dark and I'm in.
Pretty darn good ideas anon. I'd read that for sure!
What brownie points?
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moon knight.jpg
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Me too
Making MK mentally ill in a diagnosed way complete with "I'm sick but that'sokay" instead of a bad-ass with an Eldritch God nested in his brain counts as representation. Kinda like how Jessica Jones had the PTSD and Cage had the black life? Compare the early volumes, hell,just the first few Ellis issues are enough, with the most current book. You can see what they're aiming for.
Hey look, the last decent book by Marvel... and it's from 2014...
There's been plenty of decent-to-good books from Marvel since then, though.
You're ruining my venting anon... Yeah, there have been a couple, but, in years time,it should've been a hell of a lot more.
yeah totally... Ant Man: "Hey MK, I don't think we're allowed to torture the masters of evil..."
USAgent: "Shut up, convict, this isn't torture, this is Enchanced Interrogation"
Starfox: "Why don't I use my pleasure power on Titania and get her to talk?"
Sersi: (thinking to herself) I'm going to kill that slut. she's clearly a dyke, anyway.
Machine Man: "you can't use your pleasure power because it would violate the conditions of your probation, fleshie-perv."
Tigra: "GRRRWWWLLL!!!!"
Moondragon: "now tigra. calm down.. do not DISEMBOWEL THE MELTER, be a good kitty that's it...
Antman: "Ummm...why are we being led by a psycho with a bag over his head, again?"
MoonKnight: "It's not bag, it's my face." (stomps on whirlwinds kneecaps)
USAgent: "He's not in charge, convict. I am. Cap said so."
Whirlwind: (screaming)
Antman: "When did cap say that? Did I miss the meeting?"
USAgent: "convicts don't invited to meetings with captain america"
Antman: "uhhh...what about hawkeye, and magneto's two terrorist children... this doesn't make any sense..."
Moondragon (telepathically) everything's fine antman, everything's fine...
Sersi (also telepathically) I can hear you, bitch. I need this gig to stay near my man, but don't fuck this up for me, or I'll skin that dragon living in your head and put it on my mantel. I'm 5000 years old. I've killed lots of dragons.
Tigra: (pounces on the melter and starts ripping him apart.) MRRRRRWWWRRR!!!
Machine Man: "You fleshies are all insane. this is why I'm drunk all the time."
Moon Knight: (to tigra) "just don't rip his face off. that looks really bad, trust me. eveyone still talks about that..."
Top Kek anon, you truly deserve a Top Kek!
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Moon Knight.png
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Excellent 10/10
I don't know shit about any of those characters, but I'd read it.
Machine Man: (grabbing tigra with his extensible arms) "stop that, crazy cat-lady. if you rip out the bad guy's guts, they'll just blame it on me. Tony stark is clearly an anti-robot bigot. look at all the shit vision gets put through...that's all stark's fault."
Titania: (to starfox) "you're kind of cute. can we figure something out besides jail?" (rubs her thighs together)
Absorbing Man: "WHAT THE FUCK?!"
Sersi: "WHAT THE FUCK!!!"
Starfox: "hey now, I totally did not do that!"
(the air around Titania's head suddenly turns to a block of solid adamantium)
Moon Knight: "Hey! we can't actually kill them! We just hurt them. A lot... it's a vengence thing..."
Sersi: (looking at her nails) "she was trying to escape."
Zodiac (the joe casey one, with the bag on his head): "you guys are hilarious! we should be filming this!"
USAgent: (lifting zodiac up by the collar) "shut your mouth terrorist. you have no rights."
Moondragon: "USAgent watch out! I think HE'S GOING FOR A WEAPON!"
(USAgent snaps zodiac's neck)
USAgent: "not anymore he isn't."
Starfox: "what the fuck, walker? he was completely cuffed!"
Moon Knight: (stomping on whirlwind's other kneecap) "you killed Black Spectre?"
Machine Man: "that wasn't Black Spectre. It was some other insane fleshie with a bag on his head. A lot of that going around, apparently."
(meanwhile tigra is trying vain to disembowel machine man with her hind legs)
Whirlwind: (screaming)
Starfox: "is someone going to get Titania out of that block? she's going to suffocate!"
machine man: "it's adamantium..."
USAgent: "it's adamantium. I know. I used to carry around cap's shield."
Starfox: "yeah, until you got it taken away for being A PSYCHO WHO BREAKS PEOPLE'S NECKS!!!"
Sersi:"what do you even care about that slut, anyway? is there something you want to tell me???"
Starfox: "antman! shrink titania and get her out of there!"
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Give this man a call Marvel!
>gets kids taken away
>William is sent to live with Pymtron
File: Moon Knight.jpg (215KB, 842x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Moon Knight.jpg
215KB, 842x1280px
His multiple personalities seem to be his greatest strength and weakness
(titania, suffocating, starts thrashing around uncontrollably, accidentally crushing the melter with the block around her head)
Absorbing man: "shit! what the fuck is wrong with you assholes? I thought you were avengers!"
Starfox: "goddamn it... (uses pleasure power on Sersi) okay sersi, would you get rid of that block please?"
Sersi: (swooning) "yes, my love...but she needs to hold still"
Moondragon: "I'll handle it, starfox."
(titania is suddenly dead still)
Absorbing Man: "hey! what did you just do?"
Moondragon: "be quiet lout, or might accidentally SWALLOW YOUR OWN TONGUE."
Absorbing Man: "huh? why would I swallow my own t- >gaaakkk<"
(sersi removes the block and starts crawling all over starfox)
Sersi: "can we go somewhere quiet Eros?"
Starfox: "oh lord, I'm going to jail... Hey...why is isn't titania breathing?"
Moondragon: "we must have been too late..."
USAgent: "fog of war. shit happens."
Starfox: "well, can we at least save the absorbing man??? he's choking on his own tongue!"
Moon Knight: "I got this..." (hits Absorbing Man in the face with his baton, knocking most of his front teeth out, but clearing his tongue.)
Moon Knight: "he'll live..."
Tigra: (suddenly lucid, tasting the melter's blood on her lips) "Oh god! Not again! Did i hurt anyone?"
Machine Man: "just the fleshie with the meting device. but the other fleshie killed him before he could bleed to death. so I think you're okay."
Tigra: "did I eat any of him?"
Machine man: "I try not to pay that much attention to the things you people do. Do fleshies usually eat each other?"
Moon Knight: "whirlwind finally talked. we can go defuse zodiac's bomb now. too bad you couldn't use your telepathy on him, Moondragon, This would have been a lot easier."
Moondragon: "I'm sorry... his will was too strong. I'm sure Ant-man can defuse the bomb.?"
Ant-man: "Yeah, EVERYTHING'S FINE...let's go save the day."
So is Khonshu.
the hilarious thing is, it's not that far off from the characterization of those avengers at various times, but you gotta go pretty deep to know that.

so...anyone know any artist that might want to draw an adaptation?
If I would be a criminal, I would prefer to face the Punisher than Moon Knight.
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Thread images: 5

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