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Alright you know the drill OCs are ok since they can keep the

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Alright you know the drill

OCs are ok since they can keep the thread alive sometimes but try too keep it about things you are practicing
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I really think we should just keep both these threads combined.
I'm doing a portfolio for an animation school and I have to make 8 characters in the drama/acting category
>Drawings in this category should depict characters expressing a specific emotion or feeling. From reading the character's body language, the viewer should be able to clearly determine the character’s mood or feelings. We recommend you depict two characters relating to one another in a scene.
>Characters should vary in personality, form, shape, and color.

Deadline is 15 March, I'm running on panicmode. Could anyone post style masterposts or something? I'm having a hard time coming up with designs.

For basic ideas. I've also got my own inspiration blog filled with sketchy designs that can be done in short amounts of time:
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Yis, thank you based anon
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I'm doing some pokemon fucking commission
So WailordxSkitty?
aaaaaa anon pls
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5 times.png
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My current job involves drawing little comic strips based on my boss's jokes

My boss has a kinda outdated and shittysense of humor

sometimes the jokes are so bad that i just doodle and shade as fast and stylized as possible as a challenge

if anyone is wondering this joke goes like this

-Honey im home!, prepare to make love 5 times
-oh, dear are you really horny?
-nah i brought 4 friends
I laughed
Torracat x OC
really cute
not a fan of those colors though, makes her lifeless
can you make a version where her legs are just slightly bigger? like a few pixels? i think itd be better to still be thicker than the arms
is it bad that i'm taking too long in getting what loomis is teaching me? i'm not exactly rushing things but i feel like it's not sinking in. should i just kill myself now

>Is it bad that I'm taking too long

No, nigga, you take your time learning. You grind until you get it, and you keep progressing. Mastery will take ages but as long as you can get to a point where you're confident with your skill and happy with the results (or happy enough) you're doing fine.
You have at least 50+ years of your life ahead of you, chill.
Even if you won't be a known artist for the next 20 years, you could be renown as an artist as a senior and that's perfectly fine.
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I've been trying out Adobe Animate. The first thing I've done was this OC animation based off that Mako Kill La Kill I see every now and then.
Calm down with those jittering stripes!
But still cool. Reminds me of the Fionna one I made way back when.
>it's still the most popular deviantart pic I ever posted
are you following these steps?
>do ALL exercises. ALL
>always go back to do some more
>post your work. others will notice what you dont
>remodel to a routine that suits you best
>repeat. never stop practicing
if so have patience with yourself. its not an easy thing to learn. and i really stress the 2nd to last point, there are some things no one does or says to that i tried out and worked wonders for me. ive never understod the pelvis better than i did doing that yesterday

also, pyw maybe we can help
wait, you mean this gif? That's a coincidence because that fionna as mako animation is what inspired me to do my animation in the first place.
>exactly the same thing

I don't think you know what coincidence means.
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I decided to draw each iteration of the Runaways roster because I hate myself.
There will be 7 images and include both make and female Xavin.
Agh that's really cute. The legs are a bit odd, but maybe it's just that pose. It's your design and everything else about her is really nice.
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im starting a tumblr so im drawing a few things to use as headers , backgrounds, icons and other stuff

im new to the site so i wonder if there is a good place to learn about how to make and edit themes i just want to divide it in 3 sections before uploading stuff, drawings, comic 1 and comic 2
i think they mean that is a coincidence how that anon turned about to be one that inspired him in the first place. what're the odds
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Recent Doodles.jpg
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How flattering! I've wanted to make more little animations like that but I never get around to it.
I also like to believe I've gotten better at drawing but I can never tell.

Without looking at previous art of yours it's hard to compare. But If you follow Sycra, he explains that it's hard to keep track of your own progress because your own understanding improves, and if your understanding or art and skill are at the same level all the time, you won't feel like you improve much.

That's why you show your art to others for feedback. And why you compare to your old work. And always draw and study.
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Flora Sketch.png
1MB, 940x1293px
Here's a character I'm updating. Her name's Flora Nora, a local tribes girl who usually helps out with transporting heroes across the world.
I'm not very knowledgeable about editing tumblr themes, but I've never seen anything like what you described. You could make 3 seperate blogs and have them all link to eachother. Tumblr makes it easy to switch blogs for uploading content.
No. It's obvious. It's the exact same thing. It's no coincidence someone called them on it.
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I wish I was used to digital drawing
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Any critique?

Your energy and determination are inspiring.
Looking alright but try less scratchy style. It's digital so there's always an undo button.
>unless it's Photoshop but PS is a piece of shit
Yeah, you're 100% right. Those were just low-effort doodles of people around me when I was bored.
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I was having trouble trying to explain what you could improve so I drew it instead.

First of all, I think you drew your character while you were zoomed in. The line-weight is rather poor and the flow is missing. That and the fact that the detail in the face of the character is too small if you try to look at the entire image at once makes me think you should try to just draw at a single resolution and stick to it until you have the rough lineart down.

Secondly, your character doesn't feel very dynamic. The hands on the hips would imply a chest forward, pelvis forward, or contrapposto position. As it stands, it's neither.

Thirdly, your character lacks volume. The feet should not be pointing in the same direction. Draw from life until you understand 3D forms in your head. Then you can also do a better job wrapping cloth around the form. You're thinking about it, that is good, but you're not quite there yet.

Find yourself a copy or .pdf of Michael Hamilton's "Life drawing - design and invention" or Villpu's drawing manual. They're very good at hammering in the importance of rythm and volume in character drawing.
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i like bar jokes a bit more and this one is only 2 panels so im putting a bit more effort

any critique bats?
Thank you, I will try to practice more and use better references.
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oh nice i came back from lunch and now my boss is gone, no one is working so i will leave this drawing like this and go back to drawing my own stuff
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A few draw thread sketches
Can't hurt to have them torn apart
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Four or my OCs on a Ladies' Night. From left to right: Miriam Wintercaster ("Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch", owner of the candy shop "Delights"), Gretha Sharp ("Bits & Bytes", waitress at the eponymous restaurent), Michelle AKA "Miss Mimi" ("Wilfreda the Wanna-Be Witch", school teacher), and MagalĂ­ ("NOOB", Newbie Character).

Stay strong, girls! And Happy International Women's Day to you!
Yesterday, I decided to back to one of the very old characters and bring back of them.

Meet Jackie, Jackie O'villious Lantern and she's a pumpkin witch.
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Don't die thread

i just finished this drawing of Taffy

Taffy is one of the main characters in my webcomic

oh yeah you are right i just noticed the button to create more blogs this will make thinks way easier, now i'll start making headers and backgrounds for each comic and ill use the fist one for random drawings
Really? How?
Hey, um. Can anybody tell me the name of the beefy guy with the skullface?
He wear black and red furr coat I think

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what the fuck am i doing

cute but her left(ours) leg is too slanted
and her right is tangent with the broom
I didn't realize that until I finish this redrawing of old OC of mind.
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Going in half cocked without plan or reference.
Story of my life.
she's upset.. gonna transfer this onto flash and have her yell at something or someone
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Just a chick in a body suit
For some reason I drew it in a weird angle, thinking about doing it all over again desu
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Up to #5. Not going to bother posted them all here.
Cute stuff.
i half-expected a badger song reference
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Making an idle fighting stance is hard.
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Logan laura practice.
Haven't posted in one of these threads in some weeks. Anywho, here's a weirdo image I inked in recency.
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Working on this right now, gonna try to practice making black clothes that still have semblance of limbs when overlapping each other
Yeah, combining the threads are for the best, keeps conversation going and a good way for people who have OCs to practice more fundamentals (which a lot of us need)
I like it
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This is Chipika, she's a Brainoid.
A Brainoid is like an Android, but is controlled by a person's brain. The Japanese use this technology to enhance their survival rate. They don't need to eat, attract diseases, feeling pain, and so forth. They still need to rest their brain to keep full control. They were almost immortal.
That is until Planet X passes earth that killed off most of the brainoids along with half of the humans. Only those who hid underground survived.
But even after surviving the end of the world, they were mostly killed off by the Black Knights. Some of which, were taken to be turned into mindless weapons.
Chipika is the only few surviving Brainoids after hundreds of years. She speaks Japanese.

Here you go, my man.
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I just aged up a character. He looks like this as a kid.
And like this as a fast, agile, sneaky fighter.
very cute
Reminds me of Stan Sakai's art.
Bumping with wip

And drawing on black paper is harder than it looks.
the guy know that he tried to copy that thing, it's just a coincidence that the guy he replicated was actually here
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Thanks guys, I hadn't drawn anything for days.
A-are you making a cute cartoon version about that man who murdered his neighbour because he believed his dog told him to?

The drawing's adorable.
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Fun fact: Frogs CAN learn dark magic. It's not all fairy sparkles and lily flowers.

Yeah, it is. But it creates such a dope look...you're doin' good, so far- looks rad!

Dope stuff- big fan of your works, dude! Still really dig the Queen of Rice one and all the Afro-Marvel fusion stuff you did a while back!
she is friends with the /bestrat/
Ah thank you! yeah the inspiration is basically that mixed with the 'everyone is john' game.

In hell the low class demons, the ones in charge of delivering hell mail and chores, take the form of cute animals. Bow-wow(the dog) runs away from hell to cause her own chaos.

Her target becomes a very boring and normal man named John. From there she does everything to nudge his life into hell and get him to help cause hell on earth.
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el leon.webm
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post gifs and webms
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Flora Sketch 1.png
628KB, 576x1241px
Sorry for the journal page sketch, but I have no time to sketch this out digital due to work.

Any feedback is appreciated.
You know, it always bothers me that you draw all your characters in the same pose everytime from what i've seen.
It would look much better if you tried to mix it up a bit.
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Elem Moves1.png
4MB, 1762x1322px
Oh yea, there's a reason for this. This is the first draft of this redesign, so I always go with this pose as it's basic and shows enough for the characters' design.

I'm more than capable of doing other poses once I'm used to the design.
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dang! all of you guys are hitting it out of the park lately!

here's a kid.
Juni here. Much appreciated !
Wow, this was posted in 2001. I wonder what progress they made after 16 years?
>a kinda outdated and shitty sense of humor
when you preface it like that it make me just like the joke more
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I dug up these sketches I did
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Thefailure - Copy.jpg
111KB, 625x1409px
This one may be a failure
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