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Wild Dog Storytime - Part 2

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Get in here folks, maybe now we'll find out who is the Wild Dog! But nobody wants to hear about me, how's your day going?

Previous thread: >>78255001
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Here's a funny thing: The team in wich they used to play was called the "Red Dogs" which is the name they wanted to use for Wild Dog before they discovered that the name was taken
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Oh Graham, you always know what to say!
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Ye, wild boy
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Well, hello there
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Sorry about the lack of comments, I'm reading this with you guys.
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How are Max Allan Collins' "Quarry" books? I'm looking forward to the show on Cinemax, but I haven't read any of the novels.
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Sorry, I've never read them. Can't help you, mate.
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Today's thread is slower than yesterday's
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So... what I'm getting is that the first two issues were to establish him and now we're going to the actual plot... Cool.
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End of issue 3, I'll take a little break and then we're finally going to find out who is the goddamn Wild Dog
It's secret agent guy, isn't it?
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WHO?? ME??

That's what I'm thinking, but let's see what they have to say.
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If they ever make a movie/series/webseries about him I want it to be called like this.
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How convenient
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Jack wins the award for most tragic past
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Hey, if you're reading, a bump would be very much appreciated.
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Welp, it was the fucking mechanic after all
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Just got back from a job interview. I think it went well.
What job? Cop? Reporter? Mechanic? Secret agent?
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This... this is it? I thought he was going to find out by seeing his injured leg, not by seeing some fucking combat boots

Anyway, this is the end, apparently. I hope you enjoyed this, I sure as hell know I did.

I'm not in my computer right now, but I have a few other comics to storytime if you want:

>Wild Dog Specials and Action Comics stories
>The Mask
I wish, it was just a receptionist job.
Good for you man, I've been on vacation for a week and I've just started to have free time. Life's good.

Jeez, calm yourself Susan
Most people are at work now.
Thanks for posting!
See, now these are the types of comics I would pay to have more of. That was really good.
Great storytime. Happyness and success to you, OP.
No problem, just trying to contribute a little to the "comics" part of the board.

Yeah, I guess I shouldn't trust my timezone to post, it's 7pm here.
As thanks, what is your kind of comics ? I'll try to storytime something relevant to your interests during this week. Probably euro since I'm sitting on a big pile of it, but I got fairly diverse material.
I'm a cape guy but I also enjoy stuff like The Boys or Transmetro, so I guess you could say I'm an edgy guy. I really liked Sandman, too, it inspired me to try and write something similar but it ended up being mostly cape so I guess I'll stick with that.

And that's all for today's blog.
Not really into capes, I like miniseries and indie/Euro comics better.

Do you have a mediafire?
I'll probably scan and translate some local indie comics now that you mention it. I'm really into scifi, too.

And no, I don't have a mediafire but I'll be opening an account soon if I want to keep with this storytime thing.
>edgy sf
Hmm, how about some Incal/Before Incal or Aquablue ? Metabarons is a bit too mythological and I think we had a storytime of it earlier this month, Universal War One and Orbital are quite slow-paced, and the rest I can think of isn't really edgy.
Meant to say this the other night, but let's say it now: thanks for the story time! Been enjoying Wild Dog so far; always nice to see a mini-series

Wild Dog is one of those characters where the appeal is partly in being legit awesome and partly in being utterly ridiculous.
Thanks, OP.
bumping for others.
Looking forward to it.

Gonna do the same
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