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I wonder why nobody posted this yet. Oh maybe because it's in fucking Spanish! Please be patient on this one, and I'll do my best to translate it
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Hey whats up! Here's Deadpool, and I have something unique. All in Spanish, this is a story of a kid in Mexico once upon a time. A kid that left an impression on me, a kid named Massecre!

Do you know what I'm saying. I guess a lot of you don't. But I care, that's not true is it? Fantastic!

(Having trouble with second to last paragraph something about come with me and kill a lot of ppl.) Haha, and those who speak Spanish don't say tell what I said.
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Stir clerk "please don't kill me!"
"I gave you all the money!"
Thug One "if that's all you got no reason to let you live."
Thug Two "Better to kill him. The negotiation you said is better."
Thug One "Nothing personal, see? That's just the economy."
Thug one and two screaming
Thug two "do you know who we are?"
Massecre "Yes, your the Dead."
Want some help? maybe I could post translatiosn after you post the pages, but other than that, thank you for posting it.
Second to last paragraph:

Twenty thousand jelly dolphins destroyed with haste numerous sifilic hedgehogs!
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Massecre "And I'm Massecre!"
Store clerk "Thank you unknown!"
Massecre "I'm not unknown, I'm Massecre."
Store clerk "yeah, I can't hear you unknown, and I definitely can't hear your name."
Massecre "Already saw you. Are you concern with a local mob boss?
Store clerk " the skull of Jade. . . but I want to say I don't know what your talking about unknown. "
Massecre "I know, but look. Don't trip. I'm going to take a small walk and pay them a small visit."
Store clerk "are you saying. . are you saying your serious?"
Massecre "you think I'm famous because I tell jokes?"
Store clerk "but kill the skull of Jade. . .He's a criminal hooked up with the police, federals. Don't forget the Illuminati. They're all there."
Massecre "The night is young. Don't go out, and don't forget to close your doors."
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For the sake of time take you up on that offer
It's MassAcre, not MassEcre
and don't bother with translation anyway.
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Ok, but it may take a while.

Inspector 1: Good night inspector Gordon.
Inspector Gordon: Good night, Ed.

Inspector Gordon: Damn it.

Inspector Gordon: Its him again.

Massacre: "huff" "Huff" Did the police station had to be the tallest building in the city? "huff" "huff"
Inspector Gordon: There are stairs inside Masacre.

Massacre: Ejem. It´s me. Sorry if I startled you, Jaime Gordon, that wasnt my intention. Because Im like the wind.
Gordon: You didnt startled me masacre. Your bike can be heard from half a mile away. You need to learn how to be more careful.

Massacre:Imposible. You´re wrong. Not even the owl could have noted my prescence. Im a catburglar.
Gordon: Ok lets agree to disagree. Someone else needs another muffle, or maybe to be put down.

Massacre: You're lucky that my "armatoste", like you call it, cant hear you.
Gordon:I think I heard shotgun shots a while ago.

Masacre: So did I, They opened a bottle. want to talk about it partner?

Gordon: We´re not partners! You´re a maniac!
Massacre: and you, mi maniac cop. Got what I need?

Gordon: your risking everything with this crusade. Not only your life, but mine, and also the lives of innocents.
Massacre: Do I have to get Calavera de Jade´s adress somewhere els then?
What a shitty gimmick. It's not like it serves a purpose. Luther Strode did the same thing a few months back but it was relevant to the plot. This is literally just being quirky for the sake of it.

Thanks OP.
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And introducing Jade skull
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The mariachi's are doing a book of life reference

Massacre: I know your blacknotebook has the data of all the criminals in the dity. And it is in your pocket, or your genitals are flat and square.
Gordon: Its my job, Im a detective, for now. What do you get from this? What´s your story? why do criminals get you mad? did the organized frime killed your parents?

You do a lot of questions.

gordon: Doesnt amuse me. why are you so unserious? I cant cover for you any longer.
Masacre: ANd you wont need to. First step: I kill every criminal in this, our city. Step B: you stay and get the policeforce straight, I cant see the problem.

Then, You wont give me the adress. how much is Jade skull paying you jaime gordon?

Gordon: I know you wont kill me.
Masacre: you know me very well.



Mind if i help too?

Jade Skull: Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you for joining us this night.

JS: We are here to solve our Problem.

Peña Nieto: The helicopter is arriving, Jade Skull!

JS: I took the treats really serious to came where i am. I made deals to get the help of a Specialist from the North

JS: Soon our problem with the vigilante will be a problem with a corpse.

Bald Guy: But Sir! They say Masacre is a Bloodthirsty demon!

JS: Nobody is going to die today, we all going to live forever
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Gordon: masacre, I got glass in my ass.
Masacre: Lenguage! Sorry, didnt know you had an light installed. My mask eyeholes are too small.
gordon: The light is the sign to warn you when we needed you. I was going to show it to you tonight.
Masacre: Whats that friend Couldnt hear you, my ears are ringing...

Gordon: MAybe your last motorbike ride?

Massacre: I got the adress. Sleep the dream of the just , my friend. And sorry about your little butt.

Maybe it is a little noisy.

Ok thanks a lot! Ijust hope is not as...PEÑA NIETO?
ahem, I hope is not confusing. thats all.

JS: What kind of idiot calls himself Masacre?
- Welcome to mexico, Organizador (dunno as if that his nickname or just Manager )

Organizador: This is the brute, just like you asked. A gift from your friends in "The Company"
-Ill be surprised if the Vigilante would appear in this moment!

Masacre: COWABUNGA!! im an american surfer like Bart Spicolli.

Don Ramon: Well... Bart Spicolli... You came to die!

Masacre: NO U first

JS: He dares to attack us!
i dunno how to call henchmen so he looked like him, sorry
I think you're better at this than me, so keep going, thanks a lot.
Yeah, it was just funny to me that he does look like peña. Nothing to worry about.
This thread is a mess. You spanish cunts can't do anything properly. After you're done, delete this thread and start a new.
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- This moment could not be better, Release the Killer

Organizador: You heard him, Time to Work, Especialista

Masacre: Everybody had a nice dinner, My god! is that crab salad?
- You cant hit me, cant hit me!

Henchman: By the Skull!

Masacre: My Steel is still thristy!

Don Ramon Henchman (Not actually Don ramon): Cant Dodge bullets forever

Masacre: All Right! now im disarming you

Don Ramon: Aghhhh! this should not happen

Masacre: Nice hand out (not really but the joke doesnt translate as Thanks for the hand)

Specialist: Im the specialist And no bullet can hurt me!
Masacre: You dont impress me! Also you dont impress my steel!

Mariachi band singing creep.

Masacre: Silence! ´m your yoko ono and your mister Davide Chapman!

Specialist: they are just mariachis.
Masacre: Wrong. they WERE mariachis.
Especialista: Im the specialist, no bullet can't hurt me
Masacre: Ain't impressed, Neither is my steel

Mariachi: Pero soy repugnante!, soy un raro. Que demonios hago aqui?

Masacre: Silence! Im your Yoko Ono and Mr David Chapman!

Especialista: They are just Mariachis

Masacre: Wrong, They WERE mariachis
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You go ahead, Il enjoy the storytime in silence now. Thanks. and yeah the thread should be deleted, and then rearmed.
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Last page. Is it too late for a trip? Anyways thanks to anyone who helped translate. Otherwise probably would've 404. But I always said a good should be able to tell a story by the art. You hear me Moore? I hope the last thing you smell is your own fart.
>Ujule Julita
Muchas gracias anon
Será muy raro cuando este comic sea publicado en España
>Jaime Gordón
I wonder what Comissioner Gordon is actually called in Mexico, I know that Bruce Wayne is Bruno Diaz
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>Peña Nieto:
Fucking toppest of keks, son.
O en México.
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>Tfw Amerilards are too fucking stupid to learn a Second Language.
My God, and to think you retards consider yourselves the Kings of the world.
You're pathetic. All of you.
Fucking uncultured ignorants.
lol, not everyone is an american here, shitlord.
It's just that english is the easiest language in the world. Even a chimp could learn english. My second language is French, and my third is Russian. But I will not learn spanish, because I don't want to.
>Shitty Gimmick
>The entire spainish language

Never change co. And by gosh never leave your basement.
Deadpool has Chimichangas!!!
Masacre has Corndogs!!!
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Thread images: 21

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