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Pick a /co/ character. For reasons unknown, Santa is unable

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Pick a /co/ character.

For reasons unknown, Santa is unable to make his deliveries on Christmas Eve. How do you and the character you pick save Christmas?
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a megas xlr Christmas? Coop having to drive megas all over the globe just so he can get a game while also fighting of hordes of evil elves sticking together voltron style? why yes, yes I would love this.
Id like any Megas at this point....
I think Superman has already done this actually.
Chief Judge Hershey vows to pour all of Justice Department's resources into delivering any and all presents... in exchange for unrestricted access to the Naughty/Nice list.
So on Christmas even, every naughty kid gets a a 59c Crime Blitz raid on their habs by Santa's new "Little Helpers", while all the nice Mega-City One kids (all fifty-eight of them!) get Justice Dept-approved toys hand-delivered by Judge Pal, along with the promise of even more toys if they become informers. Meanwhile, Dredd gets sent to the North Pole to investigate Elf working conditions and take over their means of production, while Tek Division has a field day with Santa's sledge.
At the break of dawn, a horrified Father Christmas personally delivers Hershey her present: the biggest, blackest coal of lump to ever come out of his bag.
>"Possession of banned fossil fuels and attempted bribery of a judge? That's very naughty of you. Twenty years in the cubes naughty, to be precise."
And that's how the Chief Judge cubed Christmas.
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>Frank from 2GAG

So, like Nightmare Before Christmas, with far more catastrophic results.
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>Santa comes by, but Korra doesn't get a present because she's not nice at all
>Korra throws a tantrum and punches fire at Santa's sled
>Santa crashes and is knocked unconscious
>"Oh no, now all the nice children won't get their presents! " -me
>"Why are you taking his side? I'm the avatar!" -Korra
>"Wha... never mind, if you're the avatar, can you deliver the presents somehow?"
>"Argh! I don't know, why are things so hard!? Why can't I just fly around and punch fire at things?"
>"You can fly? Maybe you could deliver the presents?"
>"Yeah, I can fly by shooting fire from my feet, look!"
>Korra proceeds to shoot fire from her feet, thus setting fire to Santa's sack of gifts
>the sack gives of an unnatural amount of smoke that quickly covers the entire area
>struggling to breathe, I drag Santa to safety, but there's something about the smoke that just won't seem to leave my lungs
>At this point Korra has landed
>"See? Aren't I the greatest avatar?"
>"Can't... breathe...", I manage to croak
>"None of this is my fault! I'm never wrong!"
>Unable to breathe, I feel I'll soon lose consciousness
>"Please... help..."
>"Wait, water bending can be used for healing, I can save you!"
>Kneeling down next to me, she uncorks a canteen, levitates a glob of water out of it and punches it into my lungs
>I can feel something rip inside of me and after Korra has withdrawn her water from my lungs I can feel them filling back up with liquid again, must be my blood
>I still can't breathe
>as I am about to pass out, I can see Korra 'healing' Santa as well
>my last thought as I fade into the darkness is that Korra is the worst avatar ever
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Christmas is totally fucked.
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We got this pham
>Frank gets the naught list
>Spends the night delivering sweet Punishments instead of presents
very accurate desu senpai
You're hired
Too true.
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>/co/ and /mlp/ save christmas
>with special guest star Papa /pol/!
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>Doctor Doom
this can't turn out well
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sure it can
He uses his monies to buy presents for the whole kingdom
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We do it in a musical number
Yea but it ends up with Superman punching batman so hard his beard falls off
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He and the other Eds wake up to find out they don't have any Christmas presents. They conclude that something has happened to Santa before setting out on an epic BPS-type quest to the North Pole to set things straight, with lots of tearjerker character development moments along the way. Once they get there they discover everything is fine and Santa intentionally didn't give them jack shit because of the stunt Eddy pulled last Christmas.
Thread posts: 21
Thread images: 14

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