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Is there a comic book that you consider your "first'

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Is there a comic book that you consider your "first' comic book. /co/?

This one for me. In hindsight, I'm disgusted that I was roped in by an issue during the Robot Parker Parents arc
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This was the first comic I ever bought myself. I May have read Fleetway's Sonic comics before that though, I'm not sure.
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One of the few non-manga comics I ever owned.
>starting with superheroes
I'm sorry.
>Starting as an adult
It was probably some Marvel Star Wars comic or Comico Jonny Quest
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I can't find them online, but what got me into actually reading comics were a couple of superhero novels someone gave me.

One had Spidey vs. Man-Wolf and the other had the Fantastic Four and Agatha Harkness, I think.

The first comic I read was some part of the Clone Saga where Peter and Ben fought these golden bank robbers.
Old Marvel stuff like OP's cover is so cool...

why now we have a weeaboo-like style and "progressive" content ?
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[worried laughter].png
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I think the first comic I actually owned was
a copy of the Spider-Man comic that featured the first appearance of Punisher.I had no Idea how valuable it was and I have no idea where it went.
I started in the middle of the Clone Saga, Trial of Spiderman.

I had absolutely no fucking idea about Ben Parker and didn't realize it wasn't Peter at the one trial, while spiderman was at the other one. Thought it was some kind of timeskip or in media res thing.
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These two were among the first comics I ever bought, at some garage sale somewhere.

Pretty sure that issue of Legionnaires was in the middle of some arc, and I had no idea what was going on, but I'll be damned if I didn't read it cover to cover a hundred times. I got to tell Adam Hughes that this was one of my first comics, he's such an awesome guy.

This Flash issue though, it was everything to me. Self contained story, solid art, the hero rescues the girl, gets a kiss, does the impossible. I'm sure my nostalgia obscures something, but what a wonderful issue. I miss Wally.
My first 2 comics were Hobgoblin's debut and the Barry Allen story about Doctor Alchemy vs Mister Element.
Spider-man: Back in Black
OMD killed interest in comics until 2 years back
Mike Grell's Green Arrow #6. Bought it when I was 7 at a book fair. My mom didn't know it was meant for older readers and neither did I.

I bought this one along with 7,8,9,10,11 and 12 but this one was the first I opened.

Dammit what a good book.
yo it says it right there in the corner of the cover bro
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Damn, OP, now you've got me wondering what it was. Interestingly enough, I think my earliest was also a Spidey comic. It was some side-story of Spider-Man at a college beach party, and Sandman shows up. I remember the art style was really cool... Does anyone know what I'm talking about?
>I'm sure my nostalgia obscures something, but what a wonderful issue

The Messner-Loebs Flash run is just fantastic and still holds up. I think it's the best Flash run, wish DC would collect it
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I wish DC would collect ANY of it's good old shit

I remember this, the artist was some Ramos-esque guy. It was like a parody of those Sugar Ray TRL style spring break parties, and Pete was there but he was feeling sick.
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I'm pretty certain it was a random issue from Gerard Jones run. One of the first 10 at least because Old Timer was still alive.
Yeah! And Sandman kept like, eating the party-goers until eventually he just exploded or something? Damn, I really wanna find this now
I'd read Star Wars, GI Joe and a few odd assorted comics before but this was the one that set me down the path to non-media tie-in comics.
My brother didn't own many comic books growing up, but the ones he had I read.

I started with Emerald Twighlight or thereabouts. He also had the first couple issues with Kyle Raynor, where his photographer girlfriend gets killed.
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It was this issue and I was hooked
Yeah well my mum and I didn't notice when we bought them. With a name like Green Arrow she expected it to be like the Green Hornet.
Mine was this one when I was a kid. I thought Spider-Man was dead and wanted to read how. Little did I know this related to the clone saga...which would soon open up the doors to much obssession and collection
I think the only comics I read as a kid were the Bionicle comics that came with Lego Magazine.
Ay Papi
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>Checks comic price.

I think I stopped buying singles once they hit $1. Buying singles nowadays is dumb.
Book fair at school when I was in first grade.
It's okay! I'm quite happy! I hope you continue to enjoy what makes you happy as well.
Mine too.

Who cares about robot Parkers, that was a sudden plot that was thrust on the team rather than a long built-up one.
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This here was my first comic
This was probably my first but I'm not 100% certain. It's been a long time.
There was a comic where Spider-Man fought Mysterio and a bunch of giant toys that I read when I was 6 or so. But really reading was the first issue of Disassembled.
I lost it when a lady bug landed on it and I tried holding it up to an open car window to get it off.
I picked this up at a used book store. My brother got a Wolverine comic with him jumping off a boat in some Asian country to fight a shark. If anyone actual knows what Wolverine comic that is I'd love to know cause I've never found it since.
Ultimate Spiderman is what first got me into comics.

Still pissed how Marvel screwed Ultimate Spiderman, who's comics literally saved Marvel from Bankrupcy, and replaced him with Minority Spiderman.
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Mine were Turma da Mônica comics, like most Brazilian kids, as far as capes go, I got in much much later with 2003's Spider-Man #500, the conclusion to a three-part story, felt lost as fuck.

Lots of Spidey in this thread, eh?
>I'm disgusted that I was roped in by an issue during the Robot Parker Parents arc
Dang, I'm sort of impressed to hear the Robot Parents arc brought up.
It's a sort of quintessentially awful story that's pretty much been forgotten because of, or at least completely overhadowed by terrible stories that followed.
I recall someone on another forum (who usually seemed pretty sharp) singling it out as the point where he thought the Spidey books really started to decline.
Eh, there was worse before it and much worse after.
But it did mark the transition period between the grand finale of 80's/90's comics into 90's/2000's comics.

The disappointing end to Civil War was the herald I think.
>worse before it
ah, what like?
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Strangely enough I was listening to Pink Floyd's The Wall when I first read this
File: Deathofsuperman.jpg (353KB, 700x1085px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Death of Superman was my first, I had it before I could even read, my grandma would read it to me (while making it a little more lighthearted) and always ended the story with "We all know Superman comes back")

I think its a reason why I'm still a big fan of Jurgens, without this story who knows if I'd have ever had interest in comics at all.
Maximum Carnage
>inb4 that sucked
I don't give a shit, I worked my ass off as a little kid to earn the money and buy them as they were being released, only to loose them the same year in a fire. When I started collecting comics when I got older and got a job it was one of the first things I got.
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I had read stuff before but this was the first thing I distinctly remember reading when it first came out in 2006. Incidentally I returned it after I finished it cause I was like who the fuck is this guy he's not Dick Grayson.

I now own the entire run. If I only knew.
I also fapped for the first time of my life to a scene of MJ working out in this comic, i mirrored it with my Gameboycamera to make it look like MJ was grinding with other MJ.
I came so hard.
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Got into them during their best time.
I had to look the name of one up, and found this list.
So pick any.

Good to know Im not the only old guy here
This one I believe. Or maybe some Donald Duck. I also recall having a Hulk comics in kindergarden but I couldn't read back then and lost it somewhere
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It was Muppets go on a cruise or something. We also had some old Tintin comics but I wasnt allowed to read them because people kept shooting other people. I read the first few pages anyways
File: Wolverine_Vol_2_19.jpg (80KB, 395x593px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Was it a real shark or...
Doesn't sound like it. I'd have to see some shots of the inside of the book but just reading the Marvel wikia, it doesn't sound right.
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