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Why are all the people making cartoons nowadays in their 20s.

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Why are all the people making cartoons nowadays in their 20s. What will happen when they reach 30?

Do you think cartoon execs will just cycle through 20-somethings while they're all on their marketable Millennial kick?
You got any numbers to back that up, or are you drawing conclusions from the behind the scenes features of movies?
Nah bro just all the major cartoons right now may as well be directed by fucking infants.
Has there ever been a time where animation wasn't at least partially driven by really young people? Even Disney was in his late teens starting out. Hanna & Barbera were in their early 20s. So were many of the folks at Termite Terrace. A lot of people in the 90s were basically around the same age as the people starting up shows right now.

I think it just seems like more people nowadays because creators are given more press than they've ever had in the past.
Freddie Moore was an animation director for Snow White right out of high school. Bill Clampett was also right out of high school working for Leon Schlesinger. He was well into his 20's directing cartoons within Termite Terrace at Warner Brothers
That's exactly what happens to nurses.

Hospitals and other facilities hire them right out of nursing school when they're both cheaper and MUCH more naive. (They never teach you in nursing school that injuries and disease

Then by the time they've worked there long enough to start being worth more per hour, the company finds (or makes) a reason to fire them that way they can be replaced by some young dumb nursing school graduate.

20 years ago, you look at almost any nursing team and it'd be 90% veterans and 10% rookies. Now it's the complete opposite.

If you ever came across a job wanted ad offering babysitting services and the person asking for the job has 20+ years nursing experience, now you know why they're looking for babysitting work instead of nursing work.

Nobody's going to hire you with that much experience, they'd have to pay you commensurately. Why hire one nurse who knows what they're doing when you could hire three morons fresh out of nursing school who will do what they're told and not complain?

They love nursing school graduates because nobody teaches you in nursing school that the biggest threat to your patient's physical and emotional well-being is not injury, disese, or neglect, it's your own administrators.

Case in point, the facility I work at uses this very expensive wound cream that barely works, but we're required to use it because the administrator gets a kickback for every case they order. We were using a MUCH cheaper and also MUCH more effective wound cream and after fighting a two-year long war, the cheap stuff that works is banned and the expensive stuff that can afford to bribe our dipshit administrator is in.

Our patients will suffer and some of them might even die because of this decision and nobody fucking cares. Fuck them, fuck us, fuck everything, hail Satan. That's what our administration decided.
"So why don't you report this to somebody?"

Let me explain to you precisely and in exacting detail what would happen:

Step 1. You would be fired and lose your license.

Step 2. Not a goddamned thing else.

Step 3. Profit
Aren't there whistleblower laws?
>Why are [] people making cartoons [] in their 20s. What will happen when they reach 30?

They'll probably still make cartoons.

I'm 26 and haven't stopped liking cartoons despite my experience in the real world.
My gf is learning this pretty quickly and she isn't even a nurse yet. The admins at her place new people out if pay and pull shit like this all the time. My mom and I keep trying to get her to do stuff about it but she hates confrontation.
*jew people
>coworker wanted to be a nurse
>served the military
>has scars covering half his face and left ear from bombs/fire (people often mistake it for a skin disease)
>ended up a manager at a grocery store
I mean. He's got his whole life ahead of him, but still... wtf. He worked hard and I slacked off in life and we basically have the same jobs.
Whistleblower laws???

You mean like the ones that protect people like Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning, and Julian Assange?

Those Whistleblower laws? Are those the ones you mean?

Laws have two purposes:

The first purpose of a law is to look like it upholds a system of justice to a casual observer's passing glance.

The second purpose of a law is to be selectively enforced so that what it REALLY upholds is a system of "just us."

The very first time you stand up for what's right and good and true and you get your life completely fucking destroyed for it, I guess is when you learn that.
You guys are trying to get her fired and lose her license.

She needs to keep her head down and do what she's told or else find a new line of work. Those are her only options.

The lawyers and accountants who count all the beans and make all the decisions are very, very, VERY experienced at eliminating squeaky wheels.

And they have become exceedingly efficient at it.
That's exactly how the system works, that's exactly what the system is, that's what the system was always meant to be.

You see now--perfected--a system that the elites have been trying to implement since the dawn of time.

A system that both punishes and pays lip service to the good, rewards the neutral, and promotes the bad.

The stupider and meaner you are, the more you stand out to upper management as someone qualified for middle management.

They point to the stupidest and most ineffectual member on a team and go, "You see that moron? That's our guy. Put him in charge. He's exactly what we want."

Think about it: If you're a corporate mafia person, the first thing you do is delegate all your work to subordinates so you have time to hob-nob and politick out on the golf course. That's how you GO places. Everybody knows that. So you need to put some people in charge underneath you. You want somebody who is just smart enough to understand what you tell them, and just stupid enough to actually implement it in reality.

If somebody is too smart and effective at leadership, they're no good, because they'll do what actually works and then just tell you what you want to hear. If your boss finds that out, you'll stay right where you are and never get promoted.

This is how every single company in every single industry works. This is what our civilization is built upon.
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