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/sveg/ Star Vs Evil General Weekend Thread

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Star's Ass Edition

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I want to hold her hand
File: Star smiling 4.png (347KB, 510x473px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Star smiling 4.png
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Episode Links: http://svtfoe.booru.org/index.php?page=forum&s=view&id=9
What would you like to see happen in season 2?
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A star on every tree and a tree on every star.
More Janna.
Fan service.
Please add my fic to the list: http://pastebin.com/2z3j9j86

also rate and give me feedback if you havent already

is the person responsible for the list still adding fics to it anyway?
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>That OP picture

You know, your patriarchal attitude will only bring down this thread.

Shut the fuck up! I don't need to hear shit from your mouth, Matriarchy!
I thought I told both of you to either fuck off or write stories about suffering Star.
>Star humping Marco as a form of dominance
I need a story about this.

I ain't got to do shit.
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So does Star shit or does she not?

I don't remember this being answered.
Neither star or her father knew what a toilet was, so......
File: Anirbas.png (155KB, 384x346px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Well I would like to see more of that nice underated gal, Sabrina.

She should get her own episode!
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Slightly mad Star.png
401KB, 526x508px
More dimensional shenanigans, slight Starco hints, Marco being able to talk to Jackie without giving everyone nearby a free spaghetti dinner, more interactions with the other classmates (Hope, Janna, etc).
Marco and Janna getting together


Yeah, that would never happen. Because she's the worst character, I hope she kills herself.
Don't forget the previous steps:

Just reposting my Manna/Hopeco fic. Feedback is appreciated. Sorry for shit formatting.
Stop. Sabrina is the cutest girl.
File: nosaintObaby.png (807KB, 864x924px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Doodly comic inspired by Sol+Lady preggers scare suggestion from the previous thread. Paranoia over how the HeadMistress would react leads to some hard and rash decisions. or something like that.
File: 1446503635553.png (17KB, 500x500px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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She can't possibly kill herself. She would suffer a series of ironic and hilarious accident over and over again, unable to find the sweet rest that death could provide.
>is the person responsible for the list still adding fics to it anyway?

I was without internet for a month, so I'm mostly focusing on collecting fanart and lewds to add to the boorus I use currently. Look forward to plenty of Pyronica in the Gravity Falls booru in the near future.

However, anyone with an account can add fics to that thread themselves.
Great job not making other anons hate these threads.

Great work convincing fans of this show are not all pedos.

Great work OP, you are the best.
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Whenever I want to feel bad, you're always there delivering. Thanks, good anon.
Forgot link, sorry. http://pastebin.com/Dhz8K531
Some people have assumed that that scene might've just implied that Star and her parents, being from a medieval-styled kingdom, might've had chamber pots or something instead. And that Star just didn't want to openly talk about shitting with her dad and so danced around what the toilet was actually for.

But it could just as easily be the other option too.

Somehow I doubt we'll get a definite answer for that one.
File: Their classroom.png (994KB, 1244x375px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Their classroom.png
994KB, 1244x375px
It would be funny if we got one episode that revolved around the activities of the other classmates, with Marco and Star being side characters.

Oh sweet, it's Manna/Hopeco, nice.
How was Lady able to hide the pregnancy?
And was it the Lady/Sol personalities that had the child, or the Star/Marco ones?
File: 1448074162061.png (93KB, 500x300px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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Oh god why! my feelings!

Please dont kill the Sabrina.

Thanks for the link! will be reading it.
Tell me Amarillo, how would your perfect Sabrina episode go? Try and take her actual character, at least what little there is of it, into account.
File: image.jpg (34KB, 312x359px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
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>hope's bedroom eyes
>blake's depressed, empty stare
An episode where she constantly almost gets hurt by everything and she tries her best to avoid it but ultimately doesn't.
>Ferguson, Sabrina, Hope. All three of them looking at the same person.
>The all want the Alphonso...

>Alphonso uncomfortably looks straight forward
kek, this is perfect.

I want to bully her. Is that bad?

Maybe reddit would be more your speed, buddy.
Stay mad, faggot.
Why is there so much shipping and fanfics in these autstic threads?
Manna is pure and adorable
and much better
No new episodes until some unspecified time next year.

Everything actually related to the plot has been discussed at one time or another, so now these threads have turned into shipping central.
I signed up. How can I edit the list?
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Oh god, I suggested that, What have I done...

Oh dear god... MY FEELS!!!

Go to the bottom of the page and click "reply" then make a new post with the fanfic. I'll edit it into the main list later.

Feel free to post other fics you made or like, or think other people might like.
How many knew about the "destroy the wand" twist from it being spoiled months before the season ended?

I saw the video where it was mentioned but then, since it was barely speculated on even in the Star threads here, totally forgot about it until it was brought up for the first time in-show.

More Starco hinting
More of Marco's dark side
More aggressive Janna flirting
I have written some short green just as >>77954628 suggested

>Star seemed to be worried
>she was less lively than usual, sometimes even sad which was really uncommon for her
>she would often steal Marco’s hand and snuggle him from behind
>he would stroke and hug her, and most of the time it was enough to cheer her up
>but the power of Marco’s affection was decreasing gradually as the time was going on
>one day Star wouldn’t leave Marco alone even for one minute
>he was totally fine with it, he enjoyed her company and it was nice to keep her close during that long, cold winter nights
>finally Marco noticed that Star was staying close to him not because she liked it, but because she was afraid of something
>her face was sad, she was lying on his laps like she was waiting for something terrible to happen and she kept on rubbing her naked arms miserably
>”Star? What’s the matter?”
>”You definitely have a problem. Just look at yourself… Are you afraid of something?”
>Star sat on the bed and crawled as close to Marco as possible, he thought that she was going to reveal something serious, she he didn’t hesitate to embrace her and look deeply in her eyes
>”M-marco I… I have something I want to tell you but you might not like it…”
>”Come on, you know you can count on me.”
>”I will have to go through mewberty again.”
>”Oh I see… and there is no way to prevent it?”
>”There is a way.”
>”That’s cool. Let’s just do whatever we need to do to stop it and everything will be fine.”
>”It’s not that easy. There is a way but you would have do to something…”
>”Don’t be silly. Whatever it takes. What is it?”
>”I’m not exactly comfortable in explaining it to you.”
>”How bad could it be? Come on, spit it out!”
>”F-fine but I will whisper it in your ear.”

I'm gonna need to know the artist behind this fine-ass drawing.

Yeah they spoiled it in a video months before it even aired, but they took it down pretty quick
>”You will have to l- *gulp* lick my vagina”
>suddenly Marco’s heart and throat became really heavy, he also felt unpleasant heat overwhelming his body
>he quickly but gently pushed Star to the side and jumped away from the bed
>Red faced Marco was shouting
>”It has to be a joke! Do you think that’s funny?!”
>Star’s eyes filled with tears and her tone changed to begging
>”I swear I’m not making it up! It’s not my fault I’m not a human and I have to go through all these stupid problems! Forget it, I knew you were going to leave me alone with it!”
>Star curled up and placed her knees against her chest, then she started to cry
>it was truly heart-breaking sight
>now Marco had no choice but to agree, however, he has never been with a girl before, he didn’t really know how he was supposed to do that
>”Okay okay, please just stop crying! I will do it if it helps… e-especially to you… but… my mind is a mess. It’s just so absurd!”
>”It’s not an absurd for me. It’s either that or I will change into monster again…”
>”So… how much time do we have before you change?”
>”I’m not sure… ten minutes, twenty at best.”
>Marco was sweating
>”S-so we have to do this like… right here, right now?”
>Star was avoiding his look, she only nodded
>the boy couldn’t move or speak, he wasted almost a minute only standing and trying to convince himself it’s not only nothing bad, but also the right thing to do
>then he finally approached Star and kneeled in front of her
>she however crawled away and hid her read face behind a pillow
>”Sorry Marco, I’m really ashamed!”
>”I should be saying that. Come on let’s get this over with.”
>”Could you undress me Marco? I don’t really feel like doing it myself.”
>It was nearly impossible task. Now not only his face, but his entire body was red and warmed up. His heart was beating faster and it was possible that he was more embarrassed than Star.
>Marco gently moved Star closer, placing her crotch exactly on the edge of the bed
>He pulled up her dress, removed her boots and tights
>Her naked legs were a lewd overload already, and he haven’t even grabbed on her underwear yet
>”S-so h-how am I supposed to do that? How will I know it’s… you know… done?”
>”The more water you cause to leak the better. It’s poisonous to me but harmless to humans so don’t worry.”
>”Oh gosh, wait up it’s hot as hell in here!”
>Marco removed his jacket and finally grabbed on Star’s panties and pulled them down
>for the first time in his life he saw real girl’s naked legs AND crotch. It was really adorable, cute and exciting, especially how a stroke of Star’s blonde pubic were still not fully developed
>Marco got really hard but he kept lying to himself it was nowhere near truly sexual act
>Star was really embarrassed, but in the same time she was also curious how it was going to end, so she kept on gazing forward, making Marco even more distracted
>He tried not to look in her face and focused on her legs instead
>Marco was a real gentleman, he thought it was a good idea to rub her legs a little at first, then to lightly stroke her crotch before finally kissing it
>as his lips met her most private part of the body, she squeaked and freaked out a bit
>”What’s wrong?”
>”You are kissing my crotch what do you expect?! Keep going!”
>was that supposed to be a threat, objection or approbation?
>Nevertheless, Marco carried on
>very soon Star began to moan and leak, giving away an indication that Marco was doing it right
>as he was encouraged by his progress, Marco placed his face as close to her crotch as possible and started using his tongue
>Star was now wetting herself greatly
>she was also screaming, kicking and grabbing on the bedding
>Marco grabbed Star by her waist and continued to eat her out as intensively as he could
>Her whole body bent in overwhelming pleasure, causing her belly to go up as she struggled to stay still in the bed
>she couldn’t hold it any longer and she squirted so hard that Marco had to get away, as her juices were getting to his eyes
>as the ultimate gentleman, Marco was with her the whole, holding her legs in place and stroking her belly
>(he thought she was in pain)
>Star finally calmed down, Marco covered her with a blanket and left to change his top, wash his face and teeth
>when he was back Star was gone
>then somebody covered his eyes from behind
>”Guess who!”
>”Star! Are you alright? Did I stop the mewberty?”
>”Nah! I was just messing with you! There is no such thing like second mewberty. Licking somebody’s crotch is totally the same on earth as it is on Mewni.”
>”W-what do you mean?”
>”Sorry I lied to you, but I wanted to try that out. I was just really embarrassed to straight out ask you to do it… Besides, I know how shy you are so it was pretty much the only way.”
>”B-but… you used me! Don’t you care at all how I feel right now?!”
>”I do care, that’s why I will make it up to you” – she said as she carried on unzipping his pants

sorry it's a little shitty, I'm wasted and barely conscious, fuck my life

hong if you would lick Star's pussy
Say, Disney could pick up on this. They have made similar stories before.
Nice story, man.

hong hong
File: HHNGG.gif (578KB, 176x197px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
578KB, 176x197px
>Japanese Star
Hey Misha, I edited in my newer greens to the post I made a month ago, if you want to add them to the main list on the booru.

Thanks for the green FV, even if you are out of it.
Mr and Mrs Diaz have a blood test on the kid to find the parents and find out it's Marco and Star's
Glad to be of service

Based on the comic I figure the baby was a result of Lady and Sol's 'fun time'. But the actual news of being parents would drum up so many mixed feelings that Star and Marco would come back.(Maybe just partially) Hiding the pregnancy would be a factor of forging some papers, and Bs-ing an important trip that would require them to be gone for an extended amount of time. Hoping that Heinous would be too busy with the large influx of new students to scrutinize her star pupils. Their extreme fear of Heinous/the school in general taints their common sense/rational thought and they abandon the baby. Instead of like, just running back to one of their folks for help and shelter. Sad mental gymnastics.

I admit this could have used a lot more thought/time/ironing out of convolutions.


Thank you for the suggestion. The other ones looked interesting/cool too, but would've needed more dedication/were more written story friendly.

heh heh
>Wayward half Mewman Princess(assuming the Diaz's recognize the resemblance and inform the Butetrfly's) wants to find her parents.
>Tragic and/or Horrifying reunion
File: FillliaSMB2.png (108KB, 286x356px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
108KB, 286x356px

I... actually never thought about it...

But I dont ask for much, if I would say what my "perfect" sabrina episode would be, probably would simply be one where she actually talks with Star and/or Marco, just some actual interaction between them would make me happy.

Sabrina fans need low standards! all 3 of us!
Do you mind if I write a story about this?
Prompt: Star keeps tricking him like that and Marco keeps falling for it
File: Starco married.jpg (209KB, 1247x1280px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Starco married.jpg
209KB, 1247x1280px
Preach the word brother
Toffee almost definitely will, unless they're just going to build up the mystery around him to absurd levels by making every time he appears a bait and switch.

Ludo comes off as too "comical" for anyone, including the crew, to seriously give a shit. Think he's just an asshole would-be tyrant.

We know a lot of his henchmen he took in off he streets and shit. Maybe Buff Frog had a hard time in Monster Russia.
This could be especially helpful if the child's human blood resulted in no cheekmarks or if they aren't hearts.

Go for it
>Wayward half Mewman Princess(assuming the Diaz's recognize the resemblance and inform the Butetrfly's) wants to find her parents.
>Tragic and/or Horrifying reunion

Marco would be like Darth Vader or something, A powerful nigh unstoppable magitech cyborg juggernaut, While Star is some immensely powerful magic user like Maleficent

Their kid and grandparents must now battle them and save them from the mind control that the former HeadMisstress had done to them (Sol and Lady done away with her and took over St.O's)
File: Svtfoe s2 shot.jpg (110KB, 500x474px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Svtfoe s2 shot.jpg
110KB, 500x474px
Not sure of legit but here.

It's never legit.
File: Smiling Star.png (79KB, 193x195px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Smiling Star.png
79KB, 193x195px
Looks like a hug, which Star tosses around liberally anyway...still cute though.
She's one of those touchy sort of people.
Unless the Wand reverts back to it's season 1 form at some point, it might be fake. Even if it was real, it's not like it's a fantastic shot. Star and Marco have hugged plenty times before, this doesn't seem anymore special than the other times.
I'm autistically annoyed that I could count the fanart that features the new wand on one hand.

I think it's even a better design, but to look at the fanart you'd think that never happened
File: Frozen Star.png (457KB, 534x577px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Frozen Star.png
457KB, 534x577px
Oh look! its an angled blurry "test shot" picture!

Those are ALWAYS real!

Like Amon is old Aang and McGuckett wrote the journals!
It's because season 2 hasn't happened yet...

The new wand was featured for just a couple of minutes in the last eposide, and some people are still catching up with the series. Have patience.
File: a40Whi7.jpg (248KB, 989x937px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
248KB, 989x937px

It's an edit of a Gravity Falls hoax. Note the numbers and the angle.
that's true.

just seems weird when the old design is used in art that's meant to be depicting "future" events, from artists who've definitely seen the whole show.
I've got an exclusive leaked screen of season 2 where Star gives Marco a bro job but I can't show you because my uncle works for Disney and he will be fired.

Marco looking back on his crush on Jackie in disappointment
yeah anon, same
>Daron is pulling a Hirsch

What a hackette
For a moment I thought there was a huge chunk out of her left shoulder and wondered how that was Tumblr related.
I want them to allude to something risqué happening between season 1 and 2 but never give enough details for you to know what it is and it's never mentioned again in season 3 and beyond.
What would you like NOT to see happen in season 2?
File: 14822382674329.png (745KB, 867x936px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
745KB, 867x936px

Marco getting c︂︂u︂c︂ked by the ugly kid

or him not stepping up in general
>Jeremy , unless it's a redemption episode
>Ludo gets all his minions back in some unexplained way and we get more of Starco curbstomping him every other episode
>Really typical cartoon high school plots with no magic to liven it up
>Toffee is Marco/a human
>Jackie turns out to be a total bitch so that Marco's crush on her can be killed easily
>Dumbass pop culture references for entire episodes just 'cause

I mean, I think it's a good bet the show won't do these things, but you never know...

more scenes like this
Development for Jackie and Janna.
>That file name


Regression from either one of the main cast. Such as Marco being an ultra sperg around Jackie, or Star not being more considerate of others feelings around her.

That and a lack of development for some background characters. Whilst the dynamic between Star and Marco is great to watch, they really need some different personalities to play off of.

Lastly, the development of too heavy a status quo. I'd like the events of the season 1 finale and earlier episodes to have at least some form of influence in season 2.
I've actually seen at least one person say they hated Starco because it's "technically incest," or something along those lines.

I don't think the show's even referred to the Diazes as "host parents" once.
Toffee being revealed to Marco from the future or some other stupid shit.
File: nigga wut.gif (2MB, 200x293px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
nigga wut.gif
2MB, 200x293px
>technically incest
That would be hot tho

>Marco's fetish is Star roleplaying his sister.
Posting about kid cartoons on a Saturday night? Well I ain't one to judge. Do what's fun and feels right. If anyone ever tells you anything just look on the bright side, at least you're not Tom.
File: 1441415552550.jpg (27KB, 243x200px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
27KB, 243x200px
>taking "messed-up twins" seriously
>not considering Marcon insisting on "I'm an only child!" in that very scene

I think you mean hand holding Marco's as vanilla as they come.
Sicko. This is the Disney channel.
Gonna need a source for OP's image.
No, I mean Star having no problem in pretending to be his sister, because in some twisted way she would agree that they are almost siblings. There is nothing wrong with that, I think it's cute and lewd.
Hello back from work, hope you guys liked the puppy green from the last thread, hope someone adds to it.

Funny, I was brainstorming green ideas having a hard time, but as soon as I saw that post with the image the gears in my head just started spinning like rapid fire.

Funny how inspiration just comes and goes.
Puppy Marco and Star are the real parents of the Laser Puppies, Only for them to be teleported back to the past by past Star
What if Mewmans reproduce through cell division?
Then why cocoons?
Dude, I got the idea for a green text last week from a fragmented sentence you posted (I think it was your post). Inspiration is weird as hell.
Also, I think someone added a little extra green above from your Puppy Star and Marco story.
File: Star on the phone.png (456KB, 1280x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Star on the phone.png
456KB, 1280x720px

>"Hey Star! Star? Come one, Star. I know you're there, girl!"
>Star just stayed under her blankets, staring at her phone.
>"Girl, I know you there. You called me, you can't fool me"
>"I'm sorry Princess Pony Head, it's just..."
>"Darling, why not use the mirror? You know this app is wonky and unstable"
>Star remained silent, but it could be heard that she was sobbing.
>"Girl... is it about Marco again?"
>"Honey, we've talked about this before. You can't let that get to you every time. It's not healthy."
>"It was my fault, Pony Head... it's always been my fault..."
>Star almost broke into tears, but then she took a deep breath. She couldn't allow herself to breakdown again this day.
>"Star, you need to stop punishing yourself. You gotta be strong. If not for you, you have to do it for him"
>"Ya know I want turd face back too, honey. I got my people trying to find how to fix him "
>"You have to let me know as soon as possible... I can't stand to look at him... like this..."
>"It's a promise, girl"
>"You truly are my bestie, thanks", Star stood up. "I better go check Marco"
>"Okay, call ya later. Bye bye!"
>"Good bye..."
>Star headed towards the door. Marco was downstairs, waiting for her. She just needed to endure, for as long as it was needed.


>"You told me to stay here", said Blarco with a dead stare.
>"Your psychic power amaze me", said Blarco with a dead stare.
>Blar pointed her wand to Blarco's face.
>Blar shot a little beam of energy at Blarco's head.
>"I feel..."
>"...sparkly in the eyes", said Blarco with a dead stare.
>"Oh... it didn't work...", said Blar with a sad voice.
>"What did you say?"
>"That sounds lewd"
>"Just like Lethal Weapon 2"
>"YES, AND I... I... I miss you, Marco..."
>"You are such a riot", said Blarco with a dead stare.

This is not canon in the Blar&Blarco universe... maybe...
>So just from a single line of green text?

That's kinda cool, happy to inspire in anyway.


What a twist.
File: 1445493725569.png (169KB, 1000x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
169KB, 1000x1000px
Here, have this lewd Star as a reward for turning this genereal into shit. I'm so proud.
gimme some ideas to draw of Janna that you think Janna would actually do
pffft BARELY qualifies as risque
Stealing Marco's hoodies, duh.
flirts with ludo or some other monster and creeps them out
Janna in her room with Star's book. She's building a golem with Marco's face.
Where did she get Marco's face?
Janna joining ISIS
Sir, it appears that we have a misunderstanding. What I meant to say was that by creating and posting that piece of fine literature, commonly called a greenstory in here, you contributed to my supreme objective of spreading pure chaos and evil in the fanbase. The consequence of that act was turning this very thread into shit even more, NOT shitting on a pile of shit as you might have thought.

It could be shitposting, writing edgy, gore or just stupid stories - whatever. Everything that helps corrupting the pure is welcome.

Janna squeezing Marco's ass and making Star jelly
FINALLY. christ all these other ideas sounded NOTHING LIKE JANNA. Thanks op youre brilliant
Sorry m'lord. T'was but a slip of my feeble peasant mind. Working the fields and such leaves no time for interpreting the meaning behind words.

Actually, last week I wanted to make pseudo-edgy B&B greentext. I had 2 options, edgy-parody or edgy-real. I couldn't decide and then the edgy week-end was over. And so here we are with a pseudo-feels greentex on a saturday night...

I feel so alive, thank you edge-master...
It's not his actual face. The face of the golam is shaped after Marco's.
>"Janna, why won't the bomb go off?!"
>"Wahey! Gotcher red wire!"
>"Jesus Ahkmed, calm down!"
It's fine. I'm looking forward for more Blar and Blarco taking over the thread.

>I couldn't decide and then the edgy week-end was over

Come on, the whole edgy weekend was spontaneously made up to justify the edginess going off the scale and pretend we are less cruel than we really are.

Write what you want, start a tweeter account and create a pastebin if you are afraid of shitting in here too much, although some people tend to call anything that's not hugbox shit and edgy. I'm not one of them. Write and post here, looking forward to it.
File: saintolgawars.png (1MB, 1152x946px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 1152x946px
>Imagining future Sol
>Run Starco child run
>I am your father
File: 53783501_p0.jpg (296KB, 680x1206px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
296KB, 680x1206px
which character would have the best genderbent counterpart?
>I'm here to save my mom and dad!
>Ms. Diaz, I am your father.
Are you gonna draw Head Mistress Lady?
File: janna.jpg (890KB, 2925x2850px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
890KB, 2925x2850px
i had a better idea.
File: Lewd Janna.png (95KB, 246x209px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Lewd Janna.png
95KB, 246x209px
Ya, just have to get the right inspiration.
tried to change up my style a bit for this.
felt like it would look better cutesy and the zelda reference was just cuz i liked it.
Naughty cuteness, I love it.
Maybe she should wear a simple dress with a gilded cage theme? Similar to her wand.
File: feels goodman.jpg (50KB, 475x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
feels goodman.jpg
50KB, 475x360px
It's that time of week anons.

>Look at yourself in the mirror.
>Stare at that attractive and smart anon looking right back at you.
>Remember that it is you.
>Remember that yet again, you are not Tom and a c-u-c-k lord.

>Post YFW.
File: karate sniper.jpg (103KB, 1920x1080px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
karate sniper.jpg
103KB, 1920x1080px


Haha, don't get me wrong man. I was one of the people cheering on the edgy week-end so that people wouldn't give you and our other edge-lords shit, at least for one week-end. I wanted to join in the fun, but to be honest I'm no good with edgy stuff. For years, I've usually written more comedy than any other thing. I might give it a try, but I'll be in no way close to your sharpness. Thanks for your feedback, though.

I've been thinking about making a pastebin since a while ago, but I never come up with time to write a decent fic. Star vs the forces of Avengers is my long running dream until now...
File: Suggestive Starco.png (68KB, 462x155px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Suggestive Starco.png
68KB, 462x155px
Sorry anon, after I wrote about Marco unexpectedly humping on Star, I did the research (age, dog years, size, etc.) and it seems at age 14 they would still be "puppies", so maybe reproduction would not be their top priority... unless they stayed like that for a couple of months and then "adulthood" would kick in...
Is it a boy or a girl?

This just looks like it's a hug from the party bus episode
Based on the pony tail, I'd say girl.
Now I can start
Oh good

/gfg/ is here
>Oh good
I hope you're saying that sarcastically.

Those shitters need to be told to leave.

/gfg/ did nothing wrong

> general thread nationalism

Literally cancer, stop it immediately
Fuck off /gfg/
So I just started this show specifically because of /co/ (didn't even knew it existed until 2 days ago) and I have got to say I'm glad I did. Actually has gotten some laughs out of me and Star is fucking adorable. Some of the jokes are pretty adult oriented too which I love. Thank you /co/ for showing me this gem.

Yes initiate now you must choose which ship to serve upon

Just kidding there is no choice, IMPERIAL FLAGSHIP STARCO RULES ALL
Welcome friend now that you're here you may pick a ship and produce content or just enjoy others while we talk about the show and its cuteness either way we all have fun here and by the way you probably already know that we are currently in hiatus until sometime next summer so welcome to hell...
>St.Olga for wayward princess. Its reputation precedes them as continuous donations and 'students' pour into their school, thanks to the work of the representative duo
>At the top of the hierarchy and the one who succeed the title of Headmistress sat a thin, old women with an innocent doll like smile and a strict posture. Beside her stand her personal bodyguard, a large and menacing cyborg ,using a mask to conceal his inhuman nature.
>The school echoes with screams and curses as before but the method was not as harsh as before. As the headmistress constantly scans the classes, a special guard quickly approached them.
>"Headmistress. General. Report of an outbreak by two wild princesses! They are too strong to be contained and we requested your help!"
>The 'general' growl as the guard kneel in fright
>His voice was hoarse but still carry a great weight and power
>"F-forgive m-"
>"ENOUGH! RETURN TO YOUR POST! I'll deal with this. We will talk about inefficiency of this squad later"
>The guard quickly nod and run while the headmistress just nod peacefully.
>"It is time then?"
>He ask her guard, her voice's still bear the calming aura of a kind grandmother, and the guard nod.
>"That is good, that is good. The stage is set and it is almost time for the end of our story"
>The headmistress giggled like an energetic child with new toys while the bodyguard just nod. A faded shaped heart started to appear on her cheek.
>"Headmistress, your emotion..."
>"Let them flow,Sol. Even when trained, our nature will always seeps out again like a festering wound.
>A small pause as Old Sol chew on the wise thought
>"As you wished, My Lady."
>"That a good boy"
>Then they proceed to their last dance, holding their hands together
Nice lewd Virgin, real nice.
File: 13d4162cdee4d3ac.jpg (65KB, 640x558px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
65KB, 640x558px

> hurr /gfg/

You know what? You can't derail this thread you massive faggot. Star's too adorable.
/gfg/ enough
Starco is the only ship worth shipping. They are just too cute together and their dynamic is perfect.
I'll just join in with the fun. I'm not much for anything creative but funposting about the show is right up my alley. I'm aware about the hiatus, I haven't finished S1 though, so depression hasn't grasped me by the balls yet.
Marco x Janna gets a surprising amount of love too. Also we've got a bunch of fanfiction, if that's your thing
I don't think Janna has been formally introduced yet. Maybe my opinion will change after I finish S1 but who knows. I'm still surprised an American cartoon managed to make a girl this adorable.
Oh welcome and enjoy your stay.

>"Aurora! get back and regroup!"
>The girl with a heart-shaped mark on her cheek nod and quickly regroup with her partner,Sven. He is you everyday average guy with brawling skill.
>"See...isnt this fun?"
>Aurora said while both of them tried to regain their breathing as crowds of Royal Guards encircled them
>"Ya know...when I said about a revolution game, I didnt mean THIS!"
>"Oh pssh...Lighten up dude! We can still get Princess Unicorn back"
>"And how do we get out of here?"
>"Preparation is the key, young padwan"
>"I am not sure if thats a correct Star Wars Refe-"
>Aurora produce a modified pingpong balls and throw them on the ground. A great white flash quickly surrounds them. The duo quickly slipped past the stunned guards
>"A flash bang?"
>"Oh! and I left them some early Christmas too"
>Sven look back and surprised to see a modified C4
>"Oh...I know a guy who know another guy and blah blah..."
>"You are irresponsible sometimes"
>"And you like it~"
>Aurora giggled as a large POOF was heard. The Sleeping Pixie explosion worked well

Going for food. This is going to be a combination with Old Lady and Sol + the child scare. Thanks to the drawfag who jolted my mood back

She only shows up in two episodes, the Mewberty one and the Field Trip one, but both times she's pretty flirtatious with Marco so people like her

The more you watch this show the more you realize that almost all the girls are massive cutie pies

Only real cute guy is Marco, though
File: Marco AU.png (126KB, 1080x720px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Marco AU.png
126KB, 1080x720px
Some art of Sol if he had escaped St. O's and became sort of a vagrant.
File: doodle.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x2448px
Drawfag here, i'm taking requests for a bit. Nothing lewd.
Marco and Star sitting down for a romantic spaghetti dinner.

Janna fuckin blazed out of her mind and trying to tempt Marco into smoking with her
Star and Marco as robots.
Star becomes contemplative about asparagus, a vegetable she never seen before.
Straight out of Star wars

Star and Marco trying to parkour.
This please
>I haven't finished S1 though, so depression hasn't grasped me by the balls yet.

Might want to avoid these threads until you finish the series, to avoid spoilers.
You have the Jap dub to look forward to when you finish s1
>All this studio Ghilbi
Tear to my eyes man
Very interesting so far. The idea of Star and Marco being Lady and Sol well into old age crushes my soul. The new school sounds really imposing, but I like the implications that things got toned down thanks to Lady(bit of Star showing through? if just a little bit)

Since they're old here, I guess it's safe to assume that Aurora is their grandchild? Or did they just happen to age faster due to their messed up circumstances? Speaking of Aurora I love that she seems to be a gadget whiz which makes sense considering the wand is still with Lady. The generational parallels are quite amusing.

That's rad as hell, I love it.
>Aurora is their grandchild...
Damn...I was planning it as the daughter but...you give interesting suggestion. This is more sadder than i thought
I haven't really seen any spoilers in these threads yet. It's mostly shipping and fanfics lmao. I'll most likely be done with the series by tomorrow or the next day anyways.
I'm all for watching media in it's original language but the jap dub for this seems pretty alright, Star sounds really cute. I'll probably just stick to the english version though.
Toffee is actually future Marco
>Just because you are correct it doesn't mean you are right
Unlimited Hoodie works when?
File: image.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x2448px
As you can tell, I have no idea how to draw robots.
File: image.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x2448px
Here ya go
File: image.jpg (1MB, 3264x2448px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
1MB, 3264x2448px
Im trying to keep these as "doodly" as possible (if thats even a word) to try to get more of these done quicker. Here ya go anon friend
Why are they upside down lmao, sorry guys.
>I didn't know about this show until two days ago
Does anon live under a rock inside a cave in Australia?
I don't have cable and my main board I browse is /a/ and /v/. Where else would I find out about it?

You have to remember this show is on DXD mang, it's acutally got a pretty small audience
Thank you for the drawing.
I wonder how much of that small audience is manchildren.


Fucking /co/mblr mods. It was censored already. I also want to nut in Star's ass.
>yfw Star and Marco show up in KH3
>Suddenly, Aurora and Sven felt chills in their spines
>"Whoa! Goosebumps!"
>"This is getting dangerous Aurora..."
>And sure enough, two figures enter the scene. With a rough cough from the large bodyguard, the sleeping guard suddenly stand and salute. Aurora and Sven widen their eyes in shock.
>"Oh no...Final Boss!"
>Aurora whispers and Sven nod nervously
>The 'general' quickly scream an order and suddenly all the Royal Guards disappeared. Now, Its just the Headmistress and General VS Aurora and Sven.
>"My,my...such a rowdy children....Princess Aurora and Princess...Sventina was it?"
>Both nod, cold sweats began to fall from their foreheads. The headmistress just smile coldly while the general stay like a gargoyle, staring at the two mischievous children.
>"I say.."
>The headmistress spoke again
>"That dress fit you my boy"
>She giggled while the two children stare at them like a deer caught on car light.
>"I TOLD you this is not working"
>Sven whisper harshly to his partner while his cheek blushed red.
>"I-I dont know! My make-up skill was perfect! M-maybe it you act..."
>"Dont blame it on me!..."
>Lady giggled and Sol smirk, face still hidden behind the mask as the two 'princesses' argues. Sol throw a training pants at Sven and they look at him confused
>Then Headmistress clear her throat.
>"Well then children, shall we?"
>Aurora nod and stare at the smiling Headmistress while Sven quickly don the training pants and take out the ridiculous dress, showing his battle-scarred body.
>And the final battle began
>Lady side
>Aurora grin and quickly take out few magical homemade grenades that cause creatures to sleep while Lady lazily take out her wand.
>"Dont blame me if i go too far, Headmistress"
>Lady let out her unnerving calm smile
>"Well child. I do not blame you...do you know the rule of thumbs of duels?"
>"Uhh...close combat quart-"
>"Princess grabbing golem"
>Suddenly a rocky hand grab Aurora
>"Always punch first, ask question while punching"
>"UARRG! You sly old Hag!"
>"Why, thank you"
>Approaching her prey like a calm predator, Lady touch the heart shaped mark on Aurora's cheek and its shocked her as the heart began to crack while she continued to struggle through her bindings.
>"Do you know about Mewnie Kingdom, child?"
>Lady ask her like an old teacher
>"No! They closed the borders when they lost their only heir! NOW GET ME OUT OF HERE!"
>"Patience child."
>"What are you,Yoda? I dont want to be lectured by some evil headmistress"
>Lady stopped and laugh. Its like a combination of a dying dog mixed with broken glass that cause Aurora to even stop struggling.
>"Wa-what ! How do you know my real name?"
>Lady just smile, a fading tear mark on hear cheek.
>"I know more about you than you know child...Do you wish to start your lesson?"
>A silent pause before Aurora nod...
>"Excellent...lets get the lesson started."
>Lady clapped happily

pretty quiet in here
/sveg/ anons group hugging.
Ah geez, and I thought Lady was creepy as a teen. There's a regal feeling about her that I like. It helps marks her as more mature/more world wary than the bouncy young Lady. Here's to hoping Aurora can come out of this okay.
Its like playing Call of Cthulhu
Truth damage sanity 1d100
File: Beetle Starco.jpg (139KB, 500x750px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Beetle Starco.jpg
139KB, 500x750px
>Star and Marco cosplaying Dipper and Mabel and doing a Pinecest roleplay

>File Deleted
You guys didn't seriously like Marco, right?
File: Hope_profile.png (543KB, 670x917px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
543KB, 670x917px
Anyone who knows what the greentext where Hope tries to kill herself and Marco saves her is called?
>Marco's VA is Jonathan Joestar

Source: https://twitter.com/disneychanneljp/status/673334901618290688
File: star Catrina WIP.jpg (179KB, 1336x1638px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
star Catrina WIP.jpg
179KB, 1336x1638px
damn, posted in the wrong thread, fanart to "As Long as I Want You"
Looks lovely, you did well in blocking in those black areas.
File: Sabrina listening.png (99KB, 216x256px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sabrina listening.png
99KB, 216x256px
>The year was finally over
>The last day of class had been a few days ago, and everyone was making the most of their free time by doing absolutely nada
>At least, for the first week of summer
>Principal Skeeves had instituted a new summer program for all students, requiring them to take one "summer class" that would last half the summer vacation
>Something about "fixing falling standards and reducing student apathy"
>Whatever that meant
>At least they got to pick their preferred brand of torture
>As cheer-leading wasn't one of the summer classes being offered, Sabrina had decided to try branching out and learn something new
>That hopefully wouldn't kill her
>Eyeing the brochure that they had been given on the last day of class, she was skimming the list of potential classes she could take
>A few caught her eye, like No Bake Cooking, Puppetry, and Gardening
>Those didn't sound that bad, maybe any skills she picked up could come in handy later in her life
>Ok, maybe not Puppetry...
>But Gardening might be useful
>Help take her mind off a certain boy and a decision she'd been sitting on all week...
>Learning to grow your own fruits and vegetables didn't sound like a complete waste of time
>There were a few different cooking classes too, but except for the No-Baking class, she was afraid that the others might end...badly, for her and anyone near her
>She still had some old burn scars from the last time she had tried to bake some cookies for the spirit committee's last social get together
>Much safer to just buy some already cooked food instead
>Not quite as satisfying though
>In the end, Sabrina got in contact with a few of her classmates to see what they planned to take, and the group collectively decided to take a "Budding Chefs" class together
>In spite of Sabrina's safety concerns
>They all agreed to help Sabrina out when they could, mostly so she's stop trying to get them to change their minds during the short time before the class started
File: Cheering Sabrina.png (60KB, 130x205px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Cheering Sabrina.png
60KB, 130x205px

>Attempting to enjoy their brief break from school, most of the students hung out at the beach, played video games and watched late night TV into the wee hours of the morning, or conjugated at the nearby Echo Creek Supermall that had recently opened, to the enjoyment of almost all of the nearby locals
>All too soon however, the "summer classes" started
>As Echo Creek Academy filled once again with a mix of disinterested and hopeful students, most were relieved to learn that the "classes" were only a few hours long each day, so they still got enjoy most of their summer break, while learning something that wasn't quite as boring as what they would normally be learning
>Even their teachers, some familiar, some new, liked getting to teach something that they themselves fancied, hoping to past on their passions to a new generation
>Which brings us back to Sabrina and the classmates who had just started showing up for their "Budding Chefs" class that morning
>"Hey Hope...good to see you made it, did you have...any issues waking up at a normal hour this morning?" -Sabrina asked her seat neighbor as she stifled a few yawns, wiping the sleep from her eyes
>"It wasn't that bad, my sleep schedule's been fairly normal this past week, but a few more hours wouldn't have hurt...speaking of sleep, is Janna here yet?" -Hope asked, looking around and noticing that they had beaten their teacher and all their classmates to their summer class this morning
>Both girls hoped that they had the right classroom
>Thankfully they're worries were groundless, for soon the rest of their fellow students trickled in in a timely fashion
>"So...who's our teacher? The brochure said the position was still being picked..."-Janna asked aloud, as the rest of the students shrugged and kept to themselves, most not quite fully awake yet
>Right on cue, their teacher finally showed up, a few minutes before class was supposed to start

>"Sorry I'm late kids, my son and our exchange student stayed up too late last night watching movies, so I'm running a little behind schedule.
>But nevermind that, who's looking forward to learning how to become a better chef! Eh? Eh? Anyone?" -Their teacher asked cheerfully, who turned out to be none other than Mrs. Diaz, Marco's mother.
>"Mrs. D? Your teaching this class!? When did you become a teacher?!" -Janna asked, confused slightly by her crush's mom's appearance
>"I volunteered Janna, most of these summer classes are being taught by the parents of the students. It's our way of giving back to the communittee you could say. Oh! And you guys can call me Angie, I recognize a fair number of you from when you were toddlers after all." -Angie said as she opened the classroom door and lead the students within
>"This will be interesting, perhaps we'll learn something after all..." -Janna said mostly to herself, walking behind Angie as the rest of the students followed suit
>"Remember last time Marco had a birthday party and invited the whole class? That home-made cake his mom made was excellent!" -Hope reminisced to Sabrina, who had a vague recollection of the event in question
>They had been pretty young, but Sabrina did remember the great food that Marco's mother had cooked for the party
>She also remembered running into a cactus when they had started playing tag in the front yard
>At least the party had went fairly smoothly before that
>Walking into the classroom, the students quickly noticed that the room was connected to the back of the school kitchen
>"Oh, this must be the old storage room...never been in here before." -Francis muttered, noting the quickly assembled cooking stations that had probably not been there a few days ago

>"Alright class, pick a partner and we'll start with something simple. Today I'll be teaching you how to make a few various soup recipes my mother taught me." -Angie explained as she laid out the ingredients they would be needing
>"Hey Angie, Marco's not here, so what class is he taking?" -Janna asked, somewhat curious and wondering if she had time to switch classes
>"He's taking one of the Hiking classes that is being offered, as is Star, so neither of them are at school this morning." -Angie explained while sorting through the ingredients
>"Oh, ok...is it too late to change classes?" -Janna asked, somewhat sheepishly
>"Sadly it is Janna, the principal mentioned that yesterday was the last day to change your class" -Angie explained as Janna sighed in response
>Maybe she'd get lucky and Angie would tell them funny or embarrassing stories about Marco that she could try and blackmail him about at a later date...
>Sabrina and Hope exchanged glances and smiles, having decided to partner up earlier
>After the rest of the students paired up, the cooking lesson got started in earnest
>With Hope's help, Sabrina managed to not get injured too badly, apart from some minor scrapes from the cooking utensils
>"Hey, this is actually kinda fun. Plus we get to eat in class!" -Sabrina said happily, beaming as she tasted Hope's tomato soup, that surprisingly didn't taste much like tomatoes at all
>"Yeah, your broccoli cheese soup's pretty good too Sabrina, and I hate broccoli!" -Hope complimented, actually really enjoying herself.
>Who knew cooking could be fun?
>For her part, Angie helped each student pick out a soup, then showed them a recipe and how to follow it, with a list of the ingredients required, then let them have at it, being there when they had any questions
>The first day of class was a smashing success, with even Janna's black bean soup coming out pretty good
File: Concerned Sabrina.png (28KB, 108x109px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Concerned Sabrina.png
28KB, 108x109px

>"I thought I'd never be a good cook!" -Janna cried, tears of joy cascading down her face as she reveled in the tasty concoction she had made
>Similar reactions came from some of the other students as well, joyous to learn that they were not as hopeless at cooking as they had though
>As the class came to an end for the day, the room buzzed with excited conversation about their dishes, present and future, along with normal gossip and discussions that tend to happen when teenagers gather together
>"So Justin's throw a party Saturday, did you-"
>"I saw Francis got his braces off-"
>"Did you see Ed's new haircut, oh my god he-"
>"Hey Sabrina, I heard that Marco asked you out on the last day of class, is it true?" -Hope asked Sabrina, curious if the rumor that she'd heard from Ferguson had any truth to it
>"Oh...ah...yeah...yeah he did" -Sabrina mumbled, blushing slightly
>"Aww yeah girl! Go Sabrina! Get that brown sugar!" - Chantelle whooped from where she was sitting near the end of their table, with some of the rest of the class making similar sounds and remarks
>As Angie got the class under control, Hope drilled Sabrina for more info
>"And...? Did you say yes or what?" -Hope questioned, lightly poking Sabrina in the shoulder
>"I told him...that I'd think about it..." -Sabrina whispered
>"What!? He takes a liking to you, and you turn him down!? You two would be so cute together! The Safe Kid and the most accident prone girl in school, together at last...you'd complement each other so well too..." -Hope gushed, somewhat envious of Sabrina; Marco had matured alot over their freshmen year, and was considered to be a bit of a hunk by most of the girls in their class, even a few upper clanswomen were interested
>Janna had been regretting her past indecision most of the year
>"Ahh, so it is you who Marco's been agonizing over for the past week" -Angie said, walking over and putting her hand on Sabrina's shoulder
File: Nervous Sabrina.png (358KB, 422x578px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Nervous Sabrina.png
358KB, 422x578px

>Class is dismissed! I'll see all of you tomorrow, we'll be cooking a casserole, so think up a variation you would like to cook!" -Angie told the class as they finished cleaning up and started shuffling out the door, the class done for the day
>"Can you stay for a few minutes Sabrina? I'd like a word, if you don't mind" -Angie asked the poor girl, who timidly smiled and nodded her head
>Hope was the last person out, waving at Sabrina and making a "I'll call you later" hand gesture, then skipping from the room
>"Now, as Marco's mother, I'd prefer it if you would make up your mind as to whether you want to go on a date with my son, for your sake and his stress levels. I assume he gave you his phone number?" -Angie asked, playing the protective mother pretty well
>"Yes..I have his number...I'm not standing him up or anything, I've just been thinking, is all." -Sabrina tried to clarify
>"That's fine, but that is your homework for tonight then...decide if you want to call Marco or not, at least that way he can move on, maybe start dating someone who's more interested, hmm?" -Angie said, letting go of the girl's shoulder and leaving her alone with her thoughts
>Sabrina decided it might be a good idea to take a long walk home
>Once she got home and still hadn't made a decision, she ended up calling Hope for advice
>"You know my stance girl, I'm sure there are plenty of other girls willing to take him off your hands, if he's willing...or not, in Janna's case" -Hope pointed out, not helping Sabrina much at all
>"Well, thanks for the moral support Hope" -Sabrina said, somewhat annoyed at how stubborn Hope was being on the issue and hanging up
>As Sabrina pondered, she came to the conclusion that it probably wouldn't hurt to at least TALK to him, right?
>Making up her mind, she grabbed her phone again and called the number on the piece of paper that Marco had given her on the last day of their freshmen year

Wow that's beautiful.

As the anon who wrote As long as I want you it's so surreal seeing people reference it, let alone make fan art out things in the story. I'm a terrible writer but it warms my little heart seeing others take a liking to certain aspects of my stories.
File: Happy Sabrina.png (194KB, 319x361px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Happy Sabrina.png
194KB, 319x361px

>"Hello? Marco Diaz speaking..." The voice on the other end said
>"Hi Marco...it's...Sabrina..." -Sabrina murmured
>"Oh! Nice to hear from you...did you, ah...make a decision about that date then?" -Marco asked, somewhat nervously
>"Yes, yes I did...I...I figure...why not? Don't have a-anything to lose really right? We might hit it off...heh." -Sabrina stammered, blushing somewhat
>"Yeah, hey, that's great! How does this coming Friday at the movies sound? I've got two tickets to see that boxing movie, sound good?" -Marco said, happy that she had agreed finally
>"It sounds f-fantastic, what time should I be there b-by?" -Sabrina asked, hoping she didn't sound too bad over the phone
>"2pm should give us plenty of time to get snacks and good seats." -Marco replied
>"Ok then, it's a date, I'll see you t-there" -Sabrina said
>The two said their somewhat awkward goodbyes, then hung up
>Huh, guess I've got a date after all -Sabrina thought to herself, smiling at her ceiling, actually feeling better than she had all week
>She picked her phone back up and added Marco to her contacts list, then started dialing Hope to tell her the news

And that's my final greentext for the week probably, now I must sleep, night ya'll.
File: Sabrina smile.png (285KB, 343x521px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Sabrina smile.png
285KB, 343x521px

And here is my now oddly daily dose of green before bed, this time form AP!

Thanks a lot for writing it.
Good night, guys!
I have just finished my green, but I'll post it later, not to steal AP123's thunder.
First for wanting Star to accidently wet herself and Marco to find out he enjoys it

I wouldn't say your story was high art either but it was above anime drama-tier writing which is more than enough for me or rather I really enjoyed it even as a starco-fag.

The characters did go full retard at some points, for example Marco with his plan or Star dressing up as Jacky but I guess it would've been uneventfull otherwise and at the end it, it was heartwarming, how everyone recognized what they have done wrong.

And of course I loved the last scene with Marcos and Stars last dance, eventhough I thought it would've been more dramatic if Star just disappeared bevore the time continued flowing, leaving Marco alone, realizing that he may never see her again

But my favorite scene was Star showing up as Catrina, with her creepy but beautiful look, showing how much she had changed since Marco and Jacky started going out. I'll add some more details/shading, maybe I'll be done this weekend.
File: Smug Rin.jpg (31KB, 640x360px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Smug Rin.jpg
31KB, 640x360px
And to add to that Rin Tohsaka's VA will be voicing Star.
I'm looking for a picture that's kind of lewd. It's Star standing in an "I kissed a ninja" tshirt and her panties. Can anyone help me?
File: isthisitanon.png (668KB, 938x1000px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
668KB, 938x1000px
Is this it?
Now waiting on Star vs Holy Grail War crossover green. Don't let me down!
File: Men Without Hats.jpg (84KB, 500x482px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Men Without Hats.jpg
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Nobody asked for this, but I wrote it anyways. It was a matter of national security.

>It was a sunny day at the home of the newlywed family Diaz - Butterfly.
>It's been only six months of marriage, but the couple was already expecting their first newborn.
>Contrary to popular belief, Star's pregnancy had not displayed any bizarre or weird side effect so far.
>On the other hand, it was Marco who had gone nuts since they received the news.
>With the help of his parents, they had already prepared a room for the baby in a couple of days.
>But when they were finished, Marco insisted that their house needed to be safer than ever.
>Star was used to his husband's outbursts of panic, so the extra pillows in every corney, bubble wrapping on the doors and similar stuff was no surprise for her.
>But something was making her worried, since Marco had already started decorating their baby's room on his own.
>The last time she checked, there were plenty of rock bands and a certain soccer team's posters on the walls, plus some soccer balls and a soccer themed bed.
>It was about time they had "the talk" about the future of their baby.
>She walked downstairs, since Marco was safe-proofing the kitchen.
>"Yes, honey?"
>"I think we need to talk about our baby..."
>"Alright, I'm all ears", Marco left his tools and some rolls of bubble wrapping aside.
>"I've noticed that you're very enthusiactic about our baby"
>"Why, yes. Of course!", Marco said with a wide smile.
>"Maybe TOO enthusiastic..."
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Safety Dance.jpg
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>"What do you mean?"
>"You see... I know you want to prepare everything in advance..."
>"Yes, that's what a responsible father would always do"
>"...but maybe you're overdoing it with the baby's room. We don't even know the gender of our baby. I mean, what if it's a girl?"
>"Irrelevant, we're not having a daughter"
>Star realised Marco's had just engaged his stubborn mode.
>"Okay, then ... what if our son doesn't like soccer?"
>"Nonsense. He''ll be partly mexican, he'll love it for sure"
>"It's possible... but what if if his friends play soccer, yet he grows tired of it? What if he prefers something else, like dancing?"
>Marco turned his eyes to the floor, trying to come up with an answer. When he did, he raised his head and placed his hands on his waist.
>"Well... he can dance if he wants to... and he can leave his friends behind.'Cause if his friends don't dance and if they don't dance, well they're no friends of mine"
>The Marco left the room while performing a dance choreography of an 80s band.
>Star's been on Earth for many years, but there're many earthly customs that still elude her.
Hi, /sveg/!
I came back — with a vengeance.
Should I post my wall of green now, or wait a little longer?
Questions questions…

Heh: I love that song. And obviously, it would be the favorite one for Marco to dance to!
Post it.
>“Here, Marco” said Janna, bringing out one very familiar item: “how’s THIS, for a wager?”
>Marco looked in disbelief:
>“…My house keys?!”
>“Yep! If you take on my challenge, and win, they’ll be yours!”
>“They are ALREADY mine, Janna!” the boy promptly replied.
>“Come on, you know what I mean! …Beat me, and you’ll get them back, I promise!”
>The boy looked obliquely at his crafty friend.
>“What’s in it, for you?” he asked, suspicious.
>“Well, if I win, I get to keep ’em forever; and you can never claim them again!”
>Marco stopped just a second to think, then made a smug expression.
>“A-ha!” he exclaimed, pointing his finger at Janna: “I SEE through you! If you really wanted to make this bet balanced, you’d have to promise that if I win, you won’t ever try to STEAL my keys again!”
>Thwarted, Janna snapped her fingers.
>“Darn it!” she exclaimed; “…Alright, I guess: I accept your conditions!”
>She then moved her face closer to Marco’s.
>“Do we have a deal, then?” she purred.
>Marco sighed.
>“I don’t know… I mean: NAKED OIL WRESTLING, against a girl?! That’s …inappropriate!”
>Janna scoffed.
>“Is that it, Marco?! You’re really worrying about THAT?! …Or rather, are you simply AFRAID OF LOSING against a girl?!”
>Once prodded in his pride, the boy reacted like Janna was expecting:
>“There is NO WAY I’d lose against you: I fight with monsters, for cryin’ out loud!”
>“…Sooo: you have no real reason to back off, then.”
>Marco couldn’t help but think he’d been played on — but nonetheless he was irrevocably complelled to accept Janna’s challenge.
>“Bring it on!” he just said.
>That day’s interdimensional outing of the group of teenage nudists, was taking place of a very singular location: the dimension didn’t have a proper ground, but instead was boundless sky.
>Within it, there were sizable clusters of cloud-like islands, magically floating around.

>Marco was familiar with the material that constituted the ‘clouds’, since it was basically the same the flying dance club known as ‘The Bounce Lounge’ was made of: it wasn’t water vapor at all, but instead a somewhat pliable and elastic substance.
>The flying isles had their specific flora and fauna, and neither looked like anything observed on Earth: the vegetation consisted mainly of giant green floating bulbs, that were anchored to the ‘earth’ through extremely elongated, thin stems. There was grass, sure — and it somehow waved about even without any wind blowing.
>The most diffused creatures were a species of tiny, round-shaped flying critters, with four bird-like wings, but no other visible limbs. Despite their cute and colorful appearance, their call was weirdly out of place: the ‘ball birdies’ periodically emitted loud and deep ‘BOPs’ — on frequencies so low, you’d hear them more with your belly, than with your ears.
>When Marco and Janna met in the middle of a sunshine-flooded opening, a nearby flock of woofer volatiles swarmed away in fear.
>“Janna: are you sure you want to do this?”
>The girl grinned:
>“You’ll find that I’m not that weak of an opponent!”
>She then turned toward Star Butterfly:
>“Alright, do it!”
>With a huge smile on her face, the blond magical princess nodded, then raised her Royal Magic Wand: moments later, the nude bodies of both contenders were magically splashed in oil.
>Marco shivered at the contact with the fluid; Janna smelled at herself, and grimaced.
>“Star, this was supposed to be olive oil, not baby oil!”
>The boy intervened:
>“I think it’s better this way: it’s not flammable — always a plus, when Star’s magic is involved!”
>Princess Butterfly stuck her tongue out at Marco; then, she composed herself, and said:
>“Now… Marco, Janna: in quality of your friend, and of referee of this match, I have to make sure you both know the rules. First—!…”

>Janna didn’t even let her begin, and instead launched herself on a surprise assault against Marco: she tackled his torso, grab a hold of him, and immediately tried to have him lose his balance.
>As soon as the boy tried to respond by grappling Janna, the oiled girl quickly slipped away from his grip, and shifted behind him — still clinging as strongly as she could.
>Jackie, Fanny, Hope and Sabrina were sitting in the shade of the balloon plants, on the carpet of waving grass — it tickled a bit — to assist to the big fight.
>Jackie’s eyes spotted something interesting:
>“Uuuh, it’s starting to rise…!”
>The other girls noticed that as well.
>Blushing, Sabrina made the first assessment:
>“Seems like a medium intensity, to me.”
>Hope intervened:
>“I think it’s still a bit early to judge: give Marco some more time!”
>Fanny commented:
>“Maybe we should start timing him: I’m kinda curious about that statistic!”
> The girls nodded in agreement.
>Since the day of the ‘trial’, Marco had become more lax about his ‘natural friskiness’: sure, whenever his physiology escaped his control he couldn’t help but feel embarrassed, but the boy didn’t bother trying to contain it anymore — let alone to hide it.
>That had made possible, for his kinky friends, to get into the habit of REVIEWING Marco’s erections — comparing and contrasting each new one with the previous showings.
>Hope squinted:
>“I’d say it’s an eight-out-of-ten: looks like the one he had inside the eldritch massage parlor.”
>Sabrina wasn’t convinced:
>“So, you’re saying it’s worse than when we played naked Twister…?!”
>“Oh, absolutely!”
>Jackie said: “I’m still of the idea that the Twister one was a ten!”
>Fanny disagreed:
>“Naaah: the only perfect ten was the one at the end of the ‘trial’!”
>Everybody nodded solemnly.

>“Anyway” Sabrina intervened: “Janna can be really proud, of this eight! It’s definitely worth bragging rights!”
>A few moments later, Jackie gasped:
>“Did… did she directly TOUCHED it?!”
>Sabrina squinted:
>“It was accidental… wasn’t it?!”
>Hope shook her head, grinning:
>“This is Janna, we’re talking about…!”
>While the girls were pondering in silence, in front of the show offered by the naked wrestlers, Sabrina adjusted on her seat, and lowered her eyes.
>“Guys?…” she said, with a note of bashfulness in her voice: “Have you ever thought of… you know… DOING it?”
>Hope gave her an incredulous look:
>“What? You mean: Diaz and I…?!”
>“No, not just you. …All of us: together.”
>Fanny grinned.
>“Are you talking of a full-on ‘ou-ar-gee-wai’, huh?!”
>Even though Sabrina seemed uncomfortable, she didn’t want to drop that subject:
>“Come on: I can’t be the only one!”
>“Oh, believe me, you are definitely NOT!” declared Hope, while ogling at Marco: “I thought about it since Scrabble time!”
>“Hear hear!” commented Jackie, grinning.
>Hope hurried to explained herself:
>“Well, if you think about it, it NEARLY happened a lot of times before! Back at the sauna, on the pinball dimension, during the trial in geyser bay… We even played freaking ‘naked Twister’, for goodness’ sake! — what were we thinking?! — It’s almost a miracle, that nothing like that ACTUALLY happened yet!”
>Red-faced, Sabrina added:
>“Heck: Marco’s parents are convinced we’ve done it ALREADY!”
>Fanny was starting to get excited by the discussion, and was fidgeting on her seat. …Also the grass was a factor.
>“Sooo, guys: if it really came to that, what do you think THE PROTOCOL should be?!”
>“The, WHAT?!” Hope asked.
>Before Fanny could clarify herself, Jackie intervened:
>“Girls, you all know well that naturism is not about sex! There shouldn’t be a—…”

>Hope interrupted her in turn:
>“Oh, shush you, Thomas! Big girls are trying to have A CONVERSATION, here!” she then turned to Fanny: “Go on, what is that you were talking about?”
>The skinny girl smiled, showing her braces:
>“I think we should come up with a plan for THAT eventuality — just in case!”
>Sabrina’s attention peaked.
>“Well, it doesn’t hurt, to be prepared…!” she observed, allusively; “Even Marco would agree!”
>Jackie facepalmed.
>“Girls—…!” she tried to protest, before Hope silenced her one more time:
>Then, the cutesy brunette began reflecting.
>“I can see the value in this. Let’s see… Well, first things first: in that scenario — purely HYPOTHETICAL scenario — would we all really be on board? …I mean: I would, would ya?”
>One after the other, all the girls declared:
>“Oh, Yeah.”
>Indeed, even Jackie did — thus getting a smile out of her friends.
>Hope continued:
>“Well, we can easily assume what Janna’s vote would be, on this subject. …But what about Star?”
>Much to her own chagrin, Jackie let herself be dragged into the discussion:
>“Are you kidding me, Hope?! She’d be all over it! Have you ever even looked at her, when she’s around Marco?”
>“It’s fair to put it into question: it’s not one-on-one!”
>Sabrina gave her two cents:
>“I have zero doubts she’d be OK with a group deal — if anything, just for the novelty factor!”
>Fanny grinned: “Yeah, I can see her doing that!”
>Hope took the floor again:
>“Alright, so it’s safe to say we would all be in for that!”
>Jackie frowned:
>“Aren’t you forgetting anyone, Hope?!” she insinuated, with her fists resting on the hips.
>Seeing as the others were looking puzzled, the blond skateboarder sighed.

>“Really: don’t you think that Marco himself should have A VOTE, in this?! I actually think that he’s the one whose opinion about it is the most important — am I wrong?!”
>Sabrina looked at her a little smugly.
>“Come on, Jackie: he’s a BOY…!”
>Hope wasn’t as dismissive, though:
>“No, Sabrina: Jackie is right about this. Marco’s agreement should not be taken for granted. In that regards, though, we have hints that suggest he would probably accept.”
>Jackie asked: “Like what?”
>“Well, for starters, ‘little Diaz’ has given its personal ‘appreciation’ to each and every one of us.”
>Indeed, Fanny conserved extremely vivid memories, of the times it had happened to her. Even though she had no deep feelings for Marco — well, not as deep as those of her friends, that’s for sure! — she recognized him as a pretty handsome boy.
>The sight of his …‘appreciation’ sure had made Fanny’s day, back when it had happened; and even on the long run, it had been quite an injection of self-esteem…
>“Yeeeaaah” she commented; “…But Jackie, here, is the one who holds the current record, isn’t she?”
>Jackie blushed at the insinuation:
>“Aaaalright… But, that doesn’t m—…”
>“Yeah, yeah” Hope interrupted her again: “That doesn’t mean he would approve of the ‘group activity’ we are discussing. …What I think WOULD suggest that, though, are the instances when he best ‘performed’!”
>“You mean…?”
>“Yes: his ‘ten’, and most of the ‘nines’, were in response to us all, together. He …enjoyed us while grouped, not just singularly.”
>Fanny enthusiastically commented:
>“Kiuuu! Eeee! Deeee! …Nobody can argue with SCIENCE!”
>Complacent, Hope spoke again:
>“Well, on to the next point! There are six of us, and only one… Diaz: does that mean we’d have to… take turns?!”
>Jackie confirmed: “No way to get around THAT!”

>Fanny said: “Then, we should establish an order. …For convenience’s sake.”
>The girls silently reflected on that conundrum.
>Hope shrugged:
>“Well, it’s clear that the first one has to be Janna.”
>Immediately, Sabrina protested:
>“Wait, what?! …Who says that?!”
>“Listen, that girl is a good friend of mine, and she likes me and all: but if I ever happened to stand in front of her, on the line for the Diaz-ride, I’d get my butt kicked from here to infinity!”
>Jackie confirmed:
>“Yeaaah: Janna has a crash on Diaz since primary school. She may have a strange way to show it, but…”
>They dedicated a few moments to give another look at the furious struggle happening just a few yards in front of them: because the fighters didn’t wear lederhosens, the match was kind of dragging.
>Janna didn’t have the weight nor the raw power, on her side — but sure she’d been spending a lot of effort, in her attempt to win. …But truth was, she didn’t even aim to victory, just to make it so the wrestling match lasted as long as possible.
>“Just look at her,” Hope said: “she’s put the keys of Marco’s house on the line, just for a chance to cop a feel!”
>Sabrina sighed:
>“I also knew of Janna’s crush: and you’re right, she should be the first one.”
>Fanny asked: “So, who’s second?”
>This time, Jackie had no doubts.
>“Well, it’s Star — duh!”
>Sabrina replied: “…Again: whaaaaaat?!”
>“Oh, PLEASE! You know how much Star HATES waiting for stuff! If push comes to shove, we’d have to physically restrain her, to hold her back.”
>Sabrina tried to take the reins of the discussion:
>“Alright, then: we can agree on the first and the second girls in line. But now, to determine who goes after them, I’d suggest—…”
>This time it was Jackie, to interrupt:
>“I’m sorry, but I really HAVE to ask this: what’s going to be the deal, for those who wait?”
>Hope asked: “What do you mean?”

>Jackie was still not enthusiastic about the whole subject of the discussion — but that didn’t mean she didn’t have her own opinions about it, and she intended to bring them up.
>“OK, let’s say that I already know what my order in ‘line’ is: what do I do, up until my number gets called?! Do I really have to just stand there, waiting to be served?!”
>The girls completely understood the nature of Jackie’s dilemma.
>After a little bit of reflection, Hope shrugged:
>“Well, I guess that girls waiting can just… hmmm… ENTERTAIN themselves?!…”
>“…Or each other!”
>“…SABRINA!?!” Hope exclaimed in response, blushing.
>Sabrina had never stopped being completely red-faced the whole time; and yet, she carried on her point:
>“Dude: it’s not unreasonable, in such cases!”
>Jackie grinned, sarcastic.
>“Why do you get so flustered, Hope? After all: this is all an ‘HYPOTHETICAL scenario’, isn’t it?!”
>Hope shifted uneasy on her seat — darned grass!
>“Well, hypothetical or not, I’m totally contrary to THAT!”
>Sabrina looked at her with an air of disbelief.
>“Hope, do I have to remind you that you once licked my boobie?!”
>“Wha—…?! Sabrina! Context is EVERYTHING!”
>Then, Hope frowned: “…Also, I did it only to help you!”
>“Aww, Hope: don’t take it wrong, I’m still thankful for that! It was so nice, of you!”
>“…It was?”
>“Yes, Hope! And also cute. Again: thank you.”
>It took a few more seconds, before Hope could look at her friend in the eyes.
>“…You’re welcome” she only said, blushed.
>Fanny vigorously took hold of Jackie’s arm.
>“Guys, please be my witnesses: I call dibs on Jackie Lynn Thomas!” she happily declared.
>“What, really?” asked Sabrina, smiling; “I thought you were all over Star!”
>The girl more commonly known as StarFan13 shrugged.

>“Sure, Star is simply THE BEST, and I’ll love her till I die. …But, if girl-on-girl were on the table, this GODDESS would be the chick I’d give it a test drive with!”
>Abashed, Jackie muttered: “…T- thanks…!?”
>While still being flustered herself, Hope put together enough courage to blabber:
>“…Well, I would be… FINE, if Sabrina wanted …to be my ‘waiting partner’…”
>Sabrina smiled, and sealed the deal with a kiss on Hope’s cheek.
>In the meantime, the match between Marco and Janna was on its last bouts: in spite of the girl’s desperate efforts, Diaz had managed to get a good hold, and was preparing to pin her.
>Once her back was firmly held against the ground, Star took a dive right beside them, and from there she loudly counted:
>“…One! …Two! …THREE!”
>The contest was over, and the wrestlers could finally relax: after they untangled and got back on their feet, Star rushed by her ‘bestie’s’ side, and grabbed his arm.
> “Ladies and Ladies! I am proud to announce, that the interdimensional naked oil-wrestling heavyweight champion is: …MMMMARCOOO! DDDIAAAAAZZZZ!” she said, raising the boy’s arm up in the air.
>In spite of the fact that nobody there had ever expected a different result, the girls loudly cheered at the boy’s victory.
>For some reason, their applauses caught the attention of the ‘ball birdies’, which started flying all about, and responded with a chorus of powerful ‘BOPs’.
>While clapping, Hope observed:
>“…I stand corrected: that is definitely a NINE!”
>“Who-hoo, Janna!” Jackie shouted.
>As the cheering faded, so did the interest of the odd flying creatures, who went back to their normal activities.
>The girls began to chitchat about new topics — but Jackie felt the need of one last clarification on the previous subject:
>“Anyway, about what we’ve just talked about: it was only… a-hem: HYPOTHETICAL …wasn’t it?”
>Sabrina smiled at her:

>“But OF COURSE! We were just shooting the breeze!”
>Hope smiled ambiguously:
>“And apart from that, us having ‘a plan’ doesn’t mean that we’ll actually put it in practice!”
>“Yeah,” intervened Fanny: “it’s like my plan to survive the zombie apocalypse!”
>Flabbergasted, Hope stared at her.
>“…Your, WHAT?!”
>“Heh: I too have one!” Jackie intervened — and Fanny had never felt so hot and bothered before.
>A little later, Marco and Janna were showering away the oil, thanks to a magical pink cloud gently provided by Star’s magic.
>Due to… reasons, the other girls also felt the sudden need for cleaning up, so soon everybody joined the shower party.
>While the crew was having fun, Hope found the opportunity to exchange a couple words with her best friend:
>“So, tell me, Janna: was it really worth it?”
>“Ooooh YES: without a doubt in my mind!”
>“This way, though, you’ve lost the keys to Marco’s house…”
>Janna gave her a stupefied look.
>“…But Hope, who do you take me for?!” she asked, grinning: “Do you REALLY think that, after all this time, I didn’t get me any duplicates?!”
Done: greenwall in place. I hope you like girls bantering!
I updated the pastebin:

Please, enjoy!
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>Kansai Dialect Star
Muh heart
heh...gold star
Would say at least for now they are Marco and Star.
So are they doorstepping the babeh because they know they can't hold it together for long, or because they're about to go full scorched earth on Saint O's and realize they might not make it out alive?
I like the 2nd option, little bit of hope with just the right amount of edge for that AU.
>Sol side
>"Uhh...thank you for the pants, sir"
>Sol remain quiet and slowly undress. Half of his well-toned body is covered in scars and machinery while his face became slightly wrinkled and full of scars.
>That's the only word that came out of Sven's mouth as Sol began to crack his hands and neck
>"We are now equal....Show me your strength..."
>"Your conviction..."
>A deep breath and sol began to form fighting posture while Sven grin as he form his boxing stance.
>"A wild and green posture yet fists already hardened with experience"
>Sol analyze. Both of them wait for the other to make a move before they began to charge at each other, Sven letting out a war-cry while Sol grin with excitement.
>Fists clashes and blood began to fall from both fighters.
>"So...who are you and your relationship with Aurora Diaz,Sven ?"
>Sol speak as he counter Sven's straight hook and Sven retaliate with an elbow
>"Wha...I am just an foreign exchange student in their house."
>"Hm...your punches are without precision"
>Sol grab his fist and headbutt him. Luckily for Sven, no blood pour from his face.
>"Your feet...fix their posture"
>"Wait....what's with the sudden the advice? you arent my teach-"
>"Do not lose your focus in battle..."
>"Ow! that freaking hurt..."
>"A blunt sword is a useless sword...Come Sven. Show me you strength"
>The rest of the battle is Sol giving advises to Sven like a strict but kind grandfather

man...I am losing steams as a writer...perhaps it was not a good idea to write this week

Once again you have out done yourself my friend
So... how are we going to welcome our japanese overlords when they joind the fandom?
I'm glad you enjoyed it!
I kinda "cheated" in this, incorporating both the suggestion about the oil-wrestling, and the "obligatory orgy suggestion" (plus the naked Twister, if you wanna count the simple reference).

we don't need to, we just gotta enjoy all the fanart and posible doujinshis.
Works for me. If anything this satisfies more people at once than doing each suggestion one at a time. More elegantly handled.
And the rest of us perverts are plenty satisfied ourselves.
>I haven't been shipped with anyone.
>"You are a princess, Aurora. A real one. That heart shaped mark on your cheek is the symbol of Mewnie Royalty."
>"So...you are saying...I am the heir to the Mewnie Kingdom? How do you know if this is not a lie? Man...I feel like Harry Potter right now"
>"You turn to a purple monster in Puberty and start to capture boys"
>Lady grin as Aurora's face began to shine bright red.
>"Say...How is Marcelle?"
>"M-mom? she's fine...I guess"
>Lady nod and slowly she loses her smile.
>"And...is she happy?"
>"Umm...I guess. Sure losing Grandpa and Grandma Diaz hurt but she is strong. She always smile when she's with dad"
>Star nod and quickly wipe her tear.
>"how do you know my parents?"
>"That child...is something you must learn from yourself. But first, you must defeat me"
>Lady began to smile again
>"Already did!"
>Suddenly the Golem hand began to crumble.
>"Anti-magic pulse. Thank God Mr. Alphonse taught me these pixie stuff. Now see ya"
>Before Lady know what to do, Aurora jump and karate kick her. Without Sol to protect her, she closed her eyes and let her grand-daughter inflict damage, letting the wand go into the air
>Sol shout and quickly dash on Aurora. Panicked, Aurora grab the wand, transforming it into the same wand that Star used.Her princess instinct rise as she cast a spell
>"Atomic Narwhal Blast "
>And a sudden flash of light followed by Narwhal enveloped Sol and Lady. As the dust settle, Sol find his right arm missing while Lady,covered by Sol, have a small scratch on her cheek as she tried to stabilize her breath.
>Sven approached the grinning Aurora with awe.
>"So...you fold folks give?"
>Sol shake his head and stand,ready to fight again...before Lady pat him on the back.
>Lady stand with the help of Sol
>"You won! congratulation!"
>She clapped excitedly.
>"And um...our friend?"
>"She will have class in about 25 minute. you might rescue her if you hurry"
>The young couple nod and quickly went inside
I'm happy you liked it, RedHoodie!
This green was particularly pervy, for me (girls talking: go figure!), and I guess it pretty much scrapes the ceiling of what I'm comfortable writing.
I have the next one planned, and I'll post it on the next weekend, for sure.
I for one welcome a manga spin off/adaptation so I can shitpost about it on /a/

>"Our job is done"
>Lady sigh as she slump on Sol's arm
>"Let's leave the future of Mewnie Kingdom on those children..."
>Sol nod as he let Lady rest on his lap. He can recall the painful past him,Marco,Lady and Star share everyday.As he close his eyes, he can hear the rain and his daughter's wail..
"Lady, please hurry..."
>The midnight rain felt warm and the scent of earth stuck on their noses. The couple quickly run through the Echo Creek Park, using their cloak to shield their child from the rain.
>Passing through the dark street and silent houses, they finally arrived at the Diaz house. The lawn and garden are now clean and maintained while the house are covered in fresh paints.
>With heavy heart, they put the cradle in front of the door.
>"We...Sol...this child. We can help her. It is our flesh and bloo-"
>"NO! We promised them...it is for the best. Our glorious school are not meant to raise a child"
>"B-but I ca-"
>"Lady...please. W-we must..say our goodbyes"
>Lady look at the smiling child before holding her and kissing her. The baby smiled in return, slowly crushing the parent's heart as Lady let out a few tears while Sol bit his lips till blood spurt out.
>"L-lady...we must."
>"Please Sol...more...a minute..let me..a minute"
>"Lady...the others must say their farewell too...we promised"
>with a reluctant nod, Lady and Sol kiss her daughter one last time before letting Marco and Star take over.
>"Remember child...we are always with you...Do not forgive our sins child but forgive them as they have no control of their fates."
>Sol and Lady closes their eyes, letting Star and Marco to emerge and take control.
>"Hello...my sweet Marcelle."
>Now its Marco and Star's turn to kiss the child. It is the fourth time Star and Marco felt their child's warmth.
>"ohh..look at that Marco...s-she's smiling!"
>"A-and she have your nose and Heart shaped cheek mark"
>"Hehehe...so cute..."
>"The couple giggles with tears slowly filling their eyes.
Her nose isn't red enough for tumblr.
>Japanese Bloodmoon ball fan art
File: 1442093150116.gif (20KB, 170x100px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
20KB, 170x100px
Oh hell yes
>With a family hug, Star and Marco finally let small Marcelle lay on the basket crib. Shutting his eyes, Marco turn and slowly leave but Star...wont move.
>"Star? We gotta leave..."
>"I-I know...J-just let me have more time with her...a few more...please"
>"W-wait...we can raise her here with your parents"
>Star smile with a hint of desperation and cracked sanity.
>"W-we dont have to leave Marco! We can just knock and be free"
>"Star..please..we promised them..."
>"Who cares! T-they are us...we are free now...and be with our beautiful child"
>"Star...please...look at us...We are monsters now..."
>Star just sob quietly as Marco tried to comfort her
"If we disappeared, they will come...and they will drag us AND our Marcelle to be the next representative..."
>With tears flowing, Star weakly and turn as Marco knock the door. As they run away from the Diaz home, Marcelle suddenly cry and Star's mother instinct quickly led her to stop and turn back. Marco react by grabbing and dragging her away to the portal as she scream.
>"NO...MY BABY...My baby...mom-"
>And the portal vanished as the tired and clean-shaved Mr.Diaz opened the door.
>On the other side of the dimension, Marco finally put the crying mother.
>"It is for the best..."
He whispers as he began to clap and put the calming chant on the torn Star.
>"It is for the best..."
Oh now that hurts...
>A month passed by and everything almost went back to normal. Almost. A parent instinct is a strong force that cannot be bend by shock therapy nor hypnotism.
>Sol and Lady began to soften without even the silent whispers of Star and Marco, it is as if they completely disappeared from the souls of Lady and Sol. Lady and Sol also began to constantly dimension travel after lady claim the title of Headmistress
>The Diaz took care of Marcelle as if she is their own child. Smiles and happiness return to the Diaz household as Lady and Sol quietly spy on them :

>The First step
>Angie put Marcelle on her crib as she vacuumed the floor. Lady and Sol and see Marcelle trying to stand on her on two little feet. The parents almost rush to action when they saw their child almost fail but smile as she pushed herself up to stand and began to walk like a penguin. That night, Lady and Sol silently sneak into the house to whispers a congratulation.

>First birthday
>She can now speak in a cute babble and run around like a mischievous goblin. The Diaz baked Marcelle her first birthday cake as she run around happily and blow her first candle. A present was mysteriously added and it was a story book of a wild princess that Marcelle loved and ask Angie to read her every night

>First day of school
>Marcelle was excited for her first school. Angie have to hold the crying Rafael while Star also have to hold the crying Marco down

>First break up
>The boy's house mysteriously disappeared along with the house and the rest of the earth around it

>Sol and Lady helped the school evacuate while erasing the students minds. A book about Mewbertie was given on Marcelle's next birthday

>Star and Marco sneak into Marcelle's graduation. The parents clapped and cried as Marcelle received her Diploma

>Star have to hold both Sol and Marco from destroying Jake, Marcelle's fiance. That night, Marcelle received a mysterious congratulation and boxes of condoms
When are we gonna get a musical episode?

cute and perfect?

> meticulously drawn, lovingly colored art of Star kissing Marco while bathed in red light and desperately pulling down her dress for him

Make it so, Japan.
File: 1426548301463.jpg (193KB, 933x356px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
193KB, 933x356px
all the new greentexts I get to read when I wake up are so good. Awesome job AP, Folly, and Sol/Lady anon. Even you Blarco anon and Safety Dance guy. Thanks for writing
You're welcome, Anon!
Is there any chance of you getting back on the fanfic wagon, Folly? Like this nudist thing is...

...well its not my thing but you're clearly enjoying yourself, I was just wondering if you had plans for a new story in your series.
Hopefully never.
I feel you: I was thinking of completing the nudist saga within the next weekend, and after that I'll return to the SFW, super-wordy fics.
I have my current fic on ice, waiting for me to complete it: it's less action-y than most of my previous, and more centered on feels and humor.
Also, I'm kinda thinking on setting up a longer arc, but we'll have to see, on that.
>Lady,Star,Marco and Sol take turns to congratulate her and her new husband,Jake. Sol and Marco almost crush Jake's hand while Lady and Star grin at him. Star and Marco first enter congratulate their child with Star wearing a simple blue dress and Marco a tuxedo. They hugged the confused bride before forced to to let the next guest congratulate her. Next was Lady and Sol. Lady wear an old styled black dress while Sol wear a formal military uniform. Lady shake the bride's hand and gave her two kisses in each cheek while Sol just nod gracefully. The new brides receive a new house from an anonymous party.

>Lady have to repeatedly calm Marco and Sol from creating a pillow fortress for the heavily pregnant Marcelle.

>Now it is Sol's turn to hold off Star and Lady from wanting to comfort the pained soon-to-be mother.

>And years after years, they silently watch as their grand daughter became a girl. The pain of unable to interact with their own family led Sol and Lady to soften and create a softer programs for the future wild princesses.

>Now back to the present. The tired headmistress opened her eyes as Sol continue combing her hair.
>"Oh...hey Marc-I mean Sol"
>"Ah..mistress Star. I presume Lady went to rest?"
>"Oh yeah...that was my greatest spell ya know.."
>"Yes.Mistress...I know"
>"Yeesh...Its our turn to fight them now..Cmon Sol. Let us have some fun too"
>Sol just sigh.
>"Please be careful Mistress..."
>And slowly Marco emerge
>"Whoa! what happened to my arm?"
>"It seems our mischievous granddaughter need a little spanking"
>"Wait..Star? where's Lady?"
>"Aurora did it!"
>Marco hum
>"Well...lets see what they are made of. Ready Star?"
>"Always Marco!"
>And the old Starco went their merry way

Thanks for reading. I had fun creating the part where the AU and Original Starco silent parenting and the slice of life. So..uhh. Did i crossed the line?
Anyways, epilogue for people who know the parenting reference
tell me if ya want hint if it get difficult
Love you too anon
File: Local News.jpg (98KB, 700x520px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
Local News.jpg
98KB, 700x520px
Cool. Thanks for the info, and good luck.
I will confess I really don't like any of the new Lady/Sol stuff. Having them stuck in those roles forever is too needlessly dark and the post-baby stuff lacks motivation. It's like, they're either tragically evil or they're not. There's no reason for them to stick around if they've broken free enough to care about their daughter.

I'm new to /sveg/-threads, what is this even about?
I'm reminded of the 'in the shadows' style parenting Leela's parents did in Futurama.

The action-y bits were really cool, and the sad parts were tolerable until it got to the flashback. Heart wrenching they never got to be in direct contact with their daughter save for an awkward meeting during her wedding. But the ending gives me hope. Another thing that lightens the mood is how the secretive parenting helped Sol and Lady soften over time. Good funny moments that matched the pair's severity, the guy that dumped Marecelle didn't stand a chance. haha
Lesson learned then.
I do apologize for this new Lady/Sol stuff. If ya want, ill redo them but a penny for your though on how the story should progress, need your perspective

Its about alternate universe Star and Marco being caught and brainwashed by St.Olga
Ding Ding. That parenting always made me cry.
They say Futurama is a comedy show. They lied. Comedy dont make people cry
The latest fan-fad that's being overexposed to death.

The idea is a brainwashed Star and Marco do Saint O's dirty work, only instead of Star's folks atomizing the place for fucking with their kid we have endless contrivances to have them tragically be brainwashed and rebrainwashed over and over again so we can have tragic pictures of them hurting their friends and family.

The art is pretty cool but I feel like the concept's been exhausted unless the people behind it can find a place to go besides generic misery.

The problem is that you are hopping back and forth to wring tragic points out of the concept, and then suddenly have them be okay with what they are. That can work for art, where you've got a drawn snapshot of an idea, but a story needs to be beefier.

Like them just leaving the basket is a stronger story than that whole stretched out life thing, but either way the point is these characters are brainwashed, controlled against their will and if you're doing a longer Lady/Sol story that needs to be addressed in a way that isn't people crying and Lady and Sol being unmoved. Tell a STORY with them, have something HAPPEN. You do not have a visual medium to do the quick glimpses of a life you want to, and it doesn't fit Lady and Sol anyway, as their very nature is abhorrent to Star and Marco; why are Star and Marco letting those two robotic thugs get NEAR a child? Why are Lady and Sol not trying to acquire a subject for Heinous? If they can resist, why are they still Lady and Sol?
I have been blind but now i see.
No wonder my mood feels a little burnt out
Thank you for this thought...It was worth the penny.

Oh and for the story. I just want to try out the possibility of both AU and Originals to have agreements based on powerful parent instinct. Just like a random fun

But ill try to re-create next week.
And thanks again for the thought
Feels like there needs to be a redemption at the end. The endgame needs to involve them escaping or at least tearing the school down around them.
I suggested the Marco convincing Sol to take out Heinous path, but people ignored that was just his 'in' to break Sol down entirely. Sol may plan to replace her with Lady, but Marco's just using that train of thought to plant the seeds of rebellion like Heinous used Marco's love of order to break him in the first place.
File: 53765695_p0.jpg (637KB, 900x900px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
637KB, 900x900px
Star's overwhelming lust and sexual desire for Marco's nachos
Marco became a horrible zombie monster that hunts for cops and special force
Hm...I feel The Watcher's of Darksider 1 vibe from this.
Ill keep this as an idea
File: 1438388076189.jpg (48KB, 605x806px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
48KB, 605x806px
i mean, it's only natural
>Dragon commander
Dragon Emperor Marco when?
Which girl is which?
Jackie or Star could be the elf princess and Brittney is the lizard/dwarf princess.
Sabrina could be the undead princess and Janna is gnome princess
Greentext of Mrs. Diaz and Star teaming up to get Star and Marco together, Meanwhile Marco and his Dad are teaming up to help Marco get Star as his girlfriend
Bonus points for neither parent admitting to shipping the two, and trying not to give it away.
File: 200% SAD.png (483KB, 497x732px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
200% SAD.png
483KB, 497x732px
I remember last Friday I asked for old Sol/Lady. These greentexts may not be related to that request, but I still feel pleased. Thanks for crushing my feels, keep up the good work.
Thanks for the compliments, anon. I usually read around as well, but I'm bad for thanking people. I wanna thank all the awesome fellas here who share greentexts all the time. Keep up the good work.

Original Character Blanon and the Safety Dance guy are the same person. I also wrote One Punch Marco last friday. I felt I was on fire, but my texts pale in comparison to our other writers.
Do it

My only wish is that, when the Blood Moon Ball happens, Marco will reveal himself to Star saying: "KONO MARUKO DA!"

I got a version of pic related without Princess Pony Head. I'll post it if people demand it.
Will One Punch Marco be making a return? imagine the scene when he first meets Tom
File: 1435108325426.gif (849KB, 245x138px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
849KB, 245x138px
All my keks
I'd do it if you are fine waiting two weeks for it. It's fun idea with a lot of potential. Of course, anybody can still write it.
File: One Punch Marco.png (394KB, 514x401px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
One Punch Marco.png
394KB, 514x401px
If it's requested, for sure. There're some ideas from the manga that could be adapted to those situations. Just give me a prompt and I may write it. It'll have to be for next week-end though, because now I may or not get kind of busy...

Would people mind if Istart namefagging? It's just so I don't have to say every time that I'm former Cena-bro, current Blanon, and so on...
I'm all for One Punch Marco
It's probably about time you picked up a name. For our benefit if nothing else: you've written so much well-received green it's hard to keep track of you. Hell, I've been namefagging for less.
I'd like to see more if that's okay?

As for prompts you could redo a number of scenes from the show differently, How would Tom survive meeting OPMarco? What would the Kings reaction be to meeting the greatest warrior ever? What happens when Star finds out Marco is bald? Can Star resist this version of Marco? What happens in Mewberty? etc

thought from the thumbnail she was slapping Star's ass

not sure if I'm relieved or disappointed

fucking auto correct, got to stop using my phone
As long as it's not edger than my razor then you may proceed
10/10 anon. Post the other version too.

I swear of Koyasu voices Tom I would be laughing my ass off. I guess it's time Dio got kekked
They sound like good ideas, although some may require some retconning from my previous greentext. I'll see what I can do, but I'll take into account. Thanks for the prompts, I may do a take on mewberty next time (a fight against Tom deserves more development).

Thanks for the name, but I guess I'll pass. I don't want to be remembered by just a "phase". Imagine if I were Cena-bro yet, even though I gave up writting Cena-texts. I'll be most likely "Don Chile" 'cause reasons...
I will come up with something. No gore or sexuall assaults, promise.

Anybody can contribute with ideas, it will certainly accelerate the whole process.
> At first Mrs Diaz is d'awwing at the sight.
>Marco and Star forget she is in the room.
>Marco goes in for a boob grab and pulls down a shoulder strap.
>Star tries to take off his hoodie and shirt.
>Mrs. Diaz face changes from glee to horror.
>"This...was a bad idea."

Man, if that ever happens I would be so grateful to our japanese overlords...
File: iwniha.png (171KB, 640x554px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
171KB, 640x554px
I guess since the tumblr mods didn't want this as the OP image...

I wanna nut in her ass
But would she stay and watch, I wonder?

But senpai, I told you some weeks ago to use this version instead.
File: solmarcoclothswap.png (432KB, 714x591px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
432KB, 714x591px
I can understand folks getting sick of the St.O au. I mostly keep drawing it(aside from finding it fun) is because the more I make the closer I get to those happier scenarios and endings.

I'll admit that the latest Lady-Sol Green while it had some highlights for me >>77976470 I feel that the reunion story from last week was stronger. A lot of it has to do with those larger seeds of hope. This scenario was definitely a 'worst ending' route.

The latest story sort of shows the consequence of if all parties involved don't DO anything aside from going with life's motions. Which falls more into frustrating rather than sad. Why would the Butterfly's give up on their daughter? Why wouldn't the Diaz's team up to investigate, especially if the daughter had obvious mewman markings? As said before if Star and Marco had enough mental presence to assume direct control occasionally then why not keep fighting? I agree that the story probably should've stopped at the abandonment.

I like to think that a major theme with the au is rewarding hard work and persistence. Heinous put forth a lot of effort into annihilated Star and Marco, and making sure she could get away with it.(Whether it's hiding her illegal, kidnapping tracks or successfully scamming the Butterfly's to enroll Star baiting Marco into capture). So she gets rewarded with completed revenge and Soldier and Lady.(Up until she lets her guard down, and they eliminate/replace her in return.)

So any character that wants to save Star and/or Marco should put just as much, if not more work into the rescue. Bad ends are mostly a result of complacency, and not fighting against the wrongness of the scenario. Because of compromising with Sol and Lady Marcelle grew up without her parents, and Star and Marco still wasted their lives working at that shitty school. Even if there's the esoteric good ending of the school becoming softer/nicer over time.

To help give back, y'all feel free to shoot me some draw requests
File: mormon porn.jpg (660KB, 938x1024px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
mormon porn.jpg
660KB, 938x1024px
Stay and watch of course, Gotta make sure they do it right, Maybe drop a couple of hints here and there
Such a considerate mother.
But oh god, the image alone is too much.
What kind of premiere are you expecting for Season 2? Direct continuation from the finale, something plot-based, or just a one-off comedic thing to show it's back on?

I'm hoping for an episode that starts out as the last option with Star screwing around with her wand, then becomes more serious when we see how the cleaving affected it.

After all, the first 2 stories of the show weren't amazing but definitely tied into the plot.
Well she's got to be sure they conceive on the first time, She won't get grandchildren to spoil rotten otherwise
Like, follow your bliss dude. I'm a little wary of the AU taking over during the hiatus just because how people here've latched on to it but ultimately I'm one anon so who the fuck cares what I think.

My point wasn't that the AU was innately wrong, it was that we aren't seeing anything, ESPECIALLY fiction wise, outside of "Sol and Lady are tortured and beautiful and everyone's sad because of it.". You mention that Heinous went to a lot of trouble to cover up the abduction but we don't see how. (Not that we SHOULD see the slow torture of two children, but it takes away from your hard work theme because she does it off camera.) A direct grab would reveal Saint O's dark side unless she somehow covered it up from Star's folks, and the S1 finale showed they aren't nearly as negligent or cold as had been implied, even the queen.

If we see more of these guys, lets see something different. They've been turned into forces of evil, so lets see them getting foiled; Star and Marco stopping them from abducting a princess could be a great "first domino that causes Heinous's plans to collapse." sort of thing. Ludo helping or manipulating both sides in hopes of getting the wand could be cool; what ARE the Monsters up to now that the defender of Mweni's a pawn of another power?

Also if I can recommend, Sol and Lady killing Heinous would ultimately feel like another "Sol and Lady are unstoppable." plot point instead of catharsis for the reader. Evil killing evil isn't terribly satisfying, especially in this case. The queen or the king or the Diazes being involved in Heinous's downfall'd play a lot better, or a freed Star and Marco wrecking house on Saint O's even. Like "Sol and Lady win" is already getting old, especially considering the track record of bad dudes (willing or otherwise) in this setting.
I wouldn't mind a direct continuation where Star and Marco goof around in Mewni without Star's wand. Learn more stuff about the titular character's homeworld. Maybe a B plot over the King and Queen discussing the wand while were shown images of an ominous figure taking the shard.

Another route is they're back in Echo Creek to find that word had spread about Marco's kidnapping, and the fallout/reaction to that. (I guess kind of like that Amarillo story but probably less shippiness/romantic undertones)
I feel like season 2's premiere has to establish a new status quo; the changes aren't HUGE, but the parents are more aware of how dangerous Star and Marco's adventures are, and Star's presumably at a lower power level.

The nature of the cleave could be investigated right away or left to linger until a Saint O's style two-parter. Ludo's got to either regain power or new villains have to cover for him until he can regain power. Heinous is out there and could be either a lingering threat or, again, saved for a two-parter.

I'd like to see some more minor villains, like those rabbit pirates or that evil computer thing. I hope Toffee gets a break until season 3 but with that being uncertain I imagine he'll be back as a surprise guest villain. I'd also like to see Brittany become a legitimate problem for Star or bow out to a more interesting earth-based nuisance.

If I had to guess I'd say one magic episode and one earth episode to establish the new season and leave Marco and Star in a place for adventure.
File: PixieEmpress1.webm (2MB, 754x1032px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
2MB, 754x1032px

>fanart of Pixie Empress being used as a living onahole

I dunno why that kind of stuff is so rare in western art. Having the pixie/fairy/sprite just grinding on the dick is lame.
I'm sure Mrs. Diaz knows a few tricks for multiple births so she can insure Marco and Star produce some batches of nonuplets (Nine babies).
File: sabrinaouchies.png (514KB, 743x796px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
514KB, 743x796px
File: 1396319591548.png (92KB, 444x440px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
92KB, 444x440px
You want to summon pillar man Marco again, don't you?

"Experts baffled. 'we've never seen anything this cute before,' says leading researcher, clutching a variety of kitties to his chest. 'It shouldn't be possible."
Any chance of a streaking story. or stuck somewhere naked story?
Nice pic anon.
Why wouldn't we? Don't you want to gaze upon the glory of an ancient Aztec super being as the light illuminates his gleaming perfect, muscled, body.
File: rodolpho rivera.png (429KB, 470x472px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
rodolpho rivera.png
429KB, 470x472px
I got no issues for Marco. But for Star... I feel strangely aroused, and that ain't no good.
Now you got me picturing a Pillar woman Star.
I don't know if my mere mortal mind can handle such a thought.
Just wait for next week.
Already am

Also do your other fics come in pdf form I mean one of them does but I'd like to see the others.
Funny: when I made the first one (which was my first fanfic ever) I didn't have a pastebin, and so I linked the PDF. People advised me to use PB instead, and so I didn't even think of posting PDFs anymore.
I am actually surprised, because most text editors (that I know of) have PDF conversion, so it would be easy for anybody to just download my pastes, and from that create a PDF in your favorite reading format and font.
But, if you want to spare yourself the hassle, when I have time I could convert them myself and post the links in one of the next /sveg/ — no problem!
Thanks man.

Any hunts at future stories
Sorry hints
Well, if you intend hints at the next chapters of the nudist saga, well: you already have them — they are in the last few /sveg/s, when Anons suggested them.
I am afraid I won't use all of them, actually, and I'm pretty sorry for that.

My next fanfic is still very early in progress, and I'm not keen in divulging what it is about — apart from what I've stated here: >>77976238

I'm not very helpful, am I?!
Sorry for not being around much, my friend got me into the uncharted 4 beta and I've been playing since its my day off.
Hi, WriteFriend!
You've had two heavy week at your job, buddy. You deserve a rest. Here, have a cute Starco sleigh.
Hiya Writefriend! Lucky you, I don't have the beta but I'm definitely looking forward to the game.
63'd starco is hotter
The whole show will be better 63'd
would the equivalent of marco grows a beard in 63'd version be star giving him massive boobs?
File: ASS ASS ASS.png (134KB, 483x203px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
134KB, 483x203px
I wanna nut in her ass
Nice lewd, good descriptions. Manipulative Star is such a jerk, but amusing in a way. At least she'll return the favor.

This one kind of confused me. what happened to prime Marco? Was there something I missed? Sorry for being dense. BLAR and BLARCO were still a laugh riot.

Mega sweet and the sort of thing I hope for in season 2. Adam did say more secondary characters would get some development so maybe I'll get my wish. It was really nice to see a story that didn't result in grievous bodily harm to everyone's favorite unlucky Cheerleader,(The little flashbacks/references to past accidents were hilarious though) and I wasn't expecting the Marbrina? Sabco? but it was a pleasant surprise. Great green AP. Will we get to see their date next week?

Fuck, my sides
I wonder if Marco was just being a nerd, or playing a very elaborate prank on Star. Or some kind of combination.

Hello all, hope you all have a good Sunday. The beta is fun, even if it is a bit of a clusterfuck, if anyone else is on it maybe I'll bump into you.

I'll still drop by, hoping to get suddenly inspired for a green like I was yesterday with that puppy pic.
File: 1448008721553.png (499KB, 734x454px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
499KB, 734x454px
Aaaaaaand you just ruined Rule 63 Starco. Thanks.

Who am I kidding? It sounds like an improvement for many.
But how would that work?

With the whole thing where Star and Ludo's gang are traveling through it?

So would the episode be about ManStar and a gang of monstergirls exploring FemMarco's massive cleavage while trying to find the wand?
File: wowcool.jpg (44KB, 365x390px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
44KB, 365x390px
>file deleted
>picture of a topless woman right next to this thread

Cmon mods, if you're going to be like that be consistent and don't choose favorites.
Hello, good sir. This week's Blar&Blarco story corresponds to an AU where Blarco is a brain dead Marco, and Blar is Star playing along as she tries to fix Marco. There isn't a deep background and it's very likely not canon. I just wanted to take Blar&Blarco to a depressing alternate setting, but as a one-shot deal only.

And about the Safety Dance text, it was was heavily based on the following clip: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7-bIhCBSrzU, which I remembered the other day. I know it's not original content from me, but it sounded so fitting for a possible pregnancy story and I tried to make it fit. We really need a music video with Marco beating to that tune.
File: 1415664271967.jpg (95KB, 1024x893px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
95KB, 1024x893px
i thought it was supposed to be silly. i don't know how to process these new feels
File: inst.jpg (234KB, 931x597px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
234KB, 931x597px
Rough Draft Korea (they did Blood Moon Ball) confirmed for animating second half of season 2, and Sugarcube Korea for the first half.
S'alright dude.
All good thing must come to an end.
How bout we finish Lady and Sol story next week and think of a new adventure.
File: 1448400934546.jpg (251KB, 1200x849px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
251KB, 1200x849px
Would you fuck Marcia?
Record it for prosperity, like the first time your kid rides a bicycle or stars in their first school play.

Then you have the video available for family reunions.

> Suddenly that episode becomes a lot more rapey

Also no, even genderbent Marco must stay loyal to his one true love
File: 1411061556633.jpg (42KB, 330x315px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
42KB, 330x315px
This would NEVER EVER happen

But if it did I would be pleasantly surprised
Marcia, Marcia, Marcia
File: 1446009064565.png (70KB, 554x527px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
70KB, 554x527px
You make me think that maybe nobody actually got that. I didn't want to give it away on the first part, and when I write I don't like my characters exposing stuff blatantly. Man, maybe I fucked it up because I wan't clear.
Now I know all I feel at this moment...
I got it the first time, and the feel whiplash of Blar and Blarco being in reality two tragic figures was both good and VERY bad: I'm a drama lightweight!

OK, going to bed: good night /sveg/: see ya all next week!
Nah, will still bone male Star

>Reunion with the Diaz family
>Marco and Star brought their twins to play with Grandparent Diaz.
>While eating dinner, Mrs Diaz suddenly produce a tape and play it.
>Suddenly the TV show young Marco and Star making out and slowly undress.
>Marco went full PANIC and the young parents tried to block the TV while the old Parents just laugh with nostalgia.
>Suddenly, TV began to moans with young Star cute voice
>Twins began to go oooh and Aaaah
>The night ended with the TV wiped out of existence and laughing old Diaz
Glad you liked it; I mostly wrote it so Amarillo would their Sabrina fix, and because my earlier greentext was a little short for my taste.
As for if I'll continue the story, I dunno yet. I don't tend to plan my greentexts in advance, and almost all of them are one shots that start from status quo, which allows me some room to toy with the story and characters, and the next one doesn't have to take cues from any previous stories. Plus I'm really lazy

Naw, that's...Comet's job? Whatever the genderbent version of Star's name is.

Enjoy your rest, as we look forward to your future endeavors
>Nah, will still bone male Star
Isn't that gey?
>Mrs. Diaz moves to break them up.
>Star sees her coming out of the corner of her eye.
>She raises her wand.
>Mrs. Diaz finds herself flying out into the hallway.
>She tumbles to a stop and watches with open mouth as the door slams itself shut behind her.
>Chains materialize and crisscross themselves over it, followed by the loud clang of a deadbolt.
>Mrs. Diaz only now realizes she's fed her son to a lioness.
She then high-fives her husband and then goes out to the movies and dinner to celebrate
Its not gay if he's cute
Or so they say...
It's not gay if the balls don't touch.
Would you fuck the lizard man?
File: hoperidesalonedone.png (369KB, 877x737px) Image search: [iqdb] [SauceNao] [Google]
369KB, 877x737px

Ah, thanks for clearing that up. That AU is pretty messed up but I'm still laughing for some reason

Thanks I'll do that.
I still appreciate the honesty, dude. Despite my tendency to draw the sad/depressing material, I agree with a lot of the suggestions.(In fact I lean the most towards the happier endings, there's just a lot thanks to the various pairing routes.) I'm all over the parents tearing shit up, throw in some ECA people, and you basically get the best/happiest ending. As much as I love the positive reception I don't want things going overboard into burn out. I guess it could happen fairly easily here since the au pool for this show so far is mostly 'let's get a movie with a romantic pair and replace them with starco'.

I'm not gonna abandon the au anytime soon, especially since I still have a Manna and Jarco comics in the works. Probably some feelsy/heartwarming family stuff if I can.

But breaks are good, helps keep the mind fresh and stuff. I guess this particularly thread isn't the best example since there was a lot of greens/stories, and not just Sol/Lady. It's still an honor to see your greens and seeing St.O related requests, and I'll still read those stories, and try to do those requests.(again I admit that the baby thing wasn't fully thought through but it was still fun to make)

Like the other anon said: 'follow your bliss'. If you feel like St.O stories go for them. Personally I'm kinda missing your cute old couple greens. Those are/were sweet even with the high chance of funerals and dads suddenly dying in your bed.

That's cool, I'm fine with leaving the date to my imagination if that plot thread isn't followed up. Freedom/flexibility is good less stress overall and I like to think it's funner for everyone in the long run.

Here's to hoping the hiatus will end soon.(Or at least this holiday chaos)
Shit...Just remembered I was supposed to do a cute Manna this week and take a break from Sol and Lady.
FUck my liFe
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200000% MAD.gif
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>Surprise, new unexpected world is announced
>Disney Channel World, featuring classic and new cartoon characters, from Ducktales to Corey in the White House
>They don't feature SvtofE because it's on Disney XD
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star catrina.jpg
308KB, 1395x1693px

well, I'm actually not done but I don't have more time today.

Also, I'd like to do more fanart, sadly my artstyle is only good for serious/edgy, please could someone recommend a rather serious fanfic, not too edgy though, can be campy with feels, doesn't have to be about romance, I'd really like to draw Star and Marco in some kind of post apocalyptic adventure.
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