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>long live the royals got more episodes
>expected shit
>got a pretty good series with god-tier continuity

Yeah I agree, the show was much better than I thought it would be.
Tell me more about this "continuity".
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fuck u.png
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>watching it
>this shit pops up and blocks the screen
Click the hyperlink to watch on your device underneath the video.
the things the characters do or say turns out to be relevant for later episodes or its either referenced in future episodes

>in one episode the queen doesn't let anyone sleep because she snores loudly
>they play off that she killed off her brother because he complained about it as a joke
>on a later episode you actually get to see what happened to her brother

turn off adblocker, also, you can actually hide the ads if you want

Are there any current cartoons that still do this?

Pretty much every one I can think of that's on now has continuity or a greater plot of some sort.
nope, they try to have overarching plots only to end up in status quo
>adventure time
>regular show
>steven universe
>south park
>bobs burgers

the only one currently doing it is gravity falls but that's because the plot centers around change
adventure time
literally any change they make disappears after like 5 episodes

status quo is so strong that after he lost an arm deus ex machina grew him a new one
what killed me there is that he didn't actually need the fucking arm regrowth, he could have had a cool as fuck ghost arm, BUT NO, FINN IS A COMET BEING WITH A SIMPLE HUMAN ARM
>Steven universe
Not really
>South Park
They're trying to shake it off.
> Bob's Burgers
does it really matter?
To be fair to Bob's Burgers, it's not really a "plot" show. More down to earth stuff about the daily shit the family gets into.
Actually add a maybe to SU. I just remembered people consider the season finale as one.
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>So, do we have to learn facial anatomy?

>Hell no, this is cartoon network. Just draw a tiny limp penis and call it a nose.

and thats how this show got made
yeah but they have had like 4 thanksgiving specials and halloween ones, I mean, its no necesarily a bad thing, but how is one supposed to see the kids not aging and having yearly celebrations, feels cheap and simpsonized, which is what made bobs burgers feel better since it actually is more natural than other family shows
tha main problem with SU is that it looks like it wants to break out of status quo, but it builds up towards something that gets unmade/ignored in two episodes while it took 35 to get there, like the adventure time syndrome
Literally every peridot episode recently has broken the status quo in some way.
but it will eventually go back to normal when she gets killed or whatever sugar is gonna do to her for shock value
Hey, that was actually funny. I wasn't planning on watching this due to the artstyle, but you get used to it. Penis noses and all.
oh god I completely forgot about the ghost arm
did they just never explain it? he built a tower than beat up his crush and then it was never mentioned again.
>literally any change

PB isn't on 1984 level of surveillance anymore. So no. Just because you don't get the big changes you crave for does not mean reverting to status quo. And whining about it like a baby is not helping your case.
Continuity has been a common trend now, ain't nothing particularly new. Even South Park of all things is doing it.
>get dethroned because she too 1984
>then gets rethroned after like 10 episodes and everything is forgiven

Is kisscartoon dead?
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I was sitting on the "This webpage is not available" page for a good 15 minutes and it just randomly loaded for no reason.
>complaining about "status quo" in Adventure Time
Holy shit just be glad you're getting changes to begin with.
None of the characters are as they were when the show began or when they first were introduced.
>None of the characters are as they were when the show began or when they first were introduced.
thats not really a status quo issue
character getting fleshed out and having more details or facets is something common in most shows status or not
as time goes on and different writer come and go the character are bound to change over time.
the most notable example of this is ned flanders starting out as the model family man as a foil to homer to being a crazed evangelical.

the reason most AT fans complain about status quo is because almost all major changes have been temporary or are details that just get thrown away. and these major changes happen way to frequently on the show and its annoying that there all meaningless. its like waving a carrot on a stick, making major changes attracts viewers but the writers are always too chicken to go through with it.
We have three current plotlines going on that are going to converge one way or another.
>The imminent hatching of the cluster and Peridot's subsequent defection to the Crystal Gems with it
>Malachite stuck under water and the very real fact that they have to defuse that at some point
>the looming threat of Yellow Diamond

Its all very obviously leading up to the season 2 finale and along the way we've found out enough about the characters to change our understanding of them and their background. We've yet to see AT tier status quo resets like everything about FP and Season 6. If that's not continuity and build up, I don't know what is. Say what you will about the quality but it's there. It exists.
All of those shows still refer back to previous episodes or have things that set up later episodes which sounds like >>77937749 so I'm not sure how this show's continuity is any better.
Why are you so quick to blame the writers when corporate entities might also be at play?
While the people on CN shows are given an astounding amount of freedom, there may be some changes that are out of their hands.
I'm a history fag.Is this really worth watching then?
What is it with you people bitching about status quo cartoons as if that's something that has ever mattered or ever will matter?
Depends whether or not them having cellphones, laptops, guitars, etc triggers you.
>show has slight continuity, any at all even
>Oh my God this is a fucking masterpiece of children's entertainment!

Fuck off /su- wait, it's someone else being stupid this time? God damnit.
>off /su-
>implying it's somebody different
Some of the comments were talking about spirit animals. This shit is tumblrcore make no mistake and given that there's a 1:1 of 4chan:tumblr on /co/ I don't doubt many in this thread are exactly the people from /sug/
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>more episodes
>of a mini series
wait what
>god-tier continuity
>something mentioned in one episode is brought up in the next

Literally never happened on any show before.
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Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3
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Tom cigarette.webm
3MB, 490x360px
Surprisingly good show.
Thread posts: 38
Thread images: 7

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