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> Marco Checchetto (pic related) is put on Squadron Supreme, replacing Kirk, when Marco finishes his upcoming Star Wars mini series.
> Valerio Schiti leaves Guardians of the Waifu soon and is put on a new non sjw pandering She Hulk ongoing with allowances to do cheesecake and make her a slut again.
> Aaron is not allowed to do anymore pro feminist shit in Thor.
> Bring in the Egyptian Gods and have Odin give Cul permission to privately wage war on them for a dark epic arc.
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Stephen Platt returns to do a pinup in the back of Prophet Earth War
> ANAD Avengers only last a year at most.
> After that we get a return to classic Avengers without teeny boopers and without infighting bullshit and with a much better line of artist than Kubert and Asar (I like Asrar but still)
bring him back to earth
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Civil War 2...
> Artist is ether or any mix of Jerome Opena, Olivier Coipel & Stuart Immonen.
> The cause for the disagreement is very serious and the fight is a realistic result of the gravity of the issue.
> No one is written out if character.
>without infighting bullshit
That's Marvel's bread and butter these days. Even though it long since stopped being new and fresh.

It's like the Silver or Bronze Age where anytime heroes meet they would always mistake the others for villains and fight, except now they all know each other and when it happens it's THE BIG SUMMER EVENT THAT WILL CHANGE THE FACE OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE
current powerless superman is losing his power because the universe is erasing him and replacing him with flash point superman.
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>no more Delays for Karnak
>Mantis barefoot again
>Magik hooks up with an inhuman
>I wish for an event
Wonder Woman gets a new writer and artist.
Civil War 2 has already been teased/announced with that image having been released, I'm just wishing for some details on it.
New writers/artists for Flash, Green Lantern and Wonder Woman
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> On the Aquaman movie, if they do indeed go with a ethnic Mera, have Paula Patton or Rosario Dawson play her.
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>more Iso and kacy, Auran revived
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> Antje Traue is cast as Sara Pezzini in the long postponed Witchblade movie.
> Antje Traue is cast in a new Lara Croft movie series.
> Antje Traue is the lead in the Shane Black Predator movie.
> Antje Traue, Haley Atwell, Cobie Smulders, Chole Bennet, Christina Hendricks all get naked in the coming year...
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>a five-issue big event for Marvel
>Vision will last a little longer
>Greg Land no longer Marvel exclusive or will do indieshit
>Changes on Squirrel Girl's creative team if that comic even continues
>Telos being cancelled soon because of shitty sales across all platforms and interest
Just give me Mayday or Dick, please Marvel
I'll do anything
I'll suck dick for more MC2
Jesus Christ muh dick
This glorious motherfucker returns for at least 5-issues mini written by someone competent - either Jenkins or Remender (yeah I know it won't happen).
>Everyone doing weird poses and flying around
I've never understood this
vs Phoenixclops!
I want this
who would win
both want to save all of humanity

Fuck this Hyperion vs Black Batman bullshit thing were having
give us the even we want Marvel
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All I want for Christmas is youuuu
This guy leading a Brotherhood anti-hero team
Why does DC love Dick and Marvel just hate Dick
is Disney homophobic
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I wish Marvel write about other pantheons than Herc and Thor's.
vs black bolt
I think Sentry could win - it's absurd to even compare the base power, an we've witnessed that Apoc's power/tech (it's pretty damn hard to discern what are the Celestials' upgrades) grant a serious boost. I recall even comparing it to Phoenix itself, but can't find the scan.

I wouldn't object if we once witnessed a gathering in Bob's head: Sentry, Void and Death trying to solve a problem.
Yes, im for "No more Karnak" too.
>implying it would be cancelled after at least 10 issues if the creative team can't keep their shit up or it does cancellation numbers because muh fucking delays
Do you really want Karnak to stay?
Why is Asgard so much more advanced technologically, at least in aesthetics? Odin's body armor looks like it comes from space, whereas Zeus, Osiris, the Native American Great Spirit dude, and everyone else all look like they would be depicted in classic myth.
I wouldn't mind some Justice League Dark. More Constantine is not a bad thing.
Rucka writes more lesbian self-inserts at DC
Batwoman by Genevieve Valentine
Metropolis Academy by Gotham Academy team
Ghost Rider by Tom Taylor
Literally anyone else writing Hellcat, fuck, even KSD would be an improvement probably
Wonder Woman Earth One actually releases
Jessica Cruz actually gets to do something
Someone who can draw faces as the new artist for Batman
Why the Karnak hate?
mera by jeff parker
>and without infighting bullshit

...you've never read a single team comic book ever, have you?
A gf
Tom King writing the main Green Lantern book

or an Avengers one
The first one you quoted misunderstood.
Superman becomes public domain.
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Thread images: 16

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