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Dick Thread: Dick-cember Is Here

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There's gonna be a lot of Dick this month, even through January up to #16.

Robin War is continuing next week with Parts 2 and 3, in which we will probably get more Damian being an ass, Dick kicking Jim's ass and if we're lucky, some more of Dick's ass, too. Starfire and Titans Hunt is coming up, so we'll get some Dick keking Kori's LI and some DickDonna interaction. Truly a great Christmas present for Dick fans.

There also hasn't been any Dickthreads lately, the Robin War thread was pretty big, but it didn't even autosage. Neither did the Grayson #14 thread. This is also somewhat of an experiment from me, to see if, maybe, people are a little tired of all this Dick.

Discuss past issues, upcoming issues, your favourite Dick threesomes and pairings, all of that good stuff.
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qt dickrobin.jpg
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More qt Dick Robin when
>There also hasn't been any Dickthreads lately
Check the catalog.
The gay thread has been up for awhile.
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It is DICK THAT! Dick this! What about Jason, Tim, Damian, Carrie?HELL! I can even take the Stephanie brown!
The only good thing about BRE so far. I need more, too, anon. I know there's one anon out there that came up with the idea of storytiming the flashback scenes alone, so we would have one continuous story of qt Dick and "Am I a Bad Dad?" Bruce.

Don't worry anon, they can all have some Dick, too. They just have to join the back of the line.
Damian has his own ongoing and Robin War
Carrie has TDKRIII
>"Am I a Bad Dad?" Bruce.
One of the better Bruces
He's my favorite character, but there's not really much to discuss.

Robin War was more about Dick's legacy than Dick himself.
Dick's appearance in Batgirl was horrible.
Titans Hunt feels like a formality, something they're only publishing to justify bringing the real Titans back in a later book.
Grayson is great, but there's not much to say about the last issue. We could speculate about Kathy and Frau Netz and who is the good one and who is the bad one, but there's not much to go on.
B&RE is buns.
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He really is.

>Wanting the inbred Robin and Red Hoody
At least you want more Damian.
So is Dick the moral compass of the DCU? He has never been evil on any Earth, he wasn't even controlled by the Hand is Empty in Multiversity and on Earth 3 he turned on Owlman when he found out he killed his parents.
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post Dickpics
best fan art out there
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STARF_Cv7_ds (2).jpg
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Lupa Draws Dick #7 (guest starring Starfire) preview
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That's not Dick. He just looks exactly like him.
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He's been evil in many alternate earths, actually, and let Tarantula get away with murder and rape.

Superman tends to be the moral core of things, even when he's bad he's pure bad.
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Page 4, and finally the reason why anyone's going to read this.
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Old man Dick is still sexy.

Need Judd Winick to write the DickFire sex scene
Name 1 Earth where he's been evil. I'm pretty well versed in the Multiverse and I can't think of one.

Also, Earth-3 Dick was Talon
Millerverse he wasn't evil Bruce fucked him, also we pretend like that doesn't exist and Earth 3 Dick turned good so that doesn't count either.

slut dick is the best dick
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what a dilf.jpg
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>Old man Dick is still sexy.

>tfw no more Dick Fury
>tfw barely any Kingdom Come Dick
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Man, we really could use some more old man Dick. I miss Dick Fury from BB 2.0. He totally seduced that blonde in the red dress.

Also, Dick and Sol actually don't look the same. Or well, they don't look exactly the same, as I thought they would. Sol is just a guy, he smiles when with Kori, he has stubble, he's relatively skinny. Dick is sexy and smug. I can live with these minor differences.

Yes, we also need some DickFire sex. Maybe throw in Atlee or that one officer chick?
> All of Dick's daughters here are the same age, meaning he impregnated the mothers all at the same time
I enjoy BRE. Yes, even Harper Row.
fuckin based didn't he fuck like 3 other people in the span of a few hours in that run
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Anyone want to give the context on pic-related? I came across it a little while back. I assume it's Dick and not Bruce, from the way he's talking and all. Also the bat-bruise made me laugh.

Kek. It makes sense, though. I mean, if there was at least a big enough gap in between the impregnations, that he would've learned his lesson (protection is important).

I mean, I don't think it's as bad as everyone says, but I can't find myself enjoying an issue without qt Dick (or at least pushing the plot forward with Bruce and Mother in the flashbacks, which I just find somewhat compelling). Still, to each their own. There are some good things about the book, so I get you.
It was Bette Kane that morning, and then Babs that night. In between, he made out with his ex (Zatanna) and got a kiss on the cheek from Rocket. Also, Wonder Girl seemingly had a crush on him (or she just really admired a real hero like Dick, and was excited to be asked to help him on a mission). There's always a chance that some other stuff with other girls happened off screen, but I doubt it.

During the flashbacks in that arc, Dick got a kiss on the cheek at the beginning of the day from Zatanna, and then at his birthday party, he had his first kiss when he made out with Babs (she confessed her crush on him, too. Literally a month or so later, on New Year's Day, so the last episode of S1, he makes out with Zatanna. Yeah, Dick gives no fucks).
>immortal words of Wally West
>he dies
top kek
I don't think it's as bad as people are making it out to be, but it's still pretty mediocre. At least the plot is getting unraveled a third of the way through instead of it being dragged out like it was in Batman Eternal. If the writing were a bit better I would probably tolerate the plot better unless Harper or JPV is the perfect Robin Mother is talking about.
i cri everytiem.
That's actually hilarious in the worst way. Weisman is an ass.

See, the reason I can't really dig BRE much right now, is it's like... Okay, you know how there are stories that hype up a character, for example, the way they're doing it Robin War hyping up Grayson. Usually, when a character is "hyped down" like Batman is sometimes, they win as an underdog-type thing. Dick barely ever gets to win. He's being "hyped down," but I have a hard time believing they'll follow through with the win.

Since the New 52 has started, Dick's time as Batman has been largely ignored, even Grayson barely ever mentions it. BRE has spent most of its time with Dick telling the readers that Dick is just not as good as Bruce, and not as good as Bruce wanted him to be. The set up is there for Dick to prove that, yes, he is as good, if not better, than Bruce, by the end. But with the way Dick's usually been treated when it comes to these things, I just can't believe. The whole "perfect Robin" thing just makes it even worse. Everyone who reads BRE isn't going to want to pick up Grayson because they're interested in Dick, they're going to look down on him the same way the book has been doing so far.
I still wish he was involved in bigger DCU stories. Where he actually has a role to play and isn't a prop like in Forever Evil. You see something like Darkseid War and that basically plucks all the "important" DC characters to tell this big, universe changing story but Dick always has a tough time getting involved in those types of stories because he isn't really considered on that level or part of the JL. I guess with Batman there he is sort of redundant though. He can do more useful things and add more.
Does he not notice her?
Considering Steve Trevor is there, I don't see why Dick shouldn't be. I really hope SeeKing's plans are something JL/JLA related. I mean, Suicide Squad stuff would be good for the book, if done right before the movie hits, but a JL-level story needs to be told with him. Johns needs to "atone" for Forever Evil. You can't call yourself a Dick Grayson fan and write a story like that.
He knows already. He found out in Starfire #6, on the very last page.
Thread posts: 39
Thread images: 17

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