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What have I missed? What should I read?

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Hi guys, long time no see. Have not picked up a comic in over 3 years so am a little out of date. Last thing I read was Court of Owls. Just got Kindle fire and looking to load up a few stories. What does co recommend.
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>What does co recommend

We recommend you lurk more.
Brilliant. Is Grayson any good though.
JLA sucks.
Batman & Robin is great.
Suicide Squad is okay.
Gotham Academy is fantastic, Catwoman was good but is reverting to bad. Deathstroke is neat if you like Deathstroke. Prez is interesting.
Any event you can recommend. Was thinking Forever Evil.
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Pick up Robin War (pic-related) and Robin: Son of Batman for great stuff with Damian.

Pick up Grayson for some of the greatest Dick.

Pick up BRE, I guess, since you seemingly like Cass. It's not really all that great, but again, the only series with Cass.

Gotham Academy for "Hogwarts + Gotham = Best Thing Ever."
- Omega Men
- Grayson
- Midnighter
- Prez
- The Vision
Thanks co!!!
I want to like Omega Men but it seems really bound in past iterations of the Omega Men and I have never read any of them so I don't really get what's going on.
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Grayson is great. If you like Dick Grayson, you'll like the book.

It may not be your cup of tea, though. It involves Dick joining a spy agency as a mole for Batman (he's a double agent spy for Spyral, an agency that is big enough that they've successfully fooled Batman a couple times already).

There's a lot of Dick pretending to be dumb, but actually manipulating everyone to get more information. There's a lot of others manipulating the characters, including Dick. There's a lot of action, a lot of emotion, all that good stuff. There's a ton of exploring Dick's character, as well as a lot of world building. Cool characters, too. There's a lot of shirtless Dick. There's a lot of sex jokes. The writers play with superhero and spy tropes whenever they can.

There are a ton of references to earlier stories (anything and everything is game, including Robin Dies at Dawn through Dick's time as Batman, the Superman origin for Nightwing's name, even the New 52 Nightwing run). To the writers, Tim Seeley and Tom King, everything is canon (that kind of mindset is probably why Seeley is able to use Morrison concepts effectively). Another thing, King is really good at writing, the themes he uses, the motifs, even the way you read the book, he plays with it all.

There are no captions, just word balloons, so nothing is spelled out for you. The art by Mikel Janin is good enough that none of it is needed, just pay attention to what's said and what's happening.

If you're okay with all of that, read it.
What about the likes of Batman and Robin eternal.
Is Geoff Johns writing anything now.
Dick Grayson is my favourite charachter ever. He is Batman- Spiderman and Daredevil all in one. and now Archer also apparently.
Yes. Enjoy a smiling Batman, Superman, and a Damian hug throughout the run (also stuff like Lex Luthor and, if you don't know him now, you'll come to like him later, Midnighter).
>What about the likes of Batman and Robin eternal.
It's pretty mediocre but it's started to pick up the last few issues so it might get better if you can tolerate the shit plot

And Geoff Johns is still writing Justice League which got better at Throne of Atlantis.
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